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By Summer Banks Jun 21, 2017

You want to lose weight, and you’re tired of trying one useless thing after another. Looking at some diet products can be painful, especially if there’s no scientific backing for the formula. Let’s find out if Yogi Detox Tea is in this group.

We decided to pay a lot of attention to ingredients, side effects, and scientific research. We studied hundreds of comments and reviews. Then, we put it all out there, so you have the info you need.

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What is Yogi Detox Tea?

First, Yogi Detox tea is made with a “healthy cleansing formula” containing Indian sarsaparilla, cinnamon bark, ginger, licorice, burdock, dandelion, cardamom seed, clove bud, black pepper, long pepper berry, Chinese amur cork tree bark, Japanese honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, gardenia fruit, Chinese goldenthread, rhubarb, winter melon seed and juniper berry extract. Brew the bag for 5-10 minutes and drink. Yogi says you can do this up to 10 times a day. [1]

The supplement was first introduced by Yogu Bhajan in 1969. It’s made with natural ingredients; something that’s important to us and many customers. Dieters can purchase the product on the official website and through some offline and online shops. We like that we found some positive customer comments and that the company has been around for decades, but keep reading…

Yogi Tea Detox – “Side Effects?”

The first complaint we read in customer reviews deals with Yogi Tea Detox side effects. “You’d think drinking a cup of tea would be simple and without issue,” said our Research Editor. “With Yogi Detox tea, we found more problems than we’d like to.” [2]

  • “I had some 1x daily for 2 days. By the next evening I had cramps,” commented a user.
  • “It gave me a bellyache when used according with package directions,” said a customer who tried Yogi Detox tea for weight loss.

Side effects weren’t a problem for everyone who chose Yogi Detox tea for weight-loss.

  • As one user said, “No bloating or cramping and works.”
  • Another offered, “I notice no negative side effects.”
Yogi Detox Tea Customer Testimonials

Taste – “Ummmm, No”

Yogi Detox tea has an obligation to taste good. (You have to drink it for goodness sakes.) But, like far too many teas like this, there’s something a little iffy with the flavor. [3]

  • “I don’t like the taste at all. I won’t buy it again,” reported a customer.
  • “This was the baddest smelling, tasting ‘tea’ I’ve ever had,” said a dieter.
  • “Very bad taste for me, tried only one tea bag and will never try again,” commented a user.

Taste is something that’s unique to each person. One person who tried out Yogi Detox said, “I enjoy the flavor. I do not sweeten it when i drink it.”

  • Another even claimed, “It didn’t taste bad, but wasn’t exactly yummy.”

Our experience and research show us something small, like bad taste, can ruin your chances of long-term success. If Yogi Detox tastes off, we doubt dieters continue to use it.

The Science – “The Geeks Have Spoken”

The official Yogi Detox website makes the case that the supplement is effective, but they don’t offer published research to support that. There are studies related to key ingredients, but the information doesn’t speak of weight-loss. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, “[Dandelion] (1 g:1 mL) increases the frequency and excretion ratio of fluids in healthy human subjects.” That’s the closest thing to Yogi Detox benefits, regarding weight-loss, we could find. [4]

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The Bottom Line – Does Yogi Detox Tea Work for Weight-Loss?

So, what’s the real deal with Yogi Detox tea? We do like that the tea has been around for years and that we located some happy customers. We have to give credit where it’s due. But, we have concerns about it because there’s no published research that says Yogi Detox tea weight-loss is a thing. Plus, we’re concerned that side effects and taste could be issues dieters won’t overcome.

We’re here to give you the facts you need to make the best decision for you. If you’re looking to lose weight, we tend to lean toward tested ingredients, strong customer reviews and years of dieter support. [5]

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Previous Yogi Detox Tea Review (Updated March 13, 2014):

What You Should Know about Yogi Detox

Yogi Detox tea claims to cleanse the kidneys and liver. There are no weight loss benefits listed in the description, but some of the ingredients are commonly used in weight loss supplements. Typically, detox teas will have some form of diuretic to help remove toxins from the body. Yogi Detox is no different as it includes burdock root and dandelion root, both strong diuretics. Yogi offers an official website with information and comments from Yogi Detox users. Some consumers seem confused by the function Yogi Detox is supposed to serve. Detox is not the same as colon cleansing so this product will not increase bowel movements or leave the dieter with the feeling of emptiness often touted by colon products.

