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The Cleaner Review - 13 Things You Need to Know

The Cleaner is a full-body detoxification supplement that aims to expel harmful toxin buildups from the user’s body. This supplement claims that the formula will help remove toxic waste and buildups in the body, making way for healthier weight loss. However, many health experts say our bodies have a natural detox system that works very well without any need for expensive supplements.

Our research team did a lot of digging to determine whether or not there is any scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of the detox ingredients found in The Cleaner. Continue reading if you want to learn more about our findings.

The Cleaner can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is The Cleaner?

What is the Cleaner

The Cleaner comprehensively supports the body’s natural internal cleansing processes. This full-body detoxification supplement actively works to eliminate constipation, unnecessary waste buildup, and feelings of lethargy within a week. Containing a proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients, The Cleaner promotes healthy digestion and vitality while restoring balance to the entire system.

Rather than just claiming to promote waste elimination, The Cleaner takes action to properly clear the body of harmful toxins. Available in convenient capsule form, users simply ingest the pills daily to actively purge their systems. For any questions about the product, customers can contact the manufacturer directly by phone or mail at their Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.

120 Selig Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30336

Phone: 1-800-843-9662
Email: Sales@TheWoman.com

Offering multiple options, The Cleaner Detox allows users to choose the formulation that best fits their needs. Both 7-day and 14-day programs are available for cleansing both women’s and men’s bodies. While the body’s natural detoxification processes function adequately for some, our modern lifestyles actively increase toxin exposure through polluted air and chemicals in consumer products. To counteract this rising toxic load, The Cleaner supplements step in to actively support the body’s defenses.

Shoppers will find The Cleaner Detox varieties for sale through several major retailers. Both Walmart and Amazon actively sell the 7-Day Cleaner Women’s Formula, the 14-Day Cleaner Women’s Formula, the 7-Day Cleaner Men’s Formula, and the 14-Day Cleaner Men’s Formula. Prices start around $11 but can range up to $30 depending on the particular website or store supplying the supplements. With its multi-faceted approach and flexible options, The Cleaner Detox actively works to purge users’ bodies of accumulated pollution and waste.

  • National Institutes of Health – This government agency warns against any products labeled detoxes or cleanses. They go on to say, “some ‘detoxification’ programs can be unsafe and falsely advertised.”
  • Journal of Dietary Supplements – Finding research into detox supplements is relatively difficult. But, we found that research doesn’t support any claim that a detox can “improve body composition” or “waist circumference.”
  • Journal of Pediatric Surgery – There’s also not much research into senna’s overall safety in adults, but research in children is inconclusive.

The Cleaner Competitors

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Arbonne 7 Day Cleanse
Company Bio

How Did The Cleaner Start?

The Cleaner detox was released in 2011 from supplement manufacturer Century Systems, Inc. Century Systems, Inc has a BBB rating of “A+”. No reviews are available and no customer complaints have been filed on the BBB website.

Other products by Century Systems include: Years Plus, Miracle Oil, Male Drive, Good Hair, Heart Miracle, Miracle 2000, H.E.A.L. QUICK, and Miracle Lotion.


The Cleaner Ingredients

The Cleaner Ingredients

Below are some of the components included in The Cleaner 14-day cleanse:

  • Ginger root
  • Senna leaf
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Bentonite
  • Yellow dock root
  • Dandelion root
  • Clove
  • Black walnut bark
  • Milk thistle
  • Triphala extract
  • Elecampane root
  • Schizandra berry
  • Cat’s claw bark
  • Calcium citrate
  • FOS Probiotic Growth Complex
  • …and more

The Cleaner contains a total of 33 ingredients.

More Detail on The Cleaner Ingredients

Ginger root

Ginger is a member of the Zingiberaceae family, along with turmeric and cardamom. According to NCCIH, ginger root may be beneficial to digestion.

Senna leaf

Senna leaf is an over-the-counter laxative. Senna leaf is FDA approved; however, senna can interact with several prescription medications, including birth control.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a succulent that is often touted for its therapeutic properties. JNM Journal published research that found that aloe vera may treat constipation and lower blood sugar levels, but more research is needed.


