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By Summer Banks Aug 28, 2017

We’re hearing a lot of buzz around The Cleaner body-detox supplement, so we did an in-depth review, examining the side effects, ingredients, scientific studies and overall customer service. Furthermore, we sorted through many comments posted on the web. Finally, we condensed everything to give you the bottom line.

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What is The Cleaner?

First off, The Cleaner is a detox supplement that has psyllium husks, goldenseal root, FOS probiotic growth complex, black walnut bark, dandelion root, apple pectin, oat bran, aloe vera gel, senna leaf, yellow dock root, Fibersol, bentonite, ginger root, soy fiber, cornsilk and peppermint leaf. [1][2] This one is available in four different formulas, two for women and two for men. The 7-day products are $17.95 each and the 14-day are $29.95. The purpose of The Cleaner is to detoxify the body, flush out waste and toxins, increase weight-loss, boost immune system health and minimize constipation and bloating/gas. Though you may not want to take this one on the go, the bottle is portable.

The Cleaner has been around since 2011 via Century Systems Inc. The supplements contain all sorts of natural plant extracts. You can purchase these products directly from the company website and there is a satisfaction guarantee provided, but read on…

Lack of Results – “Should You Worry?”

The first thing we noticed was a lack of results with The Cleaner ingredients. According to our Research Editor, “There are so many supplements that claim to cleanse the digestive system, blood and organs, but not many are backed by actual scientific studies. [3] The Cleaner is not supported by any real clinical facts. This is evident when looking at the customer feedback and official website.” [4]

One user stated, “Didn’t even make me burp, cleansed nothing here. Two thumbs down for this product.”

Another said, “Can I get a refund? Followed directions. Exercised 90 minutes every day. Lots of water. On 4th day. Same amount of BMs as before. Oh, but I gained 3 pounds.”

A satisfied customer said, “This job definitely does what is promised and that is clean.”

The Cleaner Customer Testimonials

The Cleaner Side Effects – “Uh Oh”

Numerous customers experienced The Cleaner side effects while using the product. Here is what one said, “It made me sick I end up in Urgent care with bad allergy attack.”

“This product was hell on my body. I’m stopping on day 3 because of what it did to my stomach,” offered another user.

We also found a user who suggested dietary changes to reduce the risk of side effects. [5] She said, “If you start the cleanse, please…….only eat fruits and veggies.” [6]

We’ve gathered from our intense research that if there is a single aspect of a weight-loss program that is very problematic (no clinical studies, side effects, high price tag) the probability of real long-term success is rather minimal. This means if The Cleaner supplement does lead to adverse reactions in numerous people, this may be a serious issue.

The Science – “Validated With Research?”

After taking a close look at the official website for The Cleaner, it’s clear that no documented scientific studies are available for this product. Since us at DietSpotlight need to see published clinical evidence supporting weight-loss formulas and ingredients, we cannot stand behind this supplement.

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The Bottom Line – Does The Cleaner Work?

Alrighty then, what’s the final take on this one ladies and gentlemen? It’s obvious that many dieters are looking for fast weight-loss results. The Cleaner is a product that is claimed to work in 1-2 weeks. However, since there is no real science to support this supplement, we have reservations about recommending it. You should also be aware that many customers complained of side effects like constipation and diarrhea while using it. [7]

Those who wish to slim down and shed pounds of fat more quickly, we suggest you try going with a weight-loss supplement that does not cause harmful side effects, contains proven ingredients and works well for the long term.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Dietspotlight Burn. Its formula blends four ingredients, clinically-tested, with results found in publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Journal of Medicine.

Also, we’re so confident in our supplement, that we’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Previous The Cleaner Review (Updated November 18, 2014):

The Cleaner: What You Should Know

The Cleaner is a whole body cleanse supplement that offers different formulas for women and men. We could not find an official website for Century Systems, the creator of The Cleaner, but reliable information was available through a trusted online retailer. The Cleanser whole body cleanse is followed for 14 days, typical of most body cleansers.

