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LiShou is a slimming weight loss pill with a very scanty online presence. There are a few websites here and there, each providing just a little bit of information written in broken English. In recent years, the popularity of Chinese and Asian weight loss products has caused an uprise in fake supplements. These supplements use the label of one weight loss product to promote sales of a completely different formula. Some include ingredients like “natural substance” without any indication what that ingredient stands for. LiShou does not list the infamous natural substance, but it does list three common ingredients used in many LiShou slimming supplements.

List of Ingredients

Bitter Orange, Tuckahoe and Lotus.

Product Features

Bitter Orange is one of those weight loss ingredients that goes by multiple names. Using more than one name hides the real identity of the ingredient in the case that one supplement or another is proven not to work. Bitter Orange is also known as citrus aurantium and synephrine. It is a stimulant closely related to Ephedra, according to reports from supplement manufacturers. Synephrine promoters claim the ingredient provides the same effects as Ephedra without the health risks. This is a complete lie. Synephrine is a stimulant, but it is not proven to increase weight loss or decrease hunger – Ephedra was. Caffeine is a stronger stimulant and it is proven to increase metabolism.

The product description claims Tuckahoe helps regulate serotonin levels. Assuming we take LiShou on its word, serotonin is not directly linked to weight loss. Boosting mood is also a dangerous means of making the dieter stick with a supplement or weight loss plan. Dieters with mood disorders like depression or anxiety may feel a flare up of symptoms when taking supplements that effect serotonin levels.

Lotus is a diuretic used to push water out of the body during urination. The side effects of diuretics include dry skin, dry mouth, dehydration and constipation. There are no weight loss benefits associated with ingredients with diuretic qualities.

LiShou sells for $16.50 per box. We believe the boxes are sold in mass quantities to people who choose to resell the supplement or relabel the product for sale under a different brand name.

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  • Ingredients for LiShou are simple to find online.
  • There is an official website.
  • The price is much lower than comparable fat burners.
  • Synephrine is safer than Ephedra.


  • No proven weight loss ingredients.
  • Does not list how much of each ingredient is included in the formula.
  • May be marketed for resale.
  • Synephrine increases blood pressure and heart rate.


Dieters wishing to lose weight should probably take a walk down the supplement road to another product. Synephrine may increase heart rate, so theoretically it would also increase calorie burn, but not enough to be effective. The official website looks less than official; another indication the dieter should move on and try something with proven ingredients.

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    Why can’t these be supplied to Ireland,


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    The authentic Lishou definitely works, if you find that it’s not working then most likely you purchased fake Lishou. This diet pill is so effective that fakes are being sold everywhere. I wasted too much money on fakes being sold as the real deal but now that I found the real pills on I feel like I struck gold! The weight seems to be just falling off. The only side effect I have is dry mouth but when I drink plenty of water I don’t even get that.

    Authentic Lishou is available in either a box packaging or bottle. The Lishou box has 30 pills, has a Chinese lady posing and a butterfly in the front and back of the box, is blue with a sheen on it, has the hologram that looks like a plus sign all around the box, a hologram seal in the top left corner of the front of the box and glitter on the butterfly.

    The Lishou bottle has 40 pills and has a butterfly with glitter, bottle has a blue label with an aluminum sheen, the box is blue with a foil sheen, has a hologram seal on the front top left corner of the box and has a hologram of what looks like a plus sign all over the box. The pills inside (on both the box and the bottled Lishou) are pearly white, the top half of the capsule has red writing that says “Baian” and the bottom half has the letter “P” in red writing. If the pills don’t look like that then they are fake, no exceptions.

    To see if there was a difference between the box and the bottle, I bought both (from the same store I mentioned) and found that the only difference was the number of pills it has. Both are very effective, they take away my hunger and just seems to melt the fat away.

    Oh, one more important thing, Lishou does not have an official website but there is a website selling fakes that claims to be the “official” website.

    Hope this helps those seeking information about effective diet pills.



    Sorry dear but the lady is stretching her hands up or down. coz there is both pictures in the market


    Minh Nguyen

    Would you please tell me where could I buy a real Lishou. I bought one bottle Lishou but the pill didn’t have the word Baian and letter “P”. So it’s fake then.


