Rodial Crash Diet Sticks Review

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What You Should Know

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Rodial Crash Diet Sticks claim to boost weight loss and help rid the body of excess water. The company is not shy about the fact that they’ve included diuretics in the formula. Diuretics should not be used for extended periods as they can cause dehydration and potassium loss. Some products will include potassium in the formula to help balance electrolytes, but Rodial Crash Diet Sticks do not. Diuretics may help the scale budge just a bit, but as soon as the week or two is over and the dieter stops taking this supplement, the weight will return.

List of Ingredients


  • Guarana
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Green Tea
  • Meadowsweet
  • Cherry Stalk
  • Ash Leaf

Product Features

The first three ingredients on the list for Rodial Crash Diet Sticks are stimulants. These ingredients boost energy, heart rate and blood pressure. We immediately noticed the ingredient list did not show caffeine as an ingredient, despite the fact that guarana, green coffee bean extract and green tea all contain caffeine. There is no mention of how much of each of these ingredients is in the formula or if they are used as a source of caffeine.

The final three ingredients are all diuretics. Most companies don’t admit to using diuretics in weight loss formulas, but that is not the case with Rodial. Rodial clearly states the meadowsweet, cherry stalk and ash leaf are included because they are diuretics. We guess the name Crash Diet Sticks rings true.

Diuretics force water from the body and may cause an unhealthy imbalance of electrolytes. Dieters can choose to take one stick per day for two weeks or two sticks per day for one week. In both cases, the majority of the weight lost will be water weight, not fat.

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  • All ingredients for Rodial Crash Diet Sticks are listed online.
  • The product contains green tea, proven to boost metabolism.
  • May contain caffeine – also proven to boost weight loss and metabolism.


  • No specific amount of caffeine listed in the product description.
  • The company openly states the use of diuretics to promote weight loss.
  • May cause electrolyte imbalance.
  • May cause low potassium levels.
  • Should not be taken with prescription medications, especially diuretics and blood pressure medications.


Rodial Crash Diet Sticks contains stimulants and diuretics. Stimulants have a diuretic effect naturally, so adding more diuretics just increases water loss. Over time, diuretics use can lead to low potassium levels and muscle cramping. The weight a dieters loses taking this supplement will return as water weight later on.

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