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1300 Calorie Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

The results of my research into the 1300 Calorie Diet were somewhat surprising. We took the time to create a comprehensive review, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and scientific studies. We then analyzed comments from all over the internet. Finally, we summarized all of the data we found to give you the facts.

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What is the 1300 Calorie Diet?

To begin with, the 1300 Calorie Diet is not a uniform diet plan with a unique set of ingredients and rules. It is a number that is frequently recommended by those in the weight-loss industry and the specifications for each program vary based on the company.

1300 Calorie Diet is recommended by many weight-loss supplement companies. We were unable to find a single business that created it. A modified diet is often necessary for one to reach a weight-loss goal, but read on…


Lack of Guidance– “What About the Details?”

Our first concern is the general lack of guidance provided by so many companies. According to our Research Editor, “When someone decides it is time to lose weight and they are ready to make a lifestyle change they need high quality information in order to proceed. Simply making a blanket statement about eating 1300 calories in a single day is not sufficient.”

One unhappy dieter said, “I wanted to lose weight but if I knew how to eat healthy I wouldn’t be overweight. I needed more information than a number.”

Another said, “I ended up eating all of my calories at once and then I just gave up.”

Others liked the flexibility of limited guidelines. One said, “I like that I can eat my calories however I want. Pizza for dinner and skip everything else.”

Another dieter said, “It worked for me. If I had a candy craving one day I didn’t have to feel guilty about it.”

One admitted, “It probably wasn’t the healthiest way to lose weight because I didn’t change my food choices, I just ate a lot less. But I lost weight so it turned out alright.”


Excessive Restrictions– “Is it Enough?”

Not all dieters have the same caloric needs. It can actually be unhealthy for some individuals to drop their daily intake too much all at once without medical advice.

One man said, “I’m a big guy. I tried to cut down to 1300 calories and I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t enough to keep me going throughout the day so I gave up.”

Another said, “My doctor told me that I could go from 5,000 calories a day to 1300 without making myself sick so I had to do something else.”

Other dieters found the amount to be just right for their purposes. One client claimed, “I was still hungry most of the day but I did lose weight.”

Another pleased reviewer said, “I think this is the amount my body needs and I just never knew it before. I haven’t had any trouble maintaining the new calorie limits.”

One dieter claimed, “It wasn’t a lot of food but if I chose what I ate carefully I wasn’t hungry.”

According to our research, dieters need to not feel deprived and they need clear guidance that explains what they are supposed to do. These are the sorts of details that can make or break a weight-loss program. If dieters feel like they are always hungry or are at a loss for what to do they will often give up.

The Science – “Calorie Restrictions Can Work ”

At DietSpotlight we like proof that a diet program will work. It is true that research has proven that caloric deficits do lead to weight-loss. However, study also shows that the amount of calories each individual needs is based on a number of factors including sex, height, weight, and activity level. 1300 calories is an arbitrary number that would not be in the best interest of all dieters.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“Yes I have been doing the healthy swaps and working slowly at it. I eat alot of chicken and veggies but I also love chocolate I feel that I eat healthy but I also feel my portion sizes are not right. So I figured if I could find a meal plan, I could better control portion sizes and get more serious with the weight loss. I think my TDEE was 1400 day.”

“Now everyone is different but if you aren’t a female or morbidly obese with doctor supervision <1500 calories a day is doable but in my opinion miserable. I had no energy and basically wished i was dead more than usual.”

“I lost about 11lbs in one and half months. But I keep hitting plateaus. 🙁 I following a low (1200-1300) calorie diet and I exercise 6 days a week.”

The Bottom Line – Does 1300 Calorie Diet Work?

What’s the real deal with the 1300 Calorie Diet? If it is the optimal amount of calories for your body then you would likely lose weight effectively on this diet plan. However, this one doesn’t offer any additional support or guidance which is why we have reservations about offering an endorsement.

If you are ready to lose weight we suggest a high-quality product that can offer additional guidance if you are unsure of what to do to lose weight.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is Noom. The personalized weight-loss plan is supported by doctors and nutritionists – the user reviews are amazing as well. Users get access to one-on-one human coaching and customized meal plans and that’s just the start.

The makers of Noom are so excited about their product they’re offering a free trial, which is very reassuring.

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1300 Calorie Review
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1300 Calorie

What are the ingredients in 1300 Calorie?

The ingredients in 1300 Calorie may include vegetable and fruits.

What are the side effects of 1300 Calorie?

1300 Calorie restricts your calorie intake at 1300.

Does 1300 Calorie work?

Yes, 1300 Calorie is observed to work in reducing weight, as fewer calories are consumed through the meal plan.

What is the price of 1300 Calorie?

You can enjoy a meal plan for 1300 Calorie for a price of $39.

Where can I buy 1300 Calorie?

You can order 1300 calorie meal plan from various online stores including Good Housekeeping and Dotcomwomen.

How should I take 1300 Calorie?

For breakfast, take a cup of bran flakes and a cup of milk without fat. Spinach salad can be taken for lunch while a savory Asian patty is good for dinner. Other days of the week have their recommended meal plan.

How do I contact 1300 Calorie customer service?

You can contact the online stores from where you purchased your 1300 Calorie diet plan via the “Contact Us” section.

Can I return 1300 Calorie?

No, it impossible to return this meal plan.

What are the most common complaints about 1300 Calorie?

Most customers have complained about being uncomfortable with the recommended meal plan.

1300 Calorie Reviews