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By Summer Banks Jun 21, 2017

If you haven’t looked closely at garcinia cambogia now’s your chance. Our in-depth review looked at this the ingredient, possible side effects, and clinical research. We read countless comments and testimonials. Then, we condensed the facts to give you the information you need to answer the question – what does garcinia cambogia do?

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What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Firstly, garcinia cambogia is an ingredient. It’s found in Southeast Asia and India and is imported into the United States for use. [1] It supplies Hydroxycitric Acid, which supposedly to help fights hunger and promotes fat burning.

The history of reaches back to the early 1800s, but the first clinical studies appeared in the 1990s. Results of research into the ingredient fall on both sides of the debate with some being supportive and others negating any positive results. [2] [3]

Results – “Mixed?”

The first issue with pure garcinia cambogia for weight loss is the lack of results. “There are ingredients offering big claims about weight-loss,” said our Research Editor. “There is no real evidence that support the promises.”

One complained, “Did not work for me.”

Another stated, “This did nothing to decrease my appetite. I didn’t notice any fat blocked or weight loss.” [4]

Though we didn’t find research backing the claims, some users saw positive outcomes.

A dieter said, “I can say that I do feel full faster and tend to eat less than I normally would.”

Garcinia Cambogia Customer Testimonials

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews – “We Listened”

There are positive and negative garcinia cambogia reviews. One said, “I’ve been using these as directed with diet, tons of water, and exercise and I haven’t seen any difference.” [5]

“No results…neither flatten abs nor change in appetite,” said another.

One said, “I haven’t seen much change in my weight but I do feel a bit more energy through the day.”

The same type of comment was common. As another user put it, “It does decrease your appetite a little and gives me slightly more energy.”

Our research shows that if users don’t back an ingredient, there’s a slim chance of long-term success. There’s an issue if garcinia cambogia doesn’t produce results.

The Science – “Is it Legit?”

You’ll have no trouble finding weight-loss claims associated with garcinia extract benefits, but science isn’t so sure it works like that. [6] Research from the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported, “definitive conclusions that Garcinia/HCA supplements are efficient tools against various health problems especially obesity remain to be proven in larger-scale and longer-term clinical trials.” [7] The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements commented, “little to no effect on body weight.” [8]

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The Bottom Line – Does Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss Work?

So, is garcinia cambogia for weight loss the real deal? We appreciate that it is a natural fruit extract, but we’re concerned about this one it’s not backed by solid science backing the claims. [9] The reality is there are few published clinical trials to support this ingredient. And even when studies, HCA included, are supportive, they are often completed on mice. [10]

For those interested in cutting excess body fat and slimming down fast, we suggest going with a weight-loss supplement backed by clinical studies, not fad ingredients.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Dietspotlight Burn. It combines four clinically-tested ingredients with results often found in publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Previous Garcinia Cambogia Review (Updated July 3, 2014):

What You Should Know and Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

Garcinia Cambogia is a plant native to India and some areas of Asia. More specifically it is a fruit that has been used for both appetite suppression and increased energy metabolism. As part of the citrus family, many people have become interested in this fruit and its potential to help weight loss. In addition, Phenocal , which contains garcinia cambogia, is an alternative marked as a pharmaceutical-grade weight control compound and carries active ingredients such as biotin, conjugated linoleic acid and green tea leaf.


Ultra Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss has one main ingredient: HCA. HCA is Hydroxycitric Acid. This is what makes Garcinia Cambogia an ingredient in many dietary and weight loss supplements.

Product Features

The Hydroxycitric Acid may have several different effects on the body. The most notable of these is it may inhibit the uptake of carbohydrates that are stored in the body as fat. Similarly the Iodine-based Iodoral targets the thyroid, regulates functionality and thus promoting weight loss. By prohibiting the fat storage, the carbs are burned as energy thereby increasing energy levels and decreasing fat levels. Valuable info on this can be found on wikipedia. HCA is thought to prevent cravings for sugar heavy and carbohydrate heavy foods, balance the blood sugar levels, and increase the sertonin levels in the brain which signal to us that we are full faster. There are no known side effects for healthy adults, but for children, women who are pregnant or nursing and those with diabetes or Alzheimer's disease, this is likely not a safe supplement to take. Due to the sometimes elusive nature of these companies, it's difficult to find dosage information. For example with Miracle Garcinia Cambogia. This is because of the decreased blood sugar and increased acetylcholine in the brain, which is known to be safe for healthy people. Studies have been and are continue to be conducted on the fruit. So far, the studies have been inconclusive showing it's not backed by clinical studies. Dieters claim to be mislead by many sellers; the FTC agrees. Sometimes sellers depend on the name alone without providing additional information on their product like with Native Garcinia Cambogia. Some studies have shown weight loss when using Garcinia Cambogia as compared to a placebo, while others have shown there is no remarkable difference. In either case, the fruit has been used for centuries as a weight loss aid. Depending on the merchant and if you purchase weight loss pills, Garcinia Cambogia alone or as part of another supplement, you will be able to find it at a relatively inexpensive price. Generally speaking, you will spend about $8 per month on the supplement and that is an incredible price for the benefits it claims to have. It has a reputation for being a fad ingredient, like the Bitter Melon found in Fruta Planta. You will find Garcinia Cambogia as part of the ingredient list for many weight loss supplements on the market today.


  • Helps regulate blood sugar naturally.
  • Helps to reduce cravings.


  • Inconclusive studies to prove benefits.
  • May harm those who are diabetic or have Alzheimer's. (See Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects).
  • Daily dosages differ from product to product and have not been completely established.


The good thing about weight loss pills Garcinia Cambogia, that we've seen in other garcinia cambogia reviews, is that is an all natural approach to weight loss, is safe for the majority of adults to take and promotes fat burning. It's so popular some generic products are sold by different companies like Vita Garcinia. The bad thing is the fact that there are contradicting studies when it comes to whether or not it will work effectively for many, and it may be harmful to those with diabetes or Alzheimer's. If you are looking to take a weight loss supplement, this is a great one in terms of price, but you may want to look to others that include ultra Garcinia Cambogia as part of the formula.

Garcinia cambogia is a popular ingredient used in weight-loss supplements, meal replacement shakes and health products of all kinds. Research on animals and humans exists, but study sizes are small meaning outcomes may not be clinically significant.

Garcinia Cambogia Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Mangostana Cambogia**

Other Ingredients: None

We took a closer look at the Garcinia Cambogia ingredients to give you the information you’re looking for.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit that also goes by the name Malabar tamarind.

What is it Supposed to Do?

According to WebMD, Garcinia cambogia claims to be able to help with weight-loss, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. The active ingredient is found in the rind, and is called hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. [1] This is the same active ingredient in supplements like Slimming Garcinia Cambogia, Garcinia Cambogia Slim and Garcinia Torch.

Clinical Research

According to research from Virgilli University in Spain, “Although several studies have found that the administration of G. cambogia extracts is associated with body weight and fat loss in both experimental animals and humans, we should be cautious when interpreting the results as other randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials have not reported the same outcomes. Furthermore, most studies in humans have been conducted on small samples and mainly in the short term. None of them have shown whether these effects persist beyond 12 weeks of intervention.”

This study was not completed on any specific brand (Pure Garcinia Elite, Garcinia Cambogia Plus, Tropical Garcinia, Purely Inspired Garcinia Cambogia), but results are likely the same for this ingredient across all products.

Research published in the Journal of Obesity found that while people who took garcinia cambogia lost about two pounds more than people who didn’t take it. “The evidence from RCTs [randomized clinical trials] suggests that Garcinia extracts/HCA generate weight loss on the short term. However, the magnitude of this effect is small, is no longer statistically significant when only rigorous RCTs are considered, and its clinical relevance seems questionable. Future trials should be more rigorous, longer in duration, and better reported.” [2]

No matter what a company says about a product or ingredient, the science doesn’t lie. If you head over to the Dietspotlight Burn review, you can see that there are clinical studies out there that support using natural ingredients for weight-loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects:

When thinking about weight-loss supplements, you need to keep in mind that not every natural alternative is free of side effects. Different formulas react in different ways depending on the individual. While Garcinia Cambogia issues are uncommon, there is still a possibility for a negative reaction in some users.


Headaches can be a short or prolonged period of moderate to severe pain resonating in the head. It can travel to the neck, as well. Surrounding tissues near the brain, nerves, and blood vessels will create pain signals, resulting in a headache.

What causes headaches?

Headaches are believed to be the result of changes of blood flow to the brain and the surrounding tissues. The cause of a headache (or cephalgia) can be any number of factors including stress/anxiety, certain types of noise, or even a glare from a computer or television screen. Headaches can result from direct physical stimuli, or an outside agent like caffeine.


Dizziness is the feeling of being faint or losing balance while standing still. Someone who experiences dizziness may feel a false sense of motion, lightheadedness, or the sensation of floating. [1]

What causes dizziness?

A wide range of factors can be the cause of dizziness, including inner ear disruption, sensory nerves (responsible for dispatching signals to your brain regarding body movement), infection, or poor blood circulation.


Nausea is the unpleasant sensation of feeling as if you are about to vomit. This is typically associated with duodenal contraction, increased saliva, and cold sweats. You may also experience clamminess and shortness of breath as a result.

What causes nausea?

Nausea can be caused by a plethora of factors including motion sickness, excessive eating or drinking, or pregnancy. Eating certain foods may also cause your body to feel nauseous. There may be viral triggers or infectious elements such as influenza or viral gastroenteritis.

Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are not a very specific symptom and is typically used to characterize a variety of different issues. Stomach cramps (or stomach aches) are felt mainly in the abdominal region of the body- stomach, gallbladder, colon, small intestine, and can be brought on by a number of different outlying factors. [2]

What causes stomach cramps?

Stomach cramps are common and can be triggered by eating habits or outside factors like medications, food allergies, or alcohol consumption. Other causes may include hernia, kidney stones, or appendicitis. These conditions cause swelling of tissues and organs which may prompt a stomach cramp.

Garcinia Cambogia side effects are not always a problem, but there have been statements supporting stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness, among others. It should always be standard practice to research and talk with a doctor before taking any weight-loss supplement, especially if you are under the age of 18, taking any prescription medications, have a pre-existing medical condition, or if you are pregnant or nursing.



Garcinia cambogia is one of those ingredients that you find in tons of weight-loss supplements, but the clinical research tends to lean on the side of ineffective. Though we found it difficult to locate any negative side effects, there are a few to speak of.


“It does want to help one sleep, only problem was the excruciating abdominal pain it gave me kept me up all night. The pain was so bad I thought something was seriously wrong with me.”    Cassie


“I was unfortunate to have one of the side effects. I was getting headaches every time I used this product. I even decreased the dose to once a day and then once every other day.”    Mari


“This supplement interacts badly with some other medication ie: diabetic meds, some psychiatric meds and causes dizziness among other side effects. Took it for two days and on the third day I work up very dizzy.”    Elizabeth


“These pills gave me nausea and many more side effects.”    Lilah


“I experienced a few different side effects such as headache, dizziness and vomiting after taking garcinia cambogia. A day after, I decided give a try again and I am so regret because it makes me sick again.”    Elaine


“Awful! Intense stomach cramps & nausea within 2 hours of taking! My stomach is bloated and hard as a rock! Straight into the trash can.”    Pamela


“I did have headaches and nausea the first few days that I took it.”    Hadyn


“Yesterday I took them in the morning I got the worst headache ever to the point I felt like I couldn’t see…I was nauseas I couldn’t eat anything…I got the chills and didn’t eat.”    Maria


“Don’t waste your money! I tried it for 2 weeks and all i got was a tummy ache and nausea with heartburn.”    Kate


“Could not take these because they caused bad headaches for me.”    Rebecca


“Got a throbbing headache the three days I was taking this, stopped and my headache is gone.”    Jennifer


“I can’t take this…it gives me an AWFUL headache, so it won’t work for me.”    Kristie

We don’t want anyone to have to deal with harsh side effects. Take a look at the comments for Dietspotlight Burn. You’ll not find anything harsh in there.

There’s some interest in garcinia cambogia as a weight-loss ingredient, but this time around we wanted to focus on the potential for garcinia cambogia side effects by going through ingredients and clinical research. We scoured tons of user comments and reviews to find just the detailed facts about what dieters were experiencing. We refined all that info to give you the bottom line.

What You Need to Know

Garcinia cambogia is an extract from a fruit rind used in many weight-loss supplements. Depending on the product, you can take it once a day or multiple times and this is supposed to help you lose more weight. The bottle is small enough to take wherever you go.

The product, which has been used for hundreds of years in alternative and natural medicine, is completely natural, a good thing. You can buy the supplement from various online and offline stores. We like that the price is affordable and multiple clinical studies have been completed on the ingredient, but read on…

Stomach Discomfort

The first garcinia cambogia side effect we found mention of was stomach discomfort. “You take a weight-loss supplement to feel better about yourself,” says our Research Editor. “When the opposite happens and you suffer stomach issues, what reason does the dieter have to continue using it?”

“This can make you sick, like it did me. Sources say “mild digestive discomfort” may happen as a side effect. Well what they actually mean is SERIOUS discomfort. I got very sick and threw up about an hour after taking this,” offers a user.

“The problem with this product is that it gave me terrible diarrhea right after I took it. I thought maybe my body was just getting used to it, but it continued throughout the time I was taking this supplement,” says another.

We found multiple of the same reports. “They might work for some people, but feeling sick all the time isn’t worth the health benefit.”

Headaches – “What a Pain!”

Another common problem associated with garcinia cambogia side effects was headaches. “This one was TERRIBLE after only 2 days it gave me migraines, the worse gas and terrible diarrhea,” one dieter explains.

“Made my stomach sick and gave me a headache,” says another user.

There’s no shortage of these complaints. “Extremely strong and even after I lowered the dose I still felt sick and had headaches every day.”

Our research suggests a connection between garcinia cambogia side effects, like headaches or stomach discomfort, and reduced long-term success. If garcinia cambogia leaves dieters feeling bad, they may want to try a different ingredient.

The Science

Clinical studies are there to give dieters the inside look into an ingredient. Garcinia cambogia has been the subject of plenty of research, but the majority has shown no connection to weight-loss. According to the Journal of Obesity, “The magnitude of the effect is small, and the clinical relevance is uncertain.” At DietSpotlight, science is what sets the helpful supplements apart from the imposters. If there’s no scientific support, there’s no need to spend the money.

The Bottom Line

We were quite interested in all the talk about garcinia cambogia, but this time around we found the potential for garcinia cambogia side effects to take precedence over any positive user comments, so we can’t support this ingredient. We’re also concerned that there are so many different brands that not all are of adequate quality.

If you’re at the point you want to lose the weight now, we suggest going with a supplement that’s not associated with negative side effects. A formula that’s packed with clinically proven ingredients at a price that’s affordable.

Among the best supplements we’ve found this year is Dietspotlight Burn. This product offers a clinically proven formula that’s shown to help boost metabolism and fat loss. There are no side effects reported by dieters, but we did find plenty of talk about seeing good results.

Garcinia Cambogia Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds ultra garcinia cambogia customer reviews into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of cambogia?

Some side effects, based on garcinia cambogia customer reviews include headaches, digestive tract discomfort, and nausea.

What is in garcinia cambogia for weight loss?

Premier garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid. [1]

What is the active ingredient in garcinia cambogia?

