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Metabolic Nutrition is a supplement company with quite the impressive website. We’ve found that several factors can tell the viewer about a product before ever looking at the ingredient list. If the website is well-designed and the product label is colorful and unique, the company has clearly put some money into the marketing side of selling the supplements. That money has to come from somewhere, so they must have a substantial following. Of course, there are always the companies that sell questionable products in pretty packages to fool the consumer into buying a subpar product. Let’s take a look at Metabolic Nutrition to see what kind of company it is.

List of Ingredients


  • Supplement company.

Product Features

One of the prominent supplements sold by Metabolic Nutrition is Synedrex. This thermogenic fat burner is taken just once a day and claims to increase metabolism and reduce body fat. It also claims to nix hunger so the formula must be pretty strong. The product label reveals one stimulant that may cause heart palpitations and another known to have some of the same side effects as ephedra. All together we counted six stimulants in the formula. We also found phenylethylamine – not a safe ingredient for dieters who take antidepressants or other mood-altering medications.

Thyrene is another weight loss supplement from Metabolic Nutrition. This time around the formula is focused on people with an underactive thyroid. That is such a small portion of the dieting population that the supplement should be a specialty item not a main supplement in the product line.

Phenolox packs hoodia gordonii with non-stimulant fat burners. The only non-stimulant fat burner we know of is EGCG or decaffeinated green tea. There is green tea in the mix, but it is included in a proprietary blend so we’ve no idea how much green tea is included. Hoodia is a useless ingredient that was once thought to suppress appetite.

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  • The product selection focuses on all levels of fitness.
  • The products are available on the website.
  • The ingredient listing is provided to the consumer.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • Several of the ingredients are listed in proprietary blends.


Metabolic Nutrition is one of those companies that provide supplemental support for all kinds of dieters, but the use of proprietary blends and sketchy ingredients is enough to cause us to step back. The package the company presents supplements in is amazing, but the formulas are not the best we’ve ever reviewed. We would skip Metabolic Nutrition supplements and stick with formulas that list all ingredients and amounts and clinical studies proving why the dieter should trust those ingredients.

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