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The roadways can be a dangerous place, especially for cyclists. Staying up-to-date on cycling safety is extremely important. Statistically, for those who commute daily on a bicycle, the risks are increased. It is important to know how to avoid dangerous situations and be familiar with common risks. Safety gear is one key component of cycling safety. Another is taking classes and getting properly trained. Here are some important resources to keep you safe on the road.


Cycling Safety Camera

Why I Run With Cameras When I’m Cycling: This website outlines the usefulness of a cycle camera.
Cycling Weekly – Bike Helmet Cameras: Cycling weekly outlines the uses of cameras and reviews top picks.
Cycling UK – Helmet Cameras: This United Kingdom website offers valuable information about using a camera to increase cycling safety.
Scarlet Fire – Cycling Head Cams: Scarlet Fire has a great overview of cycling cameras and some recommended styles.


Cycling Safety Equipment

REI – Learn Cycling: Rei has a vast number of articles all about safety equipment and cycling safety.
Adventure Cycling: Adventure Cycling has resources outlining safety equipment and safe bike touring. Another great resource from, this outlines all the key safety equipment needed while riding.

Safety Tips

Cycling Safety Tips This great resource shows the common accidents and gives tips on how to avoid them.
Pedal Power Association: The New Zealand website, Pedal Power Association, gives in-depth tips about safe cycling.


Bicycle Safety Gear

Consumer Reports – Safety Gear: Consumer Reports put out this cycling gear list as a good jumping off point. Adventure cycling explains how to pack for a long ride and all the gear you need and should have a safer experience.
Landry’s: Landry’s in Boston provides a useful overview of common cycling gear and its uses.
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation: This website has some extra resources and overview of cycling safety gear and common uses.


Cycling Safety Kit

Better Heart Foundation – Cycling Clothes The British Heart Foundation explains safety kits and how to choose a good one.


Cycling Safety Glasses

Our Beautiful Planet – Cycling Glasses: Our Beautiful Planet outlines the usefulness of safety glasses and offers some suggestions. – Winter Cycling Goggles: Important winter-riding tips for cycling goggles.


Cycling Safety Helmets focuses on helmets for cyclist, safety, and laws surrounding helmet use. This link provides information about cycling helmet laws. It is important to know the laws regarding helmets in each state as they can vary. provides a wonderful overview of bicycle helmets. This resource explains the pros and cons of using helmets. provides useful statistics on helmets and cycling. This article from The Future of Transport covers rotational injury that can occur when wearing a bicycle helmet.


Cycling Safety Clothing This study looks at bright yellow cycling jackets and their effect on rider’s safety. This website gives an overview of how to dress children for cycling safely. This is a useful resource for those in colder climates.


Cycling Safety Accessories This website offers many links to various websites. Cycling Weekly has a comprehensive list of accessories for cycling safety. American Family Physician covers how accidents can be prevented with various safety accessories.


Cycling Safety Awareness Pedbike also has some helpful tips on how to raise awareness about speeding in the community. This includes drivers, cyclist and pedestrians. This website has fun information for adults and children about raising safety awareness.


Cycling Safety at Night This cycling website outlines the keys to safe night riding. This gear guide shows good examples of what apparel is available for cyclists to wear at night to be properly seen. The City of Portland has some great info on riding at night and in the rain.


Cycling Safety Advice The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives a great overview of cycling safely on the road. They cover everything from equipment to riding skills. This overview is excellent advice for those looking to improve their ridding safety. This website has several resource links to a variety of cycling related topics.

Nighttime Safety Tips

Cycling Safety Checklist This checklist requires some knowledge of bicycle maintenance but it is a thorough safety checklist.


Cycling Safety Devices This is a great overview of cycling devices that aid in safety. The New York Times list of devices to help boost cycling safety. This report looks at all aspects of cycling and ways to increase safety. This resource page provides lots of information about safety.

Cycling Resources – A Complete Guide to Cycling Help

What happens if you cycle everyday?

Cycling every day can bring a range of positive health benefits. It can help you build endurance and muscle strength, improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories to lose weight, and reduce stress levels. Additionally, cycling frequently helps to improve posture and coordination, and increases your energy levels.

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