The active ingredient in premier garcimia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid.

Does garcinia cambogia work?

There’s no scientific research linking natures garcinia cambogia to weight-loss. [2] There are limited studies, but none with enough evidence to support you losing weight.

How much does a bottle of natures garcinia cambogia cost?

A bottle of natures garcinia cambogia cost varies by supplier. The average cost is less than $5 a bottle.

How to take garcinia cambogia?

You should take garcinia cambogia according to directions on the label. Typically, you consume one capsule per day.


What do users like, based on garcinia cambogia reviews?

Based on garcinia cambogia reviews, some users liked that the product was readily available and reasonably priced.

What do users NOT like, according to garcinia cambogia reviews?

Along with our own research, we’ve seen other pure garcinia cambogia reviews that say some users didn’t like the side effects.

Who makes pure garcinia cambogia?

There is no specific maker of pure garcinia, considering the extract is natural.


Can I combine pure garcinia with other supplements?

You can combine garcinia cambogia with other supplements, but you should always consult with your healthcare provider prior to doing so. Whether you’re taking Garcinia Cambogia Slim, Supreme Garcinia Cambogia, Pure Asian Garcinia, Wow Garcinia Cambogia, or any other brand, we suggest the same thing.

How much should I take if I’m using garcinia cambogia for weight loss?

There’s no specific serving size of pure garcinia. The amount you consume depends on your health, age and details about the product you’ve purchased.

Do I have to exercise on garcinia cambogia?

No, you don’t need to exercise when you use garcinia cambogia for weight loss, but you should consider including fitness to maximize results.

Can pure garcinia be used by men and women?

Yes, pure garcinia can be used by both men and women. There’s no gender-specific ingredients in the product.

Is there a guarantee with garcinia cambogia?

The guarantee with garcinia cambogia depends on the distributor.

We are on the fence with ingredients like garcinia cambogia. The research is just not there in humans. But, there are products out there with the support you want – like Dietspotlight Burn.

Garcinia Cambogia Scientific Abstracts:

There have been several studies showing Garcinia cambogia playing a significant role in regulating endogenous lipid biosynthesis. This effect is attributed to (-)-hydroxycitric acid (HCA) suppressing the enzyme ATP-dependant citrate lyase, which assembles the rift of citrate to oxaloacetate and acetyl-CoA. Even though there has been a wide range of studies showing the administration of Garcinia Cambogia extract being associated with weight-loss and body fat reduction, there should be caution as other clinical trials have not been consistent. With that said, a majority of human studies have been conducted in small sample sizes and mostly in the short term. In regards to safety and toxicity, it’s pivotal to note that studies carried out in live organisms have not reported significant toxicity. In conclusion, no reports have been mentioning adverse effects in humans in those treated with Garcinia Cambogia. [1]

The Journal of Obesity had reported the competence of Garcinia extract, hydroxycitric acid (HCA) as an agent which aids in weight-loss, compiling data from RTCs (randomized clinical trials). The analysis uncovered a small, yet statistically meaningful, difference in weight-loss for hydroxycitric acid over the placebo (MD: −0.88 kg; 95% CI: −1.75, −0.00). There were reports of adverse gastrointestinal effects being twice as usual in those who consumed hydroxycitric acid as opposed to the placebo, thus concluding that the blind clinical trials suggest that Garcinia extracts and hydroxycitric acid do indeed cause short-term weight-loss. The size of the effect is limited to an uncertainty of clinical relevance. In the future, trials should be more stringent with more accurate reporting. [2]

G. Mangostana

One report stated the significance of fruits as an important role in dietary components as well as bioactive constituents, which are considered a promising source in the development of an effective and safe weight-loss drug. The pericarp of the Garcinia mangostana has been used for centuries as medical treatments. Products which are derived from mangosteen are vastly used to alleviate metabolic dysfunction and resultant metabolic syndrome. It should be noted that the chemical principals and structures underlying these effects are ambiguous. In the review, it noted the recent chemical and pharmacological testing related to Garcinia mangostana, which included the reduction of body weight, anti-adipogenesis, anti-oxidation activity, and anti-inflammation. The main point of the review is to showcase the effects G. mangostana and its constituents have on weight-loss and treating obesity, which should spark further interest in the development of important therapeutic methods. [3]

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martha villalobos

Just wanted to know if I can take the slimax garcina cambogia if I am a diabetic?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Martha! There are warning about using any Garcinia Cambogia supplement with other supplements. You may want to contact your doctor first.

  How does it affect people with panic and anxiety issues?

How does it affect people with panic and anxiety issues??

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Is exercise necessary?

Do you have to work out, and eat healthy while taking these pills?

Candace (Editor)

Healthy eating habits and regular exercise is essentials to a healthy lifestyle.

  Do I have to take a colon cleanse with garcinia cambogia?

Do I have to take a colon cleanse with garcinia cambogia? Or can I take it on its own?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Stephy! You don’t need to use Garcinia cambogia with a colon cleanse, unless you’re looking to improve digestive health.

Olga Castro

Best Colon Cleaser is Metamusil. You can purchase it in any drug store. Just pure Psyllium fiber.


Never take colon cleanse with anything unless you want to wash out the nutrients or whatever you are trying to put in.


thats part of usin the garcinia if u want to see better results use colon cleanse also

  Does it really work?

I am thinking of buying garcinia cambogia but I’m kinda skeptical.. Does it really work?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Patricia. There are some reports showing users did see results while using Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

  Do diet and exercise with it.
Ty (Verified User)

All slimming pills that are taken you should be doing exercise with it to as we’ll as changing your diet


How to get best results of garcinia capsule’s, when should I consume the capsules?

  Type 1 diabetic can use it?

I’m type one diabetic ? Can I take these if I do what will happen? Please reply ASAP thanks 🙂

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jess! Several Garcinia cambogia supplements offer a warning about using the product with other supplements.

  Is this okay with my condition?

I have a serious problem with Restless Leg Syndrome and take Mirapex to control it. I cannot take any Seratonin uptake meda such as Prozac. This makes legs extremely painful and with horrible spasms. Can I take Garcinia Cambogia, I saw where it affects seratonin and I am unsure if the seratonin is the type I must avoid. Please answer.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! Several Garcinia cambogia supplements offer a warning about using the product with other supplements.


I also was experiencing restless leg syndrome. A friend suggested I might be deficient in magnesium and recommended Natural Vitality -Calm. The results have been absolutely amazing. I am a flight attendant and at the end of a 9 hr. international trip I could hardly walk. Now all is well!


My chiropractor suggested the Natural Vitality Calm at night for my RLS as well…it also helps me some with insomnia, really calms my nightime anxiety. I’m all about natural supps as opposed to pills that may become addictive or cause more side affects.
The Calm is great mixed into a hot cup of tea (decaf of course) and they now have a raspberry lemonade flavor.


Have your doctor check your Vitamin D level. I was severely deficient and they prescribe a dose for a month. Symptoms were gone after a day or two and haven’t returned in over 7 months


Very simple CURE for restless leg synddrome! It sounds like a big hoax but is an easy fix and can be backed easily from many articles on the internet and from my personal experience. No drugs, just put a bar of soap in your bed, any kind of soap and you will get almost instant relief from RLS. There is a chemical reason for this that can be explained if you look for articles by scientists who studied this. One bar lasts for about 3 months and then you have to change the bar of soap. Many nursing homes use this remedy instead of drugs! I know if sure works for my husband and friends! Janet


Ihad restless legs. only after taking antihistamine. Just ordered cambogiafrom cambogia trim. Hope it comes soon. Reading comments .Worried!!


Hi i purchased the same and i thought the same as you, but then i recieved the one lot then four days later the other lot! Just takes time be patient i have been taking it for nearly a week now and lost 1kg


i dont think you have any idea what restess legs really is i tried all those remedies and im on siffroll to relieve the symptoms its awfull you can not get to sleep


10mg melatonin & tylenol work for me


I have blood clots in my legs and RLS. I am interested in trying the bar of soap. Any particular brand work better?


It seems to be a great aid in weight loss that is natural.

Mad like hell

those pills made me gain 40 pounds. So buy if you want but don’t say i didn’t warn you. Truthfully mad like hell!!!!

Allie Rodriguez

Yes girl i thought I was going crazy. It opens up my appetite instead of suppressing it ,


Order from amazon cheaper and Yes this product works great!!

Rosia Nabarowsky

I conceive you have mentioned some very interesting points , thanks for the post.


you can order all different brands of garcinia cambogia thru amazon. No hassle about the billing. You only pay for a certain purchase.

  Loved the product.
Nichole (Verified User)

I had been using Garcinia Cambogia for about 3 months and lost 26 lbs. until I hit a plateau. I stopped using them and haven’t gained any weight back, but haven’t lost any more either. SO I started doing some more research figuring that there is probably something more in depth than I was aware of. My research ended when I came across the topic of iodine/iodide defiency and the many negative affects it has on the human body. So, I ordered Iodoral, a iodine/potassium iodide supplement to see if it helped. I did and I lost another 10 lbs. I figure if my thryoid is working properly again, then maybe adding the Garcinia Cambogia to my daily dose of Iodoral might make it possible to drop even more stubborn post-baby fat. In 3 days and down another 2 lbs! 🙂


What brand did you buy of the garcinia combogia?


I’m differently buying now! Congrats on your weight lose


Hi Congrats,
How many capsules were you taking and when and how were you taking them



Congratulations!! I hope i see results like that

  Hated the product.
lkirk (Verified User)

I bought Saffron Satiereal Extract after watching Dr. Oz endorse it on his show. For me, it does work as a mild appetite suppressant but the claims that this is a “miracle” extract which produces “RAPID” weight loss is not true in my case. I have been taking it for three weeks and have lost just 1.5 lbs and that’s on a 1200 to 1400 cal a day meal plan. Because of this experience, I doubt Garcinia Cambogia will do what Dr. Oz says it will do.

  Loved the product.
lisa (Verified User)

also want to add have no bad side affects at all but anything all
natural should never have side affects anyway and this is my savor
def magic pill for me i love it sooo much im ordering 5 more bottles as we speak 🙂 good luck also keep in mind these things may work different for everyone no one person is the same so ones great success may be another’s great failure trying this doing wat it says is key and eating to eat is not good if ur not hungry def dont eat get a hobby i make bows for my baby to keep busy it helps i take two 500 tabs a day one in morning and one at lunch 5 hours from each other studies with this pill found resuilts in people taking 3 aday morning lunch dinner 1500 mg a day lost 17 lbs in 3 months ok so hope that helps 🙂


Just be aware that just because something is natural does not immediately make it safe or without side effects. Every substance has the potential to cause harm it just depends on the strength/dose so be careful and make sure to do your research.


Hi mine is 65% HCA all natural. Do you take yours 3times a day? I have only taken it twice and have not lost any weight


wow your lucky,as I have been swimming 2-3 times a week with using the tablets and have lost nothing what so ever,grrr..

I also have no t much sugar in my diet and its rare i have any at all,also i dont cook with fats,rare eat junk food.I have always had issues getting rid of weight,and now is no different.Im very disappointed actually.But not saying I am not happy for those who have.Good one you!ps I was swimming for 2 months before taking the tablets as well.

  Suggesting how to follow it.
julie (Verified User)

I bought HCA garcinia cambogia by Essential Source at my local health food store. It cost $22.95. The directions say to place half a dropperful under tongue and allow 30-60 seconds to assorb then swallow. Take before meals but only up to twice a day. Cautions NOT to take if you are diabetic pregnant or nursing due to it causing a drop in blood sugar. If you are taking other medicines, consult your doctor. I have found my pharmacy of great help when it comes to adding new medicines. I have lost 3 pounds in 1 week. I do have to remind myself to eat so I started keeping a daily log which also helps to see what I am eating.

Judy c

You’ve been taking them for a month now, any weight loss?


I always weighed 140 and could never drop a pound.
I lost 3 pounds the first week and about 2 1/2 for the next 3 weeks down to my goal weight of 130. I noticed that after about 4 days my cravings for sugar drastically decreased.
I really suprised myself by actually only taking a couple of bites of cake and pushing it away, a first. My bowel movements became regular without the constipation I had.
I also noticed that my stools “floated” which Dr. Oz says should happen when you are digesting fat properly.
I am now using it only once a day, at my biggest meal to maintain since I don’t want to lose any more weight but to help keep my blood sugar regular.

  So far so good
shine (Verified User)

Have been taking little over a month..does surpress appetite…noticed weight loss in face and stomach…gonna continue..started with BDS’s garcinia cambogia extract which i like..also tried muscle tech platinum purchased at BDS not a favorite…recently started Betancourt essentials garcinia cambogia extract 500mg,60% so far i am pleased..no side effects so far purchased from the BDS.


Wasnt certain about buying this supplement, but I made the right choice! Taking these on a daily basis helped me dramatically. I found myself living a healthier and stronger lifestyle than before. Within 30 days I lost 15 lbs! I highly recommend these to anyone thinking of buying!


I have a bad back so I can not exercise.but iv been taking this and I have lost weight awesome product.I will continue to use this in my life!!


Sounds to me like no one should order his unless you have plenty of money tot waste. This is not for me.


I read 75% of the comments here before even going on the Garcinia Camborgia site to purchase and I am so happy that I did. I want to thank all of you who took the time to warn consumers like me. I am so sorry you all went through such trouble. I followed my instinct to come see your reviews. I would have been submitting my experience with this company. THANKS AGAIN YOU ALL FOR SAVING ME FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES!!!


3rd class product no benefits no weight loss


You can hardly find content like this nowadays. I remember when you could find one or two topics like this in minutes however now it’s much harder.


Hi ALL – Looks like the seller (company) is the problem not the actual product


Hi I have read the reviews and I think you should not judge so harshly as I think the effects are subtle. I took it after my
Marriage broke up and took it for a number of years. I lost about 7 kilos but I was trying and not really over weight now. I did not attribute the weight loss to the product but I did notice it made me less depressed so I kept taking it. I trained hard and ran, then I was diagnosed or an autoimmune condition and quit taking all supplements. Then i got worse and developed Raynards having attacks 20 times a day. It’s a circulation disorder. I got really down that I eventually reached fif it again to make nt feel happier so I could get back to the gym. Then something strange happened my Raynards started going away after 8 months of attacks. I wasn’t upset anymore and I could run and train again. If does help you if nothing else it lifts your spirits and helps you focus and train and in my case improves circulation and possibly even a cure for this condition. I can keep running and focus on my diet and life so don’t knock it guys and because it hadn’t got cafine if works


Hi Esther.Yip same issue with me…I am so angry.Its disgusting that these people make a living screwing people over.


The same thing happened to me and I didn’t get my money back. I haven’t lost any weight.

Your Namecynthia scott

The does not work don’t order ever again

Lavona Octave

Neat Web-site, Stick to the wonderful work. Many thanks!|


I almost thought someone was wondering writing about my experience with them. I had the same exact experience with the product and customer service.

Cameron (Editor)

you would first need to inspect your product to which company you ordered from exactly.


i’v been taking it for 5 days i dont know if it is my imagination but when i l;ook at my self i see a diference…


Hi, Diane. You’re right, the formula of calcium and other ingredients contained therein are natural! Remember, however, that even though something is natural that does not guarantee it is harmless or that everyone will react the same to it. Largely though it’s not known to cause extreme and severe effects. On the other hand, some customers are dissatisfied with the service doled by the companies they respectively ordered from.


