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Weight loss supplements, vitamins, minerals, workout DVD’s; the list goes on and on. A trip to the pharmacy offers an overwhelming display of weight loss options. The shelves are bursting with products, each of them carrying a promise to help you attain your goals. Which should you choose? Will it work? Will any? Who can you trust in this multi-billion dollar industry? We at DietSpotlight call on our experience and expertise to answer these questions!

With an average of 100 million dieters, the weight loss industry’s estimated sales totaled a whopping $22 billion, as of 2006. That figure includes all pills, vitamins, meal replacements, minerals, bodybuilding supplements and pretty much any product meant to change weight.

The FDA, according to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, defines a dietary supplement as:

  • Meant to be taken to aid diet
  • Having one or more ingredients
  • Meant to be taken orally
  • Having on its label “Dietary Supplement”

At a time in the past, the FDA regulated diet products just like they do with food. After enforcing a number of basic quality checks for manufacturers in August of 2007, they ensured products are free of contaminants, are safe for consumption and are appropriately labeled. As a result, they no longer approve or disapprove products.

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