Max Muscle Quadra Cuts Night Time Review

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What You Should Know

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Quadra Cuts is a line of fat burning supplements created by Max Muscle. The Quadra Cuts Night Time activates the metabolism while the dieter is sleeping. Night time thermogenic supplements cannot contain stimulants as they would increase heart rate and boost energy. This would keep the dieter up or cause tossing and turning at night. Without stimulants, a thermogenic does not burn fat.

Max Muscle lists ingredients on the official website. Products can be ordered from the website or purchased in stores located throughout the United States. Stores are limited, so most dieters would find it easier to order online. There are no free trials of the supplement and no testimonials show before and after photos of dieters losing weight taking Quadra Cuts Night Time.

List of Ingredients

Quadra Cuts Night Time Burn Blend: L-Carnitine Fumurate, 7-KETO, DHEA, Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Chromium.

Quadra Cuts Night Time Relaxation/Sleep Blend: L-Theanine, Valerian Root Extract, Melatonin, Calcium Phosphate Dibasic, D-Calcium Pantothenate, L-Lysine and Ascorbic Acid.

Product Features

The Quadra Cuts Night Time Blend includes garcinia cambogia. This ingredient could cause negative side effects. Also known as hydroxycitric acid, garcinia cambogia has been linked to potential liver damage. The main company selling products with garcinia cambogia, Hydroxycut, pulled all supplements off the shelf a few years ago. Though the company denied negative side effects from the ingredient, the new formulas contained green coffee bean extract in place of garcinia cambogia when they were released again.

L-carnitine Fumurate is not linked to significant weight loss. It could help reduce fat stores and increase lean muscle mass just a bit, but the increased muscle mass would weigh more than fat lost so weight would not change. Chromium is known as a diabetic supplement that helps control blood glucose levels. If a dieter is having trouble with hunger in the middle of the night, taking chromium before bed may help control this hunger.

The Quadra Cuts Night Time Relaxation/Sleep contains melatonin and valerian root. While these have shown promise promoting sleep, they take a while to build-up in the body. The first night and even the first week, the dieter may not feel the full effects of the combination. For that reason, this supplement may require regular use.

Quadra Cuts Night Time sells for $46.53.

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  • List of ingredients is easy to find.
  • Melatonin and valerian root may improve sleep.


  • No testimonials.
  • Night time fat burners do not contain fat burning ingredients.
  • Garcinia cambogia may be a dangerous ingredient.


Max Muscle Quadra Cuts Night Time may include ingredients with potential negative side effects. For the dieter, choosing a safe supplement is just as important as choosing an effective supplement. Quadra Cuts Night Time may not be that product.

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    I would like to ask you if I’m breast feeding is it safe to use this product(cuts night)
    Thank you


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Shoroq. We advise you ask your doctor before taking this product to ensure its safety.


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