I’ve been using this product for almost 2 months and I’ve lost 15 tough lbs! This product works IF you are conscious of what you eat and exercise regularly. It’s been fantastic in reducing my appetite because I’m a pot head and I get the munchies bad! But there are times I have to force myself to eat all the while I have energy to sustain me throughout the day without getting cranky.
A bunch of ya’ll are ignorant, lazy, undisciplined individuals who are fearful of putting in the work in losing weight.


Garcinia Cambogia does not work for me. I have been taking it since early September. The seller added Green Coffee Bean and Caralluma capsules to the regimen. I was also told to double the dose. . I did not notice any reduction in appetite. Have have gained weight instead of lose weight. A WASTE OF MONEY!!


Total waste of money. Bought some at drugstore and more potent dose at Stop and Shop. No weight loss to speak of after three months. Much weight loss now with walking, increasing protein and fiber in my diet, and returning to my BellyTrim XP by Biotrust nutrition!!!!!


I took Garcinia Cambogia for 2days and gained 4 pounds, it reacted with my IBS and caused bloating and now I can’t get my order to cancel–NO GOOD


I bought garcinia cambogia 2 months ago after reading good reviews by many, i used it for one month…i used to do 1 hour of gyming and i was avoiding all the junk food, oil, rice , potato sugar and my schedule was fine , but this garcinia cambogia didn’t helped me in losing weight. i ended up gaining 5 kg.

Lisa Woodral

Not working for me what am i doing wrong ?? Please Help

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Lisa. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


The same thing has happened to me. They took over $200 from my account, after I had cancelled the product twice. I still haven’t received anything. This is terrible!


after reading these reviews I called my bank and cancelled my card to prevent any further charges. New card with new number. Hopefully I don’t run into any problems with that.

  Don't be fooled !
Alexandria (Verified User)

This product did nothing to assist me with weight loss. In fact I am worried they may have made me ill. Breathing problems and throat swelling and choking feelings. I have spent a fortune on specialists who cannot understand what is causing these symptoms. I was suspicious when I had to buy a magnifying glass to read what the ingredients contained in the tablets are. I also experience the continual tablets arriving and the trouble I had stopping the product being sent. The result was I had to cancel my cr card to stop their withdrawals for their rubbish. Don’t be fooled we just need to eat properly. Go Paleo


Same here where do I ring or contact please help.

Stephen (Editor)

Many companies sell this ingredient. Please inspect your label to identify the company in question.

  Will not use, changed my decision !

I bought one bottle just now. I was so intrigued about it, how it helps to lose weight. I heard so many things about this, and before buying it I searched all about the product. And now that I saw your comments about this, I decided not to take it. I don’t want to risk my health for this crap. It cost me $29, not that expensive. Anyway, I think I need to go to the gym.

  The product does not work !

The product DOES NOT WORK, save your money!

  Lets see the results
Anonymous (Verified User)

Lefty 63 I just bought a bottle from a square nutrition paid in full not a free trial so I dont expecte them to repeat the ordered automatically lets see the results and i will post my findings in 30 days just dont eat crap foods and expects results it does not work.

Nins (Verified User)

Well, I have just started to use this product. It’s been a week now. I don’t know if I have lost any but I feel light. I didn’t check my weight yet but I don’t see my double chin now (my face is the first thing that reduces every time I lose some weight) And it has definitely stopped my cravings. I always eat a lot. I mean I crave for sweets and chicken but now I’m like.. “Chicken? Sweets? Nah I am good”. And I am happy. I’m going to start working out very soon (just 30 mins cardio) and I’m going to reduce slowly. YAY!! NO MORE CRAVINGS. It’s fine if I don’t reduce a lot. I atleast not gonna crave for food anymore.

  I found what I was looking for !
online loans no credit check

I have fun with, result in I found just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye


I didn’t order off Line as I found them at “Bulk Barn” maybe better for 1st timers and was less than 10$

  Its useless !
Your NameAbinash (Verified User)

l want to return 4 pack of Garcinia combogia…this pills is fake useless.. l want my mony back


l want my money back and return this 4pack of garcinia combogia well as l have used 2pack of this product no result l have purchased this product online which l have received 6pack of garcinia combogia and l used 2pack but this does not work l want to return 4pack and want my money back

Very ticked off at this company it's a joke.
Your Kimberly

I ordered it the 27th of March 2016 and it’s only the 10th of April.. I cancelled my order the 5th of April yet I get emails saying they are trying to bill MY card for this crap!!! I called again and they said they have no record of me calling and no conformation number matching the one I was given when I cancelled the order!!! I was again told it would be cancelled and I wouldn’t be billed again but no confirmation number was given this time!! It doesn’t work and I’m not paying for it when I cancelled my order before the 14 day mark!!! Very ticked off at this company it’s a joke!!

Arnie (Verified User)

Have used for 3 months lost 20lbs.no side effects.


Thank God someone told the truth! You must eat clean & exercise. You will see results.

Tricia Ann Creger

if you want to lose weight and keep it off you just need the right life style change. These pills won’t work or won’t keep it off if they somehow manage to do so. Lifestyle change is key. I help people all the time find the right way to eat and exercise and it saves them money in the long term. Don’t fall for the crap. I even have groups I run on Facebook for free to learn healthy eating habits. If you want if bad enough you will find away. But taking a short cut will send you back to the beginning.

  Its showing positive results.
McKinsley (Verified User)

I started taking this Friday and today is Monday and I have already lost 3 pounds. I’ve been taken two a day before breakfast and it makes me not hungry while I’m at school, around 1:20 I go to lunch and then I have to make myself eat a little something before I go to the gym around 4. When I get home from the gym I eat a small portioned dinner and go to bed. I can tell by the end of the day though that the pills start wearing off like I start craving food

  When the tablets came I came cancelled my card !
Your Namecarol (Verified User)

I ordered mine and they came 4day later i have been taking them for about 5 weeks now the first 2 weeks i lost 9lbs and i am still loseing as for the money coming out of your bank what i did was when the tablets came i went to my bank and canceled my card they gave me a new card .that is what u need to do i hope this helps


Lol ya I did the same thing. Just because I read that they will try and charge all kinds of fees to your card.

Jane (Verified User)


  This product is not recommended.
Dee (Verified User)

I got swooped into it back in the summer of 2015 – the Ultra Green Coffee, Royal Garcinia Cambogia, and the True Raspberry Keytone. They charged my card $92.53 for the RGC and $89.95 for the other stuff. I called the number and they said they would bring the future cost down to $20 (another $60 was taken out). So I finally called to cancel the products. Every time I called, the customer service was nice but each read the same script and gave me an additional 3 weeks to keep trying the products I already had. After the third call I finally demanded that I didn’t want to use it anymore when they tried pushing another three weeks on me. No other monies were taken out of my account. I now have two bottles of the Ultra Green Coffee that I am taking, just in case there is a miraculous weight loss for me. I never saw any real loss other than a slight curb in appetite. I don’t recommend any of these products, just eat sensibly and moderate exercise. I only have ten pounds to loose – more would be happy, but its weight I have carried for 18 years now.

  Garnicia has modest effect on weight loss.

According to the studies, garcinia cambogia can have modest effects on weight loss. It may help you lose about 2 more pounds over a period of several weeks.


I remember Nu Colon Pro charged me like $80 something dollars for the following month because I didn’t cancel it but I had never even received the free trial


I don’t believe diz products

Gaby Eirew

I had bad palpitations within 2 days – usually very fit – very unpleasant

  Absolute rubbish it does not work
Maggy (Verified User)

Absolute rubbish it does not work, if anything I’ve put on weight because I thought I didn’t need to exercise as much or watch what I ate. Very disappointed. There is no other way to lose weight than lots of exercise and portion control.

  Its a fake product
Yasashwini Sathuluri (Verified User)

Its a fake product I used 2 packs I don’t get any result..so I want to return remaining 2 more packs…


Yes..it didn’t work..I tried 3 bottles.. But it fails..

  I ordered this diet pill
Regina (Verified User)

I ordered this diet pill and haven’t received it yet Been 2 weeks


I have been takingGarcinia Cambogia.for 3 months and have lost 20 lbs. I feel no side effects


Am in so much confusion for taking these pills…Some people will tel it works and some r telling it doesn’t. ..donoo wht to do. ..plz give proper reviews

Jane. Grenfell

what I think the problem is and why there are so many conflicting answers is the this product is made by lots of different companies and each company puts different amounts of the extract in. I tried it a couple of years ago – like someone else said – it came with some green coffee stuff as well, I had a trial offer that was extremely difficult to get out of and in the end I had to cancel my card, the bank got my money back somehow and the long shot was that it didn’t work anyway !! I don’t know if it was because it was a low dose bottle, or people who have success maybe are watching what they’re eating, but really, how can taking 2 tablets a day, no exercise and not changing your eating habits EVER make you lose kgs or lbs in weeks??? Doesn’t happen.

Devon (Editor)

I think some of the confusion stems from two common downsides of this ingredient. The varying cost at which different companies sell it for and the lack of results fom dieters. Garcinia Cambogia is a common weight loss ingredient so several companies may offer it, each with a different and sometimes inflated prices. While it has been shown to affect weight loss in some amounts dieters don’t usually find that it alone significantly aid in weight reduction.

  really fake product
Anonymous (Verified User)

ya its really fake product I purchaged it and started using but I didn’t even loose a half kg still I have two unsealed packs but I don’t know how to return

  I'm really ANGRY
Mme Béland (Verified User)

Hi dear, I’m not happy to see what happenned with my credit account, you charged me All payment and I give you my result. So I need to give me a feedback about the cancel account with you for all products … It’s so ridiculous! I’m really ANGRY….

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Mme Béland, we do not sell this product. You must contact the company from which you purchased the supplement and inquire about your refund.


They are from California not Canada

Stephen (Editor)

This is very interesting, Sharon! What are the contents of the formula; is it solely Garcinia Cambogia Extract? This is cause for alarm indeed. We will do the necessary research to get to the bottom of this.

  Garcinia Cambogia
NAive (Verified User)

Moi aussi j’ai commandé parce que c’était gratuit il fallait payer seulement $10 pour les deux produits après avoir passer ma carte de crédit je l’ai imprimé c’est la que je me suis rendu compte que je me suis fait avoir je voulait canceler tout suite mais je n’ai pas été capable j’ai du appeler ma banque pour canceler ma carte ce sont des voleurs le lendemain j’ai passer plusieurs heures au téléphone quand finalement j’ai pu parler avec quelqu’un il ne voulait pas canceler la commande que j’ai fait la veille il voulait que garde le produit que je n’ai pas et payer $37 fait bien attention c’est une passe cette compagnie

Stephen (Editor)

Merci d’avoir partagé ton avis!

   if it really works yet.
Customer (Verified User)

I read up about this product then decided to get the trial n pay delivery. Bottle came quickly n had a full month in. I then found out about the future charges if dont cancel so i read terms online from their webpage on the delivery note n there is a number to ring. I rang straight away n they cancelled straight away n sent email confirmation of this. I havent had problems with the company n only been on it a week so dont no if it really works yet.


could you please tell us the number you called? I have ordered and haven’t received it yet. It’s only been 4 days, but they promised 3 day delivery. I have sent an email to the only contact that I have and it was an email that sent me a receipt for my purchase. I am starting to have a very bad feeling about this.


This is the information I received. Let’s see if they do as they say.
Dear Tena
Thank you for using Ultra Body Garcinia Cambogia . This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

The Ultra Body Garcinia Team



What number did you call ?

Costomer too

I ordered my mine on July 16, 2016 free trail. It arrived today July 20, 2016. I decided to go online and do some research before trying this product that’s when i saw all this info. I’m not going to open any of this and I called to cancel any any future orders. I’m well with in the 14 days so it cancel. The number I called was 888-930-0942. They tried the whole discount thing but I’m buying it.

Stephen (Editor)

and what company?

  i want to send the product back
Anomonous (Verified User)

I have already opened my product and taken 4 tablets, after seeing everyones feed back i want to send the product back, i have rang them cant get a hold of them a few numbers on their website do not exist…they have already taken $80 out of my account, i have now canceled my card, my main concern is that i have already taken four tablets and i want to send the product back…

  This is a crook company
Cathie (Verified User)

This is a crook company. They said it is free but then they will charge you $155 after 14 days of your free trail purchase and the trial pills was not even received yet. I call the customer phone number they will only refund 30% of my money. So beware of this company. It is their way of getting people’s money.


Wow. They wouldn’t refund any of my money

no effective for weight loss
kashish (Verified User)

I bought this products 6 weeks back still I have no change . yes it’s give energy but there is no effective for weight loss

  Complete rubbish product
Vee (Verified User)

Complete rubbish product. There is no such thing as a miracle pill for weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia is a placebo. The company selling this product should be taken down. I cancelled my card thankfully and didn’t get stung.

  Not even 100 gms weightloss
Navita (Verified User)

its a month since i m taking it. Not even 100 gms weightloss????

  Not at all effective
Mahrukh Rafique (Verified User)

Not at all effective. Instead my appetite increased. Although I ordered the trial package but i was charged with the entire month’s value without permission. Have to set up an inquiry in order to retrieve my money back. No response by website customer service to several emails


Garcinia Cambodia did not give me the results I was promised…I did lose 8-10 lbs the month I took them but I was working out alot too…I was told I would be given a FREE trial and after 2 weeks I was charged a total of $40 that I didn’t catch untfil 2 weeks later when I was missing $140 from my debit card!!! I called and told them all about it and they told me they would NOT in anyway refund my money! I asked to speak with the person in charge and she said she was in charge! Bull crap! I yelled until I was blue in the face and the end results were being out of $180 and a cancelled order!!! They need to be reported! Hope this input helps!

  How to use it
manoj kumar

I have 10 kg over weight How to use it

Stephen (Editor)

Manoj, it depends on the particular product you get. Remember this is just an ingredient. Likely you would take it twice daily.

  14 day trial is concerned
LKelly (Verified User)

I just started taking them. I did not get them as quickly as they say they were coming. I don’t know if they really work yet so I will have to come back and let you know. But, as far as the 14 day trial is concerned. I read all the messages and I want to thank everyone for the feedback. I contacted them when I read about how they charge (I did the shipping charge only method they offered) and cancelled my order completely before the 14 day trial period. I got my RMA number to send back the unused supplements. So, I got to keep 28 from each bottle (taken 2xs a day). I took out my portion and sent back the remaining. I had to pay $2.94 to send back to them. If the supplements work, I will just go to the store and purchase.

  already had problems

I ordered and already had problems I didn’t want all that they were trying to give me but I canceled that card so I still have the first payment but they won’t be able to charge me again will they?

Stephen (Editor)

No, not after you cancel your card though you it would have been best to have called the company you ordered from to cancel the trial.

  Garcinia Cambogia
Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Sharon. $600.00 is a LOT! What number did you call to contact the sellers?

Garcinia Cambogia
Cameron (Editor)

We see many customers are upset with their purchase of this ingredient. Could you inspect the bottle and let us know which company you bought it from, April?

  I would cancel my card
Anonymous (Verified User)

I would cancel my card and have the issue you another card with different number or put a block on your card so they can’t charge you. If you use PayPal you can do a claim thru PayPal . Paypal will do something a bought it.

