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A name can go along way when establishing and promoting a brand. Weider Global Nutrition has been producing products for more than 70 years. The Weider brand has become known for fitness and health products throughout the world. Weider Fat Burners is a new product introduced by Weider which claims to promote weight loss, boost metabolism and maximize weight loss goals.

Weider sells several supplements with the same base ingredient list. Even though prices for Weider products are lower than other supplements, there is no reason to pack the same ingredients in every bottle and sell it with a different label. We did not find the official ingredient list on the Weider main website because the product is new. Weider does not support online sales and no testimonials are listed with the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate), Green Tea Powder, Green Tea Extract (50% Caffeine), Guarana, Green Tea Leaf (50% polyphenols with catechins), Yerba Mate Leaf Powder, Marine Phytoplanktin Blend (Alpha-3 CMPtm).

Product Features

Guarana is a natural stimulant used to increase heart rate. Side effects associated with this ingredient commonly include hypertension (increased blood pressure), jitters, nausea and shakes. These side effects are more prominent in supplements that contain multiple stimulants like Weider Fat Burners. Too many stimulants can turn a dieter away from a supplement because they feel bad every time they take it. There is also the danger of irregular heart rate, caffeine addiction or caffeine overdose even if the stimulant is not caffeine-based.

Chromium is a natural appetite suppressant. Diabetics take the supplement to help naturally regulate blood sugar levels. Clinical studies back this ingredient, but not for increased fat burn.

Green tea has a long list of clinical trials to support its use as a fat burner. Weider does not bother to list these, but including the ingredient is the important part. We did find that less green tea is included than other, more effective products. Green tea is an inexpensive ingredient so Weider could have included more in Weider Fat Burners.

Yerba Mate has stimulating effects on the body. It is a unique combination of three xanthines that work on different muscles. Smooth muscles are calmed while the heart muscle is stimulated. In combination with the other stimulants, this ingredient could push this product into an unsafe stimulant range.

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  • Chromium is a trusted appetite suppressant.
  • Green tea is a safe ingredient for most dieters.
  • Stimulants may increase fat burn.
  • The price is much lower than other supplements.


  • Too many stimulants may cause negative side effects.
  • Several supplements by Weider contain the same ingredients.


Weider Fat Burners is a new version of an old product. The ingredient list reads more like an energy pill than a weight loss supplement. Chromium is a proven ingredient as are Green Tea and Caffeine. The price of Weider Fat Burners is much less than other fat burners, but with more than one Weider diet product with the same ingredients, Weider is just relabeling the same supplements over and over again. That is a bad business practice for such a trusted name in fitness and nutrition.

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    i just want to know about the perfect dosage of weider fat burner in men and also review the side effect. and total usage procedure

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    Prise how much?


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    I want to know the price of weider fat burner?


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    i am very scared of having weider pills does it have side effects pls tll and i am ordering it from thialand where in thailand can i get original weider