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Weight Watchers Online for Men is a division of the Weight Watchers Online program designed around the special needs of male dieters. Men burn more calories than women, which means the Points system is adjusted to meet increased metabolism. Many of the featured articles and recipes on the Weight Watchers Online for Men website seem a little sexist. Women are given recipes for chicken salad, while men have wings, nachos and burgers. Sure, men can eat more than women, but all dieters can eat the same types of foods in the right portion size – that is what the Weight Watchers plan is all about.

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Online Weight Watcher program dedicated to men.

Product Features

Weight Watchers Online for Men is all about making it easier for men to lose weight with the Weight Watchers PointsPlus plan, minus the in-person meetings. Though Weight Watchers meetings are available to men and women, more women tend to participate than men. With the online program, men gain access to a weight tracker, food tracker and PointsPlus calculator. The fee for the Weight Watchers Online program for men is $18 a month, plus a $30 start-up fee.

Men start the program by entering some personal information like height, weight, age and fitness level. The program calculates total Points allowed per day for weight loss. All the man has to do is stay within that Point goal and he will lose weight, according to Weight Watchers. But, there is a problem with the new PointsPlus program and Weight Watchers Online for Men.

There are pictures of pizza, burgers, nachos and wings on the main page of Weight Watchers Online for Men. Foods like these are allowed on the PointsPlus plan and men get more points than women, so theoretically, men could eat at fast food restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still lose weight. For instance a man with 30 points on the PointsPlus program can stop in at Dunkin’ Donuts for an egg white and turkey sausage sandwich (7 points) for breakfast, KFC for a crispy drumstick, corn on the cob and green beans (6 points) for lunch and Blimpie for a 6-inch Blimpie’s Best and a Chef Salad with no dressing (15 points) and still have 2 points left over for some healthy snacks during the day. That does not sound much like a diet.

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  • Dedicated to men who want to lose weight on Weight Watchers.


  • May leave men thinking they can eat anything they like.
  • More expensive than other free diet programs.


The Weight Watchers Online for Men program is a novel idea, but there are a bit too many stereotypes for us. Men need to eat healthy and move more to lose weight, the same way women do.

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