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3 Day Diet Review- Does This Short-Term Diet Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 01, 2017

We’ve heard a lot of buzz around the 3 Day Diet, so we wanted to learn all we could. We conducted a detailed review, looking at the 3 Day Diet’s side effects, ingredients, customer service and clinical research.  Hundreds of experiences were taken into consideration. We then summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is the 3 Day Diet?

To start, 3 Day Diet promises great results, but the name can be a bit deceiving. It doesn’t end after 3 days, but the majority of the weight-loss is done over the period of 72 hours. It works by restricting caloric intake in the beginning and maintaining a healthy diet thereafter. This cycle is meant to be repeated on an ongoing basis. Meal choices include grape fruit, chicken, tuna and toast with peanut butter. The plan is easy to follow because it comes with details. [1]

The 3 Day Diet has gone by many names, but nobody knows exactly where it came from. The first mention was in 1985, so it has withstood the test of time, which is a good sign. The plan is free and easy to find online, the required foods are all affordable and people do seem to lose weight with this program, but read on…

Lack of Results – “Fluctuating Weight”

Our first concern with the 3 Day Diet is the lack of results. Some users saw significant weight-loss followed by weight gain during the 4 day “off period,” while others saw minimal loss while their body adjusted to the restricted caloric intake. “Most dieters will lose 3-7 pounds,” said our Research Editor,  “But that weight comes right back when you’re finished.” [2]

“I was optimistic after losing 5 pounds in 3 days, but after the first week, my net change was less than 1 pound,” said one user.

“I was on this diet for 2 months, and my constantly fluctuating weight caused me to stop,” said another.

Health Concerns – “Another Issue”

Something else that caught our attention with the 3 Day Diet was that the same health concerns raised by many of the fad diets out there also make a play here. According to one online reviewer with some medical experience, “serious nutrient deficiencies can lead to repeated cycles of weight-loss and gain.” At just 500 calories per day, this could be an issue. [3]

“My doctor told me many of my issues stemmed from the roller coaster of weight-loss and weight gain,” said another review.

Our research with diet supplements has shown that if there is a part of a workout or diet plan that is particularly troublesome (restrictive diet, painful workout routine, harmful side effects, etc.), the likelihood of long-term weight-loss is reduced. If the 3 Day Diet really does cause long-term health concerns, it could make it difficult for those looking to lose weight and keep it off. [4]

The Science Behind 3 Day Diet – “Validated?”

Minimizing caloric intake is one of the best, proven ways to lose weight quickly, but the 3 Day Diet takes that to an extreme by limiting calories to just 500 per day. Scientific research suggests that the rapid weight-loss is unhealthy. We value clinical proof at DietSpotlight and when the science suggests that a product or program may not be safe, we see major red flags.

The Bottom Line – Does the 3 Day Diet Work?

Are we getting ready to start the 3 Day Diet? We like the longevity, the simplicity and availability of the plans. Unfortunately, scientific research gives us reason for concern. The rapid weight-loss and fluctuating weight may lead to long-term health concerns and there is no research proving that a diet that restricts intake to 500 calories is safe or effective for long-term. We’re also concerned about the lack of permanent results and support for this diet plan. [5]

If you’d like to slim down and get to your goal weight, we suggest you go with a product that offers affordable results with safe ingredients that are tested and shown to help you lose weight.

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Previous 3 Day Diet Review (Updated September 20, 2014):

Does the Military Diet Work?

So many weight loss programs and dieting systems date back several decades. Apparently, people have been battling the bulge for many years. Take a look at the AHA 3 Day Diet plan. This specific system first hit the weight loss scene back in 1985. It basically aims to promote fast weight reduction, lower cholesterol levels, boost the user's energy, and even cleanse the body to some extent. What makes the AHA 3 Day Diet plan unique is that it really lasts for three days at a time. Once the three days have passed, the user enjoys four or five days of "normal or regular" eating, but then the diet plan resumes.

Like so many other weight loss programs today, there is no fitness or exercise regimen involved with the 3 Day Diet plan. Potentially users can drop up to a whopping 10 pounds within the three day period. Although there is a specific eating plan for this program, dieters are directed not to overeat or under-eat. To elaborate a little more, the first daily meal consists of: day one breakfast (half of a grapefruit, one piece of toast with peanut butter, and black coffee or tea) lunch (one piece of toast, one half can of tuna, and one cup of tea or black coffee), and dinner (one cup of carrots, one cup of vanilla ice cream, one cup of green beans, one apple, and three ounces of chicken/lean meat). While day two and three vary some with the foods, the portions pretty much stay the same. Other than these foods, users are to consume four cups of water each day.

AHA 3 Day Diet: Product Features

The 3 Day Diet plan is one of several weight loss systems that involves the consumption of specific foods. While there are no supplements or exercise routines involved with this program, dieters are directed to follow a specific meal plan for three days at a time. Even though 4-5 days are taken off in between dieting sessions, the 3 Day Diet can carry on indefinitely to encourage fat reduction. Ideally this diet should increase the dieter's energy, help with fat burning, cleanse the body, and lower cholesterol levels. There is no clinical research to support the effectiveness. This leaves us skeptical about answering - does the 3 Day Military Diet work?

Advantages of 3 Day Diet

  • There are no potentially harmful diet drugs involved with the 3 Day Diet.
  • Dieters only have to commit to this weight loss program for three days at a time.

Disadvantages of 3 Day Diet

  • There are no success stories presented on an official website for the 3 Day Diet.
  • It's unclear how this program will cleanse the body, lower cholesterol levels and boost the user's energy since no clinical studies are provided.
  • There are no fat burning supplements or appetite suppressants utilized with the 3 Day Diet plan.

Conclusion: Does the Military Diet Work?

In some respects, it appears that the 3 Day Diet is somewhat of an 80s "fad diet plan." On the upside, this weight loss program does encourage the consumption of water, vegetables and lean meats, however, there is no exercise encouraged with the 3 Day Diet. This may work as a red flag for some dieters. Furthermore, there is no clinical data or trials offered to support the overall effectiveness of this weight loss plan. So, to answer the question, does the military diet work, maybe not.

3 Day Diet Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
Serving Per Container:
Amount per Serving% DV

Other Ingredients: None

We really researched the 3 Day Diet ingredients so we could provide you with the important details.


To start, tuna is a lean fish that is readily available in cans. This meat is rich in protein, antioxidants, selenium, potassium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus and magnesium. It also provides niacin, riboflavin and B vitamins.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Tuna can be consumed as a lean source of protein, since it’s low in calories. It should help you stay full and boost energy levels. Furthermore, it helps build and repair muscles. This fish is also claimed to aid with weight reduction by reducing overall calorie intake. [1]

Clinical Research

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.” However, this fish does not appear to be directly tied to weight-loss.

Clinical testing is very important when it comes to finding the right diet formula. One weight-loss product that you may want to take a closer look at is Dietspotlight Burn. It actually contains ingredients that have been well researched.

Saltine Crackers

Also known as the soda cracker, saltines are made from yeast, white flour, baking soda and salt. They have been around for more than a century, and are commonly sold in grocery stores and supermarkets.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Saltine crackers are low in calories and fat. A serving is about five crackers, which contains around 70 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, no cholesterol, and 12 grams of carbohydrates. Therefore this is a food that can be eaten regularly without causing any serious weight gain. The purpose of saltines is to help stave off hunger so you eat fewer calories.

Clinical Research

While some studies have shown that saltine crackers can help reduce nausea, there is no direct correlation between these crackers and weight-loss. The high level of starch in this food aids the stomach by reducing acid levels. This in turn calms the stomach.


Since 65 percent of the human body is water, it’s only natural that you should drink 64 ounces a day. You may not know it, but water reduces fatigue, helps with physical performance, relieves constipation, and helps prevent headaches. [2]

What is it Supposed to Do?

Water is often recommended for weight-loss purposes. This is because it reduces appetite, increases energy levels and boosts metabolism. It’s typically coupled with healthy eating and regular exercise for optimum results.

Clinical Research

Some research has shown that water does increase calorie burning. For example, “Michael Boschmann, MD, and colleagues from Berlin’s Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center tracked energy expenditures among seven men and seven women who were healthy and not overweight. After drinking approximately 17 ounces of water, the subjects’ metabolic rates — or the rate at which calories are burned — increased by 30% for both men and women. The increases occurred within 10 minutes of water consumption and reached a maximum after about 30 to 40 minutes.”

Is There Anything Out There That We Think TRULY Works?

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3 Day Diet Side Effects:

3 Day Military Diet reviews are mixed. There are only a few reports of side effects. However, because everyone reacts differently to weight loss program, it’s wise to take potential risks into account. These are the most commonly mentioned side effects.


A headache can really put a damper on your day. When it gets really bad, you may lose balance and feel dizzy because of the pain.

There are headaches of different severities. Some are mild, like an uncomfortable tightening sensation. Others are more serious. They’re a stabbing, piercing sensation.

What causes headaches?

Hunger, lack of sleep, and being out in the sun unprotected are common causes of headache.

For the most part, headaches can be cured with rest and over-the-counter pain relievers. They go away after just a few hours.