List of Yogi Detox Ingredients

Organic cinnamon bark, Jamaican sarsaparilla root, organic ginger root, organic licorice root, organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic juniper berry, organic black pepper, organic cardamom seed, Chinese amur, cork tree bark, Japanese honeysuckle, flower forsythia, fruit gardenia flower, skullcap root, black cohosh root, Chinese goldenthread root, rhubarb root, winter melon seed, Asian psyllium seed, organic clove bud, natural cinnamon flavor, and natural sarsaparilla flavor.

Product Features

Yogi manufacturers many teas that cover a wide range of personal needs. The women's section includes teas for pregnant women, those suffering from premenstrual syndrome and women in menopause. Yogi Detox is not a unique product in that many of the ingredients are commonly used in herbal detox teas. Many of the ingredients, however, are organic. Unfortunately, if one ingredient is not certified organic, the entire formula is then deemed inorganic. For tea lovers who want to spice things up a bit and add a simple detox to their day, Yogi Detox could be perfect. The official website lists every ingredient in Yogi Detox and an explanation of the history and / or reason the ingredient is used in Chinese medicine. We rarely come across a company will to put so much work into vilifying product ingredients. Yogi Detox can be purchased online for $20.77 for six boxes of 16 bags. Offline stores also sell Yogi Detox and other Yogi teas in the organic or herbal sections of the store.

Yogi Detox Tea Benefits

  • Yogi offers information on all ingredients.
  • Complete ingredient list found.
  • Cost is affordable. `

Disadvantages of Yogi Detox

  • Diuretics are used.
  • None of the ingredients is clinically proven to detox the kidneys or liver.
  • Many of the ingredients support urinary or bowel function.


Dieters can rarely go wrong with a hot cup of tea and Yogi Detox is no different. Though the product contains diuretics, this is not uncommon in the herbal tea market. Weight loss is not one of the Yogi Detox tea benefits - but there are other Yogi varieties that may help a dieter feel less hungry. (We found no proof that you can use Yogi Detox for THC.)

Yogi Detox is a tea with several diuretics. We expected to see at least one natural laxative, but it doesn't look like there are any in the formula. The East West Tea Company is responsible for the product.

Yogi Detox Tea Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tea Bag
Serving Per Container: 16
Amount per Serving% DV
Proprietary Blend of Herbs1810mg*
- Indian Sarsaparilla Root**
- Organic Cinnamon Bark**
- Organic Ginger Root**
- Organic Licorice Root**
- Organic Burdock Root**
- Organic Dandelion Root**
- Cardamom Seed**
- Organic Clover Bud**
- Organic Black Pepper**
- Juniper Berry Extract**
- Organic Long Pepper Berry**
- Phellodendron Bark**
- Organic Rhubarb Root**
- Chinese Skullcap Root**
- Coptis Root**
- Forsythia Fruit**
- Gardenia Fruit**
- Japanese Honeysuckle Flower**
- Winter Melon Seed**

Other Ingredients: None

We reviewed the Yogi Detox ingredients so you could get the facts you need to know.

Cardamom Seed

Cardamom seeds are commonly used as a spice; it is quite expensive. Extremely labor intensive and related to ginger, this plant is naturally grown in areas like India and is an essential aspect of Middle Eastern cuisines.

What Is That Supposed to Do?

Cardamom seeds are used in cooking, but it can have some health benefits in larger amounts. For example, some believe it can help protect an individual’s heart, immune system, cholesterol levels, mental health, and gastrointestinal system.

Clinical Research

According to some input from doctors all over the world and published in Harvard Health Publications, cardamom can be a good way to improve cardiovascular health. However, we could not find significant information linking this ingredient to weight-loss.


Rhubarb is a leafy vegetable found in a variety of cuisines around the world. It is generally known for its sour taste.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

In medicine, rhubarb has played an important part as a laxative. These types of ingredients are not often suggested for weight-loss as the results are short-term and associated with water loss.

Clinical Research

According to research published in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, “Laxative or cathartic herbs in weight loss formulations (aloe resin, senna, cascara, rhubarb, and yellow dock) should be approached cautiously.” [1] There is limited research connecting it to weight-loss or obesity prevention.