Bentonite is clay made from volcanic ash, according to the Industrial Minerals Association. It is commonly used as a laxative.

Yellow dock root

Yellow dock root is an herb and an ingredient in laxatives.

Dandelion root

The dandelion root is often used in alternative medicine, but according to NCCIH, there is little evidence to support the dandelion root for weight loss.


The flowering buds of the clove tree are said to have medicinal properties. One study, published in the Journal of Natural Medicines, found that clove helped control blood sugar levels in mice with diabetes.

Black walnut bark

Black walnut is used as an alternative medicine to treat almost everything. There is insufficient evidence regarding black walnut’s safety and efficacy as a treatment for any medical condition.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is an herb best known for its ability to increase liver health. Milk thistle might have anti-obesity properties, but more research is needed.

Triphala extract

Triphala extract is an Ayurvedic medicine staple. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggests that Triphala extract has anti-obesogenic properties, but more human research is needed.

Elecampane root

Elecampane root, also known as elf dock or horse-heal, is used in alternative medicine to treat lung conditions, though there is no evidence to support these claims.

Schizandra berry

Schizandra berry comes from a vine and has five distinct flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, sour, and pungent.

Cat’s claw bark

Cat’s claw is derived from the bark of a vine that grows in tropical climates. There is little evidence to support cat’s claw for medicinal purposes, and some have reported several side effects associated with cat’s claw supplements. Side effects include migraines, digestive problems, and acute renal failure.

Calcium citrate

Calcium citrate is used to treat or prevent low calcium levels in the blood.


The Cleaner Benefits

Claimed benefits of The Cleaner include:

  • Fast-acting all-in-one formula
  • Remove body waste
  • Gentle
  • Internal cleansing support

How To Use The Cleaner

How to Use the Cleaner

You’ll take The Cleaner in stages. Take four capsules on the evening of day one. Take four capsules in the morning and again in the evening of days two through seven.

When taking this supplement, you will need to drink eight glasses of water, or the ingredients may build up and prove to be ineffective.


The Cleaner Price

The Cleaner detox supplement is available for purchase at many online retail websites, including Amazon, Rite Aid, Walmart, and other supplement and vitamin shops. On the official website, The Cleaner costs are:

  • The Cleaner Women’s Formula – 7 Day: $23.93
  • The Cleaner Women’s Formula – 14 Day: $34.93
  • The Cleaner Men’s Formula – 7 Day: $23.93
  • The Cleaner Men’s Formula – 14 Day: $34.93

On these websites, prices for the supplement range from $11 to almost $30, so many sure you shop around.

Side Effects

Potential Side Effects of The Cleaner

While there’s no mention of side effects from The Cleaner, there’s a chance some may notice side effects from The Cleaner ingredients, including:

  • Upset stomach
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Gas

Safety Concerns: While many people use detox supplements like The Cleaner, it’s crucial to be aware of potential side effects. Some detox pills might contain harmful ingredients or laxatives, which could lead to complications such as dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any detox regime.

Product Warnings

The Cleaner Warnings

The Cleaner warnings include:

  • The Cleaner should not be used by children below the age of twelve years.
  • Remember, this supplement contains psyllium, natural herbs, and senna. These products, though natural, have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • You should carefully read through the ingredients to understand them better.
  • Avoid the supplement altogether if you are allergic to any of the included ingredients or experience severe side effects.
  • Also, consult with your doctor before taking it, especially if you are on some other medication.
  • Do not extend use past seven days unless under your doctor’s prescription, and do not use if the bottle shows signs of interference, such as a broken seal.
  • Store The Cleaner products at a moderate temperature between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cleaner Lawsuits

There are no current lawsuits involving The Cleaner.

Customer Service

The Cleaner and Customer Service

They offer a no questions asked refund. However, you need to return the unused portion of the product to them. They will also include the price of standard post office shipping in your refund. You can contact their headquarters at 120 Selig Dr. SW Atlanta, GA, 30336 USA for all your customer service inquiries.

