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Formoline L112 is a weight loss supplement offered by a number of UK retailers. However, we were unable to find this product available for sale in the United States. The product is advertised as a weight management tablet that works by reducing the absorption of dietary fats. We will take a closer look at the Formoline L112 formula to see if this supplement can stack up against the competition in weight reduction.

Formoline L112 promises varying results, depending on the diet that is combined with this supplement. The product should be taken with food and water for best results. Formoline L112 is recommended as a supplement for weight loss and can also be taken in a lower dosage to maintain weight loss results. This product is not a metabolism booster and does not contain any type of stimulants. Instead, the ingredients in the formula bind with the fat in the body so that it is eliminated rather than getting absorbed. There are many diet supplements on the market today that make similar claims, but we admit we are skeptical about whether this is the best route to effective weight loss.


According to the product website, the ingredients in Formoline L112 include ß-1, 4 polymer of D-glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. In other words, this formula consists of polyglucosamine, a common ingredient in weight loss supplements that make similar claims. However, there is not much scientific evidence to support glucosamine as a weight loss supplement, which leads us to believe that this single ingredient in Formoline L112 won’t do much to assist dieters in meeting weight loss goals.

Product Features

We prefer a weight loss supplement that contains a proven appetite suppressant to control cravings and a fat burner to boost energy and metabolism for more effective workout time. While there may be some benefit to fat absorption through formulas like this, it probably won’t have a significant impact on shedding excess pounds.

Formoline L112 currently sells on some European websites for about 14.57 British pounds, which is the equivalent of $21.56. Because the product was not sold directly on the product website, we were unable to find information about a money back guarantee or free trial offer.

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  • Formoline L112 is readily available from European retailers.
  • The current price for the product is discounted and reasonable.


  • Formoline L112 doesn’t appear to be available in the United States.
  • The formula doesn’t include an appetite suppressant or fat burner.
  • We couldn’t find a money back guarantee at the time of this review.


There are a number of weight loss products on the market today that claim to help you lose weight by binding fat out of the body. However, the jury is still out on whether these types of formulas make a significant difference in weight loss. We recommend that consumers look for supplements that include a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner for best results. Without either of these ingredients in the mix, Formoline seems to be lacking some serious oomph in helping dieters reach their weight loss goals.

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  • 1
    Ghulam Hyder

    I want dosage chart of Formuline according weight and age


    Stephen (Editor)

    There wouldn’t be variation in dosages based on weight and age, only on the dieters tolerance to dosages. Anyone over 18 can take the product, assuming it doesn’t conflict with their bodily chemistry. Take as directed on the label UNLESS it is too strong for you in which case reduce the dosage by half or 1 pill.


  • 2

    i’m 24 aged and my weight is now 95…
    is this product is trustable… I mean is there any side effects for the tables….
    how many days we need to use this ?


    Stephen (Editor)

    On average it takes up to a moth to see results from a diet. Formoline L112 is recommended a 2 tablets twice a day with meals but the dosage can be modified to less to suit your needs.


  • 3
    anbartala hosseini

    whate side efect of formaline


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Anbartala. Please consult your doctor to ensure its safety.


  • 4

    this the first day to take it can I take 2 tab only per day as I have only one fatty meal


  • 5

    Hi, I’ve gone to a pharmacy looking for a product that helps to to burn fats or at least to enhance the metàbolism and he recommended me to buy formoline112. Now I’m confused and worry about using this supplement until I could be sure about several things..
    1/ I am diabetic so, does it effect my body in hypoglycaemia?
    2/ How much weight do I lose when using the product per month?
    3/ I’m 127cm and 95 kg. What’s the best dosage to take?
    3/What are the side effects of the product?
    I hope you answer my enquiries ASAP please as I’m really looking forward to lose weight. .. Also, if you can send me a full information to my email; that would be a great.



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