List of Ingredients in the Cleaner

For Her: Psyllium Husks, Apple Pectin, Soy Fiber, Oat Bran, Ginger Root, Peppermint Leaf, Schizandra Berry Extract, Calcium Citrate, Gun Acacia, Milk Thistle Extract, Magnesium Citrate, Elecampagne Root Extract, Bentonite, Fibersol Maltodextrin Fiber, Senna Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Yellow Dock Root, Dandelion Root Extract, Clove, Black Walnut Bark, Chastetree Berry, Dong Quai Root Extract, Caprylic Acid, Triphala Extract, Cat's Claw Bark, FOS Probiotic Growth Complex, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover Extract, Wormwood, Goldenseal Root Extract and Cornsilk. We like The Cleaner is laced with aloe vera, as it can help patients with early or untreated diabetes mellitus, reduce the body weight, body fat mass and insulin resistance. What's not to love about aloe vera! For Him: Psyllium Husks, Apple Pectin, Soy Fiber, Oat Bran, Ginger Root, Peppermint Leaf, Schizandra Berry Extract, Calcium Citrate, Gun Acacia, Milk Thistle Extract, Magnesium Citrate, Elecampagne Root Extract, Bentonite, Fibersol Maltodextrin Fiber, Senna Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Yellow Dock Root, Dandelion Root Extract, Clove, Black Walnut Bark, Chastetree Berry, Dong Quai Root Extract, Caprylic Acid, Triphala Extract, Cat's Claw Bark, FOS Probiotic Growth Complex, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover Extract, Wormwood, Goldenseal Root Extract and Cornsilk.

Product Features

The Cleaner Men's and Women's formula are exactly the same. We cannot figure out why the company would produce two different labels for a product that offers no additional female or male support respectively. Proprietary blends are used in both cases and all mg are the same. The list of ingredients is very common filled with fiber sources like Psyllium Husks, Oat Fiber, Soy Fiber and Apple Pectin. There are also a number of diuretics like Dandelion Root and Yellow Dock Root. Wormwood is supposed to cleanse parasites from the body and Aloe Vera is a mild laxative. Senna leaf is also a laxative. In terms of cleansing the body, The Cleaner offers nothing more than a mild laxative and strong diuretic effect. The key behind most cleanses is to detox the body and then force the toxins out. In this light, The Cleaner is perfectly formulated. For weight loss, however, there are no benefits we could find from any of the listed ingredients. The Cleaner sells for $29.99 for both men and women, not a surprise as they are the same formula. With no official website, other online vitamin shops are the only source of the supplement.


  • Common detox ingredients including diuretics and laxatives.
  • Comparably priced with other cleansers.


  • Cleansing the body will not result in lasting weight loss.
  • No official website.
  • Male and female formulas are the same.

Conclusion About the Cleaner

Some dieters feel they need to cleanse the body before starting a new diet. If cleansing is an option, following the cleanse with probiotics, similar to Accuflora, is important as natural laxatives can deplete good bacteria in the intestine and colon.

The Cleaner claims to be the "Ultimate Body Detox." In order for this to be true, the ingredient list would have to offer something new or revolutionary. When you go to the FAQs section and click the question about what's in it, the answer doesn't give any details.

The Cleaner Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 56
Amount per Serving% DV
Proprietary Blend1750mg*
- Fibersol-2**
- Ginger Root**
- Senna Leaf Extract**
- Aloe Vera Gel**
- Bentonite**
- Yellow Dock Root**
- Dandelion Root**
- Clove**
- Black Walnut Bark**
- Chastetree Berry**
- Dong Quai Root Extract**
- Milk Thistle Seed Extract**
- Caprylic Acid**
- Triphala Extract**
- Bibhitaki Fruit**
- Haritaki**
- Elecampane Root**
- Schizandra Berry Extract**
- Cat's Claw Bark**
- Calcium Citrate**
- FOS Probiotic Growth Complex**
- Magnesium Citrate**
- Blessed Thistle**
- Red Clover 4:1**
- Peppermint Leaf**
- Wormwood**
- Soy Fiber**
- Oat Bran**
- Apple Pectin**
- Acacia Gum**
- Psyllium Husk**
- Goldenseal Root Extract**
- Corn Silk**

Other Ingredients: None

We looked into The Cleaner ingredients in order to give you the information you need.