Sometimes, headaches are signs of an underlying illness. For example, glaucoma, brain aneurysm, and ear infection are all known to provoke headaches.

Stomach Ache

Stomach pains can be overwhelming. When they get severe, it can become nearly impossible to go about your daily business.

Bloating, nausea, and fever may accompany a cause of stomach ache.

What causes stomach ache?

Indigestion is a common cause of stomach ache.

It may also be that you ate something that doesn’t sit well with you. You may have a food intolerance of allergy to something you eat.

You might be suffering from a stomach virus or bacteria. Parasites can also cause stomach pains, but they are normally not very common.

Additional causes of stomach ache are pelvic inflammatory disease and kidney stones. [1]


Fatigue is a feeling of immense tiredness. It may occur along with shortness of breath and dizziness.

What causes fatigue?

It may just be that you aren’t resting well. Or that your diet doesn’t include necessary nutrients that give you energy. Or you aren’t drinking enough water.

Many illnesses cause fatigue as a symptom. These include anemia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and hyperthyroidism/hypothyroidism.


Dizziness means feeling light-headed and weak, like you’re about to faint. You may even lose your balance.

Dizziness can be dangerous because you’ll hurt yourself if you fall. If you start to get dizzy, have a seat and ask someone for help.

What causes dizziness?

A sudden drop in blood pressure or blood volume can make you feel dizzy. You may also be suffering from hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. [2]

There are also numerous conditions, like motion sickness and heat stroke, that lead to dizziness.

The 3 Day Military Diet reviews only rarely mention side effects. Ask your doctor about how using this product can affect your health.

3 Day Diet Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of user comments and The Military Diet reviews and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of the 3 Day Diet?

Some of the potential side effects of the 3 Day Diet, as reported by customers, include upset stomach, dehydration, irregular bowel movements, constipation and nausea.

What are the ingredients in the 3 Day Diet?

The 3 Day Diet ingredients include a combination of common foods, including, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy.

Does 3 Day Military Diet work?

There’s no clinical research linking the the diet to people losing weight, the 3 day military diet results vary. Eating extremely low-calorie meals for three days could cause weight-loss, but there’s no evidence to makes such a case. [1]

You may want to consider a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients, instead of a restrictive program like the 3 Day Diet.

Does the Military Diet work?

Military Diet, Kaiser 3 Day Diet, The Three Day Diet or 3 Day Tuna Diet are just alternative names.

How much does the 3 Day Diet cost?

The cost of the 3 Day Diet depends on the foods you purchase. Considering the majority of the choices come from your home, there’s a chance the expensive could be virtually zero.

How should I follow 3 Day Military Diet?

You should follow the 3 Day Diet by eating low-calorie foods for three days. The food choices are typically found in your pantry and don’t require additional purchases. You can substitute, but the choices are limited.


Is the Military diet for men?

Both men and women can do the diet.

What do users like about 3 Day Diet?

We found that users liked the ability to substitute foods on the 3 Day Diet.

What do users NOT like about 3 Day Diet?

Some users don’t like the calorie restrictions on the 3 Day Diet. [2]


Can I eat prepackaged foods on the 3 Day Diet?

No, you can’t eat prepackaged foods on the 3 Day Diet.

Can I substitute foods on the 3 Day Diet?

Yes, there are several foods you can substitute on the 3 Day Diet.

What is the maximum caloric intake on the 3 Day Diet?

The maximum caloric intake on the 3 Day Diet is no more than 1,200 per day.

Can I continue to drink as much water as I want on the 3 Day Diet?

Yes, you can drink as much water as you want on the 3 Day Diet. The plan recommends consuming a minimum of three liters of water per day.

If I substitute fruits in the 3 Day Diet, what’s the best choice?

If you substitute fruits in the 3 Day Diet, the best choices are one with lower sugar content.

Does 3 Day Diet come with a guarantee?

The 3 Day Diet doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on 3 Day Diet?

We didn’t find deals or discounts on 3 Day Diet, considering the information is readily available online. If you looking for something that’s going to save you money and potentially help you achieve your goals, consider a product our readers have been going crazy over. The supplement is Dietspotlight Burn and it contains some clinically-tested ingredients and comes with a Special Trial Offer, which is merely the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.4. From 203 votes.
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3 Day Diet Review

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How much does this diet cost when buying food?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Ashley! Since the 3 Day Diet has a variety of foods you can choose for your meals, it is hard to say what the total cost would be.


are diet drinks and coffee allowed freely during the 3 day plan ?

Cameron (Editor)

No mostly, it prohibits the added sugar and caffeine. What kind of diet drink are you thinking of adding – a meal replacement?

What would the effect be ?

I’m considering starting this diet, but I was wondering what the affect would be if I kept the diet going and didn’t take a four day break?

Stephen (Editor)

Essentially you’d just form a new, habitual, healthier diet. The diet is recommended to be followed continuously. If you do not take a four day break you’d likely see little difference from the first 3 days; it claims that is when the most weight is lost. Let us know how you like it, Rachelle.


can you do 3 days and then 2 days off and do 3 days of the diet?

Devon (Editor)

If you like however the diet is meant more to set the ground work for a healthy diet to incorporate in your everyday life. Let us know how you like it.

  3 Day Diet
Rita (Verified User)

Can I eat less of what it states to eat,and still have the same results?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Rita! The 3 Day Diet already suggests for you to cut down your caloric intake to 500 a day. Anything lower than that is not a safe choice.


No. The portions are perfect to take care of your body. 500 calories is not a lot. But it’s enough for your body to work with efficiantly. Decreasing it even more is going to freak your body out and make it store as much far as it can get, because of the lack it’s been given. I hope that was helpful


can you go a month straight doing this diet?.

Devon (Editor)

This diet is designed to teach you healthy habits to incorporate into your lifestyle.

   I need to lose for my birthday
Anonymous (Verified User)

starting tomorrow, wanna lose 10kilos please somebody wish me all the best. I really can’t stick to diets no more but I’m hoping this time will be different cause I need to lose for my birthday.

Denese Eldred

Awesome post. I am a regular visitor of your site and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. I will be a frequent visitor for a long time.

Rachel Faucett

It’s actually more than 500 calories.. The days range from about 1200 to 1400 calories

Clarine Alo

3 Week diet Learn the secret to losing 23 pounds of fat in 3 weeks


My last relationship I gained so much weight I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been. Stress and eating out of boredom got the best of me. I’m 5’10 and weigh 200 lbs and I used to be 145 when I was a junior in high school. I had enough of looking at myself everyday and needed to do something. Currently on Day 2 of the diet. I must say, I never would’ve thought I’d make it past the first day..I’m not a fan of tuna but I substitute with chicken or shrimp and I make sure to measure my portions. Whenever I do feel hungry, I drink water or black coffee to curve it. I did experience a headache after the first day but my body was so used to sugar and processed food so I was expecting that. I haven’t had pop for 10 days now and started working out. I run at least 1-2 miles (I used to run 5 daily) hopefully I see results!


I discovered something interesting on this diet, and that is , that I was not hungry, I even felt like I was eating way better and more structured than before , it can of helped me to get de attach from food, in a way i didn’t have to think much about what i was going to eat or eat just because i was bored, on the other hand I just lost 2 lbs, which it is kind of strange, I wonder if it is because maybe before the diet my calorie intake wasnt too far from the diet? , I am fairly small man 5ft 5 in and my weight before the diet was 155 lb, in conclusion I lost 2 lb and 1% body fat. what do you think..? any insight?


Rubbish! I stuck rigidly to everything on the diet and didn’t lose one single pound. The only thing I did lose was the ability to stay awake!! I can’t do any exercise at the moment due to suffering lower back pain, but it said not doing any exercise wouldn’t matter. Totally disheartened:(


Hi have done this diet many times before. I have never regained. A tip I would like to share is continue doing the 3 day diet. Start over on the 4th day. While on the diet though eat all the fruits ad veggie you want. Inceease the fiod portions. If it say 1 egg, eat 2 in stead. Plus this diet helps me stay away from junk food and other processed fiid.


That is exactly what I have done- doubled the food portions on this diet. I am getting about 1200 calories a day for 3 (lost 4 pds) and last week for the other 4 days, my calories were 1795, 1935, 1856, 2085. I restarted this Friday and weighed- I did not gain any weight on those 4 days. I ate healthy foods and exercised – 5 days with the 6th day, an active rest day.

My name here

I stated doing this diet on and off for two years now. Immediate results. One hurtle I had was the head aches. I learned it was detox from no coffee. So I just kept coffee in the diet and still lose weight.

Annette Rosendahl

It’s truly a nice and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.


I did the diet for 3 days and lost 6 kgs but after constantly doing it with no break my weight has stayed the same… What am I doing wrong?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.You might need to implement a different type of workout routine to help with your results.


its my first time doing this diet and today is day 4 i weighed in and only lost 3 lbs is this even normal? ive seen so many people talk about their great results 🙁

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


I have been doing this diet for about three weeks with a day or two rest period. And I have lost 12lbs so far. But I’m also an avid runner and just recently joined the gym. The diet is not long term unless you combined it with excersise and don’t overdue your calorie intakes on the rest periods.