Juniper Berry Extract

Juniper berry is grown on a short tree grown in certain areas of Asia, North America, and Europe. The extract of the fruit is commonly used in herbal medicines.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

Juniper berry extract can be consumed to treat inflammation, gas, bacterial infections, viral infections, and kidney stones. It is also thought to be a diuretic.

Clinical Research

In research provided by Mercer University, juniper berry extract is considered a powerful diuretic. This does not indicate any of its possible weight-loss effects, however.

Forsythia Fruit

Forsythia fruit is a bright plant that grows during springtime in China. It has specifically been used it their culture’s traditional medicines.

What Is It Supposed to Do?

When combined with other herbal ingredients, forsythia fruit is consumed to treat respiratory infections, bronchitis, flu, and other sicknesses.

Clinical Research

According to BioMed Research Internationa, “The results exhibited that the triterpenoids from the methanol extracts of fruits of F. suspensa possessed antibacterial activities against the common bacteria. It also provided evidence for the traditional uses of the fruits of F. suspensa as herbal medicines in the treatment of bacterial diseases.” [2] However, we found no link to using Yogi Detox Tea for weight-loss.

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Yogi Detox Tea Side Effects:

With the amount of weight-loss supplements on the market, it’s easy to think the natural solution is side effect-free. The truth is, with each and every formula there’s a possibility for an adverse reaction, and while Yogi Detox side effects are rare, it doesn’t mean they don’t occur for some individuals.

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are the sensation of rapid beating or fluttering of the heart, typically felt in the chest as well as neck and throat. Most heart palpitations are infrequent and only last a few seconds.

What causes heart palpitations?

Caffeine, nicotine, excessive activity, and stress can all be triggers of heart palpitations. More serious conditions may be overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), tachycardia, arrhythmia, or bradycardia.


Hiccups (synchronous diaphragmatic flutter) are described as an involuntary and sudden contraction of the diaphragm occurring simultaneously with the larynx and complete closure of the glottis. When this happens, it effectively blocks air intake. [1]

What causes hiccups?

There are a number of triggers, including irritation of the phrenic nerve by hot foods or beverages, gasses in the stomach, or overeating. Consumption of spicy foods can lead to hiccups, as well as carbonated drinks. More serious factors include inflammatory bowel disease, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), or pneumonia.


Diarrhea is explained as loose or watery stool, accompanied by frequent trips to the bathroom. Acute diarrhea only lasts a few days and is fairly common, however, chronic diarrhea could last a lot longer and mean a more serious medical condition.

What causes diarrhea?

This symptom has many causes including parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Infections of the stomach or in the digestive tract can be a trigger. The most common causes of acute diarrhea in the US are Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli, and Shigella. [2]


Nausea is the feeling of sickness, usually occurring before the urge to vomit. This symptom isn’t a condition, but rather an effect of a separate illness or factor.

What causes nausea?

Motion sickness or factors relating to the inner ear and eyes can cause nausea. Vertigo is among one of these triggers, disturbing inner ear fluids which control the body’s sense of balance and direction. Other causes can be uncooked or contaminated foods, certain medications, or emotional distress.

Yogi Detox side effects are uncommon, but there have been some users experiencing nausea, hiccups, diarrhea, as well as a few others. In order to save yourself the trouble of a negative experience, it’s always best to seek the advice of a physician before taking any supplement. This goes even more so for those who are under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, are taking prescription medications, or have a pre-existing medical condition of any kind.



Yogi Detox is an herbal tea that acts as a laxative that is supposed to help promote weight-loss. Though they aren’t common, we went out and found user comments of their side effects to show you they still happen.


“I had to pee a lot, but then I felt hot flashes with cold sweats, pulsating neck, heart palpitation with increased heart rates for HOURS! On top of that, I became extremely restless and anxious, and nostalgic and sad for no reason.”    Natasha


“It caused me to have vivid, sometimes disturbing images/dreams.”    Kristina


“Within about a half hour of drinking it, I got an absolutely TERRIBLE headache.”    Karen


“Only took a few sips and then immediately the cramps started slight weakness, shivering and a few hiccups and burping.”    Ivy


“It made me super sick to my stomach and had diarrhea for several days.”    Kayla


“I had extreme vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. I literally felt like I was dying.”    Drea


“Nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, insomnia, not being able to eat hardly anything and much more. It’s been 6 days since my last cup and I still feel the symptoms.”    Brandon


“I had what can be best described as hot flashes and my neck wouldn’t stop pulsating. I just felt incredibly nauseous, lightheaded, and woozy, and my kidneys hurt!”    Angelina


“I couldn’t drink the cup without it making my stomach hurt. I’ve given it several tries and just can’t stomach it.”    Lewanda


“I had a cup of this tea every night before bed for four nights. I noticed I started to get nausea every day that would come in waves all day.”    Amber

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Yogi Detox Tea Questions & Answers:

After researching online and examining dozens of customer comments about Yogi Detox, we created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Yogi?

