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Revita FB is one of several weight loss products offered by Revita Labs Inc. This supplement is also known as Revita FB+ and sells via the official website for $36.50 for 62 capsules. As with many dietary supplements currently available, Revita FB is claimed to control appetite, boost metabolic rates, assist with breaking down fat and also to block fat from beings stored. The official website states that Revita FB “attacks fat.” It is mentioned that this weight loss drug is not approved by the FDA. Revita FB+ is supposed to be taken twice daily, one capsule in morning and one in the afternoon.

There are a number of key ingredients found in Revita FB. These are Citrus Aurantium (assists with fat burning), Guarana Seed Extract (boosts immune system), Caffeine (stimulant and diuretic that can increase energy), Vitamin B6, Chromium Polynictinate (helps burn fat), Vitamin B12, Catethin, White Willow Bark and Bioperine. The website specifies that users should be at least 21 years old. There are some product reviews presented on the website to support Revita FB+ capsules. Individuals should apparently consult a doctor for potential warnings prior to taking Revita FB supplements to assist with weight reduction. Unfortunately a manufacturer’s guarantee is not mentioned for this product.

List of Ingredients

Citrus Aurantium, Theobromine, Gelatin, Guarana Seed Extract, Caffeine, Raspberry Keytones, Vitamin B6, Chromium Polynictinate, Vitamin B12, Catethin, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, White Willow Bark and Bioperine.

Product Details

Similar to other diet drugs, Revita FB+ is a capsule supplement that’s marketed towards women and men who desire assistance with weight loss. It incorporates primary ingredients like Citrus Aurantium, Guarana Seed Extract, Caffeine, Chromium Polynictinate and White Willow Bark. Ideally, this diet drug will control appetite, boost metabolic rates, assist with breaking down fat and block fat from beings stored within the body. Clinical research and trials for Revita FB are not offered at this time. There is not a significant amount of information provided on the official website about the ingredients offered in Revita FB capsules.

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  • Revita FB is available to the public without a prescription.
  • Reviews for this diet drug are posted on the official website.
  • Revita FB contains beneficial ingredients like Vitamin B12 and B6.


  • No one under the age of 21 should take Revita FB+.
  • This diet drug contains the known stimulant and diuretic caffeine.
  • Details for the key active ingredients are not offered on the official website.
  • No money-back guarantee is mentioned for Revita FB capsules.
  • It’s noted that a doctor should be consulted before you take Revita FB.


When all is said and done, Revita FB aims to suppress appetite, burn fat and assist the metabolism like most other diet products. Whether or not this diet supplement is effective may vary from person to person. On the bright side, there are some reviews posted on the website, and Revita FB does contain a few beneficial ingredients. Then again, there is a warning on the website to consult a physician before taking Revita FB. In reality, it is wise to speak with your doctor before taking a relatively generic weight loss drug like Revita FB.

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