I’m doing a variation of this diet. I’m doing the 7 day chemical diet. You can lose a stone in a week,

I’ve been eating as much fruit and veg as I was, and having a salad with a piece of learn meat for dinner, plus two boiled eggs as snacks.

I’ve lost 4lbs in 2 days.

Will stick to it for a week as the doctor wants to weigh me on Monday (not weight related, just coz I’m having treatment soon)


I have just started chemical diet lost 1 pound in a day been struggling on slimming world I feel so much better today just need bit of support


I want to do this diet to the point where I lose at least 20 pounds before school starts in early August. From what I hear, it works but I need to know after you lose the weight does it stay off? Or will it come back with extra fat too??

Cameron (Editor)

The diet is claimed to give one the tools and know-how to maintain his/her desired weight once the diet is complete. Most importantly not returning to old dietary habits.

  I am dissapointed !

I just finished 3 days diet and didn’t lost nothing I am so disappointed . I will do it again

Your Namelinda Frazier

Its hard but I have loss weight


lot of the people don’t realize that you’re supposed to stay on low sodium, lean diet for the following 6 days to minimize the weight gain. You must follow through the 6 day diet after the 3-day apple detox… if not there really was no use in doing the 3 day fasting if you go back to eating whatever you want. Make yourself a lean salad with baby carrots and use balsamic vinegar as a dressing, snack on boiled eggs and unsweetened oatmeal as a hearty breakfast. These are just some good examples of meals that fit into the category.

  Lost 12 pounds, its working !
Liah (Verified User)

Hi, this’s my 4 week with the diet, so in 3 weeks I only loss 12 pounds but I guess is because I’m over 30 years, the 4 days off I eat healthy and I walk 3 times at week, I’m happy because is actually the only way I have lost some weight, my only concern is that I start having pain around my waist, I think is my kidneys, I weigh 162 pounds and I’m 5.3 so I’m not over weight also I’m active and drink lots of water so can anybody can tell me if is because the diet??

Stephen (Editor)

There doesn’t seem to be any conflict with this product and kidneys, nor have dieters reported such conflicts as a result of this diet. We recommend you visit your doctor for assurance.

  Wish me luck guys !
dainty (Verified User)

I’m on my 1st day, it went good, I’m not starving or anything. I need to lose 10 kilos so if this diet give me good result i’ll definitely do it again next week. Wish me luck guys..

  Is this a great diet for obese women?

Is this a great diet for women who are obese ? Around 250 lbs ??


When I started I weigh 236 and it’s a great jumpstart into learning to eat healthier. I recommend doing 3 days then eating healthy on the 4 and 5th day and the. Restarting the 3 day diet again because you’re not comsuming a lot of calories and you would like your body to adjust to it and make sure to add exercise for your muscles and strength I work out everyday but didn’t see a big change until I started eating healthier and using the 3 day diet plan.


Yes it works for everyone but mostly people over 160 pounds. I was 232 and in my two weeks I have lost 15 pounds. Follow the plan and exercise at least 3 times a week and you’re guaranteed results. No cheating follow the plan to a T and watch what you eat on your days ofg.

John (Verified User)

Will the diet work if you eat every meal an hour apart then sleep for a few hours and wake up the same day and eat the next day meals every hour and do it again. Basically 3 days in one with a few hours of sleep spaced out? Since the diet is from chemical breakdown.

Stephen (Editor)

Your body will accustom itself to this sleep cycle, It will store the energy from the food as you sleep, since you do not expel the stored energy. No matter how healthy the actual meal you must still be active. Why is it necessary that you sleep so?

  this didnt work
kensi (Verified User)

this didnt work. by day 3 i was light headed,sore head,nauses because i wasnt eating enough it is not enough to last you the whole 3 days

  This diet works yea it does
leo (Verified User)

This diet works yea it does! I love it I am on my 2 month. The first month I lost 61 pounds. I always lose 12 or more pounds going directly by the menu. On my 4 days off I eat salads a grapefruit each day but the 4th day I cooks my favorite meal every other week and eat what I like. Walk 2-3 miles 3 times a week and did boxing the other days.




Are u serious???!! 61lbs in 1 month???????????!!!!!!!!!!

  3 Day Diet
negrita (Verified User)

I started this 3 day diet out of curiosity because I know people who have been doing it and lost a lot of weight. I am on day 2. Original weight when I started was 206. This morning I weighed in at 202. We shall see what tomorrows weight looks like. I am wondering if its just water weight but I will take it. I didn’t cheat just drank a lot of water. Good luck to you all on it!

  This diet is awesome
Sam (Verified User)

I just finished the diet and I lost 9 pounds.This diet is awesome, you can’t come off the diet and go back to your bad habits. I am going to continue eating healthy along with doing this each week.

  I lose 53 pounds in 1 month
Hi this is lexie (Verified User)

I followed the 3 day meal just like it said & added cardio & weight loss pill so it could curve my appetite and eat under 1700 calories on the other days an I lose 53 pounds in 1 month. You just have to know that you can do it ! Good luck Every One it’s possible. Txt back if you need help………


I only lost 3 pounds on this diet but it better then nothing. I will be doing it again.What are the name of the diet pills that you used?


Please help! I have tried everything known to man. I just finished my second day. I have done everything to the book except the ice cream. I substituted it for Greek yogurt. It is allowed. However I have gained 1 lb both days. Why do this keep happening?

Stephen (Editor)

Many dieters report fluctuations in amount loss and no change. We like that it promotes a healthy diet, but we are concerned with the lack of sustained weight loss. Try including regular exercise. Maybe include a fat burner for added effect.


Hello I plan on starting this diet next week. I was wondering what type of weight loss pill u used? Thanks


What diet pill did you use


I’m starting this today and hoping for a boost! I currently follow weight watchers so would so this for 3 days then stick to my points allowance on the other 4 days. Do you think I might still gain once the 3 days are up?

Stephen (Editor)

Most importantly the diet makes you conscious of your eating habits in the hopes that it will help you maintain. Think about it as a 30,000 day diet, lol. Good Luck.


thank you for sharing. I just finished my first 3 days and I lost 9 pounds. I’m going to continue eating healthy and do another cycle next week


could u workout on the 3 day diet plan and still lose weight?

Stephen (Editor)

In fact, it would be better.

  will I still lose weight
manu (Verified User)

I hav completed 3 day diet, lost 3.5 lbs, I’m small built, instead of 4 days off, I intend to continue on my 3 day diet, will I still lose weight?

Cameron (Editor)

While we like that this diet is based on healthy eating we have a few concerns with it effectiveness for long term weight loss. Refer to the article for more info.

  3 Day Diet
Leese (Verified User)

This is my second time doing this diet. The first time I followed it to a T and lost five pounds and felt great. This time around the first two days were fine but I am struggling on Day 3. I am having a horrible headache, fatigue, and stomach pings. I just need to get through the last meal of the day and get it over with. Tomorrow I will weigh in and move forward with a low calorie healthy diet with exercise.

  Why I stopped losing weight ?
Tanjila (Verified User)

I’ve lost 3.5 kg by doing it for the first time. so I did the next week but this time no weight loss. I was 75 before and after the diet I became 71.5. I managed to maintain the weight but I’m not losing further. I’m 5’2″. why didn’t it work?

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Tanjila. How long have you been on it now? Your body could have accustomed itself to your diet. Are you including regular exercise, if not try it out to force your body to continue to burn energy.

  Lost 9lbs in 3 days !
Anonymous (Verified User)

I DID 3 days diet and lost 9lbs. but im wondering if im gonna gain all that weight back or if i eat healthy and workout i might not help me guys

Stephen (Editor)

The diet promotes a healthy diet, yes, but the dieter is to maintain this lifestyle.

  I am on day two
Dman (Verified User)

I have done the diet twice before a couple of years ago and lost 9 and 5 pounds. I am a 49 year old male and I am in excellent shape. However, I could stand to lose 15-20 lbs. I am on day two, just finished lunch. I was starving before lunch however and I am wondering if anyone has taken an appetite suppressant with this diet.

Arnold (Editor)

Hey Dman! If you combine this diet with a product just make sure it’s safe for your body, as directed by your doctor.


Im on my second week of the diet i lost 6 lbs and yes i use weight loss 4 i buy this from walmart. This suppliment works well

Looking to lose weight fast?

I’m still a teen and I weigh an average amount. But I am looking more into losing weight and fast due to an upcoming event. Is this a good strategy for me ?

Devon (Editor)

This diet promotes a healthy dietary lifestyle; with those tools, dieters reach their goals easier. Speedy weight loss is not guaranteed however.

  Day 2 feeling tired, is this normal ?
Your Name ASHLEY (Verified User)

On day 2 I have lost 2.4 as of this am . I am staying very tired is this normal?

Devon (Editor)

Sometimes when dieters lose a few pounds within the first week of a regimen, it could be water weight along with expelled waste. Give it time to see if you experience more results.

