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Voltage Xtreme, a fat burner from Lab Sports, is a bit of a mystery. We found the supplement listed on several websites, but all were in Spanish and none listed the ingredients in the formula. According to the product description, the supplement will increase fat and calorie burn, increase thyroid function and improve brain and mental function. There is a good chance this supplement contains common ingredients found in thousands of fat burners, but the dieters is given no indication of what those ingredients may be.

List of Ingredients


  • No ingredients listed.

Product Features

When dieters search for an effective fat burner, they are really looking for a product to reduce appetite and increase metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body burns calories. Caffeine and green tea are two effective and safe ingredients that could be included in the Voltage Xtreme fat burner, but the word extreme leads us to believe the caffeine portion would be much more dominant than the green tea portion of the supplement.

There may also be ingredients that focus on the brain like ginseng or phenylethylamine. If ginseng is added the supplement could be safe, but if Lab Sports chose to add phenylethylamine to Voltage Xtreme, that would change the game. Phenylethylamine is dangerous for some dieters, especially dieters taking prescription medications that alter mood.

Of course, all this talk is just theoretical as Voltage Xtreme is not listed on an official website for Lab Sports. As a matter of fact, we could not find an official website for the company.

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  • Fat burners can be used to increase energy and metabolism.


  • No ingredients are listed for Voltage Xtreme.
  • The product may contain high doses of caffeine and other stimulants.
  • May contain ingredients unsafe for some dieters.


We always warn dieters to look for a complete ingredient list before choosing a diet pill. If the company is not willing to share the ingredients, even if they are listed in a proprietary blend, they do not want your business. Fat burners can contain dangerously high amounts of caffeine and other ingredients that cause negative side effects and death.

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