Possible Yogi Detox side effects may include stomach pains, elevated heart rate, cold sweats, nausea, headache, diarrhea, changes in menstrual cycle [1] and abdominal cramps, as claimed by some dieters.

What is in Yogi Detox?

Yogi Detox ingredients are Indian Sarsaparilla Root [2], Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Root, Licorice Root, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Cardamom, Clove Bud, Black Pepper, Long Pepper Berry, Chinese Amur Cork Tree Bark, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Forsythia Fruit, Gardenia Fruit, Chinese Goldenthread Root, Rhubarb Root, Winter Melon Seed and Juniper Berry Extract.

What is the active ingredient in Yogi Detox?

The active ingredient in Yogi is Indian sarsaparilla.

Does Yogi Detox work?

First off, Yogi Detox is claimed to help with internal cleansing and supporting liver health and kidney function. While this product does contain various herbs, there is no solid clinical research to support the health claims pertaining to Yogi Detox Tea for weight-loss. Therefore it is uncertain how effective Yogi Detox actually is.

How much does one box of Yogi Detox cost?

One box of Yogi Detox is $4.99 (16 tea bags) or $28.14 for six boxes.

What is Yogi Product’s BBB rating?

Yogi Products is not BBB accredited.

How do you take Yogi Detox?

You take one to three cups of Yogi Detox per day. You simply add one or two tea bags to boiling water and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. After 30 days, you should take a break from Yogi Detox for at least one week.

Who makes Yogi?

The maker of Yogi Detox is Yogi.



What do users like about Yogi Detox?

Some customerWhat do users LIKE about Yogi Detox Tea?

Users appreciate that Yogi Detox contains all natural ingredients and this product is easy to find online.

What do users NOT like about Yogi Detox Tea?

Some users do not like the taste of Yogi Detox. Also, some customers have stated that Yogi Detox can lead to unpleasant side effects, including diarrhea.

Does Yogi Detox cause more frequent urination?

Yes, some users have stated that Yogi causes more frequent urination.

Can you use Yogi Detox Tea for weight-loss?

There are some experts who believe cleanses and detoxes are a good way to start a weight-loss program, but we can’t ensure that one of the Yogi Detox Tea benefits.

What about Yogi Detox Tea for THC?

There’s no proof you can use Yogi Detox Tea for THC.

How much tea does one Yogi Detox tea bag make?

One Yogi Detox teabag makes eight ounces of tea.

Does Yogi Detox contain any caffeine?

No, Yogi Detox does not contain any caffeine.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Yogi?

At times you can find Yogi Detox at a discounted price when you purchase six boxes at once ($28.14). However, the last several months have been crazy with our readers taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer. Click above to learn more.

Yogi Detox Tea Scientific Abstracts:

Indian Sarsaparilla Root

The antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, neuroprotective, renoprotective, and immunomodulatory traits of H. indicus (sarsaparilla) have been studied in many in vitro and in vivo trials. Among these are a wealth of evidence backing the antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. [1]

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon bark had triggered a substantial reduction in platelet counts. Any toxicity which was visible, except a reduction in weight gain, which had been attributed to the long-term use of plant substances were not found in normal rats. The data of the study had suggested that the long-term use of olive leaf as well as cinnamon bark could deliver beneficial activities towards diabetic conditions. Further studies were required to determine the underlying mechanisms, toxicity to other systems, and clinical assessments of the related materials of the plant. [2]


The cure rate in the treated group was substantially higher than the control subjects and were accompanied with less frequent multiple organ dysfunction syndrome along with a lower mortality rate. The serums TNF-alpha, C3, C4, and C-RP within SIRS (systemic inflammation reaction syndrome) patients had been elevated during treatment, which had been substantially higher than the normal levels. Following rhubarb treatment, these parameters would be decreased together with alleviating of symptoms. Rhubarb may improve prognosis of those suffering from SIRS, the most crucial mechanisms is rhubarb’s attacking against inflammatory cytokines. [3]

