Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Aug 31, 2017

Regal Slim wants you to “start torching fat” for a “leaner, more confident tomorrow.”

In a perfect world that would be enough for me to hop on the Regal Slim band wagon, but I have to ask:

What makes this supplement so much better than the countless others out there?

Frankly, there are just too many outrageous claims in the diet world, so I really wanted some answers. Unfortunately, answers never really came to me. There are hardly any user comments or reviews on Regal Slim, and what little I found was only to complain about the customer service. This makes sense, since the website asks you where they can send your order before they even lend any valuable information about their product.

So what’s going on?

You’ll want to read these 5 facts you NEED to know surrounding Regal Slim.

Let’s hop right into it…

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What is Regal Slim?

First, Regal Slim is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. The ingredients are:

  • Garcinia Cambogia [1]
  • Chromium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

The recommended serving is two capsules per day. Supposedly, it promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite.

Regal Slim is made by Regal Nutra. There’s no mention of when supplement hit the market. The official website and third-party retailers sell the product. We like the low price and that it contains a natural ingredient, but read on…

Limited Reviews of Regal Slim– “Why?”

The first thing that concerned us was the lack of user experiences relating to Regal Slim. Typically, there are positive and negative customer comments. However, with Regal Slim, that’s just not the case. This was very concerning to us. [2]

According to our Research Editor, “If you cannot find reputable reviews from individuals with experience, it may be time to consider another product.”

Poor Customer Service – “An Issue?”

According to Regal Slim reviews, the customer service team was less than stellar.

“This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Finally got everything canceled and then 2 days later the money came out again,” was the start of the review. [3]

The reviewer went on to say, “I asked to speak to a manager and she said that there were none. I said, there is no way there are no managers. She then said they were in a meeting. I called back and got yet another stupid person that tried to tell me that the managers didn’t take phone calls. All of them repeatedly talked over me and wouldn’t let me get a word in.”

The Science – “Does the Research Back the Hype?”

Regal Slim references several studies to support their claims of fast weight-loss, with most being from 2003. None involved human subjects [4]. That study used a sample size that was far too small to have any measurable results. This research raises multiple red flags, as it looks unprofessional. At DietSpotlight, we need to see high-quality science backed by evidence to recommend a product.

The Bottom Line – Does Regal Slim Work?

The research mentioned above makes us feel uncomfortable giving this supplement a thumbs up, especially when combined with the poor comments on the Better Business Bureau website and the complete lack of online reviews. While we like the natural ingredients, we are skeptical about giving you the green light with Regal Slim.

As you seek reputable weight-loss supplements, we suggest doing your research and trying out formulas that are backed by high-quality scientific research. You’ll want supplements that cause no harmful side effects with plenty of positive reviews. [5]

Among the best supplements we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Its formula combines four ingredients chosen based on clinical research showing they can help with metabolism, hunger and fat loss so you reach your goals. It’s also impressive just how many users report seeing measurable, lasting results.

Also, the people behind the supplement are so confident that you’ll love the product that they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is something you don’t find every day.

Regal Slim is a dietary supplement from Regal Nutra and contains the popular ingredient garcinia cambogia. The company claims it'll torch fat and transform your body.

Regal Slim Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate)50mg6%
Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate)200mg170%
Potassium (from Potassium Citrate)50mg1%
Garcinia Cambogia Extract (as Fruit Rind Extract & Standardized 60% (-)-Hydroxycitric Acid)1000mg*

Other Ingredients: None

We looked into the Regal Slim Ingredients to give you the details you need.


One of the most essential nutrients for bone health, calcium helps to keep your bones healthy. It’s found in many foods and along with helping to keep your bones strong, calcium helps with communications between the body and the brain.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The mineral known as calcium aids the body in maintaining strong bones to help support muscles and the overall structure of the body.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

A citrus fruit found in the Southeastern Asian region, Garcinia Cambogia is found in many weight-loss supplements. The extract contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and comes from the fruit rind.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The active ingredient found in garcinia cambogia extract is HCA. This ingredient has become very popular as a miracle weight-loss supplement. Citrate lyase is the enzyme that’s blocked.

Clinical Research

Clinical research has been able to prove that Garcinia cambogia extract helps animals lose weight. A study done in India also showed that HCA helps to decrease the BMI of those taking the supplement. It also showed that total cholesterol, serum leptin levels and low-density lipoproteins were reduced by taking HCA. [1]


A mineral helping to support the digestive system, chromium is found in many natural foods, such as potatoes, meats, molasses, spices and whole-grain breads.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The human body doesn’t require much chromium to function properly. Often, we get enough from regular foods and beverages, but chromium supplements do exists, usually as a part of a multivitamin. Chromium’s main function is to help support moving blood sugar from the bloodstream into cells so it can be used as energy.


