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While you may not have any difficulty finding a weight loss product, you might have some trouble choosing one. The extensive variety of dietary supplements for weight reduction presents a challenge. What you need to focus on is finding a diet formula that suits you. A product that is free of harmful ingredients, and does not lead to side effects. Naturally you need the formula to really aid with fat loss for the long run as well. The product you are after could be Liporexin RX. Let us take a closer look at the details regarding this diet pill.


  • Green Tea Extract 50%
  • Oat Fiber Flaxseed Extract 4:1
  • Garlic Extract
  • Tomato Concentrate
  • Salmon Oil Powder
  • Blueberry Extract
  • Red Wine 30% Extract
  • Hoodia Gordonii Extract

Product Features

Liporexin RX is an over-the counter supplement that retails for $75.95 per bottle. A single bottle will last you 10-30 days. This formula is taken daily with water, and aims to lower bad cholesterol levels, suppress appetite, boost the metabolism, and encourage heart health. There were no success stories found to support Liporexin RX, and it does not look like this diet product comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Green Tea Extract 50% is an active ingredient used in Liporexin RX. It is commonly found in diet pills, and it assists by boosting the body’s metabolic rates, while increasing energy levels. Hoodia Gordonii is also found in this supplement, and it is a natural cactus plant extract that suppresses appetite. Red Wine is incorporated to aid with heart health, while Oat Fiber Flaxseed Extract is included to lower bad cholesterol levels. Salmon Oil is also used in this formula to assist with heart health, and Garlic and Tomato are beneficial to overall wellness.

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  • Some healthy plant extracts are found in Liporexin RX.
  • This weight loss product contains Hoodia to suppress hunger.


  • The cost of Liporexin RX is quite high at $75.95 per bottle.
  • This weight loss supplement does not come with any guarantees.
  • A healthy lifestyle is not recommended with this diet pill.


The first thing we noticed about Liporexin RX is the inflated price tag. $76 is a lot of money to spend on a diet product that will only last you 10-30 days. In fact, the price alone will deter a lot of people. Not to mention, you cannot even get a refund if Liporexin RX does not yield weight loss results. On the upside, this formula does contain some beneficial ingredients for heart health and overall wellness. It may even help lower your bad cholesterol levels. Then again, you can get the same benefits from a healthy diet plan.

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