6 Pack Diet Review

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6 Pack Diet Review

The 6 Pack Diet is also known as the 6 Pack Abs Diet. There are a multitude of websites offering information on how to use a 6 Pack Diet to increase the definition of stomach and abdominal muscles through exercise and weight loss. Finding an official website is difficult but there is no 6 Pack Diet dot com or 6 Pack Abs Diet dot com claiming to be the official website.

Taking a look at the literature available online about the 6 Pack Diet, there seems to be a link between this plan and the Truth About Six-Pack Abs diet.

List of Ingredients

Diet and exercise tips to decrease abdominal fat and increase abdominal definition.

Product Features

Sample menu plans tell a lot about the 6 Pack Diet. The diet revolves around consuming four to six small meals a day. Calorie levels are not described but there is a note to decrease calories by 500 per week in order to lose one pound. This would requiring keeping track of common foods eaten every day and calculating the total number of calories consumed. Then, the dieter would have to continue logging all foods and calculating caloric intake which could be too much work for a busy person to complete each day.

Lean proteins, low fat foods and calorie reduction are the three main aspects of the 6 Pack Diet. This is no different from other weight loss plans out there today.

The Truth About Six-Pack Abs is another story. The official website claims certain foods can be eaten to increase stomach fat loss which is not realistic. The website also claims fat burners are bogus and crunches are no longer needed.

There is no set price for the 6 Pack Diet. The Truth About Six-Pack Abs retails $39.95.

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  • Calorie reduction of 500 calories a week is a good start to fat loss.
  • Lean meats and healthy oils are promoted on the plan.
  • Exercise is advised.
  • Eating small meals can help to reduce hunger cravings and thus produce more weight loss.


  • There is no official website for the 6 Pack Diet.
  • Guidelines for the diet can be hard to find.
  • There does not seem to be any dietary changes to boost ab fat loss or fat loss at all.
  • The link to the Truth About Six-Pack Abs could mean the two are related, but again the connection is sketchy.


The 6 Pack Diet is a weight loss plan that seems to pull from common dietary changes to boost weight loss. There are no official websites to speak of which makes following the diet very hard. Reducing caloric intake by 500 calories is the best piece of advice literature gives.

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