Phellodendron Bark

The treatment was not effective in decreasing long-standing sensations of depression or anxiety. Other observations that had been made including salivary cortisol and amylase levels, body morphology, appetite, and sleep quality had not been substantially changed in comparison to placebo. The pilot study had suggested that Relora may deliver relief for premenopausal women who were experiencing mild transitory anxiety. No concerns about safety or substantial negative effects had been observed in the study. [4]

Gardenia Fruit

GFE (gardenia fruit extract), geniposide and genipin displayed acute anti-inflammatory traits within carrageenan-induced rat paw edema. In a manner in which was dose-dependent, gardenia fruit had inhibited vascular permeability triggered by acetic acid. Geniposide and genipin both had inhibited the production of nitric exudates and nitric oxide within the rat model air pouch edema. Genipin contained stronger abilities as an anti-inflammatory than geniposide. Gardenia fruit extract triggered a dose-dependent suppression of acetic acid-induced abdominal inflammation in mice. Altogether, genipin, as opposed to geniposide, was the main anti-inflammatory ingredient of gardenia fruit. [5]

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Shalondra Dale

This my first time trying the yogi detox tea i hope it works for me.


Will this tea make you go to the bathroom and stop bloating?


Hi! The ingredients are designed to help improve digestion and bloating.

Sam Name

Tell us your thoughts about Yogi Detox.can you use this tea if you’re on any medications

Richard (Editor)

Hi Sam. There’s a warning on the label stating you should contact a doctor if you’re taking any medication.

Your Name Kim Goddard

Is it good for you? I’m trying to los weight, I’m drinking it, and I also drink a lot of water, if wont hurt your heart , will it?


I love this tea and to be honest with you the taste isn’t bad at all the way it’s described by those who drank the tea and didn’t like it. I think people who don’t like this tea and the smell or the taste of it are the ones who don’t like to try different or I better say new, different or mixed flavors, spices.


Agree …. you can taste the cinnamon, ginger, spices. It’s pretty okay to me. ;).

Chantel Lowe

Agreed the tea taste fine !!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. The tea isn’t necessarily a weight loss tea. It’s intended to help you cleanse the digestive system.


is it safe to drink with thyroid problems and if your allergic to ragweed?


I am allergic tobrag weed and after I drink it. I might sneeze about 5 times and my nose will run for a few minutes but it clears back up.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Stephanie. Yogi Detox ingredients don’t include ragweed. Also, there is a warning if you have a medical condition.

Kashif Hopkins

I want to try it but I don’t need to loose weight

Jean Brown

Not just about weight loss, it is a good cleaning


Hi Kashif, it is formulated to be used as a Detox, not weight loss.




it is caffiene free, yes

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Patsy. Yogi Detox is caffeine free.

  Just started drinking this !
Mr E. Whitby (Verified User)

I just started drinking this tea
It is just what im looking for clean inside out


Okay, I just want to say that when I first tried the tea, I hated the taste and the smell and swore I would never try it again. However, I did. This time a made a cup of the detox tea with a cinnamon stick and a packet of xylitol(the kind that has stevia mixed in too). It was delicious and I’m on my second cup tonight. I have not had any stomach issues.

Jean Brown

I like Yogi detox tea I am cleaning my system and I like the way it went through my digestive system I am using it as a pre,-clransing boost I had a really good waste elimination, now I am back on track on my nutritional eating program THANKS


i have drank it for 2 days now i like the taste but it is the morning of the 3rd day and i have been experiencing really bad cramps and loose stools maybe its working we will see maybe the cramping will get better with time.

Victoria Hall

I love it. I drink a hot cup of the Energy every morning and a hot cup of the detox every night. No complaints.


I feel better after drinking the tea. Have lost 5lbs it does detox your body and tastes,yummy.

\'Lanesha Marshall

How long it tame u 2 looze weight


I really love this tea,i like the taste as well.i havent had any negative side effects actually no side effects at all.