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium husk [1] is a fiber derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata. It is water-soluble and can easily be made into a gel.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

Psyllium is commonly consumed through supplements as a laxative. However, it is also thought to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol, LDL, and glucose levels in the blood.

Clinical Research

According to the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, “…[black walnut has] favourable effect of various fibres and particularly of psyllium, on body weight reduction and satiety, on cholesterol and tryglycerides levels…” However, these effects were seen on patients who suffer from metabolic syndrome, so there is not any information on any other individuals’ possible weight-loss.

Goldenseal Root

Goldenseal root is a dried herb used in many herbal remedies and supplements. Some of its benefits are thought to be because of berberine, a chemical in the plant.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

Goldenseal root [2] is often consumed as a way to provide a false negative in drug tests, though it has been proven to be ineffective. Other uses include treatments for the common cold, skin infections, and eye inflammation.

Clinical Research

In an article written and posted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, goldenseal has scientific evidence of being effective as a treatment for immune system issues, respiratory problems, wounds, and infections. Significant research is not available on the statement that goldenseal could be a weight-loss agent or even an effective laxative.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a weed that has become an important ingredient in many herbal supplements. It contains many vitamins and minerals, which can benefit overall health.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

In traditional medicine, dandelion root is used to treat stomach problems, decrease swelling, ease heartburn, and improve skin problems.

Clinical Research

According to The Journals for Nurse Practitioners, the dandelion root is considered a “balanced diuretic” that can be “added [to] food [to] increase fiber and expand dietary plant base.” No evidence suggests that it can be used as a way to improve weight-loss.

Black Walnut Bark

The black walnut is native to North America. The bark of the tree it grows on is considered highly valuable, especially for its deep brown color.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

Some companies claim that black walnut can be consumed as a cure for cancer.

Clinical Research

According to an article published in WebMD, the black walnut’s medicinal effects are widely undocumented, which meant its potential thermogenic qualities are unknown.

We’ve looked high and low for the best supplement on the market. Our favorite is Dietspotlight Burn. It works with ingredients that have been clinically shown to help boost metabolism, curb hunger and spark energy.

The Cleaner Side Effects:

The Cleaner is a diet supplement that is supposed to act as a detox and flush out the waste in your body. Though side effects don’t always happen, we wanted to show you these user comments to prove they still happen.


“The cramping was very intense. I would just grab my stomach…”    Nita


“My stomach was cramping so bad that I was crying. The cramps did not subside at all for four hours straight. I was in so much pain, and crying. It pain got so bad I ended up throwing up.”    Heather


“My stomach was cramping SO bad.”    Phil


“A whole week of having the runs and woke up like at 1 am in the morning a couple times and had to run to the bathroom.”    Megan


“Severe stomach cramping… It was an uncomfortable feeling that lasted for 1-2 days after consuming the pills.”    Anderson


“It did make me extremely crampy and bloated.”    Jennifer


“It gave me minor stomach pains and bowel movements within an hour after eating every meal. ”    Emily


“I did experience slight cramping and excessive gas.”    Mary


“Terrible cramps and abdominal pain throughout the day and night, unpredictable bowel movements, and horrible gas were the consequences of trying to detox my body with The Cleaner.”    Thomas


“In bed sick to my stomach, can’t eat, very tired, and dizzy.”    Jill


Among weight-loss solutions, herbal supplements are thought to be the safer option, although this is not true. All of them have the potential for some issues. Though The Cleaner side effects are rare, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real some individuals.


According to the Mayo Clinic, “Dehydration occurs when you use or lose more fluid than you take in, and your body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions” [1]. Although dehydration can occur at different levels, it is important to consult a doctor if it reaches a dangerous level. Other symptoms of dehydration include sticky mouth, sleepiness, thirst, dry skin, headache, and dizziness.

What causes dehydration?

Some common causes of dehydration may include hot weather, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, and not drinking enough water.

Irregular Bowel Movements

Irregular bowel movements can be characterized by a change in regular visits to the restroom. This can either mean it is more frequent or occurs too little often. It can also consist of a change in consistency or color.

