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The brain protects its cells from degradation by generating a protein that regulates cellular calcium. If calcium increases in cells, they will be destroyed. With the natural aging process, the body generates that protein in lesser amounts. Prevagen is a supplement that promotes the better health of the brain and its functions. The product focuses on improving memory loss and protecting the brain by supplying it with a protein called apoaequorin. This protein belongs to a family of molecules that binds calcium. Prevagen can easily be bought from health food stores as well Rite Aid stores. However, the website’s online shopping page allows interested clientele to purchase the amount they want.

List of Ingredients

The only ingredient that is mentioned on the website is the apoaequorin protein, which is extracted from jellyfish. Even the concentration of that protein isn’t mentioned in the Prevagen material.

Product Features

Prevagen claims to bind calcium in cells, thus reducing the damage which occurs when the body doesn’t produce many calcium binding proteins as it ages. The apoaequorin protein, which was discovered in the early sixties, is apparently responsible for the whole calcium binding process. The research conducted by the supplement’s developers supposedly demonstrated that the apoaequorin protein mainly benefits consumers by enhancing their mental clarity, honing their decision-making skills, improving their memory and helping them focus. However, these claims haven’t been confirmed by the FDA. Still, the website promises consumers positive results between periods of use from 30 and 90 days.Aside from that, the product has been approved to be kosher by two of the four main production facilities in the United States.

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  • The website does offer supporting evidence regarding Prevagen’s effects on memory and sleep.
  • An informative video explains how the supplements will enhance the brain’s functionalities.
  • The website directly states that it hasn’t been FDA approved, thus spares consumers the time and effort of trying to locate the FDA approval stamp.


  • The product isn’t FDA approved. Although the website was truthful enough to mention this fact, it still isn’t a favorable factor.
  • There are no indications regarding Prevagen being free from side effects.
  • The supporting studies were limited studies, not full-scale ones.
  • The evidence supporting the product is mainly anecdotal and not quantitative.


Age does affect the body in various ways, and the brain is no exception. If Prevagen is really as good as it claims to be, people will really benefit immensely. However, with the supplement’s shortcomings, caution should be taken prior to its consumption.

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  • 1
    Tommy Turner

    I have been taking Prevagen for several years…almost since it first came out. I do believe it is helping but I was wondering if it could cause side effect of eye hemorrhages?


  • 2
    Your Name

    Does prevegen contain garl I c onions chives or shallots


  • 3
    Peggie Zahm

    Thanks for a great post


  • 4
    Andrew Chinn

    FDA warning issued in 2012 about MANY sideeffects including diminished capacity in patients with MS. Also causes issues with seizure disorder. My spouse has both so – can’t take it here.


  • 5
    Margie Seaux

    I have been having swelling in one of my legs, i would like to know if Prevagen can cause this. I have found that my memory is better since taking Prevagen.


  • 6

    does it trun your stool green?


  • 7
    Ernie Jeffrey

    is Previgin over the counter, or perscription ?


  • 8
    Teri Rockenstein

    My father has high BP, Diabetes and Parkinson’s. He saw an advertisement for Prevagen and wanted my mother to purchase some, however, I am wondering if there will be any negative effects from adding this to his regular medications. I know Parkinson’s has a list a mile long of medicines that do not work well with what he takes now. He is excited about trying this so, if anyone can let me know, I would appreciate it.
    Thanks. Teri R.


    richard inwards

    i have had a heart valve replacement and wonder if prevagen


  • 9
    Jack Trautman, Ph.D.

    If your diet doesn’t contain an adequate and balanced amount of protein, it is possible that prevagen does help memories. There is no way that entact prevagen can survive the hydrolysis of pepsin, trypain, chymotrypain, carboxypeptidase and collagenase in the human digestive system. Since a FDA 510K is not required, the average person should simply consume a variety of animal and plant proteins.


  • 10
    Marshall Van Meter

    Prevagen is reportedly a protein extracted from jellyfish that improves brainpower. If you swallow one of these pills, the gastrointestinal tract will take this protein, break it up into its constituent amino acids, then absorb them, then the body will use the amino acids to build whatever proteins it feels it needs, not the original protein. If you are buying these pills at approximately $1.33 for 10 mg, you are paying approximately $6000 a pound for a protein supplement. Whey protein purchased at Wal-Mart or the general nutrition store is a much better buy!


    Brian Lawliss

    Is this person a Doctor? Or a Walmart Sales Assoc?


    Your Name

    That’s kinda what I wanna know lml


  • 11
    robbin rfrazier

    I would like to know if this product has been tested on children that suffer from ADHD? Is it safe for children; would you recommend this product for children?