  I cancel it the order
Your Namechristiane Boileau (Verified User)

you take a big money to my credit card and now stop to take a money I cancel it the order and please you send me a answer

Cameron (Editor)

We are not affiliated with this company. Garcinia Cambogia is an ingredient. What company did you order from?


Cameron why the he’ll you keep on saying you are not affiliated with this company or what number did you call, people are getting pissed off because they are getting ripped off and all you can f…ING say is you’re not affiliated with the company

  I want my money back
Singh O D (Verified User)

I want my money back as I got no weight loss within 30 days. U have charged Rs 2600. It is fake. Dont buy it.

Tom sam

I thought to buy this product. But after reading all those comments i am in doubt. Whether it works or not?

Devon (Editor)

As an ingredient it seems to aid in weight loss, though betetr used when in a formula. We believe customers are having issues with the companies they order from.

Cameron (Editor)

Are you still within the 30 day trial period, Singh? Which exact Garcinia Cambogia did you buy?

  Be very carefully
Erica (Verified User)

I live in the Netherlands and I have the exact experience with this company. WATCH OUT… YOU LOSE A LOT OF MONEY.!!! I DID, AND I HOPE THAT THEY WILL NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT ANYMORE. I CALLED THIS MORNING 26-1-2016 MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY. THE WOMAN I SPOKE WITH TOLD ME THAT MANY MORE PEOPLE LOST A LOT OF THERE MONEY TO THAT COMPANY. Watch out, there are more of those sorts of advertises I say one about cremé for your face too
. the same trick…….Be very carefully before you now you loose a lot of money. (sorry for my Englisch)

  I ordered this like 4 days
jen (Verified User)

If I cancel my debit card will they still be able to charge me? I ordered this like 4 days ago so I haven’t hit the 14 days yet

Stephen (Editor)

Jen, why not call to cancel your bottle before the trial ends. They won’t be mad, if you can get in touch.

   I really want to lose weight
Deb (Verified User)

I have been taking them since Dec. 24 2015.. i am not sure if I am really dropping weight my husband says my butt is getting rounder though..I am not sleeping at night though.. I take them when I get up then I take one with my dinner. not sure about times I eat at different times b/c of his work schedule. I want to sleep at night again I just got another bottle in mail other day but I don’t think I will take any of them and send them back. They charged me 4.98 for first bottle for shipping then I saw bank account had 89.95 charge. I called right away the number got a hold of a girl (can’t remember her name ) she was very nice I told her that was way to much money to pay for a bottle of pills, so she sent the next bottle out for 19.95 and that is my set price til I cancel. I really want to lose weight is there anything out there that doesn’t cost arm and leg that gives results.

  Helped in depression not weight loss !
Sharlee (Verified User)

i’m on my 3rd bottle & I have lost 10 lbs. but I’m not going to give any credit to Garcinia Camogia. The weight loss credit will go to Slim Fast. I’m continuing the Garcinia Camogia because I can honestly see and feel a difference in my mood! I feel happier, not down in the dumps or depressed. I am calmer and feel more in control of my emotions. My husband has noticed this as well. I’ve tried a lot of different antidepressants that did nothing except make me feel like a zombie and gain weight. For this reason I will continue to take it.

  Garcinia Cambogia
Stephen (Editor)

There are many companies that sell a supplement using Garcinia Cambogia. Which number or company specifically?

  Garcinia Cambogia
Anonymous (Verified User)

Cancel your credit card transaction.

Avinash dass

Cancelled payments please

Garcinia Cambogia
kait (Verified User)

Started a week ago and I’ve gained five pounds:(

  What membership
Anonymous (Verified User)

OMG sandy I just got off the phone with them and the same thing happened to me as well.they told me they would refund me 50% if I continued my membership. What membership I never signed up for one!!! only the 14 day trial….



  Product just wasn't for me
mary (Verified User)

I took it an got very sick to my stomach couldn’t keep anything down was in sever pain u culdnt move hurt breth I wouldn’t recamond this to any one


How long till you felt better? I am the same way. My stomach is a mess and I quit taking it 4 days ago.


that’s what they did to me after I bought the trial bottles and the pills are doing nothing for me other than making me ill!!

hair detox

This is extremely good content. Among the best subject material I’ve come across at present. Carry on the great work.


DO NOT order from these people they are crooks. DO NOT give them your credit card information. I ordered the free trial today of the garcinia cambodia product only and somehow through there tricky website another product was selected. When I called them up to cancel they would no problem, BUT, I am being charged for the shipping of this product that I have cancelled. I will have to return within 30 days, and pay AGAIN to ship it back for something I am not using.

  Just the way you are

if you are asking this question then you are too young. Your body is perfect just the way you are!


After taking AuraSlim Garcinia and AuraSlim Forskolin as directed for 4 weeks I successfully GAINED 5 pounds.


SO I ORDERED THE TRIAL FROM TRYSUPREMEGARCINIACAMBOGIA.COM AND I HAD A 14 DAY TRIAL ; I PLACED MY ORDER ON THE 9th of OCTOBER 2016 @ 7.38 PM . I called back the 23rd of october 2016 @ 10:00AM and i asked to cancel the subscription so that i don’t get charged and because i wasn’t satisfied with the product ! So basically i called before the end of my 14 DAY TRIAL .. and they STIL MANAGED TO CHARGE ME ! …. NO SENSE…

  Just my 2 cents

Sorry Afro the loss and unfortunately many predators are lurking

  Is this effective for me?

I am 25 year old. my weight is 62. wil it work for me?

Asif rasool wani

Go through the herbalife products that really help u amazing nutrition supplementary. . Weight loss now ask me how.. i my friends use this..

Karen (Editor)

Hi Dizy, Garcinia may or may not give you the results you’d like. Take a look at Dietspotlight Burn, it might work better for you.

   lectating woman can take
Kirti jain

I want to know that lectating woman can take this or not

Cameron (Editor)

Tiffany, if you sign up for autoshipping the company will continue to bill you. Call the Garcinia Cambogia for canceling or return information.

Stephen (Editor)

Hi Kirti, many of our dieters commenting say that nursing mothers should not take it. To be certain confirm with your doctor.

  This product is not Recomended
Anonymous (Verified User)

I took this for 4 days and my side started bothering me bad. A rash broke out. I went to doctor they gave me a cream and antibiotics. The hurting inside got worse and the rash would not go away. I went a week later got a shot of steroids and a very strong antibiotics which I am on now. I would not recommend this product to no one.

  Good read

There’s noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made certain nice points in features also.

  This is a super information.
Florissant Jean-Pascal

This is really super information on the benefits of green coffee bean extract on our health. Thanks for posting!This is made for a good reading!Thanks!

  Can I buy this in Walmart?
Tess (Verified User)

I got the Surpreme Garcinia Cambogia they only charged five dollars for the shipping i got the bottle about 2wks after but i only used a gift prepaid credit card…I’ve been taking it for a week it didn’t do anything i still felt a bit hungry an hour after i took them I’m sort of disappointed and i was wondering Is Walmart a good place to buy this product ??? the one i have now i have from the “get your free trial ” site…

  Please, advise me
Sonali Dash

I went through the all comments and finally decided that, this is not a effective product to lose weight. I am 25 year old and sadly my weight is 85. Please, advise me, which product will help me to reduce atleast 15 kg in 6 month and also guide me for proper diet. Thanking you.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Sonali. If you want a few more options see our top product of 2016 or browsed our reviews a bit. Good luck!

  Is this safe for thyroid patients?
r indore

If i thyroid patient can i take that pills ?

Candace (Editor)

We suggest consulting your doctor before taking any medication or dietary products to determine if it’s right for you.

  First step to lose weight
Eleanor Quituqua

I believe that avoiding highly processed foods will be the first step to help lose weight. They might taste fine, but refined foods have very little nutritional value, making you take in more just to have enough power to get over the day. If you’re constantly feeding on these foods, transferring to whole grains and other complex carbohydrates will let you have more strength while eating less. Good blog post.

  Question about how to take it

Hw to take wow Garcinia pills?

  Really good blog
Enrique Lucic

Really good blog, thank you very much for your time in writing this post.

  Web Page is not working in Blackberry
in the know (Verified User)

This web page does not render correctly on my blackberry – you might want to try and repair that

  Not very happy with customer service
Cindy Hoffmann (Verified User)

I came a cross this product on line it said free 30 day sample only have to pay shipping also asked if I wanted try another product I said no but it was shipped to me also the next month my charge card was charged 85.90 plus 94.90 I called to tell them I didn’t know that they would be charging me monthly and it cost so much they only wanted to give me back 15% a company doing business like this is wrong!!! not happy!!!


Call the “ATTORNEY GENERAL” enough people complain,they will shut them down….


At the end of Dr oz’s show he always says he doesn’t endorse any product like they state

  I want a full refund
shanae (Verified User)

You have taking money without my knowledge I don’t want your 45 day supply didn’t even do first I. A single mother an didn’t see ur fine print I want full refund now

  Wanted to know the price
Lillian navarro

I want to know the cost before I give my credit card info. I need to know the cost for both, garcinia & total colon CLENSE advertised on the doctors


you can go to Kroger or walmart and get the product for $10.00- $15.00 dollars, dont order online.


Do not order free trials of Garcinia Cambogia. Go to health food stores or order via Health food stores like Puritans. Don’t ever send copies of bank statements. Gave charge revered at bank if debit transaction. If credit card, call credit card company and file disput and get card shut down and they will send new one please. It happened to me..

  I miss your great writings
Filiberto Pettrey (Verified User)

Hello, you used to write wonderful, but the last few posts have been kinda boring¡K I miss your great writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!

  I'm in love with this product
Amanda (Verified User)

I have taken the garcinia cambogia complex in the black box you get at walgreens and I am in LOVE! I have dropped 28 lbs since June 11 without exercising. This month I am trying to exercise and see how it results. I am on an experimental trial because i have nothing else to lose BUT weight. Will keep you updated! Email if you would like me to let you know progress on month 2!


How is it going now with the Garcinia Cambogia?


let me know how this diet of yours is going from the garcinia cambogia from walgreens . we only have walmart here in ontario canada


I would like to know updates Amanda.


I am trying to find a diet product WITHOUT STIMULANTS for weight loss. I am 62 years old and have 40 pounds to lose …..never been so heavy in my entire life. HELP HELP……lol


please let me know how this worked for you


I would love to know updates amanda

  Did not like this at all
Anonymous (Verified User)

Same issues, terrible! Had to contact visa for a new card

  Did not work for me
Mikayla dechaine (Verified User)

I tried tree driffret bottles of garcinia cambogi a no offence none worked at all it was an waste of money
The gummies raised your heart when you take them my sister Erika’ was 9 she took them she was sick she had nothing in here she was like losing weight but losing your muscles and fat inside your body

  Need help with cancellation
marsha (Verified User)

Please cancel my subscription for all these pills. Thank you

  Can you email more information?
dondra carson (Verified User)

The carcinia gambogia that I took contain potassium, chronium, & calcium. And the cleanse tablet was hard to swallow. It scratched my throat. I called the company & told them about it, they told me that did not sale that product like that. The carcinia gambogia did not curve my appetite. I think it will work considering if I was able to buy the right one. I read that the carcinia gambogia without the potassium, calcium & chromium will show me better results. Can u reply back thru e-mail?

  Which is more effective?

Which garcinia cambogia is more effective.which should i buy

Simone Smith

Neu Garcinia Cambogia by far is the best. I used it for a month and lost 12lbs. I have a thing for sweets which is sugar and we all know sugar is fat. By far the best.

  Best time to take it
gee (Verified User)

1-2 a day before bedtime

  Instructions on how to take it
Anonymous (Verified User)

It says you can take it up to twice a day no more than that though, so atleast once when you wake up and if you want you can take one in the evening

  Use a prepaid card

When things happen like this use a pre paid card .

  How long should I use this?
katthi b (Verified User)

Hi ive only been taking this for only a little my q is when i acconpleshing my weight goal will i have to conti to take it to keep my wt goal

  Issues with customer service
Anonymous (Verified User)

they kept sending pills even after notifying them to stop and kept talking money …good luck

Your Nameclaire

Tell us your thoughts about Garcinia Cambogia.u never answered the question
What address is it coz I have salt Lake city

  Need help with cancellation
Joyce summerhill (Verified User)

Your product of $4.95 did not work for me , it made me dry mouth and sick at my stomach . I did not order anything else from your company and you better take my name from your list and cancel anything else you plan on sending .All orders better be canceled

K. Kelly (Verified User)



Yes, that’s a red flag sign! Go see your doctor

   What is the cost

I want to know What is the cost of garcinia & total colon CLENSE.

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Tanya. This review deals with Garcinia Cambogia as an ingredient. The specific price of the product you seek is determined by the company selling it. Check out our other Garcinia Cambogia Reviews.


They said all I need to do is pay the shipping $4.95 and they charged me $79.98

  Cancellation of Order
Julissa Duran

Can you cancel my purchase on Garcinia Cambogia and refund me back my payment from today 3/11/15. Someone used my card to pay 4.95 for shipping and this payment is going through an investigation through my bank. I want nothing to do with these pills. Thank you.

  Hope You stop Taking These

I hope you have stopped taking these

  After Leaving Product Will Weight Regain

Will lost weight regain after leaving this product

  Retain My Money Please
vasant patel

your website showing only $4.60 so i order but my credit card $133 i am not many to mach many give my my many is retained please

  Rudest and Unprofessional Behaviour
Melanie Cortes

This company has the rudest, most unprofessional customer service reps that I have ever dealt with. The first rep I spoke to, “Kelvin” was laughing and talking to another rep while on the phone with me. She would not listen to what I was trying to tell her. She cut me off, spoke over me and was extremely rude! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the person said that she was the only one to speak to. When I asked about a number to make a complaint, there was none. The second rep just called this morning and hung up on me when I had a question. And yes, tricking people into thinking that it was a free product is deplorable. That’s no way to do business.


Just spoke to someone at customer service to get my money back. Very tricky advertising indeed. Hope nobody falls for this company ever again. I was offered a 50% refund for both garcinia and coffee supreme and a cancellation of my account. I am very much hoping they do exactly what the rep has offered me and not charge me for more.


Just but it from walmart or a local drug store. Its the SAME EXACT thing as these websites. Its cheap and you dont have to deal with anyone anx you wont end up being charged full price later on.


How much they is at Walmart ?

  Contact Number to Call

Do you have the number to call?

  Make up stories

I am with you Iana. I’m sure they make up stories or pay these people a commission after ripping off unsuspecting customers.

  cancel Credit Card

cancel your credit card



  How to cancel my order
Anonymous (Verified User)

How do I cancel the order I’ve already received my trial bottles but don’t want anymore


Cancel within 14 days or they will not refund. Trust me!!! I am pregnant and they wouldn’t even consider giving me my money back even if I did not open the bottles.

  Want to know name of another Product
riz (Verified User)

hey koko ..,thanks 4r ur review..i jst want to know the name of your product,b’cos presently now there are many products available…waiting for your reply

  Can I take this with other medication?
Ykrutika desaiour Name (Verified User)

I wnt to knw dat if I’ll taje other medicine Dan I continue with dis product or not???

  This product lowers my blood suger
Cathy (Verified User)

I have just started using Garcinia Cambogia today . But untill I read this I did not know that I shouldn’t take it because I have diabetes. But from what I have read it’s because it can lower my blood sugars . Since my sugars have been to high anyway wouldn’t this be idea?

  i like the energy using Garcinia Cambogia
Johanna (Verified User)

I have been using Garcinia cambogia for two days and so far i like the energy i have and no cravings for sugar. I bought mine from target for $10 and i could choose the gummies or pill form. I will keep updated.


