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Avon Cellu Sculpt lotion claims to minimize cellulite to lead to slimmer and firmer thighs. The lotion’s formula is designed to not only reduce cellulite but to prevent it from developing in the future. This prevention is caused by increasing the circulation in areas that are most likely to have cellulite.

This topical cellulite lotion is supposed to be used every day. The product directs the user to massage the lotion into the skin for a few minutes.

List of Ingredients

A complete list of ingredients is not available, but it should be listed on the product label.

Product Features

Avon Cellu Sculpt lotion claims to show a reduction in cellulite after just a few weeks of use.

The makers of this topical cellulite lotion also claim that their product will smooth out dimples in the skin as well as make the thighs feel firmer.

This product claims to make thighs 1 inch thinner in just 4 weeks.

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  • Reviewers of this product say that this cellulite reducing-lotion has a pleasing smell.
  • Avon offers a money back guarantee if users are not satisfied with this product.
  • Avon Cellu Sculpt feels like a moisturizing lotion and is not greasy.
  • This topical cellulite lotion does not seem to have the inch-losing results that they claim to have, but the product has been shown to firm and smooth the skin.


  • This cellulite-reducing lotion is no longer available through the company website and it is not available on other internet retail websites. It can only be found on auction websites.
  • Avon is currently selling other creams that claim to reduce cellulite, which implies that the results of Avon Cellu Sculpt lotion were less than satisfactory.
  • This product comes in a fairly small tube, so it might not last long enough for any changes to be noticeable.
  • While some online reviews indicated some improvement, most were disappointed that the change was not more obvious.
  • Claims made about the Avon Cellu Sculpt lotion may be a little overestimated as any changes might take much longer than 2 or even 4 weeks to occur.
  • Many users have found that this product may make their thighs feel firmer, but does not actually help them to lose inches as the product claims.


Cellulite creams have been very popular in the last several years. However, their popularity may just be caused by the incredible results that the products promise and not on a history of results.

Avon Cellu Sculpt lotion may seem appealing because of its promises to firm the legs and reduce cellulite, but since the product has seen such mixed results and the product is no longer being sold by Avon, people should look elsewhere for a product that will give them the slimming results that they need.

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    my customer wants to know if cellu-glow total body sculpt has caffeine in it.. will only buy if it has so can i have an answer asap so she can order.



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