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Lipenan is a brand name given to the generic fenproporex. Lipenan is a diet pill that works through suppressing the appetite and is prescription strength. The pills are suggested to be used with a balanced diet and exercise, if the consumer decides to take the drug. Some people choose to use a behavioral therapy in addition to attempt to make lifestyle changes. The drug itself is a short term solution to managing obesity. There are other reasons, such as stress-related disorders, Lipenan may be prescribed by a doctor.

Lipenan has been prescribed for people with stress induced weight gain due to clinical studies that indicate people with higher levels of stress may have higher weights. It is unknown if treating the stress with Lipenan is an effective way to help people remove excess weight. Lipenan is available by prescription only but it is available online from other countries without a prescription. This may not be safe due to the possible side effects of this prescription grade pharmaceutical. The drug is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration when sold by United States based pharmacies, however international medications are not controlled by the FDA.

The FDA reports this drug can converted to an amphetamine by the body and serious side effects can occur. The use of this product by athletes is illegal and will show up in drug testing as an amphetamine.

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Lipenan is a single ingredient brand name of fenproporex. The drug is marketed as a medication to aid in weight loss. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved the sale or use of Lipenan in the United States and recommends consumers discard all medications containing the ingredient. The risks associated with taking this medication may be more than the benefits of reducing weight.

Consumers are urged to talk to their personal health care provider before attempting to purchase and ingest Lipenan. Even when taken with a healthy diet and exercise, the product still has the potential for harmful side effects. There may be other medications available through your doctor that are not as questionable as this drug.

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  • Lipenan has a prescription strength appetite suppressant.


  • Too little information available for Lipenan which contains fenproporex.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has issued statements to discontinue use of medications containing the active ingredient fenproporex.
  • Lipenan may not be readily available in United States
  • A prescription is required for the purchase of Lipenan, if it is found available in the United States.
  • Harmful side effects may be associated with taking the medication.


Lipenan claims to be effective in reducing weight and relieving stress. It has been prescribed for people who suffer from both symptoms but the outcomes are unknown. Due to the FDA statements and lack of information, the consumer may choose to select another weight loss supplement to aid in weight reduction.

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    just been fired for taking slimming tablets after testing positive for amphetamine,
    told them about buying fenproporex online
    and i had no idea they metabolised to amphetamine. 6yrs i worked with them and still sacked me, so beware out there folks, i`d rather be over-weight and working than skinny and unemployed with no chance of getting a good reference from my previous employer cause of this.
    my only hope is an industrial tribunal so going to arrange a lawyer and fight this.


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    I’d like to know how/where I can buy Lipenan.
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    Me to ! Have you had any luck?



    How and where can I order some?