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    Andy McDaniel

    This herb is not for everyone and does have side effects. If you experience a negative side effect then stop taking the supplement. Here are some common side effects:

    1. Expect a dry mouth known as cotton mouth; just carry a bottle of water with you. Water will help your skin tight up as you lose weight. Water will help the herb flush your body of toxins.

    2. Body will feel warmer; the herb will increase your body temp to go up 2 degrees. This is part of the supplement that boosts the metabolic rate to burn more fat.

    3. Extra energy, take this herb as soon as you wake up. This may be a problem when you go to bed and you can’t sleep. If you can’t sleep take the herb when you wake up or set the alarm clock to take the herb and go back to sleep.

    4. Jittery feeling, if you are getting a caffeine feeling or a high heart rate feeling then stop taking the herb it is not for you, you have a high tolerance to the herb. Try another generic brand, the formula is a little weaker.

    5. Crash and need to eat everything, you get a hunger feeling and have to eat everything. Your system has a low tolerance to the herb. This goes against the box instructions and you will need to take a 2nd herb at noon before the crash occurs. When this brand was pulled from the shelves I took the other generic brands and the strength was considerably weaker and I took a 2nd herb at noon before the crash.

    6. Abusing the herb, only take 1 herb, exceeding the recommended amounts or not following directions may lead to unwanted effects. I took Ephedrine responsibly before it was taken off the shelves but you get those folks that want to hurry the process up and abuse the product. Please do not abuse the product it has been pulled off the shelf and I expect it to happen again, please be responsible.

    7. I am not hungry and food doesn’t taste as good as it used to. This herb will take away all your hunger for the complete day. Your body will not feel the need to eat and the cravings are gone. The feeling to gorge is gone. You must make yourself eat every day. You are now back in control and you can eat when and what you need, just make it healthy and every day. I used to wake up at 2am and snack on the bad stuff but not since I was on this herb. If you have medical needs you must get the doctors approval before starting this supplement.

    8. I ate fried foods and my stomach is upset. This herb has antioxidants that cleanse your body of all the bad stuff. This herb will keep your body clean and begins repairs that you may have forgotten about if you stay on it long enough. Eat onion rings and French fries you will be in the bathroom in 3 hours as your body cleanses.

    9. No weight loss, I followed the direction and lost no weight now what? This will not work if you are eating fast food, fried food, junk food, and drink diet sodas. If you’re serious and you’re ready to lose the weight then starting eating healthy. Add the following to your grocery list; Yogurt low fat, turkey sausages, fresh fruit, vegetables, water non-flavored, diet cranberry juice, and white grape fruit juice.

    Addition information I felt that is helpful:

    1. You will not have to exercise while taking these herbs. If you walk 20 minutes a day it will do wonders, you can potentially lose a pound a day especially for the first month.
    2. Yogurt has something in it that helps with the digestive system. I don’t even care much for the stuff but it is healthy. The herb and/or yogurt has repaired a burning sensation in my stomach that made me want to eat all the time even though I felt that I was full. I wasn’t able to diet because it felt like I had a burning ulcer in my stomach. I was worried that it would upset this burning sensation but I realized in Nov that I never have 1 day of any burning sensation.
    3. I am researching Amazon on the Super Foods and books on the subject. I do not have a blender yet but look forward to trying these new foods. Try it and let me know what you think.
    4. The dry /cotton mouth lasted several months and went away. As a treat I drink white grape fruit juice and diet cranberry juice.
    5. I noticed on the Lishou brand that my finger nails grow fast, wrinkles under the eyes smoothed out, and my hair grew quick, I didn’t notice this on the generic brand. I am not going to bash the generic brands because they were available for me when Lishou was taken off the shelf. Generic brands are a weaker formula and I had to take a capsule a lunch time.
    6. My mother is not able to take a pill comfortably so she will twist the cap off and pure the herb into her diet cranberry juice.
    7. Again we are not all wired the same and no one diet plan is a cure all. If this herb doesn’t work for you consider researching 3 other herbs.
    - Alcachofivida Artichoke
    - Zi Xiu Tang
    - Yavonae HCG