Today was my first day drinking Yogi tea. I am doing a 10 day green smoothie cleanse and drinking detox tea is a part of the cleanse. I work at night so the goal is to drink at least 8- 10 ozs a day (which is a cup to a cup and a half). The taste and smell is not that pleasant but I would not say it is bad either. Right now I havent had any adverse effects but this is the first day.


I have been up all night never drank before till now. This is awful I can never drink this again.


hi just started taking this is a day or two ago and so far I notice I pee a lot and a little gassy. The taste isn’t bad though and I’m hoping it works


Have been drinking the yogi detox tea for several months now just once a day before before bed. I sleep very well. I used to reach for an alocolic drink to be able to relax and go to sleep. I no longer need the alcohol do not even get tempted. I drink my tea with little honey sometimes even make a tea with fresh ginger and cinnamon along with the tea bag. I love it!!!


I use Yogi to cleanse my body from toxins. I don’t know what it does for weight loss. However, it does make you use the restroom more frequently. The BM’s helps flush off weight too, while cleaning impurities from your body.


How often did you drink it before noticing the BM. I want to feel the cleanse affect.


If it tastes nasty… 77 times out of ten it is good for you… If you have adverse affects such as diarrhea and nauseousness its because you have alot of toxins in you and need to maintain a healthier diet and drink lots of SPRING water. Im a veteran and i know a thing or 5 about detoxes and this tea is meant for a more abundant and daily usage. It has so many benefits for your organs and overall health. What i do is first thing when i wake up i get a cup of spring water and stoop 2 tea bags… Dont boil your water for it fries some of the good stuff… Just drink it room temp. And do something active. Namaste


Overally I love yogi detox. I was extremely bloated and out of peppermint tea, so I tried the detox tea I hand on hand which happened to be yogi. Worked wonderful! I’ve taken it for 4x within 5 or 6 days. It has given some looser BMs but that has been just fine bc constipation is an issue. I haven’t had any cramping. The taste is not great. I add lemon juice which makes it a little better plus it grows on you after the 2nd or 3 time drinking it.


I personally thought this tea was delicious almost reminded me of a chai tea. It’s tea, it’s not going to taste like a pumpkin spice latte. I also felt very refreshed after drinking it. Would recommend


I agree! That was my first thought was chai tea. I rather like the taste after the first time drinking it.


This tea made me feel very weird, it made me feel like I was going to have an anxiety attack everytime I felt it working and it made me feel like a tingly sensation, I couldn’t think clearly, my head hurt, and I felt nauseous. I’ve been drinking this tea for three days and only one cup. I feel like I’m on drugs when I drink this tea and I don’t like it.

Andrea Name

I just tried my first cup, taste great with honey. But I felt odd and just not myself so I put the cup down! I wasn’t sure if that feeling was a “normal side effect”.


You’re kidding….right?!!!

Ms smith

I bought this detox tea after a vacation full of junk food and caffeine. I drank it once as an iced tea (personally, I found it delicious) and for the next two days I had cramps and diarrhea. I expected this, because it’s a Detox, however I had just ended my period the week before and am now on a second cycle, which is much heavier (sorry for the details). Has anyone else noticed an added, more intense, menstral cycle?

LakishaYour Name

My menstrual cycle is lighter shorter days not pain at all


I have three cycle in one month. I feel so tired. I have using it since July. I stop a week each month. I stoped using it last week. It missed up my cycle. I have Dr appointment next Monday. I hope this tea didn’t affect me.

Nicolett Abdulmuhsen

I LOVE IT! The taste is yummy. I have lost 5lbs in one week since starting this. I have modify something and added other. Like a low cal diet. 1500 calories a day I drink this before food. And drink China green tea after. I was really bloated and have the worse stomach pain. As if I was pregnant and having contractions my stomach would swell and get hard. I am not pregnant and doc didn’t know what to do. So here I am doing my research and trying everything. This seems to be the only thing helping or at least aiding. I do consume a lot of green tea daily and it wasn’t cutting it this time. So I added another tea the detox by yogi. And I love it its not effecting my thryroid in any negative way. All our bodies are different this is working for me. I do get cramps but after putting sock on they lightened up. Happy camper here.

A. Hamilton

I have had great results with Yogi tea as well as my daughter I use it on off days mostly Sunday early morning when I am able to stick close to home as it will cause you to urinate more frequently also to users who feel they had adverse reactions all of the symptoms you mentioned were common symptoms of detoxification the more intense the reaction the more toxic the body This is a great product has worked well for me and I will def continue to use it

  Loved it
Katie (Verified User)

I absolutely love it. It taste so good to me and also smells great. I drink it before workouts, and after eating. Works great.

