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One of the main reasons dieters stop visiting fitness clubs is the intimidation factor. Dieters see the groups who love the free-weights or the individuals, who do not look like them and really do not need to lose weight, yet are visiting the gym. Any fitness club that takes the intimidation out of the equation is putting the dieter first. U Fit Gym is a fitness club like no other. The health club offers limited group classes, individual training, ample amounts of fitness equipment and a non-intimidating environment. The club is also one of the most inexpensive fitness clubs in the industry. The cost of membership is $10 per month, with no other commitment.

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U Fit Gym is a fitness club based in southern Florida priding itself as a non-intimidating fitness environment. The health club offers limited group classes, as well as several cardio-based pieces of fitness equipment. Dieters do have the ability to communicate with the trained staff in the event there is a question or concern.

We like the price as should the budget-conscience dieter. Dieters will pay $10 per month for membership, with no additional commitment. This is a small fee for the use of a large fitness club.

We would have liked to see information about the credentials of the staff. What sets several fitness clubs apart from others is the knowledge of the staff. Getting anyone off the street to guide individuals with weight loss is not always the most efficient tool.

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  • The cost of membership is inexpensive.
  • The company features a non-intimidating environment.
  • The company offers corporate discounts and discounts for seniors.


  • There is no information relating to the price of personal training.
  • Fitness clubs are not always the most efficient means to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


U Fit Gym is a great option for a dieter looking to supplement a fitness routine. The price is relatively affordable at $10 per month. There is no worry regarding long-term contract. We like how U Fit Gym promotes itself as non-intimidating. This is a major factor as to why dieters leave fitness clubs and never return. We like how U Fit Gym offers multiple machines and group fitness classes. We would have like more information relating to the personal training sessions. We can assume personal training is not covered in the $10 fee, but we could be mistaken. Although there was no way to verify, we like how U Fit Gym allows potential members to read through past testimonials of current members.

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