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What You Should Know

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As you may have seen, there are many “detox” supplements available. Many of these products are sold online, and some are only sold through official websites. The purpose of these products is to flush out the colon, remove harmful toxins and impurities from the body, and potentially aid with weight loss. Typically these supplements contain a key ingredient or several, in order to “cleanse” the system. We are now going to take a closer look at one product in particular, which is AcaiDetox Xtreme. It is a formula suitable for women and men, and it is available through the official website.


  • Acai Berry Extract

Product Features

AcaiDetox Xtreme is supposed to help you lose weight. However, it also aims to flush waste and toxins from your body. This formula contains antioxidants to reduce damage from free radicals, and may have some fiber to assist with bowel movements. Unfortunately the ingredient list for this supplement is not posted. Therefore it is difficult to determine exactly what is used in AcaiDetox Xtreme. However, it is likely that this formula contains Acai Berry Extract, which offers antioxidants and fiber.

As for acquiring AcaiDetox Xtreme, there is no official price posted. Instead, the website offers a “free trial” of this supplement. This way you are able to pay only shipping and handling in order to receive this product. However, there is a catch. Like most “free trials,” you will later be charged for AcaiDetox Xtreme. Unfortunately the actual amount is unknown. This means it could be quite expensive. There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee provided with this supplement formula. No special diet plan is addressed with this product either.

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  • This weight loss and detox formula contains antioxidants.
  • AcaiDetox Xtreme may help with regularity.


  • There was no customer feedback found to support this supplement formula.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions to this diet product.
  • No proven fat burning ingredients are mentioned for AcaiDetox Xtreme.
  • The actual cost of this supplement is not disclosed.
  • The “free trial” is misleading, since you are charged later on.
  • There are no appetite-suppressing ingredients used in this supplement.


If you stop to consider what is known about AcaiDetox Xtreme, this product certainly does not come across as a promising supplement formula for weight loss and detoxifying the body. While it likely contains Acai Berry Extract, so do countless other supplements available online and in stores. Furthermore, there is really no connection between AcaiDetox Xtreme and real weight loss. You should also take into account the “free trial” that is addressed on the main website. It is unclear how much money you will be charged within the next 30 days, if you choose this free trial offer.

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