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Viridis Labs manufacturers what states is “the only clinically proven, legal Ephedra supplement in the United States.” Ephedra 5 is a dietary supplement that promises to promote increased calorie burn without exercise. The use of Ephedra in products has been a focus of many clinical trials. Ephedra is an extract from the plant Ephedra sinicaa. This herbal remedy is a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat asthma and hay fever. The component was a one time a popular additive to dietary supplements. Ephedra 5 contains a variety of anti-oxidants, niacin and Betaine that work to support the immune system, promote weight loss and provide energy.


Ephedra Viridis, caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract, betaine, quercetin, octopamine HCL, yohimbine HCL

Product Features

Viridis Labs creates a product called Ephedra5. This is a fat burning supplement that contains the component Ephedra, but remains legal in the United States. Each tablet has 100 mg of Ephedra along with a proprietary blend of other ingredients. This formula advertises to create an increase in thermogenesis that improves the body’s ability to burn fat effectively. Users take the supplement 30 minutes before meals. The label advises against consuming this product after 6 pm. Users of Ephedra5 should not take more than three tablets a day. Bottles of 90 capsules sell at varying rates from online stores. Ranges appear to be from $24.99 to $34.99.

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  • One of the few products that contains Ephedra.
  • Wide distribution channel on the Internet. This makes Ephedra 5 readily available.
  • Ephedra is a proven fat burning component. Clinical studies back up the improvement of thermogenesis when using Ephedra.


  • Ephedra has been linked to a number of side effects and even some deaths. Those taking Ephedra products have reported nervousness and increased heart rate.


Although Ephedra is not easy to come by in the United States; other countries still offer it in many products. Ephedra acts as a stimulant that constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure and heart rate. The genus Ephedra has been used for hundreds of years as an herbal supplement and medicinal compound. Viridis Labs claims to produce the only available Ephedra dietary supplement in the United States. There is science and clinical testing that backs up the claim that Ephedra products promote increased fat burning in the human body. Unfortunately, the increased thermogenesis has some side effects. Those taking an Ephedra product can expect to feel jittery. Anyone with underlying health conditions may find Ephedra 5 is not the product to use as a fat burner. The history of this compound should make people consider their overall health condition before taking Ephedra 5. A healthy individual may not have any problem. If you want a dietary supplement that contains Ephedra, Viridis Labs may be the answer.

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