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Helios is an injectable supplement currently sold by a European company called General Supplements, and it is currently a controversial (but popular) supplement with bodybuilders. Helios claims it can spot reduce and eliminate fat where it is injected due to its Clenbuterol and Yohimbe extracts which supposedly break up fat. It is said to act similarly to Ephedrine. Helios itself is banned in the United States because the substances contained are illegal and comparable to HGH, a type of steroid.

Helios claims that it can spot reduce simply by injecting its formula into problematic areas but the ingredients are a main concern here. These ingredients might even pose a dangerous health risk to some dieters. For some desperate enough to want to lose weight, however, they may consider Helios an appropriate choice. Let’s look into its controversial formulation.


According to a bodybuilding website, Helios contains Clenbuterol and Yohimbine HCL, a synthetic form of Yohimbe.

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Clenbuterol and Yohimbe are the only substances included in Helios, and both ingredients carry dangerous and controversial connotations. Clenbuterol is currently banned in all professional sports and in the Olympics because it is considered a stimulant, and any claims about its diet-related effects are unsubstantiated at this time. Clenbuterol is commonly prescribed to asthma sufferers because of its ability to relax muscles and diet companies have commonly perpetuated its dietary myths based on this fact. What is fact is that there is no evidence it helps decrease fat, and in fact may pose some health risks if abused.

Yohimbine HCL, the synthetic form of Yohimbe, is usually used as an easier way to obtain the substance, but even this substance does not have any documented benefits for dieters. Yohimbe is commonly used as treatment for erectile dysfunction or other sexual disorders, but it does not eliminate fat or cause weight loss where it is applied. It shares a couple of similar properties with Clenbuterol, however, including the ability to relax the muscles. Yohimbe is a very popular supplement in bodybuilding communities nevertheless, but current claims about its effectiveness cannot be proven. It also comes with a slew of unwanted side effects such as dizziness and an abnormally fast heart rate.

It is interesting to note that most bodybuilders who claimed to use Helios say it helped reduce the fat in the injection site. It may be another point to consider.

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  • Available online through various online stores.
  • Bodybuilders claim it helped spot reduce with continuous use.


  • Contains an ingredient currently banned in most professional sports.
  • Both ingredients come with dangerous side effects.
  • Does not appear to be available in the United States.


Helios is a popular substance with bodybuilders, who claim Helios helped spot reduce certain areas where injected, but actual proof backing up these ingredients are slim. Both ingredients pose dangerous health risks, and we usually do not recommend dieters take substances that are banned or illegal in certain professions. For Europeans, however, seeking injections to treat weight loss may be one choice, provided proper research is completed beforehand.

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  • 1

    Where can i order this from? I tried ordering it from the United States and they don’t ship to Canada


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hey, Krista. If you are having trouble with it’s availability you may have to contact General Supplements directly.


  • 2

    I’m interested in trying out Helios..I’m doing a lot of weights at gym plus running ect and eating a high protein law carb diet..but i do have a very stuborn abdominal fatty area and lat / tricep area.I do have a good background in the fitness industry. ..if I go ahead and choose this slightly scarey step…firstly does it actually work..and secondly. .how do I get it to Australia?


  • 3

    Where can I buy helios from a company that is in the united states ?


    Your Name

    Madison James research


  • 4

    How long before it work


  • 5

    helios is crap this is does not work , the one efficient product is clen powder or injectable


  • 6

    I have a bottle of helios i dont like needles someone told me i could get some gel caps and drain it with a needle and insert helios into it instead and take it orally ??????



    You can take it orally. No need for gelcaps though. Use a syringe to draw it out of the bottle, remove the needle, then empty the syringe into your mouth. It won’t have the “spot reducing” effect this page talks about, but you’ll still burn fat.

    HOWEVER, you HAVE to exercise for it to work. And in this case, low intensity over high intensity works best.


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