Slimming Sauna Shorts Review

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Fitness companies always want their product to lead the industry and the marketplace. Companies tend to produce claims of extreme weight loss with little to no effort. One such product is Slimming Sauna Shorts. This As Seen On TV products claims to produce weight loss by merely wearing the product. No additional exercise or dieting is needed.

The product also claims to produce thinner thighs, shapelier buttocks and reduce hips. With such claims, we could not find where the product was backed by any clinical research. The only thing we did find was the product was available for sale on the official website for $24.95. The price is right for the budget-conscience dieter, but is the product? We will see.

List of Ingredients

Neoprene shorts designed to increase weight loss.

Product Features

The Slimming Sauna Shorts are neoprene shorts designed to increase weight loss through sweating. The dieter simply puts on the product and the shorts do the rest. There is no need for electricity or batteries. The product is designed for comfort by not adding any unnecessary belts or straps. The only accessory on the shorts is a Velcro strap. The product is available on the official website for $24.95.

We noticed that the price is reasonable and is in fact a value for the budget-conscience dieter. Unfortunately, the price will not overcome the fact that the product will not produce weight loss as it claims. The product will cause minimal amounts of weight loss, but the weight lost will return when the dieterhydrates.

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  • The product is inexpensive.
  • The product fits individuals with up to a 70 inch waist.
  • Could potentially cause small amounts of weight loss.


  • The product will not produce weight loss as claimed.
  • The product is not backed by clinical trials or research.
  • Weight is regained when the user hydrates.


If weight loss was as easy as putting on a pair of shorts, everyone who struggles with weight loss would be their ideal weight. There would not be a global problem with obesity, heart problems associated with obesity or the potential of lifelong problems due to obesity. Unfortunately, the Slimming Sauna Shorts are nothing more than a pair of latex shorts which cause the legs to sweat.

In deed the dieter will lose some weight, but as soon as the dieter hydrates, the weight lost is replaced. We do like how the product makes such bold claims without scientific evidence or clinical trials. When dealing with weight loss and related products, products should be backed by research in order to prevent injury or if nothing else, false hope.

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