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Aoqili Soap has its roots in Far East medicinal practices. It is better known as seaweed soap. In addition to seaweed, this soap contains aloe vera gel-a product well-known for its ability to sooth the skin. What makes Aoqili Soap really unusual is that it is a diet soap.

Aoqili Soap is marketed as a fat-burning soap, based on the claims of a Japanese scientist who said that some participants in a study lost up to 20% of their body fat when they used the soap for a full 3-month period.

The soap should be lathered, rubbed on the skin and kept there for 2-3 minutes before being rinsed off in order to work properly. Supposedly users of Aoqili Soap do not need to implement any changes in their diet or exercise habits. The soap is marketed as a stand-alone product.

List of Ingredients

Aoqili Soap contains Dried Soap Bar, Seaweed Powder, Fragrance, Aloe Gel, Water, and Trace Elements, Vitamins and Minerals.

Product Features

Using this all-natural product long-term supposedly produces healthy-looking, well toned skin and also burns body fat if it is used daily.

The trace elements in this soap reportedly are key ingredients, even though they make up less than 5% of the product. Somehow via the process of osmosis, these trace elements penetrate the skin and remove subcutaneous fat that has been stored by the body. They are also supposed to lower the amount of excess body fluid, as well as to astringe the skin to tone and beautify it.

The manufacturer recommends that this product be used for at least 90 days.

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  • The soap is mildly scented and can reportedly be used on all skin types without causing difficulties for people with sensitive skin.
  • This product can be used be used all over the body since it is non-toxic.
  • This is a very inexpensive diet product. A bar costs from $3-7 dollars.


  • There is little empirical evidence to show that diet soap applied to the skin really does cause people to lose weight. One study that is quoted was done in Japan, not in the U.S.
  • A 20% loss of body fat seems unrealistic.
  • Before and after pictures are not available.
  • A money-back guarantee is not generally offered.
  • Some websites claim visible results in 7 days.


Trying this product would not appear to be particularly risky. The cost is low and side effects are not mentioned.

The results seem far-fetched, especially given the lack of photos, testimonials and product reviews. Very little mention is made of the link between the success of any diet product and a regular system of exercise and healthful eating habits.

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