Phone number: 1800-THE-WOMAN (843-9662) or (404) 691-5619

You can also fax orders to 404-696-2480 between the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, email them at sales@thewoman.com, or use their contact form: https://www.healquick.com/pages/contact-us.


The Cleaner Alternatives

The Cleaner Alternatives

There are various detoxifying alternatives, which include:


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote wellbeing and overall health.

How Does it Work?

The oil is applied to your body during massage sessions. Massages are known to promote the adequate circulation of blood and enhance relaxation. You can also put the essential oils in your hot bathing water or use them as vaporizers.

Is it Effective?

Studies show that some essential oils can relieve the symptoms caused by toxins in your body.

Side Effects

Aromatherapy hardly presents side effects. However, some people may experience rash or skin irritation, which states the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine

Warm Lemon Water

Just like the name suggests. Warm lemon water is a lemon inside a glass of warm water.

How Does it Work?

Lemon water aids the flushing out of toxin build-up left because of the digestion process.

Is it Effective?

Lemon juice aids the breakdown of food.

Side Effects

Excess consumption of lemon juice can cause stomach upsets.

Turmeric Cleanse

Turmeric is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the ginger family.

How Does it Work?

A study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology indicates that it enhances metabolism and detoxifies the body, though it was performed on rats.

Is it Effective?

Studies show that turmeric aids digestion.

Side Effects

Excess consumption of turmeric may cause nausea, stomach upsets, Diarrhea, and dizziness.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This works to help detox your overall body. I didn’t quite get the results most ppl did while using. I only purchased once. I don’t think I would buy it again but maybe so just to see it does something different the next time.”

“These pills DONT WORK ! I used 8 in 2 days nothing didn’t make me wanna go to bathroom at all a waste of f*** money and won’t be a next time using them!!”

“I did a full on water fast all week, just eating low portion fruits and whole grains every couple hours while drinking upwards of a gallon of water each day. Was truly shocked to see I lost 36 lbs. Do it right and you’ll be satisfied with the results 100%.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on The Cleaner

The Cleaner is a supplement claiming to help the body detox and gently remove waste. The supplement contains ingredients that may cause a laxative effect. However, there is nothing in the mix that helps with weight loss.

What we look for in weight-loss support is a program, supplement, or exercise plan that works for real people with support and clinical testing, and we found one.

Among the best weight-loss apps we’ve encountered this year is Noom. We love that Noom works with nutrition professionals and medical doctors to create the best weight-loss experience and support on the market.

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The Cleaner

What is The Cleaner?

The Cleaner is a detox supplement in pill form that claims to promote the proper elimination of waste from the body.

How many types of The Cleaner are there?

There are four types of The Cleaner: The Cleaner Women’s Formula – 7 Day, The Cleaner Women’s Formula – 14 Day, The Cleaner Men’s Formula – 7 Day, and The Cleaner Men’s Formula – 14 Day.

Are there any potential side effects of The Cleaner?

While there’s no mention of side effects from The Cleaner, there’s a chance some may experience upset stomach, irregular bowel movements, or gas from the ingredients.

What are the ingredients in The Cleaner?

The Cleaner ingredients include zinc, Fibersol-2 soluble maltodextrin fiber, ginger root, senna leaf, aloe vera gel, bentonite, yellow dock root, dandelion root, clove, clack walnut bark, milk thistle seed, saw palmetto berry, triphala extract, bibhitaki fruit, schizandra berry, cat’s claw bark, Asian ginseng root, calcium citrate, fructo-oligosaccharides, magnesium citrate, sarsaparilla root, blessed thistle, red clover, plantain leaf, peppermint leaf, wormwood, soy fiber, oat bran, apple pectin, acacia gum, psyllium husk, goldenseal root, corn silk, microcrystalline cellulose and silica.

What is the active ingredient in The Cleaner?

Fibersol-2 soluble maltodextrin fiber is the active ingredient in The Cleaner.

Where can I buy The Cleaner?