  My friend lost 58 pounds in 6 months !
Gina (Verified User)

So my friend has been doing this diet for 6 months now and has lost 58 pounds total so far. Her exercise consists of chasing a 1.5 year old and a 5 year old all day.
I finished my first day ever on this plan yesterday. I was so hungry all day. But I stuck to it. I weigh 130 and I’m 5’2″. So I’m not overweight, but I’m still the heaviest I’ve ever been. I can’t work out because of my current work schedule and I can’t fit into any of my clothes at the moment! I don’t lose weight easily. So this was the best idea for me, especially seeing her progress (even if she did have more to lose than me). My ultimate goal is to get back to 110lbs. That was ideal for me. I’m not weighing myself every day. I’m weighing myself once a week.
I’m also going to try not doing any cheat days. If I DO, it will only be once a week. I STILL haven’t heard any reviews of other people doing this, just that they are…but no one has posted their results. Idk if this will help me lose faster, or more, if it doesn’t, I’m certainly not WANTING to do it 6 days a week, ya know? Any input from people that are trying to do the 3 day plan for 7 days?

Devon (Editor)

Anyone want to share their experiences?

  I did not feel hungry after having this.
Janet (Verified User)

Yesterday was my first day on this military diet I haven’t been hungry though maybe cause im sick with a cold. But im about 263 5″7 Female) trying to lose as much weight as I can by june im baptizing my daughters so would love to look great !! Oh im also working out at home and the gym at night’s so im busting butts!!

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jamika5765 (Verified User)

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  What should I do now?
angel (Verified User)

I just stared this 3 day diet, i cheated what do i do?


start over

Karen (Editor)

Hi Angel, Just hang in there, we believe in you! You might like to combine this with a Dietspotlight Burn proven fat burner.

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  Didn't work very well
Dennis (Verified User)

Just finished the 3 day diet…lost 2.2 lbs. I was reeling practically on day 3 from hunger…got on the scale and I didn’t lose an ounce between day 2 and 3. I followed the diet to the letter and as I’m 25lbs. overweight, it’s not like I have nothing left to lose….very disappointing to be that hungry and not lose the 8-10 lbs. this diet professes.


I tried the first day, very full, I changed my ice cream to yogurt. Does it work then?
And may I consider to do 3days and after that 3 days I do this cycle again?

Stephen (Editor)

Substitutions (in correct proportions) and repeating the program is fine, Lindi.


I REALLY wanna try this diet, but I don’t like any fruits or vegetables…What should I do?

Candace (Editor)

Sorry, Sophia, if the diet requires you to eat fruits and veggies there’s not much else to be done.

  This really works!
Dee (Verified User)

I tried this diet this week and I have to say, the whole time I did not feel hungry. It actually makes me not want to eat fatty, nasty food anymore. I feel more energetic and even though I am having a female problem this week 😉 I have already lost 6 lbs! Thing is, I did the HCG diet 3 times (1st rnd lost 25 lbs) and got really skinny but its majorly restricted and limits you to 500 calories a day… not healthy. Even if you feel weak the first time you try this diet I say try it. It REALLY works! I am going to continue it the first of every week until I get down to my goal weight.


If this diet is restricted to 500 calories/day,& the HCG is restricted to 500 cal/day. Then can you do these together and get your 3 days…?!!

Cameron (Editor)

In theory it sounds sturdy. Let us know if you try it!

Leydi ur Name

Thank you so much for your comment. I loved it. I just started my 3 day today. Feeling amazing and also I run more then a mile a day so it should help. Tell us your thoughts about 3 Day Diet.


I have a question do you get craving on the 3 day diet

Stephen (Editor)

Edmee, some people do, as with anything your body is becoming accustomed to.

  Can you take other products?
nicola (Verified User)

I’m on day 1 had my 3 meals and I’m struggling all I want is Chinese food!! Also I’ve been drinking diet irnbru will this affect the diet I hate tea and coffee..

YouRenr Name

You have to follow it to a T. Salt and pepper are the only seasoning. Also, you will have greater success if you drink a lot a water. This is my second time trying the military diet. The first round I lost 8 pounds. I am hoping for similar results the second time. I will post my results Sunday.

  So far so good
Alexandria (Verified User)

Today is day 2 of 3 for me. I am 22 years old, 5’7″, and started at 198.6 lbs. I honestly feel better weighing myself each morning. My results are below:

Day One Start: 198.6 lbs
Day One End: 196.5

Day Two Start: 194.1 lbs

So far I’ve lost 4.5 lbs! I plan to get to at least 150 lbs!

  Good food substitutes
Anonymous (Verified User)

I want to start this diet soon, but I don’t like hot dogs! Can I substitute them for something else?


the official site lists substitutions



  Why am I experiencing this?
arpee (Verified User)

Hi, 1st-2nd day, was all good but when i reached the 3rd day during lunch i vomit like almost all that i have eaten on that meal. why is that? i hope you’ll get back to me. and please through my email above as im not be able to seeyour reply here. thanks!


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  Product just wasn't for me
rush (Verified User)

I have been doing this for 2 day today would be my 3rd but I have been vomiting an feeling drizzle from lastngt my advice is to stay away from this diet

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  It does work!

My 77 year old father in-law has used the 3 day diet for a little over a year and has lost 135 lbs. He has gone from 390 to 255. He made very slight modifications to prevent boredom. IT DOSE WORK 🙂

Natalie B

Do you put the weight back on after this diet?

Candace (Editor)

Such an event is possible. It’s the dieter’s responsibility to maintain the lifestyle that enabled them to lose the weight once complete.


I completed the diet last week and lost 5lbs. Guys you must not weigh yourself until the fourth day otherwise it can be off putting. I had my 4 days off with one cheat day and have started again today. I will let you guys know how much i have lost 2nd time around.

  Does this diet work with hypothyroid?
Aisha Harris (Verified User)

Ok today is day 1 for me and so far so good. I do have a queatoon. Does this diet work with hypothyroid as this is the problem I’m having with my weight loss journey. I was to lose 25 lbs and it has meet very difficult so hopefully it will help


If you have hypothyroid, just start Levothyroxine treatment (on your doctor instruction of course). once you had your hormone balanced your weight will be down


I am hypothyroid and just started Levothyroxine 3 weeks ago. Lost 8 lbs on the diet. I’m planning on walking & eating in moderation for the next 4 days and restarting another 3 days of dieting. I figure it’s worth a try. Maybe this is not the weight loss plan for you and something else will come your way and help. I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be.


I am on my third week doing this diet.. I too have same thyroid problem.. Both times I only lost 3 pounds.. And mind you. I walked a half hour each day as well . Then I weighed myself mid week and the weight came back .. I give up

  While on this diet can u have slim fast shake?
Cynthia Wise

I can truely say……if u r really serious about losing weight and u t disciplined this is the diet for u…. Not only do I lose weight u also your eating habits will b a lot healthier! My question is while on the three day diet can u have a slim fast shake

  Just finished following this diet.
Anonymous (Verified User)

Just finished following this diet except for Day3, which was yesterday- I was really hungry, so I ate 2 slices of wheat bread instead of 1, and yogurt in addition to the vanilla ice cream for dinner. Also added creamer in my coffee on day1. Still managed to lose 5 pounds. Better than nothing. Will do this again after 4 days, and this time I will strictly follow the diet.


Sweetie again this diet will only work !!!! If u stick to the diet!!! Due to the chemical breakdown each meal in those three days has to b exact no subsitutions or it will not work!!! Trust me I know!!!!

  I want to lose 20lbs this winter.
Rhianna (Verified User)

Wanting to start this week. Gained 20 lbs over the winter and I’d like to lose a total of 30-40. I have IBS-C and gluten is a huge trigger for me. Has anyone had any luck following this diet using GF products? I’m also wondering about tuna substitutes. I sometimes have issues with some fish depending on the source.

  Has anyone tried this while doing CrossFit?

Has anyone tried this while doing CrossFit? I feel the combination would really boost! I’m also a bit concerned about not doing my protein shake post workout.

  This is bullshit !
sarah (Verified User)

this is bullshit! I’m at day 3 and only lost 1.2 pounds. I’m 5”6 and 134 pounds. I eat exactly what’s in the menu.


At 134 pounds and 5’6 you already aren’t overweight. whine when you’re 5’4 and 190.

Cameron (Editor)

At 134 lbs how much weight do you plan to lose?

  Is this effective for 250lbs women also ?

Is this a great diet for women who are obese ? Around 250 lbs ??

Cameron (Editor)

We like that this diet gives you helpful mental tools for starting a greater weight loss journey, but you would be better off with something with a longer intended weight loss period.

  This diet helps us detoxifying your system.
Sonja Hadfield (Verified User)

This post is very informative. Thank you.

I’d like to make a small input (if I may).
It’s also a great idea to add some spices to your diet and juices.
Spices are known to rev up your metabolism..so you can burn more calories without lifting a finger.
More importantly, they also help you in detoxifying your system.
It helps you in mobilizing the unhealthy toxins around your colon, which (as per research) could be holding as much as 30 pounds in some cases!

5 must-stock ancient spices for weight loss:

1. Mustard Seed: Boosts metabolism
even after up to 25 hrs of consumption.
2. Black Pepper: Helps in faster digestion
and nutrient absorption.
3. Ginger: Hinders cholesterol absorption.
4. Cinnamon: Helps in better processing
of carbs.
5. Cayenne Pepper: Burns fat.