    I went from 210 to 178 pounds Aug 1 to Dec 29, 2010. I purchased this Lishou brand for my first month. The first month the weight just melted off. I had not reordered when I ran out and I felt all the normal cravings come right back and I was eating everything again just like before. I didn’t like that I wasn’t in control and hungry all the time. The weight came off using generic brands and in Dec the product was put back on the shelf so I quickly ordered a 6 month supply. I noticed my blood pressure going back down to a normal level. I am sharing this with my mother, son, and co-workers. Everyone has noticed a drop in my weight and I feel awesome having a new body.

    Additional supplements to compliment this diet here on Amazon:

    1. I just started taking Psyllium Husks. This can be a convenient way to increase the intake of dietary fiber. It has the ability to swell up to 50 times its initial volume when added to liquid. This bulking action can play an important role in maintaining regularity and gastrointestinal health.

    2. My mother is a type 2 diabetic and lost 11 pounds the first week on these herbs. I have her taking Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, to bring her blood count down to normal level because she was 20 points to high. She takes this as directed 1 tea spoon, 3-times a day and it satisfies sweet cravings. She had been on this honey for 7 days and her count has been normal each day.

    The box is written in Chinese. The English instruction card is inside the box. The small card has limited information so I pulled some additional information on the herbal supplement from other web sites.


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    mariela blanco

    I have tried alot af chineese diet pills and they seem to work at first but not any more. now i have gain almost 30 pounds i was suggested to take the “lishou pills” today is my first day and i really hope they work because i have already spend to much money in diet pills . i will keep everyone updated.


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    i used Lishou for 3 weeks and lost alot of inches. it made me thirsty but constipated. i had no problem taking this diet pill. the weight has stayed off and i only took it for that short time period



    Please can you tell me from where did got them ?
    It’s very hard to find the original



    They were taken off the market friend. They had bad side effects.



    I tried lishou and at first i thought they didn’t work but then someone i know was taking them and she was loosing alot of weight. I was trying to find out why they were working on her but not on me and she told me that all the ones in the box are fake now because they did stop making the lishou that comes in the box that has the capsules in a foil. My friend was getting really good results from the lishou in the bottle. When she saw what the lishou I had she said they were for sure fake. I ordered the lishou in the bottle from valueholics, the site my friend got hers and now i’m getting really good results. I am so thankful to my friend for showing me the website. So they are not totaly off the market, the lishou in the bottle is still available but it is really hard to find the real ones. Good luck reaching your weight goals!


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    Martin Woolhouse

    I live in Thailand, and my girlfriend is taking Lishou diet pills. I’m not sure, but I believe it may be causing her to have mood swings, headaches, and stomache cramps. Is there any proof that Lishou may cause any or all of these symptoms? I have also read (via i-net reviews), that the Lishou product that is sold in Thailand may not be genuine. The Lishou diet pills sell for 250 baht for a bottle of 40 X 500mg over here. I don’t know if this is useless information or not, but I thought I’d supply it. If you can give me any advice or information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



    Yes, these pills do help you loose weight in very little time.
    In the beginning your mouth is very dry for the first few months but just drink water and that will go away, i chew gum and drink water, due to the dryness of your mouth the water will even have a funny taste. The first week i lost 10 pds i have been taking them for 3 months now and i have lost a total of 40 pds, i also go to the gym 3x a week so i’m sure that helps too, (i recently started going about a month ago) BUT YES!!!!!! IT DOES GIVE YOU MOOD SWINGS, SOMETIMES YOU WILL FEEL SO HAPPY FULL OF ENERGY AND RANDOMLY FEEL DOWN AND DRAINED OUT. IF YOU DON’T CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS IT WILL AFFECT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. I STARTED GETTING MOODY AND WHAT NOT TO THE POINT I LOST MY BOYFRIEND ON 2 1/2 YEARS. WAS IT WORTH IT?NO. BUT IT HAPPENED.. OVERALL I RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE WHO IS TRYING TO QUICKLY LOOSE WEIGHT.


    Nayda E Marrero

    We’re I can purchase them at?