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Activia is a low-fat yogurt made by Dannon infused with Bifidus Regularis, an active probiotic culture that is claimed to reduce “intestinal transit time” by regulating the digestive tract. Dannon says it may help women clear up digestive issues in combination with a healthy diet, and may clear up issues that make the digestion process slower. They claim this effect can be experienced in roughly two weeks, allowing for optimum digestion and fewer cramps. Activia is available worldwide, including grocery and specialty stores.

Activia is currently the only yogurt on the market claiming to have probiotic cultures in their product, and Dannon publicly states this is an optimum way to regulate the digestion system. They even say they have scientific evidence that backs up these claims, stated on their official website. Activia may not contain the benefits claimed by Dannon, however, and their so-called studies appear to be the result of original research.


Activia only states its yogurt contains milk-derived ingredients, sugar, and Bifidus Regularis.

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Activia emphasizes that its probiotic cultures promote proper digestion and may help supplement a healthy diet. Further examination reveals that their scientifically-backed facts aren’t legitimate studies at all — these studies were conducted by their own company and are not confirmed by any third-party sources. There has not been studies confirming the benefits of probiotic cultures, and researchers emphasize that more studies are needed to even confirm any benefits. They do not believe it is dangerous, however. Any benefits stated by Dannon simply have not been proven by third-party studies, putting their claims into question. Consumers also question the legitimacy of their claims, stating they did not experience better digestion. Some consumers have also complained of increased stomach irregularity, including diarrhea and cramps. Activia is rich with vitamins and minerals, however, but their probiotic cultures may be used in an unsafe manner.

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  • Is an affordable and widely available yogurt.
  • Can be purchased in most grocery stores in the United States.
  • Contains nutrients and minerals which may help aid a healthy, nutritionally sound diet.


  • Bifidus Regularis is not proven to help aid digestion, and further studies are recommended to confirm if it does have any benefits.
  • Consumers state it actually causes intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. (See reader comments.)
  • Not ideal for diabetics contains excessive sugar.


Activia is touted as a digestion healing yogurt ideal for female intestinal issues, but evidence simply does not back this up. There are also reported side effects not listed on Activia’s website. Nevertheless, it does contain some nutrients which may supplement a healthy diet, but consumers should be aware of the heavy sugar content and some unnatural ingredients added to their yogurt.

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    maritza mcgee

    I have been eating activia for a while it does works but I’m very upset just bought the prune and my surprise was a finger nail in there,I’m so sick thinking how u r packing this product no gloves,I’m from Coram NY and I bought the produt @ meat farms supermarket in port Jefferson NY please check your employees


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