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Benecol Review - Does This Cholesterol Fighter Work? Are unpleasant taste and mixed reviews deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.8 / 5.0
Benecol Review

Bottom Line: Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you whether Benecol actually works. We wrote an in-depth review, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and overall customer service of this one. We additionally read dozens of user comments posted online. Lastly, we condensed everything we found in order to give you the information you need. We realize the journey can be long and hard, which is why we aim to give you just the facts. Is there really a connection with weight-loss? Maybe.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine Benecol with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What is Benecol?

To start off with, Benecol is a brand that offers instant cereals, spreads, oatmeal and Smart Chews. These products claim to help lower cholesterol levels. Some ingredients include Sugar, Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Cornstarch, Soy Lecithin, Glycerine and Salt. You can use the variety throughout the days with meals or as a supplement. They are supposed to help promote healthy cholesterol levels, which can positively affect heart health.

Benecol is owned by Raisio Group, which is a European company. It has been around since 2007 and these diet products are available on Amazon. Also, there are plenty of customer reviews posted online, but if you’re looking for a connection to weight-loss, keep reading…

Unpleasant Taste – “Really That Bad?”

The first common issue that came up time and again with Benecol ingredients was taste. “If a product is designed to be eaten, it has to have a good flavor to keep dieters around,” says our Research Editor. “According to multiple reviews, that’s not the case with these foods.”

  • One customer said, “Tasted like a combination of butter, sugar and caramel flavoring and in a word, YUCK!”
  • Another complained, “They taste grainy, greasy, and artificial.”
  • Yet another said, “They leave a greasy white substance on the roof of my mouth and don’t taste that good either.”

Taste was clearly not an issue for some users. There are actually some who liked the products.

  • “They are reasonably inexpensive, taste good,” according to one buyer.
  • Another shared, “They do have a decent caramel taste but kind of a weird texture.”

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Bad Customer Reviews – “Too Much?”

There are plenty of negative user reviews posted online for Benecol.

  • One customer stated, “There was no improvement or very little in my LDL. Sorry to give Benecol a bad review.”
  • Another said, “After only two chews I developed severe diarrhea and stomach pain. the stomach pain was so bad I was up all night.”

However, some users did find good things to say.

  • As one put it, “I love these chews but had no proof that they worked.”
  • “I like the convenience of taking this chew to help lower my cholesterol,” another said.

Now, our research shows that something small, like an off taste or slow changes to cholesterol, is more than enough to hinder chances of success. If Benecol doesn’t have the best flavor or if it doesn’t work for some, the dieter may choose to go a different route with dietary changes and a clinically tested supplement for weight-loss.

Did We Find Any Valid Science?

There is some clinical research presented on the official website for Benecol products, which shows how they have been proven to lower cholesterol levels. However, the company doesn’t bother to show a connection with weight-loss. What we found is that a diet aimed at naturally lowering cholesterol can be effective at helping you lose more, especially when partnered with a strong, effective supplement.

Does Benecol Really Work?

We are excited to see that Benecol spreads, chews and cereals can potentially help people lower their bad cholesterol levels to improve heart health. But, we’d like to see a stronger focus on dietary changes that could also help weight-loss. There is a direct connection between losing and improving overall health. Plus, we’ve got the negative reviews and problems with taste to consider.

For dieters who need to slim down and drop pounds of fat, we suggest partnering a product like Benecol with a clinically tested weight-loss supplement that’s backed with some amazing customer testimonials.

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How Does Benecol Compare?

Previous Benecol Review (Updated June 10, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Finland-based Benecol food products is said to decrease cholesterol levels in the body. Distributed to more than 30 countries including France and the United States, the Benecol product line includes spreads, yogurts, smoothies, soy beverages, milk, and cereals. Benecol distributors maintain that their products reduce cholesterol absorption in the body by up to 30 percent by blocking cholesterol in the stomach before it enters the bloodstream. According to the manufacturer, studies consistently demonstrate that Benecol lowers cholesterol levels.

List of Ingredients

Plant stanol ester is the active ingredient in Benecol products.

Product Features

The cholesterol blocker plant stanol ester is the major ingredient in Benecol products and is added to food bases such as margarine or yogurt. Benecol is not meant to replace cholesterol-lowering medications and should be considered supplementary to a good diet.