Sonja Hadfield.
Weight Loss Counselor

  Read the entire plan before start.

If you read the plan you have a very specific substitution for grapefruit. ( baking soda dissolved in water I believe along with something else) I can’t remember exactly. Read through the plan carefully. It works if you follow the plan. Read the entire plan . Look at the FAQ’s. There are also meal plans suggestions for the 4 days you are “off” the plan to help keep you on track. The plan says you don’t HAVE to exercise but does say it will help with weight loss if you do just 20 minutes a day. Good luck!!

3 Day Diet
Bianca (Verified User)

I count calories and the 3 day military diet comes down to 1200 calories and not 500 calories….. The least I got was on day 3 where the total came to 950 calories

  I have to lose is 7-19 pounds.
Annie (Verified User)

hey guys,
It’s me again. I just wront a few minutes ago. I was angry because I didn;lt see a big weight lost even thou al I have to lose is 7-19 pounds. I see you guys did the diet and then ate normal and start obver again. Maybe that’s what I need to do, give it some time. I know the ess weight you have to lost, the slower it comes off. SO, I wamnt to appologize fr my insuls on this diet. I see many of you really said it works, so you have just built my faith again for the diet. I will let all know how it goes later. Thank again. Bye. Yes it is very easy. Is it okay to put mayo on the tune? I seen someone said they did. Bye.

  I did not lost any weight.
Annie (Verified User)

I am on day 2. I am a very good follower when it comes to diets. I haven’e lost any weight Now I admit I want to lose like 7 pounds and I lost nothing!! It does not work. Why is it even out there? Do people really lose anything on it. Wow!! I am really disappointed. I am.


It does work. I guess it isn’t for some people.


Hey Im on day one and I can’t eat all of my dinner. Is that’s ok or should I force myself to eat everything?


it is a yoyo but it does work i think the average loss is more like 6-7 lbs not 10 this is my 5th try at it but if anything it does teach us portions i think its easy and my husband is gone all wekk so is even easier to follow im in my 40’s its a slower process than im used to from before and im even throwing in 3 mile walks everyday but yes it does work just easy to gain 2-3 lbs back on 4 days off Tell us your thoughts about 3 Day Diet.


I just completed the second time. I started it because my collegue suggested me, who lost 12 lb in one try. The first try, I lost about 8 lb, which was about a month and a half ago. Since then gained 3-4lb back. As the second completion yesterday, I lost about 5 lb this time. In total, I lost 10 lb. It works for me. The great thing is it is easy to follow.


you’re not supposed to weigh again until the morning of Day 4. It does work.

  Can I continuously use this?
Dijon (Verified User)

Is it a bad idea to continuously doing this diet to reach my weight that I want?

  I lost 5 pounds in one day!
nato (Verified User)

Well I started yeasterday and weight 239. I weight my self these morning and I was wtf really had to weight my self 4 times cause I could not believe it my new weight was 234. I am 5’11” and my goal is to be 30 pounds less so I will be doing these for the thirty days and see how it goes.I understand its water weight but it’s more than I have lost spending time in the gym so 3 days of diet and my four days will be the 3 meals and the 2 snack menu with exercise. Will see what day 3 brings. Will keep posting here my results.

  lost 13 pounds
Lip (Verified User)

I spread my meals out to keep me from getting too hungry (like on day one eating the fruit for breakfast and peanut butter toast a couple hours later). I also used half a teaspoon of light miracle whip on the tuna and egg(boiled and chopped. I lost 13 pounds in 3 days with this method.

   kinda boring
Hipolito Saccone

Hello, you used to write excellent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring


Can someone tell me in oz or grams 1 cup is please some say 8oz some say 4oz


8 oz

beans and carrots

I am on day two of the diet. Did well day one. Tonight made hot dog, beans and carrots for my granddaughter. I ate half a hot dog. Not time for my dinner yet. Will that stop whatever process happens on this three day diet to lose the weight?

   I have to download or install anything

I need a link to find out what I can eat within the three days. Not a site where I have to download or install anything, please. THANKS!


Hello there, I found your website by way of Google even as looking for a related subject, your site came up, it appears to be like great. I’ve bookmarked to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

  My first day. I will post results on day 4.
Lor (Verified User)

My first day. I didn’t know I had to drink 4 cups of water. I will post results on day 4. I’m excited.

  I am on day 1, I will post my results on day 4.
Nicole (Verified User)

I am on day 1 of the 3 day diet and I am very excited to see the results. I have read a lot of good reviews and only a few bad. I will post my results on day 4

  I'm going to start this diet, wish me luck!

My 25th birthday is next month and I am making a trip back to Florida to celebrate it with all my friends(homesick). I started getting lax and my sleep pattern was extremely messed up and I avoid the scale like the plague so I didn’t realize I was gaining weight until my size 8 Levis wouldn’t button up. I got on the scale and realized I was 178! That was about a month or so ago. I joined a local gym last Friday and Ive been keeping up with going on the days im not too busy and staying for at least two hours. I have an apt with my personal trainer this Saturday for my fitness eval. I am going to try this diet because its quick and there are way more success stories than unsuccessful ones. I have a little less than a month to get down to between 145 and 155 (my comfort zone). I have always been thick (but even proportioned) and eventually over time I would like to get back down to 132, my prepregnant size. That was the smallest I had ever been in my adult life and then boom…I get preggo. Even after having my daughter I stayed 145-155 so I am ticked about gaining. My sleep schedule is back to normal (as normal is for me) and Im hoping this will work since I hate diets and love food. I don’t eat much nowadays but I know that doesn’t help. Time to get it jumping! Wish me luck! Ill post results! Maybe even a link to before and after pictures! Later!

  Just used it today now let see what happened.
Teresa (Verified User)

Ok day one, just had breakfast, at the moment feeling pretty good, let’s see what the day brings as it goes by… Get back to you soon…tel.


Right I’m back, I ate the tuna and wholemeal bread for dinner, it was very difficult to swallow the fish as it was very dry, this afternoon the hunger started., and after about 3,5 hours after the fish I could of eaten a horse…
It’s now 19,30pm and I’m just about to eat my meat and beans for tea and for afters 1/2 a banana & 1 apple with the ice cream, I have warmed the fruit in the microwave for a few minutes.. I’ll get back tomorrow morning to let you know how I got on… Bye… Oh by the way my start weight is 77,8 kg…..



This morning I got on the scales and have lost 1 kg already, I went for a jog for 40 minutes, then I had my breakfast, at the moment I feel good no hungry feelings, I will have my lunch at about 5 pm…

  Loved the product.
roni (Verified User)

I did this diet last year lost 10pds in a week so iam going to do this again starting tomm..and stay on it till the end of June excited iam 220 already lost 30pounds by diet and exercise ut have hit a plateau so iam going to get over the hump using this lets see how it goes good luck everyone

  How to use it?
Nicole (Verified User)

Just started the diet today. I’ve never posted in one of these, but figured it might help keep me on track. I would like to lose 30 pounds to start within the next four months.
For breakfast:
Brownberry 100% honey whole wheat bread
The Bees Knees natural peanut butter
strong coffee plain


Brownberry 100% honey whole wheat
1/2 cup of tuna LIGHT
strong coffee


I’m using tilapia as the protein source
low-fat vanilla ice cream

I won’t be weighing myself until day 4 (if I can manage not to peek).

Good luck everyone

  Loved the product.
Nichole (Verified User)

First id like to explain that week ago i completely started eating healthier all together. I quit drinking soda and no snacks except fiber bars and special K cereal.salads and lean meats. I lost a few pounds just on that and exercising 4-5 days a week for an hour a day. Im also drinking about 5-6 bottles of water daily. I used to never drink water. Must i add that i have thyroid disease.
Im 26 years old,5’8, was 314 lbs(3weeks ago), now 305 lbs. One child. Three weeks ago i had my Mirena (IUD-birthcontrol ) removed in which may have had some contribution to my weight gain since giving birth to my daughter . I was never this heavy !
I had no energy in me to do anything..so i had to make big changes..

Ive decided to try the 3 day plan just to boost my already new healthy eating and i completed my 1st day as of right now…I feel great! I dont feel like im starving. I dont like grapefruit or black coffee but i forced myself to get through it. The lunch was hard with tuna being dry(mayo would have been great!) and the black coffee again! But when it came to the dinner i chose to have shrimp as my “any 3oz of meat”. I wasn’t even hungry..i had to force myself to get through the fruit and ice cream. Then a few hours later i went to the gym for an hour. Im a little hungry since i exercised but im making it 😉 and i feel great as far as energy and mentally it feels wonderful .

I have alot off pee breaks! Lol

I will update on the 4th day.. 🙂
Good luck to you all and keep positive!

  How to use it?
ally (Verified User)

What times do you normally eat on the 3 day diet

  Do exercise with it.
Emily (Verified User)

I feel as if those of you who didn’t get good results, didn’t follow it precisely. Like if you want a substitute for the food, because you don’t like the taste of it, then do a different diet. Once the three days is up, you need to keep eating very well, or you will gain your weight back. Exercise is a big factor to losing weight in any diet, if you just sit around and not exercise, don’t expect to lose a lot of weight.