What causes irregular bowel movements?

Many medications and herbal supplements can cause a change in bowel movements. There are also a number of underlying disorders or conditions that can have this effect.


Constipation is a condition in which an individual’s bowel movements are difficult to pass, occur less frequently, and are hard and lack enough water. It can be painful and can be quite an uncomfortable experience [2].

What causes constipation?

Possible causes of constipation may include laxatives, stress, dehydration, a lack of fiber, dairy products, medications, pregnancy, and more.

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are the abnormal patterns of the heart’s contractions, which can be felt in the chest and may be painful.

What causes heart palpitations?

Heart palpitations can be caused by abnormalities in the nervous system, mental illnesses that can affect the heart, like anxiety or panic disorders, a lack of circulation, and other heart related disorders.

The Cleaner side effects are not guaranteed, but there have been reports of dehydration, irregular bowel movements, constipation, and heart palpitation, just to name a few off of the list. To protect yourself from potential problems, it is always the best idea to consult with your physician before taking any supplement, especially if you’re taking prescription medications, are under 18, have a medical condition of any kind or are pregnant or nursing.

The Cleaner Scientific Abstracts:

Psyllium Husks

Total cholesterol had been greatly reduced from 252+/-39mg/dl prior to treatment to 239+/-37mg/dl following 3 weeks of treatment. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol had reduced from 174+/-34 to 162+/-31mg/dl throughout the study. Gastrointestinal issues had been noted more frequently at the end of the study than the beginning. Psyllium husk could be a therapeutic choice for individuals who suffer from mild to moderately high cholesterol levels. The gastrointestinal adverse effects linked with the preparation seem to be transient in some patients. [1]

Ginger Root

Data from studies suggest that ginger, along with its constituents, gather in the gastrointestinal tract. This supports a plethora of observations of ginger’s anti-nausea activities as well as a possible colon cancer preventative. In conclusion, ginger has been observed containing a wide range of pharmacological traits, but ginger’s specific biological targets are widely unknown. However, ginger’s use seems to be safe and its effects are significant and amazing within a range of applications. [2]


There had been substantial delays in hunger as well as elevated satiety for 1.5 to 2 hours following treatment of 10g Fibersol-2. These delays had not occurred following ingestion of 0 or 5 Fibersol-2 at any given time. 5 g of Fibersol-2 and control had not suppressed elevations in hunger during postmeal. Hunger scores raised and satiety scores had reduced greatly (P < .05) at every point in time relative to initial postmeal observations. Plasma peptide YY as well as glucagon was greatly elevated by ingestion of food alongside tea containing 10g fibersol-2 in comparison with 0 or 5 g Fibersol-2 (P < .05). The study had shown that 10g Fibersol-2 along with a meal had stimulated satiety hormones and elevated satiety. [3]


Clove was found to have a higher in vitro antioxidant power than thyme. There had been mirrored results observed in ground beef as well, using 2-thiobarbituric acid value. EOs (essential oils) of clove displayed remarkable amounts of antioxidant activity within ground beef than the essential oils of thyme. This had resulted in clove being observed as a valuable antioxidant in meat products. [4]

Soy Fiber

There had been substantial changes in body weight, body mass index and LDL cholesterol between the participant groups following a 12 week intervention (p < 0.05). The body weight changes, body mass index, waist circumference, serum levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, diastolic blood pressure, body fat, glucose, and trunk fat of the subjects had been observed substantially following 12 weeks. In conclusion, soy fiber had positive effects on body weight, body mass index and fasting LDL cholesterol levels in obese and overweight adults. The effects of soy fiber could be a helpful tool in anti-obesity as well as the improvement of hyperlipidemia and hypertension. [5]

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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The Cleaner

What are the side effects of The Cleaner?

Some potential side effects of The Cleaner, based on customer reviews, are dehydration, irregular bowel movements, abdominal pain, constipation, heart palpitations, gas, bloating, loose stools and diarrhea.

What is in The Cleaner?

