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Leslie Sansone is the creator of Walk Away Your Waistline. The program features an abdominal belt that helps keep core muscles active during a typical walk. The core waist belt is designed for use with an included DVD workout. The workout consists of three miles of walking and a cool down. For beginners, the DVD breaks up walking into three, one mile segments. The total running time for the workout is 48 minutes. The Walk Away Your Waistline DVD is sold separately from the waist belt. DVDs sell for $14.95. The waist belt sells for $14.95 as well. All products can be ordered online.

List of Ingredients

Walk Away Your Waistline DVD and walking belt.

Product Features

Leslie Sansone offers Walk Away Your Waistline for dieters who want to walk within the comforts of their home and lose more weight. The program involves walking three miles broken into three groups of one mile increments. Each section of the video runs for 15 minutes, which makes the entire video last about 48 minutes with a three minute cool down.

Walking is considered one of the best exercises for weight loss, but walking normally takes place outside of the home. In order to achieve physical demand on the body, Walk Away Your Waistline includes a waist belt with attached exercise straps. The exercise straps are elastic and include hand grips. During the walking video, the dieter moves the arms to increase heart rate. This is an effective workout for beginners, but cardio rates will not increase dramatically from walking in place and moving arms.

There are no measurements for the waist belt available on the official website. Dieters would have to order the product under the assumption – one size fits all. The dieter thus takes the chance that the belt may not fit. The mental effect of receiving a new piece of fitness equipment that did not fit could be huge.

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  • Working out is a crucial part of weight loss.
  • Walking is the easiest and least expensive exercise.
  • Nearly anyone can walk to increase calorie burn.


  • There are no sizes listed for the weight belt.
  • Dieters can choose to walk for free.
  • Elastic bands may stretch and break leading to an additional cost.
  • Walking in place is not the best form of exercise.


Walk Away Your Waistline does not appear to be the best solution for improving fitness. Anyone can walk around the house and increase heart rate slightly, but working out should be something that raises the heart rate and is fun in the process. Walk Away Your Waistline does not offer sizing information for the waist belt which could also be a problem.

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