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Redustat Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Redustat is a fat-binding supplement that contains the ingredient orlistat. The brand says that orlistat can help with weight loss because it “blocks nearly 30% of the fats that you eat.” There has been some scientific research done into this ingredient, but can it really work without adverse side effects?

We wanted to gain a better understanding of how Redustat can aid in fat loss and learn more about how it can impact the digestive process. Our research team analyzed the scientific research behind orlistat to determine if this product is worth your while. The following is a summary of what we found out.

Redustat can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Redustat?

First off, Redustat ingredients include orlistat. This is basically another version of Alli, which is an over-the-counter weight-loss formula. It’s primarily sold in Mexico and South America. The purpose of this diet pill is to “block nearly 30% of the fat” you consume. This way, you experience less weight gain. You take one capsule (60 milligrams) three times daily, with meals. It’s not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. A low-fat diet plan is encouraged with this product.

Update 2021: A new version of the product is RedustatBoost contains both Orlistat and 200 mg of L-Carnitine.

The prescription version of orlistat, which is Xenical, was approved by the FDA back in 1999. As for Redustat in particular, we are not sure when this diet pill first hit the market. The FDA regulates the key ingredient in this formula. Also, some positive comments are posted on the web for this weight-loss aid, but read what some of the research into Orlistat states:

  • Indian Journal of Endocrinology and MetabolismResearchers noted that, “Orlistat is an effective and well-tolerated antiobesity drug, which can be employed as an adjunct to therapeutic lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain optimal weight.”
  • LancetOver two years, Orlistat proved to significantly promote weight loss in obese patients.
  • JAMAOrlistat was found to significantly reduce weight when combined with diet, exercise, and behavioral changes.

Redustat Competitors

Amsa Fast

Redustat Side Effects – “Is It Safe?”

The first concern we have is with Redustat side effects. “The key ingredient found in this diet pill can lead to nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, increased number of bowel movements, rectal pain, loose stool, gas, oily spotting in undergarments, fatty stools and oily discharge,” states our Research Editor.

One user reported, “Definitely cause some abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. Not seeing much actual weight-loss. Time to try something else.”

On the other hand, another customer said this, “Some spotting in my underwear. Nothing too serious, though.”

“I have not seen any side effects. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones,” commented another individual.

Lack of Availability – “Another Concern”

From what we gathered, you can only obtain Redustat in regions like South America and Mexico. Obviously this makes it difficult to come by. One person stated, “Can’t find this version of Orlistat here in the states. I think you have to go to Mexico or South America.”

However, a different dieter reported, “I just purchased Alli. If you want Redustat, it’s the same key ingredient.”

“You can get a prescription from your doctor for Orlistat. It’s the same thing,” said another.

According to our research, if there is some particular part of a diet pill or weight-loss program that is especially troublesome (side effects, lack of availability, steep price), the probability of real results for the long term is rather low. So, Redustat does, in fact, lead to unpleasant adverse effects in a lot of people, this could be a serious problem.


The Science – “Is It There?”

Firstly, we at DietSpotlight like to see some actual science that backs up the weight-loss product we’re investigating. In regards to Redustat, some clinical research supports the effects of orlistat (the key ingredient). However, you must be able to deal with the numerous side effects if they should occur.

According to Vascular Health and Risk Management, Orlistat can help its users receive modest weight-loss results. Another study in Obesity (Silver Spring) found that 60 mg of Orlistat can reduce weight.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“As long as you drink a lot of fluids and exercise it works, otherwise it will only be chemicals in the body.”

“It’s easy to find, excellent results and without causing secondary health problems. 100 % recommended.”

“Very effective for losing weight and gives you lots of energy!!!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Redustat Work?

So, should you run out and buy a bottle of Redustat? To start, we like that this diet pill contains an ingredient backed by actual research. It’s also good to see that some positive user comments are posted on the web. On the other hand, we’re concerned about the long list of side effects that pertain to this weight-loss formula. Not to mention, this product appears to be unavailable outside of Mexico and South America.

If you really want to get started shedding some pounds, we encourage you to select a program that does not cause unpleasant side effects, is easy to use anywhere, comes with excellent customer service, and can be purchased online with ease.

Among the best weight-loss programs we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. With its personalized meal plans, interactive support groups, and human coaching, Noom can offer its users a healthy way to lose weight and meet their personal goals.

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Redustat Review
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What are the ingredients in Redustat?

Redustat contains orlistat, a potent diet pill that promises to block up to 30 percent of fat consumed.

What are the side effects of Redustat?

Stomach problems are common with Redustat including nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rectal pain, gas, bloating and oily discharge.

Does Redustat work?

When combined with a low-fat diet, Redustat has had positive results.

What is the price of Redustat?

Sixty capsules of Redustat costs $54.99.

Where can I buy Redustat?

Redustat can be purchased from All Natural Dynamics.

Where can I buy Redustat?

Redustat can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Redustat?

Take one capsule of Redustat before meals, up to three times daily.

How do I contact Redustat customer service?

The company behind Redustat does not have a customer service department, but All Natural Dynamics may be able to assist you. Their phone number is (619) 272-8902 English

Can I return Redustat?

Redustat does not have a return policy.

What are the most common complaints about Redustat?

The most common complaints concerning Redustat include worrisome side effects, lack of availability and the price compared to other supplements.

4 Redustat Reviews

  • Anonymous

    Where can i get them if i live in Miami, Florida?

  • billy

    Hi I want to know all ingredients of Redustat, send me please!!
    I have a plan to importing to Asian country so,,

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi! For detailed product and ingredient information, please refer to the Redustat official website for more information.

  • Hello!
    Fernanda (Verified Purchase)

    Hello, I’m Fernanda, 27 years old, and I’ve been taking Redustat 2 years ago, ( also my mother ) We have definitely lost weight, specially fat from the body. We’re skinnier, And yes it has side effects like oily- discharges, I guess it’s the fat/ grease from the food you eat. It only happens when I eat a little of greasy food but I really eat healthy , exercise and drink water .
    If you wanna lose weight and try it you really should !

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