Your Namegina

Does it speed up the heart? Someone please help

Victoria (Editor)

Based on the Yogi Detox ingredients, it doesn’t contain anything noted to increase heart rate. But you can always contact your doctor or pharmacist to discuss possible interactions.


The tea tastes disgusting. Let’s be honest. However, I’ve drank one cup daily and did noticed a difference in my energy levels, metabolism and an increase in my stool production. I enjoy the tea for what it is designed to do.

Ira Le- hanz Deal

I love this tea. This my second time purchasing the detox tea. It was what I expected. It also helped me with my cycle and other health issues


I love coffee and teas. I actually trying to detox after a week vaction and eating so much fast food..Ibwas feeling bloated..I like Yogi detox tea..I was lucky to have some bags and got to drinking it for two days now. I Feel so much better. No cramps, no dizziness, no side effects for me. Yes, the taste is not tasy but is not bad either. I had worst. I drink the tea probably twice a year for a week only and thats when I feel so bloated that I know my body is needs a little help..I love Yogi tea..we all take certain things differently..


Do you have health problem

  Start slow
Emma (Verified User)

I always drink yogi tea and the detox ones are my favorite. I like mine with some honey or sugar in it. Not much. But everytime i have some, it helps so much with my bloating, helps with digestion and it has helped me with my weight loss. But if youre not used to doing detox teas i would suggest doing a little amount and build up. Dont just jump right in because even though its tea, your system will take the detox and the amount of times youre doing it, very harshly. You are detoxing your system of impurities and cleansing it. Jumping right in is not the best idea. I started by doing half a cup once a day for a few weeks. Went to a whole cup and so fourth. I got my system used it. I would suggest that with any tea that detoxes or is promoted for weight loss.


When i started using this tea ,after my first cup i felt bloated and gassy.after continous use it went away on the 3rd day i drop 5 lb ..add lemon to eliminate the taste…i feel more energized on this tea..i drink it 2 times a day..

  Hair thinning, anyone with this ?
Hilda (Verified User)

I have been drinking this detox tea for a year. I am now experiencing hair thinning. Maybe coincidence, don’t know. Anyone else notice this?

  First day having headache,upset stomach !
Jaquelyn (Verified User)

just tried this tea today and on the box it said to drink 2-3 cups daily. I had 2 today and although the taste wasn’t bad, I have a terrible headache and couldn’t even exercise. My stomach is upset and I feel a little dizzy.

  I love the yogi detox tea !
Strong1 (Verified User)

I love the yogi detox tea! The best thing to do is a master cleanse first. I used Epsom salt (4tea spoon) 4oz of water and 4oz of your choice of juice (I used Gatorade ). After you get that down drink 8oz of water and 8oz of the yogi tea. Each morning after that drink the yogi tea for breakfast, lunch and any other time during the day. I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and I’ve lost 7lbs so far. I LOVE IT!

Nae Nae

You been doing it for 2 years and that’s all you lost was 7 pounds. It seems like to me that you should have lost more? Any body thinks the same?

Reading is Fundamental

She said two weeks


Seriously never felt so sick.. Have been terriblely sick since drinking one cup tonight. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone…

  Will continue to use this product.

I love it, I put a little bit of honey in it. No side affects at all. I even feel better. Will continue to use this product.


I started drinking this tea a week ago and I feel so much better. I used to feel blotted and my stomach felt tight. I drink one cup every other day.

  This is nasty made me vomit.
Anonymous (Verified User)

It was nasty with taste… n it made me vomit

  Love this tes
Amanda (Verified User)

I love this tea. I think it tastes amazing. I use it actually more than the instructions say. I have noticed bloating (but only during pms…so Idk if this is the cause and sorry if tmi) but no cramps.

  Yogi Detox

Does this tea work as a drug detox as well?


No it doesn’t but does speed up bodily ommisions so it doesn’t take as long to test clean for pot

Stephen (Editor)

That’s not what it’s claimed to do.


what time do we need to drink this teA?

Cameron (Editor)

During the day before a regular meal (meaning lunchtime).