The Cleaner ingredients are zinc, Fibersol-2 soluble maltodextrin fiber, ginger root, senna leaf, aloe vera gel, bentonite, yellow dock root, dandelion root, clove, clack walnut bark, milk thistle seed, saw palmetto berry, triphala extract, bibhitaki fruit, schizandra berry, cat’s claw bark, Asian ginseng root, calcium citrate, fructo-oligosaccharides, magnesium citrate, sarsaparilla root, blessed thistle, red clover, plantain leaf, peppermint leaf, wormwood, soy fiber, oat bran, apple pectin, acacia gum, psyllium husk, goldenseal root, corn silk, microcrystalline cellulose and silica.

How do I know if The Cleaner is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

What is the active ingredient in The Cleaner?

The active ingredient in The Cleaner is Fibersol-2 soluble maltodextrin fiber.

Does The Cleaner work?

There’s no scientific research proving The Cleaner is an effective weight-loss supplement. We did find some ingredients, like fiber and senna, that are backed by science. Unfortunately, the facts don’t support this formula.

How much does a bottle of The Cleaner cost?

A bottle of The Cleaner costs $17.95. The 14-day formula is $29.95

How do you take The Cleaner?

You take four capsules of The Cleaner on the evening of the first day and four more pills in the morning and evening of the second to seventh day. The company recommends not taking more than eight per day. Each bottle contains a 7-day supply.

Who makes The Cleaner?

The makers of The Cleaner is Century Systems.

How much water should I drink on The Cleaner?

You should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day on The Cleaner.

Do I need to diet on The Cleaner?

No, you don’t need to diet on The Cleaner, but the company recommends clean eating to better results.

Does The Cleaner come with a guarantee?

Yes, The Cleaner comes with a guarantee. You can return the product for a full refund within 60 days.

Before trying The Cleaner, you may want to consider Dietspotlight Burn. It contains clinically researched ingredients, which we like.

The Cleaner Reviews

Leave a comment or review

Cheri (Verified User)

Being someone who barely “goes” everyday and does her best to eat correctly and walk every day I have for years been constipated. I started feeling heavy in my waist area and am tired of always being told to eat more fiber.I bought this product and watched videos and read the reviews. I’m on my 3rd day, the start of the second day within a few hours I WENT and flushed twice . The relief is amazing , today being the 3rd day in the am I only took 2 due to the looseness of the movements. I can only guess the reason why people are feeling sick is because they are not drinking enough water. 8-10 full glasses a day is a lot of water to make a habit of. I also noticed my clothes fit better around my waist . I will continue to take the pills until gone and then see how I am afterwards. I’m hoping that it does what it says and cleans all the organs it says that it does and I can go normally on a daily basis after that ….. fingers crossed & prayers

  Detox assisted with toxin passage after prolonged virus
Sue (Verified User)

I have eaten green for most of my life and was extremely athletic until several months ago when I got very ill from a mosquito borne illness during my travels. I started this detox to help me recover, as all of my labwork had returned to normal and I had regained some of my energy again with the help of supplements and rest. My lymph nodes became progressively more swollen and painful in my axilla, starting on day two and by day three I had three superficial and one deep noted in both axilla. I became very bloated with constipation, so much that I couldn’t fit into a majority of my pants or shorts. It made me move again as the warm compresses and extra water was not quite enough. I became concerned that my system couldn’t handle it due to the lymph node swelling or perhaps I was having an allergic reaction, but I had no other symptoms of an allergy. I increased my fluids to 4-6 liters a day and starting swimming, rowing, and jogging after months of inactivity. Day 4 I had multiple large bowel movements, and then one large one again today on day 6. As I end my detox, my breasts are no longer painful as they had become with menses over time, and my lymph nodes are barely swollen. Still a little constipated but I never went up to the 8 tablets at one time due to the my lymph nodes. My take on is that I believe that it helped to detox this illness. At one point it was contended that I had a myocarditis during my illness and makes sense that I would have swollen lymph nodes in my armpits, or axilla, as the virus had penetrated my chest. We know from blood work that my other symptoms were working properly and that my body could handle this detox. I didn’t expect to lose weight as I have eaten green for over 20 years until the past three months as my stomach couldn’t tolerate it. If you haven’t eaten clean, I suspect you will lose some weight. Regardless it made me work out again and increase water intake which is essential to this detox and lymph movement.