    Robin, his wouldn’t work on children because all it does is prevent calcium buildup in older people who run low on the protein that causes calcium buildup. Also see this page about strokes, seizures, law suits with Prevagen.


  • 12

    By the second month of taking it I noticed Prevagen having some effect. It wasn’t like a lightning bolt and suddenly I rememebered everything better but there has been a definite increase in sharpness with my ability to pull up words when I was taking to someone. I was hoping it would work faster and I was hestitating on a second bottle but that’s how long it took for me to notice a change.


  • 13

    Prevagen has helped my memory tremendously. I had to take the stronger dosage and it helped me remember names, facts at work, etc. I am 74 years old.


  • 14
    Bill Case

    I am 87 year old man that is physically and mentally degraded to some extent. I have been taking Prevagen Extra Strength for many months. I have continued to lose my memory! Has Prevagen helped? Who knows? Actually, I now think it is a VERY expensive product with really no actual proof of effectiveness. My wife is three years younger, and has very similar memory problems. She DOES NOT take the Prevagen and seems to have about the same memory problems that I have. Of course that is not proof of anything, but it does NOT verify that Pregagen is so very effective!



    It is likely that you have a fungus outbreak that is causing your mental decline, thereby over-riding the benefits of Prevagen. I recommend that you treat for fungus by implementing the Phase-one diet (search “Know the cause” by Doug Kaufman) then attack the fungus with anti-fungal foods and supplements.


  • 15

    I bought this product last year, it is the worse, while i was on school, my memory went bad, the 2 times i use it, i still have one bottle less, and wont use it ever again, after i stop use prevagen my memory went to normal, i do better now with out, just using omega 3 , ginseng, i feel this people is stealing money with a horrible product that we can even end loosing our memory if keep using their bad product. FDA will never approve this product us just no safe.


  • 16

    After seeing the amazing results in a friend, I asked her what she was taking and she told me about Prevagen. I had not seen her that Sharp in years! I have been taking it for about two months and have noticed a BIG difference in my cognitive ability and my memory. And, it didn’t take but one week to notice the difference. My recommendation is to buy one bottle and see for yourself – my guess is you will continue to take it. I’ve tried Omega 3′s and various fish oils and never noticed a difference. But, this product really works! My job performance has increase tremendously. Can’t say enough…even have my husband taking it now.



    I am interested in this product and was wondering what age Laurue is as i noticed the more negative responses were those who were older. i am in my 50′s. That may make a difference at what point u start using this. the younger the better result? just wondering.



    Hi Helen! I’m 63 and when I started trying Prevegen, I noticed a quicker recall in three days. My wife is 48 and she noticed a difference after 1 week. My favorite Aunt, who is 78 tried it and after 3 weeks, noticed the same effect that I had. It is absolutely worth a try. The the only thing you have to lose is a bad memory!


  • 17

    My good friend started taking Prevagen a few months ago and has had a small miracle happen. She had a poor memory, and some learning disabilities that became embarrassing at her fast-paced job, but since taking it, she has noticed a huge difference. She feels so amazed by the results, she gave me a bottle. it is helping me with my post ‘chemo-brain’ fog. So much so that I splurged on a 3 month supply! I don’t go in easily for these sort of things, and sincerely don’t believe my success is the result of some placebo effect. I feel clearer in my thinking, my memory has improved, and you can’t make this stuff up!


    Your Name

    This comment seemed helpful


  • 18
    Anne Wyckoff


    While I’ve had the same concerns as you (+17 years of medical study involving pathology), there IS something odd happening to some consumers. I, for one, am very immune to the “placebo effect,” yet after trying this for 2 weeks, I suddenly woke up with name-recall. My son noticed this, because I had to ask him names constantly in the past. I wouldn’t have tried prevagen if I’d looked into the molecular structure first, however (a rare lapse in judgement)
    Do you think there’s a possibility that the EDTA is chelating something harmful with some people? I noticed another positive review from a scientist who used it for a trial but then stopped. It bewildered him as it does me.


  • 19
    Nadine Anderton

    I always suspect nutritional supplements that come from exotic (like jellyfish) sources rather than from food-obtained nutrition. This allows the makers and distributors to make big bucks – something like the pharmaceutical companies? It sounds good, but it totally unavailable to someone like me on a very limited income. So I guess I’ll just have to die from my brain problems, which may or may not turn out to be Alzheimers.


  • 20

    Amino acids cross the blood-brain barrier. Whole proteins do not. Any beneficial effect of apoaequorin is lost as soon as it is digested into amino acids like any other protein. It is simply untrue to claim that apoaequorin taken orally has any effect in the brain whatsoever.



    Have you actually taken it?


