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Diurex is a dietary supplement that is manufactured by Alva-Amco Pharmacal Companies, Inc., a company founded in 1904. It is marketed towards both women and men. This product aims to assist with discomforts by reducing “excess body water.” There are actually five separate versions of Diurex for women; Diurex Aquagels, Diurex Water Capsules, Diurex Water Caplets, Diurex PMS and Diurex Water Pills. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials for this product. Diurex supplements can be purchased in most common drugstores and grocery stores.

The active ingredient found in Diurex supplements is Solubilized Pamabrom (diuretic that is stated to assist with bloating). Diurex endeavors to aid women with monthly swelling, bloating, water weight gain and puffiness due to their menstrual cycle. These diet supplements are stated to be free of aspirin and caffeine. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of Diurex products available through the official website. Diurex is available without a prescription, but doesn’t appear to be offered with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee. There is no diet plan or fitness regimen recommended with Diurex supplements. The version of Diurex for men also aims to help minimize unwanted water weight. There doesn’t appear to be any actual clinical research provided on the official website. This product sells for $25.74 for a 60 count of pills.

List of Ingredients

Solubilized Pamabrom, FD&C Blue #1, Gelatin, Glycerin, Hypromellose, Polyethylene Glycol, Povidone, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Sorbitol and Titanium Dioxide.

Product Features

Diurex is a dietary supplement that is claimed to assist women and men with water weight reduction and bloating. This product comes in five different forms and is directed to be taken with water after breakfast. The primary active component incorporated into Diurex is Solubilized Pamabrom, a diuretic that is stated to assist with bloating. This weight reduction supplement can be acquired in most typical grocery stores and drugstores. There is no clinical data offered on the website for Diurex supplements. Diurex sells for $25.74 and is available without a prescription.

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  • Diurex can be easily and conveniently purchased in most common drug and grocery stores.
  • Diurex is available to both men and women.
  • A full ingredient list is offered on the official website for Diurex supplements.


  • There are no customer testimonials for Diurex offered on the official website.
  • Some ingredients found in Diurex supplements may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • Diurex does not actually sell conveniently through the official website.
  • Using a diuretic to achieve significant weight loss can be unhealthy, and any weight loss users do see will likely not last very long.
  • Diurex supplements are not offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • There are no free trial samples of Diurex products available through the official website at this time.


Diurex is pitched rather differently than most weight reduction supplements. This product doesn’t endeavor to suppress the user’s appetite, burn calories, boost energy levels, assist the metabolism or burn away unwanted fat. Diurex mainly addresses water weight gain and the menstrual cycle of women. Therefore it’s probably wise to investigate a number of other diet drugs before selecting a diuretic such as Diurex. In the end, it would be more reassuring to see some clinical data posted on the official website, along with some customer testimonials for Diurex and a 100% money-back guarantee.

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  • 1
    Candy Muncy Poole

    I’m looking at the list of ingredients on Diurex Water pills and the only two stated (active) ingredients ARE caffeine and Magnesium Salicylate (NSAID)in contradiction to the description and ingredients listed above.


  • 2
    Chrissy Vedder

    Now have a bladder infection… Is this a side effect of Diurex Max??


  • 3

    I have been using Diurex Ultra 2 pills a day for 2 days now but I have been urinating normal. I do not have to Uring more and usual is that normal or not?


  • 4

    I have gained nearly 30 pounds in fluid over the past month. Doc recommended trying this. I did and lost 10 pounds of water weight overnight. I did, however, experience significant chest pain and anxiety. It was crippling and made for a very long night. I bought the Caffeine Free Aquagels and they really did help me get rid of some of this fluid!


  • 5

    I wonder if it would help get rid of next day drinker bloating. Any help would be apreciated


    Your Name

    Worked for me after too much champagne


  • 6

    can diurex cause stomac issues ?


  • 7
    big red

    this really works! lost 8lbs. of water weight in 2 days


  • 8

    I tried this last month for my period bloating. And it seemed to work. I didn’t feel bloated. But I didn’t have any weight loss results to my satisfaction. Except for about 4 lbs that came back right after my period. You definitely need to eat before you take it. I took some before bed (no caffeine) and quickly discovered it made me feel nauseous. I took two tums to calm the feeling of wanting to get sick. If your trying to loose weight I would recommend diet, exercise, and some good appetite suppressant. Like Zyatonix. Free warning Zyatonix has unpleasant side affects too.


  • 9



  • 10

    do these contain asprin?


  • 11
    Christine Quinn

    How long will my pee stay green after taking Duirex water pills?



