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Theraslim is a diet supplement that claims to neutralize starch so that the calories in starchy foods are passed through the digestive system instead of getting absorbed into the body as fat. The specific complex carbohydrates that this product supposedly works on include rice, paste, bread and potatoes. The theory is that most dieters have difficulty giving up these foods when they are trying to lose weight, and when they do, they are also giving up important nutrients like dietary fiber and B-vitamins. By taking two Theraslim capsules before every meal, dieters are able to enjoy these complex carbohydrate foods as part of a balanced diet without worrying about the extra calories that these foods contain.

The company that makes Theraslim is ProThera. ProThera is a nutraceutical operation that provides a variety of products for distribution through health care professionals only. If you are interested in using Theraslim as part of your diet program, you will have to contact your doctor or dietician for purchase. Because the product is not available to the general public, we were unable to find information about pricing on the company website.

List of Ingredients

According to the ProThera website, the two active ingredients in Theraslim include phase 2 white kidney bean dried extract and fennel seed powder. Other ingredients are Vcaps vegetarian capsule, water, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate.

Product Features

White kidney bean extract is used in other diet products as a carbohydrate blocker. Although fennel is touted as a healthy substance that can be used to treat digestive disorders like indigestion, we were unable to find any compelling evidence to suggest it is effective in a diet product. Known appetite suppressants like Hoodia Gordonii or fat burners like Advantra-Z are conspicuously absent from the ingredient list.

The website for Theraslim states that ample scientific research, including 14 clinical studies, have proven the effectiveness of white kidney bean extract in reducing caloric intake from complex carbohydrates. While this may be true, there is also sufficient evidence to show that a proven formula containing an appetite suppressant and fat burner, used in conjunction with a healthy diet and daily exercise, is that best combination for a successful weight loss plan.

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  • There are clinical studies to back up the use of white kidney bean extract to neutralize carbohydrates.
  • No stimulants are found in the formula for Theraslim.


  • We were unable to find information about cost and return policies on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Does not contain an appetite suppressant or a fat burner in the formula.
  • Theraslim can only be obtained from a doctor or dietician’s office.


While some dieters may see some positive effects with the Theraslim product, the formula is far from complete when it comes to offering maximum weight loss benefits. We suggest dieters look for proven appetite suppressants and fat burners in their formulas to reap the greatest reward from their diet products. Also, Theraslim is a fairly serious product, and can only be obtained from a medical professional.

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    is theraslim thera-slim-100?


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    Billie Brown

    How far in advance of a starchy meal is advised to take Theraslim ?