Did it work ?


How’d it going

  Anybody Tried this Brand or Not

Have any body tried a brand that’s called “Absolute Garcinia”, I’m skeptical about trying it. Its made in the USA and has 60% Hydroxycitric Acid 1000Mg Garcinia Cambogia Extract


Its good. You need atleast 50% HCA and can take up to 1,000 mgs of GCE a day. So you have the right kind.


It sounds like the right one your going to use their.good luck.

Your Nameclaire

Tell us your thoughts about Garcinia Cambogia.u never answered the question
What address is it coz I have salt Lake city

  Price Too Much High
Sorry curtis

Costco is $19. I got “free” offer and was charged $89 for a small bottle. Sent it back and bought at costco.

  it is useful

should i buy this or not, it is useful

Stephen (Editor)

This is a weight loss ingredients and comes in many different supplements or you can find the extract alone. You really must do research into specific products. Did you have any in mind? Check out our list of different Garcinia product reviews.

  Can take this in Early Age 16

Please i weigh 90 and am only 16 years old, am a female. Can i take the garcinia cambogia at this age or its too early. Please answer me who ever
sees it.


Dont listen to the people who say you’re too thin for ya age. We dont know if you have any medical problems,your height,etc. I say you’d be ok taking it bc there arent any known side effects. Its a plant which many native Indonesian people eat…that’s where it originated.But I do recommend lifting weights to build muscle. You’ll have to exercise somewhat with any supplement. Good luck hun.


90 lbs for a 16 yr old is WAY TO THIN . Exercise and cut some fats and sugars. You’ll lose really fast exercising at this age!


Just speculating but she could mean 90kgs which is approx 200lbs.


No. You are young. Excercise. Try to play badminton. I assure you it will work


You weigh 90?

  Breast Feeding Cant Use The Product
Charlene (Verified User)

No If You Are Brest Feeding You Cant Use The Product .Best Way To Lose Weight Is To Keep Brest Feeding Your Baby .You Will Be Slim In No Time .That What I Did Lost All My Baby Weight In 90 Days Luck Good

  The Weight Loss with Top Secret
JC2You (Verified User)

So, my Top Secret Garcinia experience was neither super impressive, nor super disappointing. I did like that there were no jitters and no feelings of nausea (some of the other brands, like Simply Garcinia left me feeling a bit woozy on an empty stomach). The weight loss with Top Secret Nutrition was eh, average, but again, if you have a sensitive stomach, it’s a pretty decent trade off. I would say though, still, that this was probably the third most effective brand I’ve tried with regards to actual number of pounds lost. The most was with a brand called LipoVida — but I literally wanted to vomit ever day that I took them. Plus I heard that 80% HCA wasn’t actually legal or possible (I’m not an attorney or a doctor/scientist, so don’t quote me on that – just passing along what I heard) The best so far for actual weight loss for me plus no nausea has been Pure GCE, if you don’t mind the jitters and all that jazz, it may be worth your time to check out the LipoVida brand. Otherwise, Pure GCE gets my vote.

  Dont Recommend you taking This
destinee (Verified User)

My kindeys is hurting me after taking the pill . I dont recomond u taking this.

  Garcinia Cambogia
common sense

Why order buy at walmart or anywhere 4 that matter and this wouldn’t happen

  Work Without Other Combination of Pill
Silvia Rivero (Verified User)

I oder only one bottler of Slim Garcinia Cambogia, need to know if work with out of the other combination pill.????? Also more information of the use.

  Card Has Been Compromised
Shana (Verified User)

just call your bamk and tell them that your card has been compromised and you didn’t give permission for them amounts too be taken I did this and got my $200 they took refuned you have too do it as soon as it comes out though so they can get it back! but I had my money back within a week or so.. and the pills didn’t do anything for me

  Don't order online
Amy shaffer (Verified User)

Don’t order online buy at Wal-Mart or walgreens. Cheaper at stores

  How to take dose
rose thomas (Verified User)

It says take two before a meal, but how many a day? Two before breakfast and two before dinner?


Three times a day unless you’re adding another supplement. Then only take it once in the morning.


It does work I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia for six weeks now. So far I have lost 27 pounds.
The pills I have been taking are made in the usa


Do u excerise while u take the pill


This does not work I don’t know if you’re doing extra exercising and eating less but this code does not work


Try advocare.

I did the 24 day challenge and I lost 27.5 lbs in only 24 days!! I ate all the time and did not exercise one bit. Now, on day 29 I am down 30 lbs total.

I have tried garcinia cambogia and honestly I saw little change.


What day did you start noticing it take affect and you losing weight? I got the free one month trial and I’m on day 4.. I was 167lbs now currently I’m 165 but on day 3 I was 163.. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m still early in the process or what.. I’m gonna keep using it to see if it’s just because I’m still only a few days in using it, but I wanted to know what day do people usually start to notice actual changes..? I wanna get back to 120lbs like I was last year, but with some math, by the end of this month if this stuff really works, I’ll be around 140lbs.. I’m hoping this stuff works so if I could please get an answer that would be awesome!

  Fake Product My Weight Increased
Nitu (Verified User)

This product is fake I empty whole bottle 90 cap plus pure cleanse but my weight increased 10 pound I m very disappoint

  Garcinia Cambogia
Your NameMay (Verified User)

How do u cancel your creid cardTell us your thoughts about Garcinia Cambogia.

Cameron (Editor)

Which company did you buy from May? Many companies offer this ingredient.

  Will This Loose My Weight
shalini verma

I m 84 kg. I m just 22 years old. Will garcinia combogia help me to lose my weight? What else I need to do apart taking these pills?


Exercise with the supplement. It says we dont have to go hard but regular exercise will help. Walking, swimming, biking etc.

  Garcinia Cambogia

When it comes to weight loss with minimal fuss, Garcinia Cambogia ranks amongst one of the top supplements

  Didn't Received my bottle after Trial

Horrible advertising. I got charged a total of $75 for a 14 day trial and customer service was terrible at telling me why I didn’t get a full bottle after my trial ..what I paid for! Never buying things like this again.

  Positive on UA or not

Can Nu cambogia give a false positive on a UA


Urine analysis? If thats what you meant then no. Its a native plant from Indonesia which many people eat. If you eat poppy seeds that’s another story but as for this , no.

  ordered my free trial yesterday

OMG!!! I just ordered my free trial yesterday!! Should I just cancel?? I am NOT trying to pay no $100 for pills.. What do you guys suggest I should do


I had to cancel my visa and ask for a new card. Awful, can’t reach the sketchy company, recording only, my emails not responded to. Terrible business practices!


Go to walmart $8.86


Great tip! Thank you!




If u have a bottle that the 1st. Ingrediate calcium is it an imposter !!

  ordered the free trial

My question is how did the 4.99 turn into $120? I just ordered my free trial yesterday, I’m waiting for it! I ain’t trying to pay $120 if I just ordered the free trial to try it???


I don’t remember what site i ordered my version from, but in the fine print it said that if you cancelled it within 14 days you wouldn’t be charged more than just the shipping. Thats what I did and wasnt charged for the month supply.


I just did the same thingggg!!!! I saw that it was like 60-70 bucks after the trial but I was thinking it could just cancel and not get charged for the rest! Yikes! I hope someone responds!!


cancel your credit card otherwise if like me you will be charged over $400 for stuff you did not even order or receive. I have just put a stop on my CC


Use s prepaid card


Ordered my trial cambogia still havent got it all I can say is DONT do it they just suck you in and you get stung for another $198 just taken out of your account for a months supply when you havent even tried the trial!!!!!! BIG CON


You can purchase garcinia cambogia from the “nomorerack” website. I purchased some there for under $20. I have been buying stuff from them for over a year with no problems. Hopefully this will help.


I bought it on a whim.. it was cheap so why not. well i’ll tell you why not. they charged my bank account $80 and then I couldn’t use my debit card anywhere because my bank disabled it because of this company. so if I were you, make sure you check your statements so this doesn’t happen to you…or don’t buy it at all.

  Weight Loss
ruchi goyal

let me know, garcinia wow cap are sufficent for weight loss or it need chang in diet or exercise etc

  rep on the phone talked so fast
Mary Harding

Why don’t I buy it because the rep on the phone talked so fast like a speed freak and told me its $79.00 for one bottle ,what a joke what if it doesn’t work then what!


Get a prepaid card that way they can’t keep charging you

  Side effects by using Cholestrol
Susan (Verified User)

I take cholesterol medicine everyday are there any side effects

  safe to take these pills
Shannon (Verified User)

I have been taking the pills for 1 month now. So far I have lost 27 pounds. The pills are completely safe to take I have not had any side effects.




I just went to a locally owned supplement store, and I bought Garcinia Fusion. It has 60% HCA ,GCA. And magnesium. And made in the USA..It was around 34.00 I honestly only have 10 lbs to 15 lbs. to lose, but I’m 48, and had a hysterecotomy 4 yrs ago. And I am hypoglycemic. and That 10 lbs is ,next to starvation, impossible to lose. I am a super sweet fan, but I eat sensibly naturally. Within a few days I felt as if the puffiness, or bloating, in my stomach is gone. It really has helped curb any cravings. I try to take it 30 mins prior to eating, with 8oz of water.


Hi Shannon..my name is ina..glad to hear that u success on your diet..may i know the picture of the product and the link that you bought that diet pills
I am sorry by the way..may i know how old are u


which one did you get


may I ask where did you buy your garcinia cambogia capsules? Can I see a pic of it? Because there are a lot of stores today selling it and I don’t know which one is the original or fake. I hope to hear from you asap. Thank you and Godbless! 🙂


I have been on it for over a mth….I hv not lost a lb..wonder why

  No Satisfaction

I’m having the same problem as Melissa. They don’t work and I have no way to stop them from sending them to me. They take 2 lots of $99 out of my credit card and send them if they feel like it. I have been charged and not received the tablets. They send a note saying thanks for my order, I only asked once for the free sample and have never put an order into them. Be very careful this could cost you heaps and get no satisfaction.


read terms and conditions carefully when ordering free stuff on the net. i had he same problem with another company for an eye cream. I tried to contact them and the charges continued. so here’s what i did…. call your credit card company and make a claim. they’ll reimburse you completely. this time their offering for a free bottle of garcinia cambogia and pure slim plus 4.95 shiping and handling. took a look at the terms and conditions and of course, they’ll continue sending and charging it to my credit card. You have to cancell the order within 14 days in order to stop the charges and shipping. good luck and always read the terms and conditions


How are you getting those contact information. I can’t find it anywhere! I need them to stop charging me and getting nothing in the mail!


The fine print says they will continue to send you a monthly shipment and charge your credit card until you contact them to cancel any further orders. You could possibly contact your bank and put a block on them from taking any further payments from your account. Hope that helps. Always read the fine print and anything that says conditions apply or has *


Or pay through PayPal

Mohsin sherazee

Supposing yu are taking medicines to reduce your chlorostol level daily.? Would there be any side effects? Yr answer by
Email will be appreciated. Thanks.

Candace (Editor)

Hello Mohsin, We suggest consulting your doctor before taking any medication or dietary products to determine if it’s right for you.


Garcinia cambogia have been linked to cases of liver failure. Use at your own risk.

  contact this company

I would like a phone number to contact this company about ourchases

Hilda Fenstrum

I used a prepaid gift card that had $15.00 left on it from Christmas to pay the $4.99. A man called today and gave me a reference# ,he said it was a California number. Hope this helps Maxine

   Poor poor customer service.

It did not work for me at all but don’t be fooled into thinking its free if it doesn’t work for you! Nu Canbogia would not honor the terms if their 14 day free trial period. First, it takes 8 days of that 14 days to get the product and days are counted including order date. Then if you try to cancel trial period by email because they can’t be reached by phone, they don’t reply until after the expiration of trial period and you are charged in full. Very misleading trick to advertise free trial and then manipulate it so they don’t have to honor it! Poor poor customer service.


extremely poor customer service – hidden charges and limited refund if any

   if its safe for me
lilly (Verified User)

Hi I bought green coffee bean garcina combogia without doing any resarch when packet arrived I was reading the diraction on how to take them on back of the packet it advices you to speak to the doctor before taking them as I am diabetic. When to my doctor and asked for advice she said she couldn’t give me one so could you plz let me know if its safe for me to take or else my money is wasted

  Defs don't recommend
Michele d

Defs don’t recommend this ! Didn’t do anything for me

   for a month
Barbara (Verified User)

I took it for a month and it did not work for me.

Samantha Lique

It’s really nice product. It’s working. I am going to share one nice more one product. That i am using now for TRIAL.

   garcinia cambogia

I took garcinia cambogia and colon cleanser one of each in the morning and in the evening. It’s worked for me. I lost about 5 pounds my first week. And the second week I lost like 9 pounds. Im on my third week now. And to be honest I feel fantastic minus the part about pooping more frequently. But otherwise it’s pretty chill. So hopefully my comment can help all you dudes and dudettes that know how real the struggle is. 🙂


Which brand did u use? Can u plz share the picture of it since I have used pure Cambogia ultra which didon’t work me at all


U can get the brand pure health from Wal-Mart for cheap. Any brand will usually work but it needs 50% + HCA and use up to 1,000mgs of GCE.


Where did you buy your product?

  fruit or a medicine(capsule)
waqar (Verified User)

what is Garcinia Cambogia actually? i mean is it a fruit or a medicine(capsule) & also i wanted to know that where can i find the product & what is the price of the product & also how long does a person have to consume the product to lose weight & come to a perfect body shape

Your Name Tracy

It is a waste of money I haven’t lost a pound in weight, it’s just my purse that got lighter.



Anna Kevin

I just lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks after trying this secret product. It worked wonders even without my regular diet. Check this out naturalhcagarciniacambogia.com/


I did a good bit of research and found a website where they tested a good variety of different brands… I also spoke with a dietician who said make sure it is made in USA. The lab reccomended two brands and the one that was US made was from Viatmin Shoppe – and its only $14 a bottle. I bought 2 to get free shipping (which is $3 less than a 2nd bottle!)

   green coffee
Bonnie (Verified User)

It works about as well as the green coffee bean extract that Dr. Oz recommends. I’ve tried both and had no results. I’ve been burned for the last time by Dr. Oz and the so called”Doctors”. I will never buy anything they recommend again!!!


Dr. Oz and the other “Doctors” are believed to have high credibility in the medical field; therefore, companies reach out to them and have them to recommend their products in exchange for money. Unfortunately, this is how the system works… These doctors don’t have definite proof that it works, but will say, “It does work” for a few thousands or maybe millions. If you were offered $500,000 JUST to say the product works, wouldn’t you take that offer? It’s cruel, but it’s society. They cash in from deception.

Sheryl Green

I am 60 years old, take care of my disabled husband and we live v e on his limited disability income. I have to use wisdom when e n spending any extra money. It sounds like there are more bad reviews then good for this product. I joined SparkPeople.com 2 weeks ago for free. I had 90 lbs to loose and have lost 15 lbs to date. I also no longer have the acid reflux that has plagued me for years. It takes into account your mental as well as your physical condition. I have not utilized all its Benefits but am very pleased so far.