An essential mineral the human body relies on for proper function, potassium is vital to overall health.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Potassium aids the body in many ways including helping with muscle contraction, regulating fluids and balancing body cells. It can also help with maintaining normal blood pressure.

Clinical Research

Studies have shown that potassium helps with bone health, high blood pressure, hypokalemia and a number of other health issues. It has even been linked to a higher risk of heart disease if the sodium-potassium ratio is higher within the body. [2]

We are all about limiting the risk of side effects when it comes to trying new weight loss products. One supplement we’ve been noticing in particular, Dietspotlight Burn, has four ingredients proven in studies to burn fat, boost energy levels and ignite the metabolism.

Regal Slim Side Effects:

When it comes to taking a supplement for weight-loss even if the product claims to be natural, it may not be entirely safe. Any formula can cause an adverse reaction. While Regal Slim side effects are rather rare, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist for some users.

Joint Pain

Any pain felt in the joints, such as the elbows and knees, is known as joint pain. It’s also known as joint inflammation, which usually causes the pain. This pain may be associated with a type of arthritis, but not always.

What causes joint pain?

Joint Pain is often caused by arthritis but may be caused by many other things. Some of the leading causes of joint pain include gout, broken bone, bone cancer, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, pseudogout, psoriatic arthritis, adult Still’s disease, rickets, septic arthritis, tendinitis, sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis. [1]

Severe Diarrhea

When loose, watery stool occurs more than ten times in a 24-hour period; it’s known as severe diarrhea. If it’s less than ten times, it’s known as moderate diarrhea. When the loose, watery stool only occurs a couple of times in a day, it’s mild diarrhea. [2]

What causes severe diarrhea?

When diarrhea becomes severe, it’s usually caused by Salmonella or E. coli. However, it may also be caused by irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease if it’s chronic. Other causes of severe diarrhea include food poisoning, Food allergies, lactose intolerance, Celiac Disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and colonic polyps.


An uneasy feeling within your stomach making you feel like you might vomit is known as nausea. This sensation comes with the stomach flu or may be called the stomach flu.

What causes nausea?

Most commonly, nausea comes from a viral infection. However, it may also come from something you ate or drank, pregnancy, motion sickness, food poisoning or a supplement taken on an empty stomach.


Headaches come in many types and fall under the categories of primary or secondary headaches. They can range from brain tumors to hangovers, and some suffer from headaches consistently.

What causes headaches?

As one of the most common pains suffered by humans, problems can be caused by some things. Something you ate, drinking too much, taking drugs, a particular smell, light sensitivity, brain tumors, head trauma and many other things may be causing your headaches.

Regal Slim side effects don’t happen in a significant percentage of users. However, some users have reported joint pain, severe diarrhea, nausea, and headaches. Protect yourself from any negative reaction by speaking with your doctors before taking a new supplement, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, on prescription medication, suffering from a medical condition or under the age of 18.

Regal Slim Scientific Abstracts:

Garcinia Extract

Meta-analysis showed a minor, statistically relevant alteration in weight-loss which favored Garcinia extract over placebo (mean difference: −0.88 kg; 95% confidence interval: −1.75, −0.00). There were twice as many gastrointestinal events in the HCA (hydroxycitric acid) group in one study. It was concluded that the RTCs (randomized clinical trials) indicate that Garcinia Extract/HCA could trigger short-term weight-loss. The effects of these findings are small, and there is uncertainty in its clinical importance. Future studies should have better reporting with more rigorous testing. [1]

Numerous in vivo studies lent a contribution to the understanding of the antiobesity properties of Garcinia/HCA through a regulation of glucose uptake and serotonin levels. It has also been seen to assist the enhancement of fat oxidation while decreasing de novo lipogenesis. The results from clinical trials displayed both the negative and the positive antiobesity effects of this supplement. [2]

Subjects in both of the groups experienced substantial weight-loss throughout the 12 week treatment period (P<.001). However, between-group weight-loss differences were not major (mean [SD], 3.2 [3.3] kg versus 4.1 [3.9] kg; P=.14). No substantial differences in body fat mass loss percentage between groups were found, and the fraction of participant weight-loss as fat was found not to be influenced by treatment group. In conclusion, Garcinia cambogia had not created substantial weight-loss and fat mass loss beyond what was noticed in the placebo group. [3]

Irvingia gabonensis, chitosan, pyruvate, and CLA all seemed to be effective in weight loss through fat modifying mechanisms. The data presented on the usage of these products are limited. Numerous amounts of obese individuals use dietary supplements for weight-loss; however, there is little, clinical evidence to date which supports their use. There is a need for more data to determine the efficiency as well as the safety of these supplements. [4]

At the 16th week, G Cambogia treatment group experienced substantial reductions in visceral, total and subcutaneous fat areas in comparison to placebo (all indices P<0.001). There were no severe adverse effects noticed at any time, and no substantial differences in body mass index or body weight by the 12th weeks, however, there were minor numeric reductions in body weight and body mass index in men. No signs of rebound effects were noticed at week 12 through week 16. G Cambogia decreased abdominal fat buildup in participants who had visceral fat accumulation obesity. It is expected that this supplement could be helpful for preventing and reducing accumulation of visceral fat. [5]

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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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Regal Slim

What are the side effects of Slim Pills?

