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PreCrea is a prescription medication which claims to not only keep blood sugar levels under control but also helps in weight reduction and thus pre-empt the causes of diabetes and other diseases. The manufacturer claims that clinical studies have been conducted which confirm the safety of use of this drug, although the Food and Drug Administration has yet to test this drug and issue any advisory information related to it. Obesity is a huge factor that lends to development of diabetes, so the weight loss component of this drug helps to alleviate the most common cause of the problem. This product works through reducing cravings for sugar and also blocks carbohydrate absorption.

List of Ingredients

Gymnema sylvestre, salacia reticulata, eugenia jambolana, pterocarpus marsupium, curcuma longa, emblica officinalis and momordica charantia.

Product Features

The manufacturers of PreCrea claim it to be a proprietary botanical formula, which is to be usually administered twice daily. It is made up of eight synergistic botanical herbs that act together to reduce blood sugar levels to within a more acceptable range. The manufacturers also claim that extended use of the product (over a period of six to eight months) will result in substantial weight loss (up to thirty pounds). PreCrea is normally to be taken twice a day – one capsule in the morning and another one at night. It is not necessary to take these capsules before or after food, and each dose claims to keeps blood sugar in check for the next ten to twelve hours.

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  • Can help with weight loss.
  • Claims to use 100% natural ingredients.
  • Fewer side effects compared with allopathic medication that is taken to keep blood sugar levels under control.


  • The product has not been tested so no side effects are known and the Food and Drug Administration has not issued any health advisories.
  • No nutritional labelling is given on the packaging, and only a proprietary ingredient list is provided but this is not exhaustive of the actual ingredient list that makes up PreCrea.
  • A healthy body and healthy diet can maintain blood sugar levels perfectly well in most people.


If your doctor has recommended you to use PreCrea, it is to keep your blood sugar level under control as a high level may put you at risk of developing diabetes. Always be sure to fully follow your doctor`s advice, as appropriate changes to your diet, coupled with adequate exercise are also necessary to keep your glycemic level within a normal range. Because diabetes is currently irreversible, it makes sense to take any precautions that would enable you to keep the disease at bay.

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