  Hope to loose weight with it.
tinus (Verified User)

Im 13 weight 83 and wont to loose 15 killogram so shool start in 3days so i wont to. loose exacly 10 killogram in 3 days but am i garuteed to loose 10 killogram pleaase help!!!!!!!!!


10 lbs = 4.5 kg. Not 10 kilograms

  How diabetic patient can use?
Wanda Williams

can I use the 3day diet if I am diabetic?


hi been on military diet 3 days lost 3 now 4 days off eating sensible gained 3 why


hi been on military diet for 3 days lost 4 ponds on day eating sensible now weighed myself day 5 put on 2 pounds not happy

  Going to start the product soon.

Started this diet today. I have gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months, so my goal is to lose that. I am taking raspberry ketones along with this so that I don’t feel so hungry. So far so good. It’s 1:30 pm and I haven’t even been hungry for lunch yet. Will try to update any progress.

  Loved the product.
millie (Verified User)

I lost 4 pds in 3days diet ate normal4-6 days I weighted myself mon morning went back up in weight should I keep dng 3 days diet cause I don’t want to back and forth

  Can this work with other programs?

Ok…i need input please… I’m on day 3 today and have lost 10.1 pounds so far… I’m really excited…. but when tomorrow comes can i do weight watchers or not? Can i follow their program during the week and do this on the weekends? Does anyone know? HELP PLEASE!?!?!!!!



  Hopefully this will work
Anakatia (Verified User)

Hi, I am doing the 3 day diet, because I’m with a cold , o am not moving much so from day 1 to day two lost 1 pound, is very hard for me to loose weight , so if I loose 2 pounds at the end of the 3 day I will be happy, I normally eat very little and still can’t loose this 10 kilos, I exercise every day until a week ago but still hard to loose,


Hi there. I just started this 3 day diet, and you do have to eat the foods they tell you to eat, in the EXACT specific order that the plan is laid out. You cannot substitute other fruits or veggies,or your results will not be the same. I know, I followed the plan to a T, and lost 8 lbs in 3 days, and my 2nd go around, I switched an apple for an orange, peas instead of carrots, etc, and only lost 3 lbs. So, stick to the way it is laid out. NO SUBSTITUTES AND DO NOT SAVE YOUR APPLE, OR TUNA FOR LATER.Eat your meals at the same time everyday, if possible. Also, only stay on it for the 3 days, then eat regular, small meals for 4 days (or your metabolism will slow right down)and go back on it again if you need to. Hope this helps 🙂

  Questions about results
jaye Muray

How are you doing now with your weight?

  Started today, will update later
jaye Muray (Verified User)

I have been trying to loose weight for two years now after quitting smoking. Nothing helps, always get to a plateu. I started this diet today. I will fill in with my progress…following the progress of this blog has given me the courage to stick it out.

  Lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks
SJ (Verified User)


  Need quick results
Al29 (Verified User)

Today is my 2nd day. Hungry day. I need to loose at least 10lbs (for start), and it will work I will continue to do it. I will be on this diet for 6 days and 1 day off. Need quick results.


Did doing this (6 days on 1 day off) work for you? A coworker wants to do it this way. Please let me know if it worked for you. Thanks

  Ideal meal plan

can i eat jus one of the days meal every day for example can i jus do the 5 crackers wit slice cheese the 1 hard boil egg slice toast and 1 cup tuna spinach carrots cantaloupe ice cream every day or do i have to follow day 1 day 2 and day 3 please let me know cus i really love eating day 3 i can eat it wit no problem i dont really like day 1 and day 2 meal option

  I wanted to add my results
Ikjam (Verified User)

I wanted to add my results…
The version of this diet that I did was The Birmingham 3 day . There is another version of it called The army diet-strict diet may have better results with this one-in my opinion.
Day 1…I was starving but managed. 178 vs 175
Day 2…I was just thinking of my dessert…
175 vs 174
Day 3 … Was hard because my day was similar to this 3 day but the portions were not the same and it had beans as an option. 174 vs 174
After the 4 th day 174 vs 173
-5 lbs is the result. Please feel free to try it and choose the version that most fits your needs. Update with results. I will try this one today.

  Waiting for some results
Allee (Verified User)

I did this diet from Tues-Thurs this week.

End 142ish

I say “ish” because its so easy for weight to fluctuate. But yeah, for not having too much to lose, 5lbs is a great start. Today I have actually been motivated to eat well because I don’t want to waste everything I just did. So today I’ve had

Breakfast: 1 egg, piece of toast, banana.

Lunch: Apple, piece of cheddar cheese, spinach salad with vinegar dressing, tomato, olives, edamamae and 1 hard boiled egg, and turkey on top of the salad for protein.

We’ll see what happens for dinner but I am trying to cut back on the carbs as much as possible.

  If I can do it, you can do it too!
Asria K. (Verified User)

This is the best program I ever had. I started on April 2011 and in 6 months lost almost 20 pounds! Still doing it ever since. I go to the gymn 3 x a week and I feel so great! You have to follow the diet to the dot though. First time it’s so hard but when I saw I lost 2 lbs on the 1st day, it made me motivated.

If I can do it, you can do it too! Good luck!!!

  Tried it and loved it!
Julissa (Verified User)

I actually had found this diet randomly internet searching different things. I tried it and loved it. I only lost 10 lbs, but lost 3 dress sizes! I did this for over a month period. I also incorporated exercise that’s the most important part to this diet. Ppl seem to think you only have to do a diet and get results, you have to exercise too! Good luck guys!

  Need to do something for lifestyle

Hello. this is my first time doing this and it feels odd to be asking for help thorugh the computer, but i am devastated. In the past week I have had 2 people ask me if I was preganant. I have three kids and my youngest was born 6 months ago. I need to do somthing that will work fast. I was looking at diet pills but this seems to be a better fit for my lifestyle. I also would rather not start pills. Is there anyone out there who has done this recently and got results? I would like to lose 10 pounds. Any feedabck would be appreciated. Thanks


Hi, I had started this diet two weeks back taking a few breaks here and there and I’m down 12lbs. Its easy to follow and it’s super cheap. I am 100% confident that you will lose 10+ pounds in no time. Good luck

  Product side effects

starting this diet tomorrow. gonna hide the fact im doing this diet from my fam or they’ll make me stop cause they think its unhealthy. im a dancer and dance for up to 6 hours a day, will this diet make me pass out or anything?

  Will that count against
Lulu (Verified User)

Hi everyone, Im on Day 1 of the 3 Days. I had my breakfast and i ate Orange instead of Grapefruit. I ate the orange in about an hour or so later, will that count against me?

  wish me luck
CLaudine (Verified User)

I’m starting tom. I already bought all the stuff I need and it only cost me >$13. I weigh 160, 5’1″ and wanted to lose 40 lbs before july 1st for our reunion. wish me luck

  3 Day Diet
CLaudine (Verified User)

I’m starting tom.:) I already bought all the stuffs I need and it only cost around
$13..I weigh 160 lbs, 5’1″ and I want to lose 40 pounds before july 1 for our reunion.wish me luck


Claudine, how did this diet work for you? We are similar size and weight so I’m curious before I start it!


Goodluck! I’m also 5’1, i want to loose 15, i weight 128! i started today, lets see how it goes!

  3 Day Diet
Jen (Verified User)

Im starting tomorrow…. Ill keep you posted how it goes!

  hopefully I lose the full 10 lbs
Meg (Verified User)

I started Day 1.. I have my brothers wedding to go to on SUnday so hopefully I lose the full 10 lbs! I’ll be back to let you know. It is pretty hard so far, but I have set my mind to it!

  please cleary my doubt
mamatha (Verified User)

i did the same diet but i lost only 2 kg. still it is great within 3 days 2 kg. what i used apple instead of melon .. or what melon we need is it water melon or sweet melon or pumpkin .. please cleary my doubt

  Do you eat everything
April (Verified User)

Question..Do you eat everything it says for the meals at one time..and in any certain order? Or can you eat the stuff through out the day? Thanks!

  Good luck fellow dieters
Sarah (Verified User)

This diet has always been my safety net. If I need to drop a few pounds quickly, it works every time. I was on the South Beach diet last week, which in the past I’ve been very successful with, but for some reason I couldn’t stick with it. But the 3 day diet is very easy to follow, and stick with, I guess in part from the carbs it allows. Today is day one, and by Feb 4th I would like to lose anywhere from 10 to 20lbs…..I have never commented on a website before, but thought it might help me or others stick with it and discuss our progress. Good luck fellow dieters 😉


I was wondering how it went? Did it work? I am thinking about starting it soon. I have had 2 ppl sak me if I was pregnant in the past week. I am over it! My youngest is 6 months old. I have also never posted things so this feels odd but any feedback would be appreciated. I would like to lose 10 pounds. Hope it worked for you.

  Starting this tomorrow

Starting this tomorrow. I need to lose 20 lbs by jan 26…so I can do a few cycles. Will do slim fast on the 4 day off period and am running as well.


I started today as well, would like to also lose 20lb by feb 4th, I’ve never done slim fast, is it just shakes?

