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ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Review - 5 Things You Need to Know


I paused before I hit the “publish” button on this one, because my conclusion was a bit of a shocker. We did one of our detailed reviews of ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets, looking at the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and customer-service quality. We additionally read numerous user comments from all over the web. At this point, we summarized and condensed to give you the important facts.

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What are ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets?

First off, ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets are a combination of supplements. The ingredients include green coffee bean extract, oolong tea, b vitamins, wakame seaweed, hawthorn berry, green tea, various minerals, white tea, cayenne pepper, chromium, iodine, black tea, and cocoa bean. You’ll take one packet per day with a full glass of water. Healthy eating and regular exercise are encouraged. This product is supposed to boost metabolism.

ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets came out around 2013 from Complete Nutrition. The supplement is sold at local stores and on the official website. We like that it uses some natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments, but read on…

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Side Effects – “Concerning?”

The first issue we have is with ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets side effects. According to our Research Editor, “Judging from the customer feedback posted online, this weight-loss product can lead to adverse reactions such as headache, jitteriness, insomnia, nausea, upset stomach, anxiety, rapid heartbeat and nervousness.”

One user said, “By day 5, I found myself in the ER. The doctor said the amount of caffeine and chromium is enough to slow down a horse. It is too much and had a major reaction on my body. Waste of money and has made me very sick.”

However, a different customer stated, “Tried ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets. Lasted me 30 days. Not sure if it helped much. I weigh the same.”

Another posted, “Not bad, but I don’t like having to take three pills.”

ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Reviews – “Discouraging?”

Another concern is discouraging user comments. For example, one person reported, “ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets is not worth the money. No weight-loss after an entire month.”

Then again, a different user said, “Dropped about four pounds with this. I was led to believe I’d lose a lot more.”

“Helped me stay full. Eating less often helped me lose a few pounds,” mentioned another.

Our research has revealed that if there is a particular facet of a diet program or weight-loss supplement that is especially burdensome (side effects, discouraging user comments, high cost) the odds of lasting results are not good. In other words, if ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets do in fact cause unwanted adverse reactions in a lot of customers, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – “Any?”

At DietSpotlight, we like to see some clinical studies that back up the diet product’s marketing claims. Sadly there is no solid research presented on the company website for ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets. This leaves us seeing a big red flag.

The Bottom Line: Do ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Work?

So, should you fork out some cash on ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets? Well, to begin, we like that this supplement is easy to use anywhere. We also appreciate that it contains some herbal ingredients. On the other hand, we have some concerns about this formula because there are no clinical studies presented on the website. Also, we are a bit leery of the unpleasant side effects some customers have mentioned.

If you’d like to shed some pounds, then we recommend you find a product that is backed by solid research, does not cause any unwanted adverse effects and is supported by encouraging user comments.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This potent formula contains a blend of four ingredients, some of which have been clinically tested and are shown to help speed up fat loss and ignite metabolism. There are no user complaints, and the comments we found on the web indicate people are seeing solid results.

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ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Review
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Previous ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Review (Updated June 25, 2013):

What You Should Know

ReFirm™ Daily Lean Life Packets are a collection of multi-vitamins meant to promote and support weight loss. If you are trying to shed the pounds for good, read this review tolearn more about the vitamins in the pack to decide whether or not they are for you.

List of ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Ingredients

ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets contain multiple products, each with their own unique set of ingredients. For more information about the ingredients in these products, see the supplement label.

Product Features of ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets

ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets claim to be able to help boost your metabolism so you burn more fat. Each packet contains four supplements, and each box of Daily Lean Life Packets contains 30 packets, so you will have a month’s supply. The first two supplements are multi-vitamins that contain most of the vitamins you need every single day. The third supplement is a “belly fat” tablet that contains a variety of extracts such as green and black tea that claims to be able to address unhealthy fat. The fourth supplement is a mood, energy and focus tablet that contains caffeine and coffee bean extract to help keep you alert and focused throughout the day so you have the energy you need to exercise. There does not appear to be a way to purchase this product online either from Complete Nutrition or the official ReFirm website.

Advantages of ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets

  • ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets can help support a healthy lifestyle.
  • You are encouraged to stop using these products when you reach your health goals.

Disadvantages of ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets

  • ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets contain more than the daily recommended value for most of the vitamins, including the fat soluble ones.
  • These contain caffeine, which may cause sleep disruption, headaches, and irritability.
  • The dyes in this product could upset allergies.
  • This product is not for women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • This is not suitable for vegans because of the presence of gelatin.


ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets are really nothing more than fancy multi-vitamins. You have to remember you’ll be eating food and getting nutrition from it as well, so you’re really going to be flooded with nutrients if you use these. While ReFirm recommends using an exercise program while using this supplement, they do not supply guidance. We recommend you turn to a supplement that’s backed by science and is safer for you to use. You can take a multi-vitamin and get most of the benefit this supplement offers, without the risk of overdosing on nutrients. As long as you eat a nutritionally balanced, healthy diet, you will be able to lose weight on your own. The supplement should help you lose more weight compared to diet and exercise alone.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

4 ReFirm Daily Lean Life Packets Reviews

  •  Not Recommend This Product To Anyone
    Courtney jackimowicz (Verified User)

    I would not recommend this product to any one. I took the vitamins this morning after eating a meal, I’ve had plenty of water, but now I can not stop throwing up. The ingredients are not natural and the product makes you feel really jittery. The only reason I received it is because I had a free coupon. I suggest you do not waste your money or time.

  •  I've thrown up each time shortly after taking them, and yes I took them with food.
    Ashley (Verified User)

    I’ve taken the lean life packets for 2 days now and I’ve thrown up each time shortly after taking them, and yes I took them with food.

  •  Loved the product.
    Audrey (Verified User)

    I just started taking Refirm and feel great. I am not tired like I normally am. I recommend this product!

  •  Hated the product.
    Penny Pennington (Verified User)

    Tried refirm it DOES NOT WORK, second pill they gave me was a black AM pill took the first one with breakfast and held nothing down for two days. Called the store mgr was to get back to me and nothing. I went to store gave me a three -in-one pill and a NON-Stim pills have allergic reaction to the non-stim. still working on that money back guarantee. That $243. is gone.