   I decided to try the Garcinia Cambogia

Been desperate to lose weight for decades now. I read about Garcinia Cambogia and after reading different reviews, I decided to try the Garcinia Cambogia Extract which is 65% HCA by Dr. Oz sold in Amazon and so far I have lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks and feel more energized. They also have a money back guarantee so I went ahead and tried it. I have no regrets whatsoever.

  No weight loss
Gerald Osterman (Verified User)

I bought this product back in November. I believe this product is a fake. Started taking pills right away. I was on 2000 or less calorie intake every day. Also I walk every day at least 2 to 3 miles 5 times a week. Took pills for three months with no weight loss at all. I have three bottles left and quit taking them a month ago. Very unhappy. I would send the remaining pills back and would like money refunded. Please send address son I can get my money back. Thank you


If you followed that pattern of life you would lose 4-8 pounds per week, pills or no pills. So either you are lying about your calorie intake or there’s something incredibly wrong with your metabolism; that is in super save mode.


Thats what I was thinking too.


This happened to me too. Have not lost a pound.


My energy level increased but that’s it.

   I was always fit
Still Trying! (Verified User)

Well, my story is probably that of many. I was always fit, had been a professional athlete at one time (many many years ago), then had a very high stress job with emergency services for 12hrs+ a day in a chair for 10yrs- never really gained any weight. Got put on some medication and gained abt 80-100lbs in 6-8mos, even with excercise. Have been off meds for 2yrs now- only lost 30lbs quickly. So, I have been trying some things. This sounded to be good. However, I took one that was not crazy expensive but had the right ingredients 50-60% HCA at 1500mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract and 99mg of Potassium- so no fillers. 2x a day/before a meal. I hate to say it, but I actually have noticed NO Difference in energy or appatite and I actually gained weight! I have been taking for 4wks (according to the ads I should have lost a couple of pounds by now) Very disappointing. I suppose it works differently for everyone. But, I just recommend you don’t waste your money- just walk or exercise a little each day (even if just for 25mins/day)- you will notice a difference, plus start a good healthy routine.


I lost 8 pounds first week and 7 pounds the second week and d nine pounds third weeks
You can’t drink sofa and you cant eat out and no sweet and no bread. Exercise every day. Fourth week I lost six pounds. Happy happy happy .


LOL. Did you ever consider that cutting soda, sweets, and other refined carbs, in addition to daily exercise is cause alone for your weightless? Looks like consumerism managed to pull the wool over your eyes too. Remember that when the next time a too-good-to-be-true offer comes along.


I thought about taking these pills. But after the bad reviews decided not to.Instead I tried Nutrisystem Lost 28 lbs so far in my first month. I have 32 more lbs to go! Very Happy.


Did you have any side effects? Are the pounds staying off,?

Your name

Garcinia cambogia have been linked to cases of liver failure. Use at your own risk!

Sherry (Verified User)

I’ve been taking this product for 3 weeks now and haven’t lost 1 pound I haven’t noticed any change in my eating habits or that I’m falling a sleep better liked they clamed,this product didn’t not work for me I’m very disappointed.

Marlene Warkentin

I have a complaint, you have charged on my visa for a bottle #4800014865, for the amount of 108.00, without the product and my approval. please explain ASAP

Stephen (Editor)

We are not affiliated with the Garcinia product you are dissatisfied with. You must inspect the label of your product and contact the company in question.


I have felt no different from taking this! No extra energy or weight lose! I think I gained 3lbs?! Wtf!?!

  I have lost nothing
terri (Verified User)

I have been taking this pill for almost 2 months now. I checked to make sure I have the correct one for myself and I do. I have lost nothing. The only thing this pill has done for me is make me not as hungry. I would not recommend anyone spending money on this. Thanks


You need to watch your diet.

  It does work!
MrsHubby (Verified User)

Hubby has been taking Garcinia since last Nov, it has curbed his appetite a lot and he has lost weight, not sure how much until he sees dr as we don’t own a scale. 🙂

  It does not work Dr. Oz.
Glenna Olexa (Verified User)

I have tried his for over a month and it does not work!! I just hope I can return the rest. I ask for a sample bottle, got 6 bottles and a nice bill on my credit card. It does not work Dr. Oz..

  I have not seen any weight lost.
hurt (Verified User)

I have been taking Garcina Cambogia for over 1 week and I have not seen any weight lost , but yesterday I experienced stomach pains and 101 deg. temperature . Stop taking the supplement and felt fine. I have been looking for answers but come up blank .

  I dont recommend to spend your money on this product.
jessica (Verified User)

I have been taking Garcinia cambogia for almost 4 weeks now and I have noticed some increased energy at first but the longer i took it the more i noticed I wasnt loosing any weight, I also noticed that my hair has started to thin out alot. So I started looking for more reviews about Garcinia Cambogia and all the recent reviews i found were negative. I dont recommend to spend your money on this product. I guess the only way to loose weight is the old fashion way. There are no short cuts.

  Waste of money, does nothing!
Outlaw (Verified User)

Waste of money, does nothing!!!!!!!!!!

  I have been happy with one I ordered.
kendra (Verified User)

I researched this and did order one of these products. None of the good ones are less than $40. You have to do your research and make sure you use one that has the correct ingredients and no fillers. I hope this helps some people. If you want something that really helps it does not come cheap. I have been happy with one I ordered.


Which did you end up picking?


What was the website you ordered your product from?


Right Kendra, just because it has the Label doesn’t mean anything, that’s all you might be buying, the label instead of the ingredients. My problem is that I am ALWAYS Hungry and boy can I snack. I’ve been taking Garcinia Cambogia Complex GarciniaRX. I started with one, then two,then three. At one it was too weak for me, it stalled my hunger maybe for about one & 1/2 hours, two was stronger and I can drink up to 3 cups of coffee before lunch time with energy slightly above normal (gives you a motivational urge to speed walk, hey I’ll take that ). The third I cannot drink coffee, but it is the strongest and I do skip snacks and holds me over until my lunch time. I weighed 235 :/ a month ago now at 220 no exercise other than work, walking and standing for 8 hours (security). When I take the three pills and there are donuts in the office, it doesn’t even phase me, I just take one out of courtesy. So read the instructions, don’t buy a cheap label and test out your body with the lowest does first then work up from there according to the dosage instructions.

  Garcinia Cambogia

The Garcinia Cambogia extract efficiently suppresses emotional eating, making this product perfect for people with moderate to high overweight who suffer the consequences of emotional eating.

  Do u need to take the green coffee with this to lose weight?

Do u need to take the green coffe with this to lose weight?

  I started to take this pill. so lets see how it goes.
C patty (Verified User)

well I started to take this pill. so lets see how it goes, so far its been giving me more energy and has been controlling my hunger. I have never taken any other diet pills. this has only been my first pills. I will keep on drinking Nu Garcinia and see how it goes.


hai, patty is there any use by taking tis garcinia pills plz reply

  Persons taking this supplement may want to watch their PSA blood test.
G Meadors (Verified User)

I took Garcinia Cambogia over a period of several months. I cannot really say that it had a major impact on my weight…perhaps about 5 pounds. But a more alarming issue arose…during that period, my PSA blood test changed from 4.3 to 11.3. The only variable in my routine was taking Garcinia Cambogia. The doctor had me cease this supplement and retest a month later… my PSA dropped back to 3.4. While correlation is not causation, persons taking this supplement may want to watch their PSA blood test.


I also had a higher PSA count than any previous time and had stopped taking Garcinia Cambogia about 1-2 weeks prior to my test. My PSA was 7.0 and I had taken GC for a month when I decided it wasn’t helping with weight loss.

jim t

i had a psa count of .08, after taking gar/cam it went up to 3.8. my doctor is concerned so i have stopped taking the capsules for five days,now will have another blood test,just hope five days is long enough to get it out of my system.

jim t



Wow, my hubby is taking this, I will have him check for that his next blood work.

  I have not lose one pound yet.
mon (Verified User)

I have being taking the garcinia, the green coffee bean and the colon cleancer for 17 days. I have not lose one pound yet. 🙁


I took green coffee bean and nothing happened. I have pre diabetes Not good for diabetics. There is no magic pill. Eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, avoid process and refined foods, exercise


Seriously?EVERYONE IS.DIFFERENT!!!!! its worming.for me 🙂 only been taking.it a week!


they say it’s a free 30 day trial but in 7 days of receiving it they were charging me 90 for another bottle. Nowhere was it mentioned that you really only had 14 days from ORDERING to decide not 30 (you get 30 days’ worth but only 2 weeks to decide) they also don’t tell you that it is an automatic send and charge… they also don’t tell you that the 2nd product on the “free trial” is under a different company name so even if you do cancel the one they don’t cancel the other one. so stay away. Customer service was rude, wouldn’t let me talk when I asked for a supervisor I was told there wasn’t one there??? no business leaves a shift without a supervisor.


Yes they do
I just got ripped off $500
Check your accounts
They take the money fortnightly and you don’t receive the product


thanks for sharing, I was tempted to purchase the program but it seemed to good to be true.


Slim 4 life has been working for me. I’ve been on it since october12013 and lost 22
Pounds so far. It’s strict, but they have snacks that are actually good.


What’s Slim 4? Is it like Slim 30? I took Slim 30 and it worked great. But they took it off the shelf. Now whatever I try does not works as good.


I am trying the nutri system D, so far after one week lost 3 lbs. may not be much but it is to me. blood sugars are coming down also. really shows you just how much you should be eating. will continue until I lose 20 lb


wat is nutri system D

Linda Calfee

Nutri System D is a great program for weight loss. I lost 137 pounds on that program, BUT
be very careful when you quit using the program that you don’t put that weight back on. Try to learn how to incorporate regular food into your diet without gaining the weight back. I have gained 80 pounds back. I am struggling now to find the right balance of regular foods so as to NOT gain anymore weight. Best of luck to you! Three pounds is great and know that every single pound counts.


Good Job Irene. Keep up the good work.


I just finished advocares 24 day challenge and got amazing results. I lost 7 pounds gained 2 pounds of muscle and lost 11 inches total all ove mainly in my butt waist and thighs. I’m going to continue on their maintenance program. I love advocare products


i think its a fake the same girl who is heavier is on american horror story and that skinnier on is not her so quit wasting your money


Yes stop wasting your money, 1 bottle for 5.99 which did not work , then they sent 1 for 100. which i could not return. Some one should look into this.


Just how fat are u then ?


Wow, rude much?

Breezy Bree

Well its a relevant question

  Can you tell me the name of the product and where you got it from?

can you tell me the name of the product and where you got it from?

Get the stuff on eBay, its cheap.

get the stuff on ebay, cheap

  Can you give me the name of the product you tried please?

can you give me the name of the product you tried please

  Do you think it is OK to take? I have Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia RX.

I am a 17 1/2 year old girl. I will be 18 July 27th… Do you think it is OK to take? I have Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia RX… Can someone answer?

  I do not recommend this product without consulting a physician first.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I took this supplement from Nov 8-17th, am diabetic. I do not recommend this product without consulting a physician first. I developed acid reflux, I have lost 10 lbs and now require less insulin. Take with caution..

I have been experiencing irregular bleeding twice now between my period.
kelo (Verified User)

I’ve been taking this for 12 days now and have been experiencing irregular bleeding twice now between my period..I have read that other woman are also experiencing this. Not sure if I want to continue. .


I have a bleeding too and nose bleeding as well

Cameron (Editor)

Garcinia Cambogia extract is made from the Garcinia fruit. In its purest form it contains no parasites or bacteria. You may have had a specially made formula.

  If its taking is ok, I take a lot of prescription medicines?

I would like to start taking it, i aacually bought it already .I take al9t of prescription meds and dont jnow if its ok+

  This is encouraging for me!
Susan (Verified User)

I have seen inches come off but only have lost 5 pounds after taking for 3 months. I just reordered another 3 month supply to see how many inches & pounds will come off!!! I haven’t dieted at all or exercised! So this is encouraging for me!

  Are these few women that are having brownish spring problem-are they anemic, or extremely fertal?
Caira Graci (Verified User)

I have 12 days until my period and I am always on time (give or take one or two days) and I starred brownish spring today after taking Garcinia Cambogia for 6 days. I goggled the issue to find that many other woman were going through the same thing except 99% of them have not experienced weight loss, I have, plus great moods. My question is… are these few women that are having this problem-are they anemic, or extremely fertal? I need to know! I need to keep losing weight but, not if this is going to put some kind of damage on my body.help! 🙁


girl you need call your doctor. And ask he/she do not put your life in someone hands that does not deal with this kind of stuff.

  Where did you buy your GC from?

where did you buy your GC from? sounds like you found a good product

  I'm so glad I decided to try it.
Paisley (Verified User)

Everyone has different reactions to things, so that doesn’t mean they are spamming you bc it didn’t work u.. I have been using for 3 weeks and have lost 3-7lbs each week in total of 16 lbs! Don’t let other negative experiences determine your decision on something.. Learn for yourself, it might be the best decision you made! I know I’m so glad I decided to try it.

  I want to try it but take thyroid meds for hypothyroid will it cause any reaction?

I want to try it but take thyroid meds for hypothyroid will it cause any reaction? Should I pass on it?

  Started taking 3 days ago.
shawna (Verified User)

started taking 3 days ago. Make sure you don’t have dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, peanuts, corn because it will cancel out the effect of the pill. Make sure you do your homework before you start.

  Is it safe while i do breast-feeding?

Is it safe while i do breast-feeding?


Your baby will take whatever you are taking. Do not take any meds when breastfeeding.

  They are completely ridiculous.

They are completely ridiculous. Email me that they have posted the product out and then 2 weeks later when I call to find out where it is they tell me it is in “transit”. Hasn’t even been posted out and I won’t even get it for another 2 weeks according to their calculations. I haven’t even tried the product yet and their incompetency is screaming at me loud and strong. They are completely unprofessional.


drug stores and walmart carry it. buy there

  Why do you get headaches while taking thus and how long do they last?
Chris (Verified User)

Started Garcinia Cambogia Extract today for the first time and have had a headache since I took one. Why do you get headaches while taking thus and how long do they last?


take with full glass of water


I as well got a headache……took with a few glasses of water. Ugh

  Doing crush them up in apple sauce, will these pills still work?

I just started using this today but seeing as I can’t swallow pills I had to crush them up and put them in my apple sauce, and right after quickly drank a glass of water. Doing this, will these pills still work? (crushing them up)


so they do come in tablet, i thought they ony come in capsule


Comes in pure powder form too. I take capsules and put powder in my drinks; and sometimes sprinkle on my foods.

  IF I would like to try this Garcinia Cambogia, which one do I buy? And which colon cleanse do I get?

So IF I would like to try this Garcinia Cambogia, which one do I buy??? And which colon cleanse do I get?

  Call your bank, you cancelled & they took the money anyway.

Call your bank & let them know the $ was taken without your consent. You need to stay on top of it – you cancelled & they took the money anyway? If you don’t fight for you, no body else will – CALL your bank first thing


You gave your bank account # and it means you gave them the right to take money out of your account.

  I'm taking lithium every night just wondering in I should take garcinia cambogia please?
marjolaine ross

im taking lithium every night just wondering in I should take garcinia cambogia please get back to me

  I just purchased it, Does it work?

Hi I purchased the optimal Garcinia Cambogia/ Green Coffee diet does it work

I hate seeing this happen to young people.