  • 21
    JK Freeze

    Jason says “Disregarding the sketchy clinical trials cited, the active ingredient is a protein compound (Aequorin) that gets broken down upon digestion into its component amino acids. While Aequorin certainly does bind calcium, even if it did survive digestion it is unlikely to pass the blood-brain barrier”

    Jason, being a bio-chemist, you DO know that ALL amino acids pass the blood brain barrier, don’t you?

    also, Prevagen does NOT contain EDTA.


    Ed B

    Check the label…it has EDTA


  • 22

    I am 63 years old. I started taking Prevagen for brain function shortly after being told there was some evidence of the beginnings of dementia or a stroke from a CT Scan.
    The day before I began taking it was the last time I walked into a room and forgot what I went into it for. The last “senior moment” I had was 14 days after beginning the program. Doctors in other countries are injecting it directly into the brains of dementia patients with amazing adn quick results. There were some sites on wehre you could get this day surgery in Canada, but all of them have been suppressed by our “friends” in Big Pharma industry. So now the operation is given all over the world to everyone but Americans. We can no longer find out where to take our loved ones to get it. The FDA has already started posting “warning” conumers sites that Prevegen is useless, and soon enough it will be “risky” since it is not FDA approved (unlike the black box pharmacuetical crap they are selling). If you have a loved one who is showing some signs of eary dementia — FOR GOD SAKE!!!! — spend the $90 and get them a bottle. It’s cheaper than #$**& Aricept!!!! Of course they will have to contiue to take it, but isn’t your loved one’s mind worth it to you???? As for ME, I’m going to continue protecting my mind with the 10 mg bottle. I’ll be d*$#ed if I’ll let my brain rot on the Aricept crap, while the doctors and druggists keep raking in the loot!!!


  • 23

    Michele, biochemistry is not some religion one simply has faith in, although placebo effects are sometimes helpful. Jason is completely correct. Prevagen is a bold-faced marketing scam. One look at the structure of this protein, with its secondary structure, and it is readily apparent that the protein, even if it could be transported through the blood-brain barrier through endothelial vesicular transport, would never survive denaturation in the stomach. These guys are selling the placebo effect and the rest is snake oil. Take the omega 3s, they, at least offer real benefit.


  • 24
    sherry oglesby

    seem to feel worse on this my thinking isworseand ihave an increasted bp
    what do others say


  • 25
    Joy zuer

    Thank you for the reviews. Upon taking prevagen, lots of energy, could stay focused, but could not sleep on this product. Independent studies would make it morally sound. Don’t you think?


  • 26

    Having a degree in biochemistry, it’s my opinion that Prevagen does almost nothing more than the placebo effect. Disregarding the sketchy clinical trials cited, the active ingredient is a protein compound (Aequorin) that gets broken down upon digestion into its component amino acids. While Aequorin certainly does bind calcium, even if it did survive digestion it is unlikely to pass the blood-brain barrier and is more likely to bind calcium in the body first. At best it is a dose of protein and, by the looks of the other ingredients, EDTA, which is known to chelate (ie., bind) calcium and other metal ions like iron. This could probably pass the blood-brain barried, however higher doses of EDTA (2 g/kg) are known to be toxic to lab rats and the quantity of EDTA in Prevagen is unreported. If the purported effects of Prevagen work as a placebo for you or your loved one, by all means, continue. Though in my opinion the best way to promote healthy brain function is through intake of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils. These have been rigorously proven to lower risks of depression, suicide, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, psoriasis, and even benefit pregnancies. These essential oils (EPA and DHA, specifically) can be taken as pills as well but do look for organic, ethically-farmed products.



    Thank you for your insite on this product. I too have studied biochemistry and feel the same should be said about the product. It is easy for some companies to claim the like, but not reviel the underlying…easy if one understands the language of chemisry… people ask questions and look up info before ypu buy anything!… oils as well as primrose is great….



    Oh you of little faith. I have been taking it and I remember street names that eluded me and can contribute to conversations. That is so nice. My mom said since she has been taking it she is doing all her crossword puzzles without looking in the back for answers. My daughter has been taking it and reports that she doesn’t feel the need to close doors and straighten silverware and everything else in sight (OCD). Whatever it does, it’s helpful. Unless you have a nee-d and have tried it you should keep your negative input to yourself. You are a nay-sayer. Too much learning and not enough life experience or graciousness. Good day!


  • 27

    How does it affect Calcium metabolism in bones? Jellyfish don’t have bones!


  • 28
    Maria Steiselboin

    A person with advance diseace like anzhaime this can help, or is too late?


  • 29
    Maria Steiselboin

    A person with anzhaimer deseace in advance state this can help? because she can’t talk o walk?


  • 30

    could this supplement help migraine headache or headache pain?


  • 31

    Since it is a dietary supplement,can’t you lose weight from it ?