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Vtrim looks like a business or corporate weight loss solution. The official website is not inviting to the dieter and there are only two testimonials supporting weight loss success. One of the testimonials mentions a corporate sponsor. At the bottom of the front page, employers have the option of contacting Vtrim for more information on the program. Vtrim is a 12-week online weight loss session. There are three stages, Vtrim I Getting Started, Vtrim II Digging Deeper and Vtrim Maintaining Success.

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Online weight loss support with 12-week courses and guidance from certified professionals.

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Clinical studies have proven that the buddy system, or group weight loss, tends to be more effective than individual weight loss efforts. Vtrim uses these studies as a means of supporting weight loss potential with the Vtrim program. The fact is, more successful is not the same as highly successful. If a non-group weight loss program has a success rating of 2-percent and a group program a success rating of 3-percent, the group program is clinically proven to be more effective – but that does not mean everyone is losing weight on the program.

The active weight loss courses, Vtrim I and Vtrim II cost $375 for 12 weeks. The Vtrim Maintenance course is $175 for six months. Active courses meet weekly for one-hour. Course enrollment is not rolling in the active phase, so dieters must sign-up before the course begins.

There is no information on diet plan or exercise associated with the Vtrim program, but many of the pictures on the official website show dieter walking with walking sticks. These could be a part of the program, but we are unsure.

The lack of information on the official website is a bit disheartening. If the program is proven and backed with scientific research, why there is not more information on what the dieter receives for the $375 fee. We know they receive expert interaction once a month, but that is not worth the cost.

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  • Corporate sponsorship is encouraged.
  • Testimonials show dieters losing more than 100 pounds.
  • Before and after photos of dieter weight loss.
  • Three programs for different weight loss stages.


  • Very little information on what the program entails.
  • Only two testimonials are listed on the website.
  • Dieters attend meetings only once a week.
  • All meetings are online.
  • The dieter could lie about weight and progress.


The Vtrim diet plan may be a good solution for some dieters, but others require more structure and physical interaction. There are no weigh-ins and the dieter only speaks to the professional guide once a week, which means four meetings cost $375. The dieter is not told what types of food are allowed or if supplements are part of the program.

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