  I lost 4 pounds
Nels (Verified User)

i lost 4 pounds!!!!!!! this week! i started monday!


.Just started Monday… First 3 days I lost 5 lbs

  I really need too lose this weight
TERESA (Verified User)

I will be starting on this diet on thursday.On the 4th day, I will start eating small healthy meal so I can keep my weight down and so i can continue to lose weight.I really need too lose this weight because i am sick of this fat.

  After day
Anonymous (Verified User)

After day two lost 4 pounds.

  Bit thinner
Jasmyn (Verified User)

I did the diet for one week and even though I didnt weight myself, the results were noticeable, my jeans were a bit loose and my face was a bit thinner, I stopped for the holiday but will do it again the week of Dec.27-Dec.29th 2010 and for a whole month in January. I will be posting my results here,please share your as well.


Do we gain back the lost weight after 3 days?

Cameron (Editor)

Well A, it is meant that you maintain the techniques you learn in the 3 day diet after to maintain healthy habits. Supposedly, you continue losing weight.

  Don't eat eggs

I would love to try this diet, but I don’t eat eggs. I get sick if I do. Is there something else I could substitute?

  breakfast and lunch
Jean Westby (Verified User)

can i change over, the breakfast and lunch, on the 3rd day

  Exact amount

it says 4 glasses of water a day on the 3 day diet, is that the minimum or the exact amount? is it ok to drink more water?

carlz (Verified User)

I am on my 3 rd day and so far I have lost 5lbs, fingers crossed for tomorrow. I cant wait to do it again next week.


how do you do this diet? do you do it for 3 days then stop for 4 then start it over again?


This is my first day, I have tried it before but gave in to tempetion. So wish me luck. How much should I lose?

Jasmyn (Verified User)

3 years ago I tried this diet and lost about 15 pounds! My coworker lost 30! I gained it because I over ate.I started this diet on Wed. today is my last day. I crave other foods but at the same time. I fell ligter, I haven’t weight myself yet. I am planning to do this for at least 1 month. I am 175 lbs my goal weight is 135. so 40 lbs.!!! I am also joining my local gym next week and I plan to run 1 mile 5x’s a week and 15-20 mins. of weights 3 x’s a week.

Ling (Verified User)

was just wondering if it is possible to eat more than 3 meals but still follow the diet. for example, lunch for day 2 requires 1 cup of tuna, can i eat like 1/2 cup of tuna at 12noon, and the rest at about 2-3pm?
thanks guys 😀

  I am going to start the 3 day diet tomorrow

I am going to start the 3 day diet tomorrow..I am going out this evening to purchase the necessary products and will routinely post my results..definitely got to invest in a scale. I am a young adult, very young in fact. I run mostly every day for about 3 miles..I am obsessive with my weight, not like unhealthily or anything I just always conscious of it. I don’t know what it is or what I’ve been doing that’s so different as to why I feel like i’ve gained this weight recently, but i definitely have and cannot stand it! Most people would say I’m crazy but I’m about to see how crazy I really am if I can stick with this low calorie intake. I just hope it isn’t any other reason why this weight feels like its coming on!

  Is there any other thing I have to do?
Em (Verified User)

Today is my first day is there anything extra i can add in the diet because im feeling weak

  TOday is my firts day ..I hope it works :)
Niccole (Verified User)

TOday is my firts day ..I hope it works 🙂 ^^ In my 4 day ill tell ya how many pounds i lost

  Day Diet works well
joanne (Verified User)

I am on day 2 of this diet, iv lost 3 pounds since yesterday..amazing! I no its prob water but I dont care, going on holidays nx wk & just want to lose a few pounds, i was 9pounds 4 yesterday am 9 1 today, I did exercise tho I usually do alot, did an hours walkin on the treadmill & a 40 min workout later, felt a little light headed during the day am sure it was because of 2 much exercise.

You do be hungry on it, but I try & time mine so its breakfast at 12 lunch at 3 & dinner at 7 so wont be hungry at night, Im on my holidays from college so at home all day & can do this but dont think I could do it if was at college/work.

I did substitute some things as I think its just a very low cal diet nothing to do with chemical breakdown, I substitute the grapefruit for an orange, I had no peanut butter so I just thinly spread low fat butter, at dinner I used a cup of mixed stir fry veg instead of the green beans, loved having the ice cream at the end twas gorgeous was still hungry a few hours later tho. I feel lighter today & hungry but feel good, gona keep it up..can’t wait to see the scales 2moro morn.

  can i snack on the alloted fruits

hi I wanted to know, can i snack on the alloted fruits in between meals. ie the grapefruit and apple. Also, I hate eggs can I please scramble them plain? Oh

  This diet is the real deal!
Monique (Verified User)

I did it for three days and I lost 9 pounds, went from 228 to 219.6 in three days. I couldnt exercise at all because of back problems but I still lost weight. Im going to try this for a month straight, this diet is the real deal

  It's really works...good luck all!
Lacey (Verified User)

I actually did this diet in the year of 2003, I weighed 243lbs when I started it and in 1 1/2 months I had gotten down to 188lbs. It was very taxing mentally, there were times I would look at the tuna and just pray it would disappear, but I couldn’t complain because it did work…I wore a size 18W and got down to a 12-14, but it does work, but you have to stick with it and I didn’t use any substitutions, drank water only and moderate exercise….good luck all!

  This diet works!
ACE (Verified User)

This diet works! In April 2002, I bought my wedding dress in a 12, couldn’t begin to zip it up. So, I was about a 14 or 16 then. By late June, they had to take it in to a size 8. I pretty much didn’t cheat, except for a little more icecream, but also did not exercise as much. I had just lost my dog and couldn’t walk without him. I’d cry at the top of the road and would have to come back home. So, all my exercising was strictly floor exercises in 2002: I did this diet on Mon, Tues, and Wed, most of the time. I didn’t overeat on the other 4 days, just maybe one of those days. I did cosmos on Friday. I did the Del Monte grapefruit in the jar, no sugar added, too convenient. I saved the apple and cantaloupe for snacks. The second day is the toughest, but once you get through the third day, I swear you’ll feel great! It works and is the fastest that I’ve ever been able to lose weight. I highly recommend that you have a plan for the next four days. Try to add about 500 calories to your 4th day, then 5th day 800 calories, 6th day 400 calories, 7th day 500 calories. I put more on Friday for happy hour time. You can’t keep staying too low for those 4 days or your metabolism will get too slow. I know tons of people who have lost weight on WW and have gained it back. This diet is fast, simple to follow, takes will power but you get the will power from the quick weight loss. Note: I didn’t exercise too strenuously on those 3 days, mostly weights and floor exercises. It will work! Good luck!

  Will start this diet tommorrow and hope it works.
sam ♥ (Verified User)

well me and my older sister are about to start this diet tommorrow and hope it works…. can i get feedback from anyone w/ experience from this diet???


how did it go??

  3rd day of diet now I lost 5.1 pound
Alex (Verified User)

3rd day of diet now. From 1.day I lost 5.1 pound in two days. Everyday exercised 1.day- 4 mile run-walk and 2. day- 2 mile run and 4 mile bike. Today plan to go to gym again. 1st day was great I had lot of energy, felt my body was clean, problem was too much coffee so I had hard time sleep. 2nd day I was very hungry and tired but kept dieting. I know I have to be very careful from tomorrow to start eat normally again and not overeat.

  I lost 3 pounds from day 1
Joy (Verified User)

Hey Guys! I am on the 2nd day of of the 3 day diet and lost 3 pounds from day 1 – day 2! yay! feelin great – drinking lots of water in between meals so i feel full. i ate the dinner fruit in the afternoon to help tide me over until dinner. after the 3 days i am going to eat the following for 4 days:
breakfast – fiber cereal with banana and almond mlik
lunch – salad with grilled chicken and low fat dressing
dinner – fish and vegetables

i feel if you keep on that cycle you will not gain the weight back that you lost in the first 3 days.


I think thats a great idea. I’m gonna follow this plan to a T.

  How much tea can you drink in a day?
Josephine (Verified User)

1.)How much tea can you drink in a day?
2.)What size of grapefruit?

  3 day diet
dietdietdiet (Verified User)

i started this diet, i am through with my second day.day 1 was surprisingly good, i mean i felt content after dinner.
but day 2 is difficult. and moreover, i observed that will no wi havent lost any weight though ( but the reviews look great evrywhere on the web for this 3 day diet.so i wanted to give it a try since all other diets r too long!
i just hope i reduce weight or else all this deprivation of food will be useless :((((
and also i have a question.
i am having bloated feeling….yes constipation.did anybdy experience constiptation with this diet.


Im having the exact same feelings of being bloated! and haven’t lost any weight either yet. Im done day 2.


you should drink 4 cups of water with this diet


You need to drink more water. Otherwise, you are only losing water and will become dehydrated.


The bloating is due to under consumption of water and probably too much salt.


i also have the bloated feeling, really feels not good. I was starving through the day and bloated at night. Only lost 1 pound.