    Not long at all. Also, I lost 25 pounds in 8 months on Diurex; BUT I also cut my sodium intake down quite a bit by not eating any processed foods (like frozen dinners, pizzas, salty snacks, etc.), eating Greek yogurt with fresh fruit 7 drinking a lot of sparkling water constantly. Also, threw in walking in pool for 2-3 hours for 1st 2 months. Also, cut way down on sweets. I’m in my early 60’s & cut my size from 12 to size 6. It can be done. Plus no large meals after 8PM at nite (I stay up til midnite).


  • 12

    i bought diurex max. cant find box. how often are you supposed to take them?


  • 13

    Your article stated, if I am correct, that, Diurex does NOT contain aspirin or CAFFEINE.
    I purchased Diurex Water Pills ( blue & pale green box from Walgreens) It clearly states Caffeine 50mg.
    Do the pills work?
    It says to take 2 pills every 4 hours, 8 total per day.
    Even with 8 pills… I am still very bloated.
    I’ll have to see what the Doctor prescribes.
    Online, Walgreens advertised the pills as 3.99, and the store charged 5.99.
    As of today…, unfortunately, (and, perhaps I might be suffering of some oddball situation…), but,
    I presently believe the product to be totally worthless.

    I also was unable to sleep until 3AM………
    I am not certain that this product is good for anyone.

    The Health Dept… should verify all these products… Why foolishly spend money on products that do not work, and, or, might detrimentally affect someone’s well being?



    Actually, there is a non-caffeine Diurux you can purchase also over the counter at any drug store. I’m concerned because my doctor recently said my kidney function showed up on blood tests as a bit low (I started taking Diurex – the blue one for 7 months this year due to taking prednisone & solu-medrol for MS (no kidney problems) & I drank a lot of water for 6 months). On the Diurex box it says that Diurex is FDA approved reader.



    Did you lose any of the swelling, taking this? I just got it because I have been on steroids for so long and I am tired of having a swollen face/ body.


  • 14
    Dr. Dad

    Diurex works, but you need to buy the right one. I read labels. There is one who’s main ingredient is caffeine. I bought the one who’s main ingredient is Solubilized Pamabrom. Whether or not it works for hypertention I don’t know but my wife took it and she lost 8lbs in 2 days, however she was a little peeved about urinating so much.



    so which one should i get? the one with caffeine or solubilized pamabrom?!?!


  • 15

    Way overpriced and doesn’t work. Each pill has 50mg of caffeine, which is the main ingredient to lose water retention. I paid 6.99 for 42 of these pills, when I could have bought regular caffeine pills, 200mg each, 100 pills in a pack, for about 3 bucks. What a ripoff.


  • 16

    I have been using this for a bit now and I went to the doctors the first time and I lost 8 lbs the first time then when I went back 2 weeks later another 7 :-)


  • 17
    California Girl

    Do not waste your money with Diurex, I took it for a week and saw no results. The only thing I noticed was that my urine was blue-ish, other than that nothing. It is such a waste of money.


  • 18

    My dad and I both have been trying to lose weight forever! Neither of us are obese, just trying to shed acouple pounds. He lost 7 pounds using this pill in 4 days. After he told me that I bought it. I started using it roughly 5 days ago and I feel like I’m losing weight. I don’t weigh myself, but my jeans are fitting much better and my tummy doesnt look bloated. It makes you pee alot and yes the green is normal.. it tells you that on the box. I’m for sure going to continue using Diurex and would highly suggest it for anyone trying to shed afew. Of course the weight you lose can come back.. as with any diet… but take this pill, eat healthier and smaller portions, and drink water instead of soda an you’ll be good to go! :)


  • 19

    does this help hypertension?


  • 20

    can you take this product with a uti infection?


  • 21

    it takes about 3 doses to really start working for me,and yes, it does turn your urine blue-or green, depending lol. I have terrible bloating and it really helps. the only hard part is predicting when, so I can get the 3 dose head start.


  • 22
    Lois Bocchicchio

    Have there been any reports of this medication causing urine to turn a bright green color?



    Yes… It’s right on the box and it’s caused by the blue food dye to make the caplets “pretty”! :D)


  • 23
    michelle Melton

    this product did not work for me at all!


  • 24

    Doesn’t work … don’t waste your money


  • 25
    Shannon Hensley- Silver Spring- Maryland

    I had to Google search Diurex for Men and found it tucked away in the website where you can’t see it. Since they don’t advertise it up front do they even make it? because I don’t see it anywhere in the stores.


  • 26
    hakima leslie

    i really think this is good for me i feel a like better now since i use diurex but it may not be for everyone but it has help me.


  • 27

    Does Diurex help hypertension?


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