The Cleaner can be purchased using their Official Site.

Does The Cleaner work?

There’s no scientific research proving The Cleaner is an effective weight-loss supplement. We did find some ingredients, like fiber and senna, that are backed by science. Unfortunately, the facts don’t support this formula.

What are the claimed benefits of The Cleaner?

The claimed benefits of The Cleaner include fast-acting all-in-one formula, removing body waste, being gentle, and providing internal cleansing support.

What is the price of The Cleaner?

On the official website, The Cleaner Women’s Formula – 7 Day costs $23.93, The Cleaner Women’s Formula – 14 Day costs $34.93, The Cleaner Men’s Formula – 7 Day costs $23.93 , and The Cleaner Men’s Formula – 14 Day costs $34.93. Prices for the supplement on other websites range from $11 to almost $30.

Where can you purchase The Cleaner?

The Cleaner can be purchased on many online retail websites, including Amazon, Rite Aid, Walmart, and other supplement and vitamin shops.

How do you use The Cleaner?

To use The Cleaner, you take four capsules on the evening of day one and four capsules in the morning and evening of days two through seven. You need to drink eight glasses of water while taking the supplement. The company recommends not taking more than eight per day. Each bottle contains a 7-day supply.

Who manufactures The Cleaner?

The Cleaner is manufactured by Century Systems, Inc.

When was The Cleaner released?

The Cleaner was released in 2011.

How much water should I drink on The Cleaner?

You should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day on The Cleaner.

Do I need to diet on The Cleaner?

No, you don’t need to diet on The Cleaner, but the company recommends clean eating to better results.

Does The Cleaner come with a guarantee?

Yes, The Cleaner comes with a guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund within 60 days.

What does the Cleaner Detox do?

The Cleaner Detox is designed to help cleanse the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and more.

Is The Cleaner a laxative?

The Cleaner is a dietary supplement that claims to help cleanse and detoxify the body. It contains natural herbs, such as senna and cascara sagrada, which have laxative effects. While it is not specifically marketed as a laxative, it can provide relief from constipation and promote regularity.

Do health experts recommend using The Cleaner?

Many health experts say our bodies have a natural detox system that works very well without any need for expensive supplements.

How can you contact Century Systems, Inc.?

You can contact Century Systems, Inc. by mail at PO Box 43725 Atlanta, GA 30336-0725, or by phone at (800) 843-9662.

Can taking "The Cleaner" lead to cramps or other adverse reactions?

While “The Cleaner” contains more than 25 herbs, it’s rare for individuals to experience negative side effects. However, like any other natural substance such as strawberries or peanuts, some may have an allergic or unfavorable response to certain ingredients.

Can "The Cleaner" help with drug tests by removing illicit drugs from the system?

“The Cleaner” is not formulated for this purpose. It’s crucial to note that:
– Drugs can have detrimental effects on your job, health, family, and overall life.
– Instead of relying on costly products that claim to cleanse your system for drug tests, it’s healthier and more effective to hydrate and take vitamins, particularly those high in B vitamins.
– It’s essential to be aware that THC, present in marijuana, is fat-soluble and not easily removed from the system. It’s best to abstain from drug use.

Is "The Cleaner" made from natural ingredients?

Absolutely, it’s 100% natural.

Does "The Cleaner" contain organic components?

While “The Cleaner” has some organic elements, not all ingredients are organic. Those consuming only raw, organic foods might not require “The Cleaner”. However, if your diet includes processed foods and cooked meats, “The Cleaner” might be beneficial for you.

What's the age recommendation for using "The Cleaner"?

Individuals should be 12 years or older to use this supplement.

Is it safe to use "The Cleaner" during a fasting period?

Yes, it is. In fact, starting “The Cleaner” just before or during the initial fasting days can be beneficial. Using it can minimize some fasting side effects, like bad breath or body odor, by assisting in the removal of toxins and waste.

Are there dietary restrictions while taking "The Cleaner"?