  About to start my Cleanse Today
diana (Verified User)

It does not say what to eat during the cleanse. I am about to start my cleanse this evening


I’ve been happy with my vowel movements so far, I don’t go on a regular bases and Mr Clean is surly cleaning me out .
Tell us your thoughts about The Cleaner.

   I am a diabetic have high blood pressure
earline bastian

I am in my early 50’s I am a diabetic have high blood pressure on Crestor and had heart surgery 2 year ago is it safe for me to take this product

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Earline! The label states to contact your doctor if you’re taking prescription medications.


i have big question. can i take the medication on my pregnancy time


Hi Susan! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product especially if you are pregnant.

  remove all medications
Scheryl Sledge-Gonzalez

I have bought the product and am ready to use. Mt question is will it impede the pain medication I take due to a surgically repaired back? My doctor said to ask you if it will remove all medications from my system if I take it since I must take the pain medications daily.

Jennifer Quidetto

I felt as if I was in withdrawl and had to stop the cleanse after day 3. It’s day 5 and my Fentynl patches isn’t working. 🙁

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Scherly. Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

Concerned user

Can someone let me know if it’s normal side effect to NOT poop after getting off these pills? I stopped and haven’t pooped in 3 days even though I’ve had plenty of fiber. Is this because the cleaner got rid of everything and my body is trying to keep everything in for a while?!


Everyone always turns to fiber. Go to your whole foods or vitamin shoppe and get a super green foods powder. You can mix it with water. I mix mine with a vanilla protein powder to cover the taste. Start with one in the morning, then 2 a day, then 3 a day depending on your body. I do 1 at breakfast but if i have been eating unhealthy I do 2-3 a day. It is filled with greens and will surely help you stay regular. Good luck!

Willie Dillard

My doctor told me to much fiber, will constipate you me I stop eating meat 6 days a week fish on fri. But baked a lot of green vegetables. Lot of water that’s the key to keep u going regular.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects. You may consider drinking more water to add to your fiber intake. If you’re looking for a weight loss supplement, you may want to check out Dietspotlight Burn.


My first time using this and it really works. I strayed away from what I was told in the first two days and ate some greasy foods which caused me to have bad cramps one day. I’ve lost inches around my waist, It’s visible in my clothing 🙂
I would recommend this to all my friends, it works but you shouldn’t eat any greasy foods and drink lots of water. Next time I will use when I’m on vacation, I would rather be home where I can use my bathroom with ease (the odours aren’t nice :cry:)
I feel so light like I can hop an skip with ease I’m not feeling heavy and bloated like before. I love it!

Willie Dillard

What did you eat bc meat I don’t care 4 and I don’t use grease at home. I would like to know what did u eat to help u


I bought this product which the sales person recommend and I’m glad I bought. I have been wanting to do a complete cleanse. This is a great product if you are wanting a complete cleanse. It does the JOB and I feel lighter but feel really good. I’m pleased!

Mike Lopez

It made me sick. Day 3 I stopped using the cleaner in the morning . I had a adomino pain, diarrhea, occasional chest pains I felt very weak and tired all the time. I’m 40 years old 180 pounds 6’0 and I go jogging three times a week. I will not take this product ever again.


I wish I would have read these reviews before I took the first dose. I will throw this away!! Money lost. The rep in the Vitamin Shoppe said this product was great! People research first before we take any meds. Thanks for posting…I don’t won’t to go thru any issues!


This is not my first time using the Cleaner, it really works for me. It seems as if once I started getting older I start having problems going to the bathroom. So I went to the drug store looking for something mile that wouldn’t give me cramps. So I try the Cleaner and it works. I’ve noticed that my waist line has down size because I had to go to the 4th hole on my belt. So just like many of the other ladies if you use it right it does work.