I hate seeing this happen to young people. I was once a broke college student and have been in your situation before. 🙁

  I don't recommend this supplement as helpful to loss weight.
Michelle tan (Verified User)

I weigh mysel before taking Garcinia,after one week of taking it instead of lossing lbs I gained more. The worst thing is my epigastrium seems soo acidic the causes me to eat more. I don’t recommend this supplement as helpful to loss weight.

It is NOT a miracle pill you need to still be eating healthy and getting some form of exercise.

Before I purchased my product I did ALOT of research. 1. Garcinia Cambogia like most other supplements is NOT a miracle pill you need to still be eating healthy and getting some form of exercise at least 2 to 3 days a week. 2. If you research, the products you purchase should only have 2 ingredients G.C. and potassium an preferrably 60% HCA no other additives fillers or anything else and NO CALCIUM! Calcium counter acts the HCA and makes the product way less effective. You should be taking anywhere from 1500 to 3000 mg of the product anything over 3k you need to consult a physician first. 3. this product is likely in women to show more over all inch reduction then pounds lossed too many people are married to numbers on the scale instead of BMI and lean muscle vs fat. 4. Good quality GC should not cost an arm and a leg but you also get what you pay for it you bought the 9.95 brand from Walmart its probably way less effective and only equals out to a 15 days supplie ( that brand also has calcium)and if you’ve spent over 45 bucks you jst got ripped off PERIOD. GC should be no more or LESS that 35 to 45 dollars with shipping i got mine for 43. No recurring payments and I have 1 full year to return my product for a full refund and I can return and empty bottle!! 5. Dr. OZ DID NOT endorse any specific brand and told viewers to beware they were going to stamp his name on everything as if he’s recommending these fly by night companies products. DONT BE FOOLED get a quality product eat right get some form of physical activity and you should see results.

  This product is not for me.

I sent away for a free tria to use in conjunction with what I’m already doing. Have lost 30 pounds in 8.5 weeks on Herbalife. Have 55 lbs more to go and thought I give this a try to help me reach my goal sooner, but after reading this I think I’ll just stick to my Herbalife routine! Works and has a 100%money back guarantee. If interested in Herbalife, let me know and I’ll get you the product!

  I have a lot of faith in this product. I love this product.
Taylor M (Verified User)

I love this product, I started taking it a month ago and I’ve already lost 19 pounds! It only took 3 days for them to send me the pills… but I read that when taking the Garcinia Cambogia you need to take the colon cleanse as well, it will help you digest better and get all the junk out of your body. I do work out every day and i’m eating a tad healthier than usual but I have a lot of faith in this product.


How do you take the garcinia cambogia colon clease pills? Is it a pill before meals of the garcina 3 times daily and the colon pills 1 or two and for how long did you take it for? Colon cleanse says not to exceed 7 days.

Donna D. (Verified User)



I have read to much bad stuff on this I seen a Dr who doesnt charge an office visit and prescribes me my Phentermine every month.Their are however sideeffects but they are very tolarable..The Phentermine plus my b12 shots are 50$ a month…I have lost 32 lbs in 2 ina half months and have so much energy..Just some info for you folks..

  Would not recommend this product.
Ginny Graves (Verified User)

Another attempt to believe the hype ended in failure and frustration, not to mention the monetary investment.
Would not recommend this product.

  Do you know how it feels to open your email account and have an email from a friend that has been dead for a year? They are hackers.
Lauri (Verified User)

This is the most slimy company – I have had 4 friends emails accounts hacked to send out advertisements for this product. The most recent was a friend that was MURDERED a year ago. Do you know how it feels to open your email account and have an email from a friend that has been dead for a year??

Prob should change my email password.

Its going around on facebook. I did the same thing! Prob should change my email password. Spams prob all ull ger.

  Why is everyone buying all these diet pills online?

Why is everyone buying all these diet pills online? Why not just go to your local pharmacy and search around there, talk to the pharmacist?……….that’s what Ido. Lol

Billy John (Verified User)

I tried it & it DOESN’T WORK. I tried for OVER a month… and nothing; not one single pound lost & I even added a little exercise. DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  How does it affect you when you stop taking it?

How does it affect you when you stop taking it?

  Is it unreasonable to expect them soon, I live in Australia and I ordered them from the US?
Janice Dudley

I ordered the Green Coffee Bean tablets back on 17th August from the Dr Oz promotion, as yet 2 weeks later they have not arrived. My credit card has been debited for the correct amount plus postage. I have emailed them numerous times and no reply. Is it unreasonable to expect them soon, I live in Australia and I ordered them from the US?


We have a Kroger store here formally known as Fred Meyers and they sell it


Hey Janice,
mine took about 6 weeks also ordered from america… I also emailed them and never received a reply… I am pretty sure you will still get it… It might goes through customs

  Has anyone had changes in their menstrual cycle?
Grace (Verified User)

Has anyone had changes in their menstrual cycle? I was supposed to get my period 3 days ago and it never came but i have all the symptoms of pms


I haven’t had mine also. Last month very little spotting and nothing this month. Am not pregnant and haven’t lost any weight. I am considering to quit since I’m not loosing weight anyways..


Grace no I can’t say I have had any changes in my menstrual cycle


Whenever you put something new into your body your mental cycle will react from it and could be late

  Everything is perfectly fine!
Clarabells (Verified User)

Honestly I’m not even sure Im taking the same stuff as everyone else on here! I am taking Garcia Cambogia as well as safer colon and actually everything is perfectly fine!!!! I started 2 days ago and I think Ive already dropped 2 cm or so around my stomach. I ordered them and they came not 2 weeks later and everything has been fine. Are you sure we’re not living on 2 different earths here? Im amazed at all the critical feedback because my experiences have been totally different!


I’m happy to hear that I’ve ordered the same and been on it 3 days and hoping for the best maybe it only works when taking the two together lets hope so it came with no details when to have them when are you having yours cheers ???


Could you please tell me which brand you are taking? And what country are you in? I’m in Australia, the one I’ve bought is a dud and has done little to aid in my weight loss. I have 3o days to lose at least another 5 kgs to fit into my bridesmaids dress for my best friends wedding.


Kristin – try HCG for a faster response. you can lose about a pound a day.


I have taken the HCG drops and injections… I prefer the drops… I lost 35 pound and was thrilled with the results.. It is a very strick 500 cal diet and very very very hard to stick to…your liver also takes a very hard beating due to the fat going threw at such a rapid speed.. There are a few girls I know who ended up in the ER with fatty liver… Scary but it does work… DEDICATION to Excersise is the only true key along with eating right


What dosage did you use for the safer colon and combogia?


Dear Clarabells, could you give me the web link of ordering the Garcinia? I bought few bottles of Advanced Garcinia, but the result is terrible. My weight goes up instead. Pls advice as I saw many website selling different types of Garcinia product. Perhaps yours is the genuine one.

  I noticed after about a month on GC that I started having a strange taste on my tongue, Anybody else experience this?
Shelly (Verified User)

Hello All
Started taking Garcinia Cambogia in April and found that I lost body fat. I also work out 4x per week and eat a telatively clean diet. Also take daily multi-vitamin and daily proteing powder drink. Only problem is, I noticed after about a month on GC that I started having a strange taste on my tongue, sort of soapy or metallic in nature. Since I didn’t know what it could be, I stopped all: multi-vitamin/fish oil/protein powder and GC. Taste eventually went away, so decided to reintroduce things. First was multi/fish oil with not problem. Then a few days ago, started back with GC and am having the same weird taste issues today. Anybody else experience this?

  How do I cancel my order?
brenda west

I,m adiabetic so this will not work for me how do I cancel my order?


They will not returned the money as I had requested to cancel my order and refund my money.I didn’t received any mail from their side.

  I need a phone # to talk to a person?
brenda west

I need a phone # to talk to aperson

  I have NOT lost any weight.
Nancy (Verified User)

I have been taking this for 4 months now. I have NOT lost any weight. In fact, I weighed 132 prior to this product and have gained over 10 lbs to date. I did not change my intake but I did have more energy so I did increase my activity. Still nothing! My waistline has increased so much and my thighs too that I can no longer wear the size 6-8 pants I have! My mid section is humungous! I need to stop taking this now – Only thing I like is the energy, but am sure it’s because it’s a diuretic because I pee all the time!


I agree with you. I gained 5 lbs. instead of lose. BUT I did lose stomach fat, and my arms toned up. My thighs seem to be bigger though What is going on here? I wanted to LOSE 5 lbs not gain…..I need help please!! I dropped 80-85 on my own….wanted to drop the last 5 for good…..but gained. I am so scared that I will go back up again. Please help me to know why I gained with this garcenia product.

I think you are a rebuff I did not order these and I got them in the mail anyway.

I think you are a rebuff I did not order thes and I got them in the mail eny way , is that eny way to permute your producket kind of under handed when a lady called I told her no! do not send me anything and I got them enyway. do not send eny more you well be getting this back even if I have to pay shepping and handaling thankes Norma.

  I just want to know could this be legit?since it is not made from China?
Aritha (Verified User)

Hi i have read your reviews, I am from New Zealand and I bought this pills for $20NZD it was originally $50. The bottles says it is Made in New Zealand. and has 50% HCA its a 60 capsule supplement, Ive only started taking mine 5 hours ago no side effects and all. I dont know really think that I should take it but I see myself fat, even though people around me say i am just an average 18 years old..but ive seen the result so i was amazed and want that kind of body so i am taking it now. I just want to know could this be legit?since it is not made from China?


if you did your homework, diabetics are not suppose to take this. Also lots of food not to eat with it because it cancels out the effect of the pill.

  it does not work.
Cathy (Verified User)

I tried ONE pill on July 19. I felt sick that night, and also sick much of July 20. Within just a few hours of taking the pill, I felt sick, nauseous, weak in my legs, loopy. I was to the point of bringing the bucket next to my bed in case I threw up. Lots of runs, cramps, gastric distress. I am throwing these away. Or, I may try to return to the local (well=-known in the USA) nutrition store to see if they’ll refund my $25 (for 60 pills). I should know better than to try herbal stuff; just stick to eating better naturally.

  I brought the same product and got really really sick!
Anonymous (Verified User)

I brought the same product and got really really sick! I have done a bit of research and notice the the reviews on a lot sites where supported by company’s that sold these products so I researched more and found a site that had no affiliation to these supplements. The reviews was amazing. People are getting sic, very sick on these tablets. From headaches, dizziness cramps in stomach and legs, sight issues, vomiting and nausea. It’s reall good thy you stopped. For the people that are thinking of taking it. Please please think twice before buying. My friends tried it too and they are sick. It took 48hrs for these symptoms to disappear!

  Should I take the full amount that the bottles say?
holly (Verified User)

HELP! I was reading about the garcinia cambogia and the cologn cleanse diet.. according to what I read on that diet ur suppose to take 1 of the garcinia pill in the morning and 1 of the cleanser in the evening.. I haven’t noticed a difference in my appetite at all and its been like 4 days now.. my weight is still the same but of course im not expecting a change in that short amount of time.. to ask my question I am using the garcinia fusion maximum strength 60% HCA in GCE and im also using a cleanser called the cleaner womans formula which cleanses the whole body.. am I only suppose to take one of each a day like a website said or should I take the full amount that the bottles say?

Andy Mack

Hey Holly – you are something of a babe in the woods when it comes to on-line marketed weight reduction products aren’t you – or should I say, aren’t we all! We seem to have implicit faith in the claims made for Garcinia Cambogia tablets and the Cleaner Woman’s Formula – and Nue Trim etc, but when I look at my ‘Cambogia +Plus’ bottle I see the disclaimer “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is (sic) not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.” You might see similar statements on your Cleaner Woman’s Formula. Or you might see mysterious Proprietary Blends in the Supplement Facts for these products making it impossible for your doctor or your health practitioner to give you advice on safety aspects of any health supplement. They can’t be sure of the ingredients in such health foods – and even if they did know the ingredients in the health food, they still could not be confident of the consistency of the ingredients from batch to batch.
And the inexplicable thing is this. We’ve paid our $100 or $200 for the product – whatever it might be – and we want it to work – we’re willing it to work.
Now have a look down this column of comments – it runs to 108 comments and who knows how many replies at the moment – and see how many people are describing quite disturbing symptoms – increased menstrual bleeding and disorientation and ineffective product to name a few – having taken various health food supplements – and their common sense is overridden by the faith they have in a product they have paid substantial money for – and the dreadful realisation that that product might be worth precisely nothing.
And they want advice on dosages and treatments from their fellow sufferers – or they want to find succour on the net – perish the thought that they might discuss their situation with a doctor.
It sort of makes you think that on-line is not the way to buy expensive but unrecognised health food supplements doesn’t it – because so many customers are complaining of being charged for unauthorised run-on repeat orders; inabiliy to contact on-line sales teams; having to deal with extremely complicated returns procedures; and of course false and misleading product descriptions.
Dr Oz has, apparently, made casual reference to Garcinia Cabogia in one of his programs and the news of a new wonder supplement spreads like wildfire through that most gullible of all communities – we the overweight.

  please tell me they just take your money and don't deliver the goods!?

hi I purchased the garcinia cambogia and catalyst plus as well and still nothing has come in the mail. I have been charged and every email I have sent no one has gotten back to me unless it has been an automated email stating to call the toll free number (which is not connected by the way)… please tell me they just take your money and don’t deliver the goods!????? please help anyone else being ignored by them??????


Yes I too am being ignored by them!! $160 too!!! Grrr!!


Same here, they called me and all I dis was look at the web sight so I don’t know how they got my details. Anyway I ordered just one bottle of safer colon and they said it would come in 8 working days and it’s been 3 weeks and still nothing in the mail??

Olga Castro

Marie & Gab: I was screwed once and I learned my lesson. They were sending me a product for months even though I have cancelled the order over and over. Never purchase anything in the internet again. Cancel your credit card immediately, that’s what I did.


Christine, I had the same problem with the company from which I purchased my garcinia cambogia and colon cleanser. I had to get another debit card because they kept charging me. Keep an eye on that. I did finally receive my order about a month later. I hope yours does come. I have lost weight since I have been taking them and it has only been a couple of weeks. The pills and the exercise work well together.


When do you take both pills – it didn’t come with clear instructions. It just says take 2 pills for both products.
My order took awhile to arrive as well and seem to cost more – should I be changing my credit card – ??? Worried now.

  Has anyone experienced a change in their menstrual cycle?

Has anyone experienced a change in their menstrual cycle? ?


Yes but I thought I was just me.. Am peri menopausal anyway so thought this might be it.


I also experienced heavy bleeding for 2 weeks since I’m on these pills. Has anyone else experienced that as well

  I am hopeful that the product works.
Tina (Verified User)

I ordered the miracle Garcinia Cambogia product from a. Facebook link. They cheated my card for 2 dollars more then advertised (I’m in Canada so it makes since that it was because of the exchange rate) and received the product in a week. I emailed te support email address for instructions and had a response in less then 24 hours. I then emailed again because one of my capsules is just a skin, and they Are sending me a second bottle free. All these emails were within a 24 hour period. I started taking them yesterday and so far have had no side effects (except using the washroom a few times more ten normal). I am not as hungry as I normally am but can still eat, just feel full faster. They did reply in the email that they will charge my card for another bottle in 30 days from my original order date, and if I wish to cancel that to just email them and let them know and they will cancel the ongoing order. So far I am very happy with the customer service and am hopeful that the product works. No binders are in the miracle Cambogia and 60% hca is on the label. Fingers are crossed that I can jump start my weight loss. I only want to lose the 15 lbs I have gained in the last year and fit back into my size 5 lol.