  Loved the product
Lyndsey (Verified User)

I just finished the diet 5 days ago and am starting it again today. I lost 5 lbs after the first 3 days – some of which I’m sure was water. Today I weighed in at 3lbs lighter than my start weight. I’m fine with that. The basic principle for me was to create a calorie deficit for a few days so I could get used to eating less in general. I never ate really unhealthy foods to begin with so the off days weren’t the starve-and-binge experience that some people say. This week the only changes I’ll make are to drink water instead of coffee. I’m also using ground turkey breast for my lean meat, and substituting that for the beef franks I’m supposed to eat on day two. Somebody mentioned wanting bread recommendations – I like Silver Hills Squirrely Bread, Adams Peanut Butter, and as many organic products as possible because I really believe that the quality of the foods you use will make a difference too. Someone also mentioned that the “dry tuna” is hard to eat – I add lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper and it’s delicious. Don’t forget to use what little seasoning you get! It makes a difference!

  Any alternate for beef and hot dogs?
Cynthia (Verified User)

Is there a substitute for the beef franks or hot dogs? I don’t eat either.

  How to follow the diet plan?
Ron (Verified User)

What is the best cycle for this diet?
3 Day Diet then 4 days normal or modified?
How often do you repeat it?
Thanks for a reply.


The best cycle is 3 days diet and then 4 days of normal eating. Normal eating should still be within reason. So don’t go overboard or all the hard work you put in for the 3 days will be wasted. In my opinion, sweets etc… are still allowed but should most definitely be consumed in moderation. You should repeat the cycle until you are at your ideal weight. I hope this helps 🙂

  How to follow it?
sidrah (Verified User)

I am alreay on a differnt diet for past 15 days..so is it ok if i start this diet for 3 days and then go back to my old diet? and plus after 3 day diet on the 4th day do we really have to eat normal food?one more question when can we start the 3 day diet after we just finished one?

  Loved the product
Tania (Verified User)

I started day 1 of the diet today..going very well. I’m not that hungry feeling like i want to have my ice cream or apple soon but im trying to hold out. I really hope this works because my bday is April 5th & i want to lose some weight..Im 183 now how much you think ill lose if i do it every week til my bday if i follow it to the T?

  Liked it very much
Jenny (Verified User)

I’ve been walking 3+ miles per day and eating a lot less than usual for two months with very little to show for it. I really needed to lose inches so that I could fit into my bridesmaid dress. Now I’m at the end of day 3 of the 3 day diet and IT FITS!!!!

I’m sure that the walking and dieting before had a lot to do with it but the 3day diet kicked it into overdrive! Now I have the motivation to keep up my weight loss…(I was getting really down about not having any real results) Who knows maybe I’ll have to have the dress taken in by the time that May gets here! 🙂

I definitely recommend this.. Oh, and I found that the end of day veggies were best if I steamed them for a long time in water and apple cider vinegar (the calorie free kind) and then let the water evaporate and let the vegetables carmelize. They were the key (I think) because they made me have giant poops! hahahahah

Good luck!

  Asking for diet chart

Is this white bread and reg ice cream and reg peanut butter


I’m currently on day 3 today and add of this morning I’ve lost 10.1 pounds from the first 2 days… I’ve followed the diet to the “t” and I’ve drank 1/2 my body weight each day in water and exercised 15 minutes each day so far…i just did a mile walk briskly… now, granted i still have 65 pounds to lose but this definitely has me motivated!!! Good luck to you all!!


1/2 your body weight in water? that seems impossible? For me that would be 100 lbs of water, and 8 lbs make a gallon…. could you clarify? maybe a typo?


1/2 your weight in ounces 🙂


it can be white but wheat is better everything eles is reg.


I’d recommend 100% whole wheat. The more fiber you get the more weight that you’ll lose. Good luck! 🙂


Thank You Jenny , My husband and I are on day three and dong very well consdering. myself was at a b-day party yesterday (day 2) and did not eat anything. I have to give myself a pat on the back.

would we get the same results wth the calorie count but different foods .


No…. it’s something to do with how the food reacts with your body that causes you to lose weight… the metabolic breakdown i think… hope that helps 🙂


here it is…read more about it on webmd website. copied it from there. def works – have done it many times over the years…a good jumpstart…good luck.
Day 1


Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets Sweet & Low or Equal

1/2 grapefruit or juice

1 piece toast with 1 tablespoon peanut butter


1/2 cup tuna

1 piece toast

Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets Sweet & Low or Equal


3 ounces any lean meat or chicken

1 cup green beans

1 cup carrots

1 apple

1 cup regular vanilla ice cream

Day 2


Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets Sweet & Low or Equal

1 egg

1/2 banana

1 piece toast


1 cup cottage cheese or tuna

8 regular saltine crackers


2 beef franks

1 cup broccoli or cabbage

1/2 cup carrots

1/2 banana

1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream

Day 3


Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets Sweet & Low or Equal

5 regular saltine crackers

1 ounce cheddar cheese

1 apple


Black coffee or tea, with 1-2 packets Sweet & Low or Equal

1 boiled egg

1 piece toast


1 cup tuna

1 cup carrots

1 cup cauliflower

1 cup melon

1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream

In addition to its strict daily food prescription, dieters drink 4 cups of water or noncaloric drinks daily.

hannah lane-goldstein

does the weight stay off?


I am currently on my second day of the diet and will share “MY” specifics on Day 4. The first thing that i would like to share is that the diet is only for 3 days and it is a very very taxing mental commitent thus far. Humans always want the easy way out but if you are every going to know the success of the diet is too do it to the “T” then map your results,emotions and limitations. Let me tell you that i did have a headache the 1st day however keep in mind that anytime your body adjust itself and craves things and the increase of water the toxins need to escape- DRINK MORE WATER. 2ndly, you may find your hungry the 1st day -DRINK DIET SODA BTWEEN MEALS,do not neglect your water(fact you encourage weightloss wi,th the more water introduced into the body). I can say that although my mind was a bit cranky i have a good amount of energy. When finished the 1st dinner surprizing l felt more mellow. Either it is the lack of calories or the fact that l want to sleep these 3 days away l found that the 1st night sleep was above avg. I have a party on the 12th so l have the determination to follow it to the end and i . I can easily see how this jumpstart is effecting me how l think about the 4 days off B4 i start on a 2nd go. Im not craving super-bad foods or eye-popping portions( which l don’t really eat anyway). So l will check back and if there are people interested l will post my 3 days and answer any questions except for subsitutes. i will also post my weight,fat,water,muscle results.


what if the diet is done for 4 days isntead of 3, or monday thru friday instead? and just rest on weekends. would that be bad?


please do!


what has the results been, my son need to lose 80lb so we will be trying this together starting this weekend. please let me know.


i am so interested! please post!!

  My coworker and her husband have been on the 3 day for 2 yrs she lost 30 pounds and he 40 she sticks to it and made it part of her life they both look fabulous
Ann (Verified User)

My coworker and her husband have been on the 3 day for 2 yrs she lost 30 pounds and he 40 she sticks to it and made it part of her life they both look fabulous


are you supposed to do this diet every week? I’m confused

what are some of substitute for 3 day deit

what are some of substitute for 3 day deit

how to get another one
dorothy bridges

lost weight on diet before need to loose it again lost plan, please tell me how to get another one. thanks


I am trying it now….All u have to do is type in 3 day diet and u get a list of them,,they are all the same…Good luck

Where can I get a copy of this 3 day diet for free? I had a copy back in 1990, but lost it.
Kim Johnson

Where can I get a copy of this 3 day diet for free? I had a copy back in 1990, but lost it.


I love the 3 day diet.It really works!I have lost 40 lbs. 3 different times in the last 20 yrs.I am on it again now.It’s the best diet out there.You are never hungry because there is a lot of food on the diet!


On day one I’m always starving until dinner time. I think that is the hardest part of the three days. After that I’m fine.


If you drink water when you’re hungry it curbs the hungry pains

Monica Franklin

A typical menu for this diet will be as follows to include no snacks or extras for the course of three days:

Day One
Black Coffee or tea (w/ Sweet &Low, Equal or Splenda as needed)
½ grapefruit or 40z grapefruit juice
1 slice toast w/1 tbsp peanut butter½ cup tuna or chicken
1 slice toast
Black Coffee or tea (w/ Sweet &Low, Equal or Splenda as needed)
3 oz. lean beef or chicken
1 cup each: green beans, carrots
4 oz. vanilla ice cream
1 apple

Day Two
Black coffee or tea (w/Sweet & Low, Splenda or Equal as needed)
1 egg (scrambled or boiled)
1/2 banana
1 slice toast

1 cup low fat cottage cheese, or 1 cup plain low fat yogurt, or tuna (water packed)
8 saltine crackers
2 beef frankfurters
1 cup broccoli or cabbage
1/2 cup carrots
1/2 banana
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

Day Three
Black coffee or tea (w/Sweet & Low , Splenda or Equal as needed)
5 saltine crackers
1 oz. cheddar cheese
1 apple
1 boiled egg
1 slice toast
Black coffee or tea (w/Sweet and Low, Splenda or Equal as needed)
1 cup each: tuna or chicken, cauliflower, carrots, melon
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream


Note: Drinking at least 3 full glasses of water or diet drink/soda is also required.


please can some one send me the diet plan what iam mena eat on the right days please x


Just google 3 day diet