Haven’t pooped since I started. Something must be wrong


It was recomended to me by the sales associate at GNC the second day it worked my size 18 is now very loose after 6 days

Ashley Nave

I have tried The Cleaner about 3 times before. I purchased it at the Rite Aid Pharmacy. It worked alright and helped eliminate a lot of crammed up waste or toxins from my body. Some strange or weird stuff came from my urine, too. The Woman’s Cleaner Product might also help women who have problems vaginal yeast/bacterial vaginal infections because of the healthy probiotic as well as with bladder infections and GI tract issues. I have had these problems as well as gynecological issues with ovarian cyst and Mennorhiaga-metorrhaigia that have a linkage with heavy or prolonged bleeding.

Your TW



I am a physique competitor and I use The Cleaner before starting my contest prep to detox from processed foods and sugar. First, this is NOT a diet supplement. It is a detox. Second, you MUST drink enough water. If you’re not eliminating then it’s probable that you’re not drinking enough water OR you are seriously backed up. Same with the cramping people mention–you may be dehydrated. Again you NEED to drink copious amounts of water (at least 32 oz with each dose). Now, the more water you drink and the more waste you have WILL have you spending a bit of time in the bathroom but it’s usually twice a day—the night dose kicks in in the AM, the AM dose kicks in at night (IF you’re drinking enough water). I try to time my doses with 8 hrs between so I can get my water in and give it a chance to start working before I leave the house. Once your stool gets liquid-y STOP or reduce the dosage. Finally, youre not supposed to take it for 14 days…Please read the bottle!! The 14 day bottle is for TWO 7-day cleanses! You’re only supposed to take it for 7 days. The stuff works when used as directed.


what diet did you all follow while doing the cleaner ?

Rachelle R

Mainly fruits and vegetables and LOTS of water… anything else and it will make your stomach really upset.


Just started using The Cleaner, seems to be working just like I had hoped..As a detox not as a get skinny quick pill.. Will keep using as needed…


I understand that different products work differently depending on a variety of factors, but the Cleaner is working extremely well for me. No upsetting side effects, no problem carrying on with daily activities…for me this product is working exactly as advertised.


Agree. Day 3 and still moving along

Vanessa menendez

feeling very week and tired. And light headed at times I tried eating with it but it seems to make me just have to go right away I really want this to work properly but I can do t feeling this way. Also tend to feel nauseous at times

Montana (Editor)

Hi Vanessa. We suggest you stop using The Cleaner and contacting your physician, especially if your symptoms have gotten worse. If you are looking to try a weight loss supplement, you may want to consider Dietspotlight Burn.

  It Works if Your Expectations are Based on Detox Support NOT FAT LOSS
Anonymous 2 You (Verified User)

On day 3 of this product and my system is cleaning out as it promised. Starting on day 2 my bowels were slow moving but that was due to not enough water. Make sure if you drink any coffee, pre-workout drinks or alcohol to either stop during the cleanse or compensate with at least a gallon per day. Noticed some cleansing in my skin, slight headache and intermittent dizziness.

The weight loss is from reduction of compacted fecal matter, not fat loss. Do NOT expect to lose fat with this product, this is not the intended use of the product.
It will however help cleanse your body so when you change your diet and start exercising it will support your body through the transition.

Also anyone feeling adverse affects from the product is either due to possible allergies with the ingredients or you body is detoxing and possibly feeling the ill effects of “die-off” from infections that may be clearing out of your system.

Keep meat and any sugar sources to a minimum during the detox. Lots of fruits and veggies along with water. Great product. Will use again throughout the year for seasonal detox.

  I'm feeling good but am bleeding !
Cleaner (Verified User)

I have been taking the cleaner for 3 days although the it seems to be wonderful I’m constantly taking trips to the bathroom, it’s making me bleed badd I’ve never bled before I’m taking a toilet full of blood with every trip and clots!!! The odd thing tho it doesn’t hurt when I use the bathroom and I actually feel empty and good despite the blood helllpppp!!!! I don’t know what it could be I even stopped taking it on the morning of day two and I still had to run to the bathroom but no blood I then continued to take it and blood again


I am on my four day and I am also bleeding when I go to the bathroom and when I try to eat anything salad or fruit to have some food in me it comes right out. I need more information about what to or not to eat when doing the detox. I will stop to and call my doctor.