Charged* not cheated

  was it from clean health nutrition?

was it from clean health nutrition?

  I am interested in Garcinia Cambogia but didn't received any email confirmation.

Hi Leah what was their address I want to do the same but they didn’t send me an email confirmation

  Hopefully this product works but I would advise to be really carfule when ordering this product because they do not advertise the pricing correctly.
Ebony (Verified User)

I ordered this product 5 weeks ago and only received two days ago.I purched both the nuetrim and cambogia plus. However, I only though I ordered one of each which should have come to $77 but my credit card was charged $380. Luckily I had a friend who offered to go me halfs so really I didn’t mind paying that amount if it works. When I ordered the stuff it said to take 2 cambogia plus in the morning and 2 nuetrim in the evening. But the bottle says different? I started taking yesterday morning and have also had a headache, my heart is beating more than usual but I have so much energy. Hopefully this product works but I would advise to be really carfule when ordering this product because they do not advertise the pricing correctly.

  I have gained 3 kilos in 5 days. How can that be? Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please help me?
Liz (Verified User)

I brought the Garcinia Cambogia premium quilty 1000mg capsules 50% HCA. I take one three times a day 30 min before each meal. Iim not terribly over weight and I have been watching what I eat. But I have gained 3 kilos in 5 days. How can that be? Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please help me?


I’ve been taking only 500mg (50% HCA) before lunch and evening meals for 5 days. No weight lost to date. I feeling full all the time and don’t feel like eating after dinner, Have also gone off having 1 evening glass of gone and dessert. I’m happy for a gradual result as I only want my 12 year post baby tummy ‘gone’ … I tried taking 1000mg however felt dizzy so am sticking with the lower dosage. I read that it takes a few weeks in some cases to see results. already my stomach area feels better so am expecting results by the end of the month.


Reporting in after a month. Lost maybe 1.5kgs however have noticed the shape of my middle section reduced. Clothing is looser and my body appears slimmer…. I do feel full most of the time. In the beginning I was very thirsty. I have read that the tamarind delays menstration and that has def. affected me.


Hey Liz, I’m in the healthy range in my BMI and in 2 weeks of taking GC I’ve lost 3kg. I haven’t changed what I eat or done any exercise but I take 15ml of chlorophyll ‘by Swisse’ every morning and because it stops me from feeling boated and yuck since I suffer from IBS. So maybe try something like that as well as your GC.


Thank you Jess 🙂 I will get some and see if that helps.

  This product is not for me.
Carlos (Verified User)

Exactly. I went down to a health food store and bought a bottle. I didn’t have to buy three months supply or wait three weeks for my purchase to arrive nor do I have to worry about my account being drafted for months after I decide not to take it anymore. These people are morons. I NEVER buy this stuff online…NEVER.

  Can you take your own perscripition medicine with rhis diet pill...?

Can you take your own perscripition medicine with rhis diet pill…?


Hey. I would see you doctor. I got the tablets which they sent me 5 bottles! Only to find out I can’t have them with my medication. If anyone wants to buy them I have 4 garcinia cambogia plus 1 safer colon tabs for sale. Paid $230nz!!!


How much would you sell for?


I just can’t believe dr. oz try to tell people that this pill, green coffee is the best from this one and that on. He just should stop telling people about different diets people can go broke just listening to him.

  How do l get in contact with this company to receive my product?
Skye Jenkins

Hi I have ordered this product nearly 3weeks ago and they said would be delivered in a week, how long does this take? Also yes I only wanted a couple of bottles and got caught paying $183 when l checked my credit card and now 5 bottles are coming, how do l get in contact with this company to receive my product??

  Not happy with this product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I’ve been on these tablets for three weeks and have PUT ON just under a stone and have still been eating sensibly! Not happy!

  How is your diet tablets going Lisa? I've been on it for a week not lost a thing.
Gwen (Verified User)

How is your diet tablets going Lisa , I’ve just noticed you have just started taking yours I’ve been on for a week not lost a thing but ave only been watching what I eat a little been having a wine twice a week… Will keep going let me know how you are going

  I just ordered my garcinia cambogia and 72hc.

I just ordered my garcinia cambogia and 72hc .It has all what it should . And people should know that not everyone body will react the same way . That might be why it is not working for some . they may need stronger one or something that their body will work with .

  They charged every month after the trial period ends.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I did a trial also. They charged me almost 5 bucks for shipping, them an additional almost 50 bucks. So I called the number that was in the confirmation order page and they refunded the 50 bucks at the end of the day. What they don’t usually tell you about the free trials is that they will continue to bill you and shop the product every month unless you call and cancel after you order the trial. I just told them that after I tried it and decide I like it I would call to order again, and she was very friendly.

  Do you have to work out well taking the product?

Do you have to work out well taking the product?


Workng out regardless of tablets is essential for health. Increases bone density and improves cardio health too. Incorporate all aspects for successful weight loss

  How many kilojoules are in one tablet

How many kilojoules are in one tablet of Garcinia Cambogia? Thanks

  Does it really work?

Can anybody tell me whether this product really works or not? Im looking forward of buying it. Help me please.


What work’s is eating healthy and excersie


I foolishly bought a 3 month supply..tried to get a refund after a month and they would not give it. Have been on garcinia cambogia for a bit over two months…and lost only 2 lbs…FAR from the effects they advertise!!


Nancio, I’m a diabetic too and the only thing I can find out is, it could drop your blood sugar. We will just have to watch it more closely while taking this.


I’ve looked and can’t find anything that tells me why it’s not good if you are a diabetic. I’m just taking the pills, no insulin shots. Can you give me a site or where to look?


I bought my first bottle from womens health plus a cleanser.. 1000mg pure gc..took three weeks to be delivered . Had a good result.. Lost nearly two kilos in 30 days.. I wanted something to help kick start my system after gaining three kilos over summer.. I’m fairly lean and had been working out consistently for the past four years.. I had no side affects at all.. Followed the instructions for consumption..I was really concerned after reading comments left on that particular site.. They did email to remind that I was due to re order, and thank goodness nothing extra was debited.. After a bit more research I come across a company called nativea.. Who’s distribution company is here in Queensland .. American made cg.. 1600mg( that’s two tablets) daily..it only took a week for delivery.. I’ve been taking the stronger ones for a week now.. No side affects, feel full longer.. Have more energy.. Not sure if I’ve lost any more weight will check after taking them consistently for a month.. Will drop to one tablet once I’m back to my normal measurements and weight.. I must mention although little weight loss in the first 30 days I did a full body measurement way in with my personal trainer and lost noticeable inches where I had gained over summer.. Ill happily post my results in thirty days..


Can you put me onto that site as I am in Mount Gambier and would love to get mine from within Audtralia



If you would have researched the product, you would know why you can’t take it if you have diabetes. You all need to research this stuff before you take it. I have researched for about 2weeks now because I have a heart condition and can’t take just anything. I finally found a reputable company that offers exactly what Dr. Oz suggests the supplements to have. I ordered one month and got it within a week. Mary and Jimi, before buying someone else’s pills, confirm what Aggie’s has in it. It’s probably not Dr. Oz approved, meaning the ingredients he says should be in it are not.


Since they wont take mine back I will sell you what I have. The bottles are unopened.


Im intereshted do you still have your bottles


I just got my bottle &. Arden was charged exactly what it said it would. Now that I found this blog, I wonder if its can be harmful? Says on the bottle may not to take if you are diabetic? Nothing says why? The only thing I did was watch the Dr Oz video. It appeared he endorsed it? So, before I take any will someone let me know if they know why a diabetic should not take it? If I ask my Dr., he will tell me he doesn’t know anything about it! His standard response if it is NOT a prescription. Eat. Less & move more. ya we know,,,but that hasn’t worked for me either. In fact , I have been told Inam not eating enough!

  Demotivated through comments.

Oh no reading all this negative feedback makes me wish i hadnt placed an order!!!! I ordered early may and didn’t receive any confirmation so I emailed them. I got a reply but it said it was sent on 17th JANUARY 1970. I was told that I would receive an email in 24 hrs informing me of tracking information. 7 days later no email and no pills.


My story is exactly the same as yours! Although they told me that my first transaction had not gone through and prompted me to do it again, which I did. They have ended up billing me three times. So angry!

  Need to buy both products?

Do you need to buy both products? I bought the Garcinia through amazon and thats it.
Im about 5’6 and weigh around 155. I want to lose like 20 pounds. Will this not work for me? Also do I need the cleanse stuff too?


Everyone buying this product is looking for a short cut to an end result. Truth is anything in life worth striving for requires hard work. Yet everyone is looking for that magic bullet. Want to lose weight? I’ll tell you how and I won’t charge you for it!! Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and lean meat. Once a week, you can cheat and eat what you want. Exercise 4 times a week. Walk or ride a bike. Limit TV to 3 hours a week. Meditate once a day. Instead of spending money on quick solutions that promise results with no effort, spend it on quality food and fitness classes that you like doing. Best of Luck!


Hi Matt,
I like ur practical suggestions. A healthy diet is a healthy life style.

  Asking for 1800 contact number.
tina (Verified User)

can you give me the 1800 number so i can contact them pls??

  Just started will update later.
lyn (Verified User)

I purchased mine exactly the same way. They arrived in the mail today 3 weeks not bad since having to come from the USA and go thru customs etc. I too got caught with the money but after sending an email the $70 was refunded back onto my card within 5 days.. i have tried just about everything, the most frustrating thing is i eat well, have the occasional set back like most. I have my own gym set up and train 1hr a day with cardio, weights etc and still no change. I am 163cm and weigh 96kilos. I am very much in proportion and people are genuinely shocked when I tell them my weight. i just feel uncomfortable and not happy within myself. Here’s hoping this works cos i’m not going to waste any more money! maybe this is just the way mother nature intended me to be.

  Have anyone purchased from vital mend?

Has anyone purchased Garcinia Cambogia from Vital Mend? If so, have you had any results from it?

  Where to buy in africa?

Where in kwazulu natal south africa could I purchase this


Hi i have 4 bottles got pregnant cant use them any more!

  Can't contact with customer service.

was this ever taken care of? The same thing is happening to me and their customer service number says that their inbox is full so I can’t even talk to them.

  Where to buy original product?

could you please give me the manufacturers and the whats written on the bottle and the proper site from which i can also buy the genuine product. I am also very fat and trying to loose wt. desperately and it seems i have bought the fake supplement

  Which company made it?

HI can you tell me the name of the company that makes Garcinia Cambogia 1300 thanks Joanne

  Hated the product.
seg (Verified User)

This stuff is crap! I bought the 60% HCA and 1000 mg of extract. I took the entire bottle. I felt no difference and gained 1 pound. A waste of money!


Totally agree money waster doesn’t work!!!

  Unhappy with shipping information.

I purchased nuetrim and Garcinia Cambogia off the fb link it seemed genuine now im worried.I believe iv bought 3 bottles of each and getting 5 bottles but im starting to think that iv paid for 5 bottles of each?? anyone else had this problem a very unclear site now that I think about it


Same thing with me … been charged three times!!!! Does someone have a NZ phone number???


You have to be careful who you buy it from. Pure health and genesis today are good companies. I had first order from a fb link to that claimed that if you combine it with raspberry ketone is very effective so I followed up because it said they were having a 14 day trial for just 4.95 and it would end that same day. So I order then realized that they started the 14 day trial the day I place the order and I placed it in a Friday I didn’t get the products til 7 days later and they would charge me 89.95 for a one month supply so figuring that 6 days wouldn’t be enough to see if it actually work I returned the product. Haven’t got any other charges so far. In pure health website I paid about $35 for one month I just started taking them today hoping it works. What I like is that meets pretty much meets all it should have has over 50 HCA ( it actually has 60 HCA) 100% natural no added ingredients sounds good I have heard a lot of good feed back hope it works.. bottom line not every website has quality product. Always make sure you can see and choose what you want before putting in your credit card info. Read all terms and contions and if they list a number or email contact first with question just to make sure o get reply.


I had the same oroblem


We did the same. I phoned the NZ number on the Nuetrim correspondence and they agreed to refund 50% as they had overcharge met too. They also deal with the Garcinia Cambogia order too. I just did it this morning. Good are clearing customs as we speak as they come from US so it takes longer than the week advertised. If I don’t look like Claudia Schiffer in a couple of weeks I’m gonna be dismayed as it’s been such a hassle so far!


Did any of you end up getting a refund and received your product. I too have been overcharged and have been spun the “we’ll give you a refund of 50%” story but I am really worried now.


Can you please put up the contact number for nz as I have been overcharged too! Thanks

  Just ordered the trial will update later.

aw bless you and congratulations =) You sound like you have a good sense of humour by the way =) I have just ordered this product and I am so excited!! Keep it up and hope it makes you very happy!!

  Just started will update later.
Sue (Verified User)

I have Taking garcinia cambogia yesterday 11/5 I will keep you posted as to whether I lose any weight, definitely not hungry after taking it.

  Did you get product from that link?

Hey Taylor – Did you get product from that link, my sister just bougth some

  Can stop after gaining weight?
amina (Verified User)

After I have gained my desird weight can I stop garcinia gambogai

  Have you tried on woman's health?

Have you tried the ones through Women’s Health?


I just ordered the ones through Women’s Health NZ… Did they arrive? Worried now!


I ordered mine throughout women’s health 3 weeks ago n it arrived few days ago..


I just ordered the one from women’s health as well. I am a little worried too, someone called me within 5mins to see if I was able to place my order ok.


I have ordered mines a month ago and I have not received it.

  Loved the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I agree….you have to follow his guide lines on how many milligrams to take and what product have the right ingredients. No fillers and 1500milligrams per pill. I am on my first bottle.haven’t lost weight but gained a few pounds. I look better and feel great. I have noticed that I am building muscle very fast. A noticable change in every work out I do. I notice my bowl movements are increasing. I just ordered more because I’m almost out. I am feeling confident that an increase of one more pill a day will help.

  Hated the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

You better keep them because I saw people who stared using it who ran out quick

  How it is for type 1 diabetic?

Also a Type 1, how did you go? hypo much?

  How to use it?
Anna (Verified User)

What is the directions for taking the tablets. The capsules I have say 2 daily but noting more. Is it better to have before a meal or after?


you are sypposed to take 3 a day 30 mins before you eat on an empty stomach with lots of water


Before a meal.when your stomach is empty.

  Loved the product.
Sue (Verified User)

I felt the exact same way at first but went ahead and tried it. While the company I purchased it from completely ripped me off, I must say I’m shocked at how well the pill works. It make me feel full constantly, and with no jittery side effects like other diet pills. I’m eating MUCH less and it isn’t even on purpose. I’ve changed absolutely nothing about my eating habits, yet I’m losing weight. Still upset at the jerk company I purchased mine from, but glad I made the purchase.


What product did you buy? Who makes it, what dosage do you take and how do you take it? (ie how many minutes before eating?) So far, I’m having no luck and am wondering if the company I chose, GHI (Globabl Health Ideas) is a reputable company…


I also should have added, I take 1300mg of the Garcinia Cambogia per day, and I did NOT purchase the Nuetrim…
Seems like everyone having jitters and side effects are the ones taking the Nuetrim…
I have zero side effects with the Garcinia C.