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What You Should Know

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Slim EZ is the name of a weight loss supplement and several weight management companies. There are legal issues associated with some Slim EZ products and many past consumer complaints. The Slim EZ we found currently for sale is an appetite suppressant made with all-natural ingredients. Typically, appetite suppressants contain stimulants and blood glucose controlling herbs to minimize the effect of eating on blood glucose. This keeps the body from feeling hungry between meals. Koflex Sports is the manufacturer of Slim EZ.

List of Ingredients


Slim EZ Proprietary Blend: Citrin, Spirulina, American Ginseng, Guarana Extract, Coleus Forskohlii, Cayenne, Shitake Mushroom and Guggul Extract.

Product Features

Slim EZ is more than an appetite suppressant. The ingredient list reads like a fat burner or traditional weight loss supplement. Chromium is the only proven ingredient known to suppress appetite. As we thought, chromium helps regulate blood glucose levels to stop cravings. If the dieter can control between meals, it is a step in the weight loss direction.

Guarana extract is a stimulant, but not a proven fat burner. Ideally, caffeine or green tea would be used, but Guarana will give the dieter a bit of an energy kick. Undoubtedly, that kick in energy will be a result of increased heart rate, but it takes more than a stimulant to evoke weight loss. After that boost in energy, the dieter could feel a pronounced energy crash.

American ginseng and shitake mushroom have no impact on weight loss or appetite. These ingredients have no place in a weight loss product sold as an appetite suppressant. Ginseng is typically taken as a memory enhancing ingredient.

Guggul extract is thought to naturally reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Citrin is garcinia cambogia. This ingredient has a million and one names and they all lead to shady potential side effects. Some users have reported liver damage associated with garcinia cambogia, so we suggest dieters try another ingredient.

Slim EZ sells for $34.99. This price is lower than other fat burners.

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  • Sells for less than the average fat burner.
  • Contains chromium, a proven appetite suppressant.


  • Contains only one proven ingredient.
  • One stimulant may be linked to liver damage.


After sorting through all the negative press on various companies and products with the Slim EZ name, we found an appetite suppressant with two stimulants, memory enhancing ingredients and mushroom. Slim EZ will not likely have the metabolism boosting effect of green tea or caffeine. Chromium is one of the best ingredients for appetite suppression as it is proven to regulate blood glucose levels and help stave off hunger. Dieters may want to continue their search for a better supplement.

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