  It caused diarrhoea !
Debbie (Verified User)

I am on day 5 of the Cleanser & thank goodness I’m off from work! Im having frequent trips to the bathroom with some pretty intense cramps at times. I feel exhausted & less hungry..not really craving anything either. Im curious how I feel when its finished.

Daysha Gullick

Your supposed to follow their pill dosage on bottle when u have diarrhea…they address that

Awesome stuff, bad stomach cramps
love (Verified User)

Awesome stuff, bad stomach cramps


I agree. It works, but I definitely have contemplated not using anymore because of the stomach pains associated.

  It definitely works !
Stephanie (Verified User)

I bought this product at the vitamin store for my daughter have heard people talk about it. She did the product for about 4 days. I decided to try it myself. It definitely works and keeps cleansing you daily. Be sure to drink the water, stay close to the restroom.

  It works good for me !
Jessica (Verified User)

It works good for me the only thing I don not like about it may not start on the next day with me removing my bowels but it does works


It worked great for me too, and I lost weight but you have to eat right why you doing it of course if you don’t eat right nothing’s going to work

  I think I made a great choice!
F8thOnFleek (Verified User)

I am only on day 2 and have already been to the bathroom THREE times & I feel great today and very energized………I think I made a great choice! Looking forward to seeing what the end is going to be.

  It definitely cleaned me out
Anonymous (Verified User)

Be prepared for nausea and stomach cramps and being extremely exhausted after done. But it definitely cleaned me out


rhe first time I used this product I was fine this second time around it gave me pure hell I have the worst hunger pains & stomach cramps I actually vomited 3 times . I’ve been laying down in pain never again

Bianca (Verified User)

I am currently using this. I have bowel issues and constipate rather quickly. I’m in the process of getting a referral to a gi doctor. Anyway the cleaner; let s see I think it works well BUT it hurts my stomach so badly. I feel like I’m having contractions and I don’t even have children yet but it’s bad. I get bad belly pain when I have food poisoning. I get so hot I think I’m going to pass out. This one isn’t as excruciating but it comes close. Being that I don’t poop as much as I should this product gets rid of alllllllll my stuff that was backed up. My stomach doesn’t look as big neither but the main point with this too is to eat better. Or else its pointless. Also exercise.

  it cleanses your system
Percella (Verified User)

I was hopeful that this would be a great kick start to healthier eating. Within 3 days I could feel a difference in my energy level. It does what it says….it cleanses your system. If there’s cramping, skip a dose. Make healthy food choices and drink plenty water.

  The Cleaner
Sheila (Verified User)

The cleanser worked wonders on me I think every one is getting confused on what exactly it does for the body it is not meant to be used as a weight loss supplement it is used to clean the body of toxins which in some cases can help on lose a few pounds from the removal of the waste. It will make you have bowel movements several times a day depending on your body; also it may cramp the stomach a little for it is removing all the junk that does not get digested and is sitting in you intestines and stomach colon and so on. If you want to lose weight then you need to change your diet and exercise.


Agree indeed!!


Totally agree with ur comment


I agree with you Shelia. Perfectly said.

  cleaner works very well
Simone (Verified User)

I have no complaints, the cleaner works very well. What consumers do not realize is that it’s designed to cleanse your body it’s not for weight loss. It’s states possible leaf weight loss with eliminating all the waste. You are also suppose to change your diet while taking the cleaner. You cannot eat or should not eat any processed foods.. to many people seek supplements for weight loss….go the he gym .Basically if your seeking weight loss this is not for you.


It’s a great all natural product. Keep in mind that it is for detoxification not for weight loss. I lost weight by exercising and eating right. Once I was close to my ideal weight I used The Cleaner and I lost a few more waste pounds. Once again, this is not for losing a whole lot of weight! You also have to change your eating habits. You can’t eat junk food and try to cleanse at the same time, it doesn’t match. Eating junk food will also make you sick while using this product, this is where the side effects come into play. I’ve never had a problem with this product, and don’t mind using it again.