Regal Slim also referred as Slim Pills, side effects could include gas, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, headache, nausea, or skin irritation, based on the ingredients.

What are the ingredients in Slim Pills?

Regal Slim ingredients are Calcium, chromium, potassium, and garcinia cambogia extract.

How do I know if Regal Slim is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Regal Slim work?

The only ingredient in Regal Slim is garcinia cambogia. There are studies showing the effectiveness of the extract on humans [1] [2]. On the other hand, there’s also research concluding that the herb may not product long-term results.

How much does Slim Pills cost?

A one month supply of Slim Pills costs $89.95.

How should I take Slim Pills?

It is recommended that you take one capsule, twice a day.

What company is behind Slim Pills?

Regal Nutra is responsible for making Regal Slim.

Where is Regal Slim manufactured?

Regal Slim is manufactured in the United States.

Regal Slim Reviews

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  I'm itching since I stopped taking it.
Carolyn Mitchell (Verified User)

I’m itching since I stopped taking it why?

Montana (Editor)

Hi Carolyn. It sounds like you could have been having an allergic reaction to one or more of the Regal Slim ingredients.

Emily Fernandez (Verified User)

How do I return the product.. Help

Damasa Desier (Verified User)

This stuff is horrible , do not take, causes dizzy spells and gastric distress (Regal Slim) It did not help with weight loss.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Damasa! We’re sorry about the experience you had with Regal slim. If you didn’t achieve any weight-loss results, you might want to consider looking around for other products to help you achieve your goals. One product we’ve noticed helps with losing weight is Dietspotlight Burn; click to learn more!

Hope it works

I order it . Trying to lose weight.

Sheriour Name

This same thing happened to me over this last Christmas Holiday. This company needs to be reported about hanging up on you plus misguided information. Out slot of money. Don’t get fooled like I did.


I’ve been excited about getting this product. I’ve been following the shipment,hopefully I will receive it tomorrow and then immediately sending it back after reading these horrific reviews. $90 a month,I don’t think so!


where can u buy this?


Dont u will regret it


Hi Cyndi. It looks like this product is not available in other locations other than the manufacturer’s site. If your looking for something that’s more widely available, like on Amazon and other retailers, you might want to consider Dietspotlight Burn.


whatever you do do not order this product exclamation point they will take your money and not give it back I have just spent the last hour and a half on the phone arguing about what a free trial really means I ended up being charged $200 out of my bank account that I did not have so now I have service charges whatever you do do not order Regal Slim.


Horrible!! Don’t order this product. Didn’t do s thing for me. They don’t tell you the real price. I was only given 75% back. Wouldn’t give me my whole refund.

Lorri C.

This company and it’s products are horrible. I am a paralegal of 11 years. I read the “terms and conditions” before I ever entered my credit card info. There was nothing at that time about monthly charges or having to cancel after the ” free trial – only pay shipping and handling”. Since then, I have had four changes on my credit card for nearly $90 each. I called and complained several times, last call they said they would refund all four charges. That was a few weeks ago. Today, they said they will not refund the charges because I filed a dispute on the charges with my credit card company. They will offer half of your money back right away to make you go away….. Do NOT do business with this company. They have Regal Slim and Regal Trim.


This product and company are a complete joke. Their customer service representatives are extremely rude. Stay away from this company!!!!


I also canceled it all yet never received a confirmation on it. Ridiculous


I ordered it and paid the $6 and then I read the reviews and called 5 minutes later and told them to keep the $6 and the pills and the pills because I did not want to be charged and if I was not canceled I wouuld cancel my debit card I used so they could not charge me. I got sent the cancellation email and the confirmation email that my subscription was canceled. I still was sent the pills though but not charged the $90.


i just ordered now i am scared after reading reviews howdo i stop my order.dont need this. Headache. Help please


Hi Carolyn. You can call the customer service department and cancel any recurring shipments.


I had the same problem they are only issuing me $44.98 per bottle. I had bad customer service too!.


Yep I’ve learned. Horrible company!!!!! Horrible customer service. When ordering they do not tell you your ordering not just one item but two. And your charged $89 per bottle. Had I seen that when placing my order of have cancelled out. Lesson learned!!!!

bertha copeland

should people that have stage 3 kidney disease take regal slim


Hi Bertha! People with stage three kidney disease should consult with a physician before taking anything that could cause possible side effects.

Regal Slim/Regal Trim
Eugenia English (Verified User)

I have seen great results with regal slim and regal trim I’ve lost already approximately 10 pounds in 2 months I am experiencing some itching and nausea’s also diarrhea while taking this product.