The official Benecol website is a network of recipes, menus, product listings, and supplemental product information for enthusiasts. There is also a mailing list users can join to receive the latest news and coupons on Benecol products. Because cholesterol lowering drugs or statins, operate differently than plant stanol ester, Benecol products can be consumed alongside them. However, it is still a good idea to let your doctor know that you're using Benecol. Consumers should note that there is no stated dietary benefit to consuming more than 5 grams of plant stanol ester daily.

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  • Eating foods that contain Benecol may lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Benecol spread tastes very similar to margarine and can be used as a substitution for cooking.


  • If you consume too much Benecol, you may have abdominal discomfort and/or diarrhea.
  • This product may not actually help you lose weight.
  • Some Benecol products may contain dairy by-products so you will need to read the labels if you are lactose intolerant.


Benecol is a great and healthy alternative to butter and margarine and it may lower your cholesterol levels up to 30% over time. If you have a history of high cholesterol, adding Benecol products to your diet can definitely improve your health. As far as weight loss is concerned, however, Benecol won't help you shed unwanted pounds.

Benecol Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of user comments about Benecol into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Benecol?

We’ve seen reports of Benecol side effects that include upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

What are the ingredients in Benecol?

Benecol ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, nonfat milk, cornstarch, soy lecithin, glycerine, salt, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, yellow #6, water, liquid canola oil, liquid soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, plant sterol esters, salt, vegetable mono- and diglycerides, soy lecithin, polyglycerol esters, potassium sorbate, citric acid, calcium disodium, dl-tocopheryl acetate and vitamin A palmitate.

Does Benecol work?

There’s no clinical research linking Benecol to weight-loss. There is research linking plant sterols to lowering cholesterol levels, but nothing relating to users losing weight.

We found that some dieters tried changing things up a little and substituting Benecol with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains ingredients that are scientifically tested.

How much does Benecol cost?

Benecol costs about $26.99 for the chews. The spread can cost between $4 and $6, depending on the retailer.

How should I take Benecol?

You should take one teaspoon of Benecol with meals. You can take two Benecol chews per day.

Can I take Benecol if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those using prescription medications, anyone with health conditions or under 18 years of age should consult with a healthcare provider prior to using a dietary aide, including Benecol.

What do users like about Benecol?

We found that some users liked the small size of Benecol chews and the cost seemed reasonable.

What do users NOT like about Benecol?

Some users didn’t like that Benecol was ineffective and that formula was changed.

Does Benecol contain trans-fats?

Yes, Benecol contains 0.5g of trans-fat per serving.

How many calories are in Benecol?

The calories in Benecol chews are 20 per serving and the spread contains 70 per serving.

How do I contact the Benecol customer service department?

You can contact the Benecol customer service department by using the customer feedback form or by calling a representative at 1-888-236-3265.

How many grams of sugar are in Benecol?

Each serving of Benecol contains 3.5g of sugar.

Is Benecol gluten-free?

Yes, Benecol is gluten-free.

Is Benecol dairy-free?

Yes, Benecol is dairy-free. The products don’t contain any dairy by-products.

Does Benecol come with a guarantee?

Benecol doesn’t come with a guarantee, considering the supplement isn’t available on the official website. You will need to check the return policy of the retailer where you purchased the product from.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Benecol?

There are special deals and discounts on Benecol, when you visit the official website. The company offers coupons. However, the past several months have flown by, considering our readers are taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is merely the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to try it out.

30 User Reviews About Benecol

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  • 1
    Catherine Dyson

    I find all benecol products reduce cholesterol, but, do they contain potassium? as I have a high level of potassium and finding it difficult to know just what to take.


    Devon (Editor)

    Yes this product contains Potassium Sorbate. Ask your doctor if this is right for you.


  • 2

    For years I used Benecol Light Spread as a substitute for butter. I have high cholesterol. I do not want to add another medication for lowering cholesterol. In the last month, I have not been able to find Benecol in the markets or the commissaries. I do not eat butter, but I like the flavor of butter on my toast. Currently I am trying other substitutes for my toast that are not Medicines.


  • 3

    Does benecol have gmo’s?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Benecol claims to be natural and GMO free.


  • 4
    gillian ray

    Where can I buy Benecol products in south surrey BC Canada?



    it should be available on the site or google


  • 5

    Two years ago, with cholesterol of 220, I started using benacol light spread. At my six mo check up, no other dietary changes it weight loss, my cholesterol lowered to 173.


  • 6
    is it good to take if you have ibs

    Only on my first day


  • 7
    dan marra

    does benecol have any effects on or with the liver . thank you


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