For optimal results, it’s advised to avoid consuming sweets, bread, and meats. If bread consumption is necessary, opt for dense, full-grain bread over processed varieties. Although “The Cleaner” will still function if you consume these foods, its efficiency can be enhanced by abstaining.

116 The Cleaner Reviews

  • it cleanses your system
    Percella (Verified Purchase)

    I was hopeful that this would be a great kick start to healthier eating. Within 3 days I could feel a difference in my energy level. It does what it says….it cleanses your system. If there’s cramping, skip a dose. Make healthy food choices and drink plenty water.

  • The Cleaner
    Sheila (Verified Purchase)

    The cleanser worked wonders on me I think every one is getting confused on what exactly it does for the body it is not meant to be used as a weight loss supplement it is used to clean the body of toxins which in some cases can help on lose a few pounds from the removal of the waste. It will make you have bowel movements several times a day depending on your body; also it may cramp the stomach a little for it is removing all the junk that does not get digested and is sitting in you intestines and stomach colon and so on. If you want to lose weight then you need to change your diet and exercise.

    • Val

      Totally agree with ur comment

      • Skye

        I agree with you Shelia. Perfectly said.

    • Your Name

      Agree indeed!!

  • cleaner works very well
    Simone (Verified Purchase)

    I have no complaints, the cleaner works very well. What consumers do not realize is that it’s designed to cleanse your body it’s not for weight loss. It’s states possible leaf weight loss with eliminating all the waste. You are also suppose to change your diet while taking the cleaner. You cannot eat or should not eat any processed foods.. to many people seek supplements for weight loss….go the he gym .Basically if your seeking weight loss this is not for you.

    • Carl

      It’s a great all natural product. Keep in mind that it is for detoxification not for weight loss. I lost weight by exercising and eating right. Once I was close to my ideal weight I used The Cleaner and I lost a few more waste pounds. Once again, this is not for losing a whole lot of weight! You also have to change your eating habits. You can’t eat junk food and try to cleanse at the same time, it doesn’t match. Eating junk food will also make you sick while using this product, this is where the side effects come into play. I’ve never had a problem with this product, and don’t mind using it again.

  • It works if you drink water!
    Anna (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing, it off Amazon. I’m on my fourth day…thankfully I’m off this week. It works if you drink plenty of water. I will be using it again soon!

  • This works great ! 5 stars !
    Dottie (Verified Purchase)

    This product works great. I was having horrible gas, bloating and felt terrible. It was so bad my husband told me I needed a cleanse. I didn’t have one in mind however the sales person suggested the cleaner. I took it exactly how it stated and drank lots of water. I could night believe the amount of bowel movements and the smell. No wonder my husband stopped sleeping with me. This product works if you need a cleanse. I give it twenty stars. My husband wants to take the cleanse. 5 stars

  • Isabel R

    Works like no other, try it it’s well worth it. I had bowl movements each time I are and lost 6
    lbs in one week.

  • CC

    I have no complaints

  • This product works!
    mary m (Verified Purchase)

    I had parasites and slight candida….I have been using the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse – I first took 6 pills right away – WORMS GONE. I noticed when I elimated alot of dead worms and those round like parasites…..they are also super gentle on my system. I didnt even use the whole Lady Soma bottle…i still have it in my drawer cause it cleared me up right away….

  • I love the product
    Ms Q (Verified Purchase)

    I was absolutely amazed at how great this product worked. I loved it!! At the end of my seven days I could see and feel the results. The bottle top says “it works” and it really did for me.

  • Believe It Works
    Keith (Verified Purchase)

    I just started using The Cleaner. I believe it works. As instructed, you should drink plenty of water (as with any detoxing). You will have to use the restroom often, so beware. I am committed to exercising, so it has not impacted my routine. If you are on medication, it is ALWAYS BEST TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. This is only a website blog.

  • The Cleaner
    Veronica (Verified Purchase)

    Love it the very best product ever.?

  • Great results my only concern
    Olasade (Verified Purchase)

    I started the cleaner on a Thursday night by Saturday I eliminated 6xs I did not like the color of my stool but it was 20 years since I took any laxative. Today is Sunday my stool started to become watery so I reduce to 2 pills in the AM. I weigh in and measured. Great results my only concern is the color of the stool.