  I was dying NO TEA is worth that
Sunny B (Verified User)

I started drinking Yogi tea. Weird comments bc my period started out of no where. So weird. But I drink the tea and the next morning experienced the worst feeling of diarrhea, headaches, and naseau. I had chills, and was extremely weak. I hardly could hold myself up. After using the restroom two hours later I was back to normal. I though I was dying NO TEA is worth that.


That what happens when you DETOX!!!!

  can't sleep a bit for the second night
Todd (Verified User)

On my second day of using the Detox tea, it’s 4 am and can’t sleep a bit for the second night. I’m 46, and have never dealt with sleeplessness like this before. Anyone else experienced this?


I have experienced exactly the same. I bought Yogi Berry DeTox and after just the second day (one cup per day) I could not sleep a minute. It kept me up all night despite that there are no stimulants (e.g. caffeine) in this version of the tea, or at least none is indicated on the label. It seems that some of us just might be sensitive to some of the ingredients.


some of their tea has caffeine in it

Stephen (Editor)

Anyone else experienced this?

  like a free sample to try
Emma Davis (Verified User)

I would like a free sample to try and give a review on this product

Stephen (Editor)

We’re not certain if this product is offered as a trial through it’s official site, Emma.

  I actually love the smell and flavor
Liz (Verified User)

I actually love the smell and flavor. I have noticed that I am going to the restroom more often, but that is to be expected of a Detox tea. I added a little coconut oil to mine, so far so good. I wouldn’t know anything about hot flashes, I am always in the pool so my body temp seems to be elevated on a regular basis. All in all, I like it.

  I'm doing differently than before
JBC (Verified User)

I added this tea to my daily diet after taking a week off from mt diet/weight loss goals after I hit a plateau. I’m a big tea drinker so I drink it several times a day just because I like it so much and it’s better than drinking plain water. I dropped all the water weight I’d gained in my week off within two days and have been steadily losing .2-..3 pounds a day since. This is combining it with a healthy, low cal, low carb, high protein diet plus exercising 3x a week. So can I say for sure that it’s the tea that made the difference? No. But I do know I’m back on track and losing again after plateauing for a while and this the only I’m doing differently than before.

  I personally like
Pisces (Verified User)

I personally like the flavor and so far, nothing bad happened. But, I highly recommend to drink this after work or school.

  Not recommended for women
lee (Verified User)

I have been taking the peach Yogi detox tea for only 4 days. First, the peach flavor is poor noun exsisting … secondly as I come to discover this tea will start your menstrual flow early and without warning.. mine started 10 days early I was very upset about that which any female will be .. the tea doesn’t have any side effects or warnings that comes with it…I found out about your period starting early drinking Yogi detox tea by seeing it on another tea website reviews and several females made a review about the Yogi detox tea..thirdly, I wouldn’t recommend this tea to no female because there is MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS that happens to a female body that needs to be on the packages ..please research this tea before use.. you may have to go on other detox tea reviews just to get diffent side effect info about the yogi tea besides the ones yogi tea is listing


OMG!!! I’m drinking the tea now and am experiencing my cycle 10 days early too. I’m so glad I found your review, as I was freaking out a bit. 🙁


I’m glad to be reading so many reviews of people that went through the exact same thing I’m going through right now. It’s a bit of a relief. I just stopped drinking the tea today. I’m even on birth control, but it still came about 10 days early.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different results; please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing this product to make sure its safe and effective for you to use.


Maybe it the tea detoxes the birth control out of your body. If your BC is a toxin then maybe the tea is really doing your body a favor.


I was wondering why my cycle started a week early!!!! AND it’s given me small red bumps all over my back. Our school nurse asked me if I was doing any sort of detox. I wish I had read this earlier.


i been drinking yogi tea everyday and i like it alot and i will keep buying it because it actually made me lose alot of weight ?

  Will it help you lose weight?

do this tea make you go regular..please tell me if so how often and will it help u lose weight becuz it’s called detox


I’m a male and I been drinking this tea almost a year now. The most twice a day. You feel good afterwards. Honestly I’ve never experienced bad pains not am I using the bathroom like a ballerina tea would do. However I do urine a lot so maybe that’s my effect. I’ve seen weight drop but including eating right, drinking water and working out.

  Tea Cleans the Liver or Not
norman whitton

can you provide any evidence that this tea cleans the liver orb helps liver function?