  • This product works great
    Mr Bob (Verified Purchase)

    This product works great. Anyone who had no success with it is either way too toxic, way too fat looking for a miracle flush, or needs serious medical attention, or is not drinking enough room temp water with a squirt of lemon.

  • Astonished to See These Reviews
    Lisa (Verified Purchase)

    I am completely astonished by these reviews, because this detox worked wonders for me. IF YOU USE IT THE WAY THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY.. It gave me a great start on my diet, I eliminated so much waste including visible parasites. I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES!! I even took a picture to show my family and friends, to recommend they try it just in case they had parasites lingering in their body. If you do decide to try this product for yourself, don’t b afraid to examine your feces closely you may be surprised.

    • Your Name


      • oops


    • Your Name

      Thanks for sharing

    • Emily

      Ta loca!!

  • Release One Time
    Jerome (Verified Purchase)

    It allowed me to release one time and after that Nothing!

  • it worked amazingly
    Cam (Verified Purchase)

    I used this product and it worked amazingly for me. When I took it the first day, I saw nothing but each day afterwards, I saw a lot of parasites coming out of me. I would recommend drinking lots of water when using this product. In fact, I went on a fast for a couple of days, and I shed a lot of weight. I would recommend staying close to a bathroom when using it, trust me, you’re gonna need one. On the 7th day I was totally grossed out by what came out… But cravings were gone, I felt lighter, and better than before. I don’t know what these other people are doing when they took this. Maybe they’re still eating hot dogs wings and soda, but I would recommend to eat a more plant based diet, juice, or drink smoothies. I would definitely recommend this for anyone trying to get a jump on correcting their health.

    • Shakira

      Hey nice review. Just curious as to if you think I can pair this with the 10day green smoothie cleanse?

  • I will recommend this product to any adult who wants to be for healthy.
    crystal (Verified Purchase)

    I have tried The Cleaner and now I’m doing it again in 2014. This stuff really works! Be aware…you will constantly have to go to the bathroom and you will need to drink the recommend amount of water that is suggested. If you have any pains or watery stools, do not use this product because it does contain Senna and other dietary fibers. You can lose pounds from these pills and do your normal routine but if you are trying to diet or be more healthy, you will need to change your eating habits and exercise. Overall, I will recommend this product to any adult who wants to be for healthy. I told my husband and he also likes this product as well.

    • emmanuel

      Is thes cleaners well not harm may health..?i just wanted to know..

  • I want to try it, is there any side effects of it?

    Hi am 25 an weigh 200 pounds hav no kidsis there any side effects I want 2 try the product

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Sheri. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • It is awesome!
    josie (Verified Purchase)

    I used this product and OMG IT WORKS! I was a little taken back about having to take 8 pills a day but it worked! I’ve taken a high amount of healthy bathroom runs and was astonished when i actually saw PARASITES IN MY poo. It still amazes me and I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family. I feel so healthy and clean now and have lost inches off my stomach. It’s awesome! For sure try and make sure to drink a lot of water!

    • Monii

      Does it balance female hormones like it proclaims for the”hers”. I just purchased a 14 day cleanse and am ready to start as I have been fighting endometriosis for 6 months. I don’t like traditional medicine and am looking to clean my pallet and start on herbal and natural remedies to win this battle. Anyone else use it for this purpose?

  • The cleaner for exercise?
    Shakeam Bernabela

    Can I excercise on the cleaner like speed walk,pushups,pullups,and wear the slendertone ab belt?

    • lorna vanhorne


    • Rin

      Yes, u sure can! But be ready to use the bathroom, because exercising already helps your body release harmful toxins and this pill amplifies that. But I have gone to the gym and then came straight home and had to release. I love these pills. They work! They do cramp you sometimes, but drinking water will help, but you do get rid of a lot of stool and you’ll be wondering where it is all coming from!!! I recommend.

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