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Finland-based Benecol food products is said to decrease cholesterol levels in the body. Distributed to more than 30 countries including France and the United States, the Benecol product line includes spreads, yogurts, smoothies, soy beverages, milk, and cereals. Benecol distributors maintain that their products reduce cholesterol absorption in the body by up to 30 percent by blocking cholesterol in the stomach before it enters the bloodstream. According to the manufacturer, studies consistently demonstrate that Benecol lowers cholesterol levels.

List of Ingredients

Plant stanol ester is the active ingredient in Benecol products.

Product Features

The cholesterol blocker plant stanol ester is the major ingredient in Benecol products and is added to food bases such as margarine or yogurt. Benecol is not meant to replace cholesterol-lowering medications and should be considered supplementary to a good diet.

The official Benecol website is a network of recipes, menus, product listings, and supplemental product information for enthusiasts. There is also a mailing list users can join to receive the latest news and coupons on Benecol products. Because cholesterol lowering drugs or statins, operate differently than plant stanol ester, Benecol products can be consumed alongside them. However, it is still a good idea to let your doctor know that you’re using Benecol. Consumers should note that there is no stated dietary benefit to consuming more than 5 grams of plant stanol ester daily.

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  • Eating foods that contain Benecol may lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Benecol spread tastes very similar to margarine and can be used as a substitution for cooking.


  • If you consume too much Benecol, you may have abdominal discomfort and/or diarrhea.
  • This product may not actually help you lose weight.
  • Some Benecol products may contain dairy by-products so you will need to read the labels if you are lactose intolerant.


Benecol is a great and healthy alternative to butter and margarine and it may lower your cholesterol levels up to 30% over time. If you have a history of high cholesterol, adding Benecol products to your diet can definitely improve your health. As far as weight loss is concerned, however, Benecol won’t help you shed unwanted pounds.

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  • 1

    i went thro’ about benecol in net, i would like to know where i will get these products in mysore.


  • 2
    sunil rajbhar

    work shutring carpenter


  • 3

    My Boston Terrier ate 15 benecol tablets. Will this harm him?


  • 4
    Linda Theel

    After all we have learned about the danger to our heart from consuming transfats, I find it shocking that Benecol would use partially hydrogenated oil as a top ingredient in their spread. I rate the product a danger not a benefit to a healthy heart, plant sterols notwithstanding.


  • 5
    p. fenedick

    what is the difference between new B
    enecol chews and used Benecol chews?


  • 6
    John Powell

    5 years ago my cholesterol level was over 8, my doctor put me onto Lipator which Ive been taking for the 5 years but lowered it only to 5, I have been drinking Benecol now for 3 years and each year re my blood test as I am a Diabetic my doctor has noticed ech year a marked drop in my Cholestrol level to a point re my last blood test I only had a reading of 1.25 he asked my if I was a vegetarian I said no I even have in moderstion chocolate and Ice cream he shook his head.
    I then produced my little bottle of Banecol he looked at it an said if it works keep it up that’s all his comment was, so as you gather I am a firm believer in Benecol as it has worked for me big time but with a daily walk of 1 hour, I purchase my Benecol at Tesco in Thailand and cannot get the same in Australia


  • 7

    where i can buy benecol (suppliment as a tablet / tea )
    please reply as soon as poosible where to buy this benecol.

    thank you


  • 8

    I’m a BzzAgent and I tried the Benecol yoghurts and buttery spread after receiving my trial voucher, I was so impressed with how creamy and fruity the yoghurts are that I buy them every week as part of my weekly shop. My husband loves them too and we love the fact that they are healthy and helping us to control our cholesterol which is a great benefit. I would highly recommend these products” – BzzAgent Button21
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  • 9

    Hi all,
    Being a BzzAgent, I thought I would share my experiences with you.
    Benecol products taste great, however I cannot comment on the usefulness in lowering Cholesterol. I am hoping it does help, as there are a lot of the other products out there to help promote healthy eating.


  • 10

    I dropped some benecol on the floor and the dog came scampering over. when he sniffed it, he walked away. Never saw a change in cholesterol levels even after 5 years of benecol.


  • 11
    george caldwell

    After twenty-five years of lowering cholesterol there has been no effect whatsoever in altering the thickening in the arterial walls wherever which was the intention.
    Who and when said that a certain Cholesterol level was such and such for the whole of humanity.
    Trans-fats are the cause of much obesity and that fatty arterial thickening.
    Go get some decent butter.
    The whole Framingham Research Was flawed from the onset because of the American diet and reliance on Trans-fats in their industrial food-stuffs.
    Go read “The Cholesterol Myth”.

    I like cholesterol and two eggs for breakfast and double cream too.




    I agree with what your saying but have you got any qualifications or research to support the above?


  • 12

    it’s trans fat! their research (150 people for 1 year and the control group ate MARGARINE!). You may as well say Silk cut mild is safer than Capstan full strength. Google ‘the cholesterol myth’ if you want the truth



    Tried two small bottles and have had stomach upset – is this common and will I get used to it?


  • 13

    where can i buy benecol? I need it for high cholestrol


  • 14

    Good meets bad? Plant stanol esters contained in Benecol and other brands may lower your cholesterol but the partially hydrogenated soybean oil (most certainly from GMO soybeans) raises bad LDL and lowers good HDL. The label can claim 0 transfats since there are not more than 0.5 grams in one serving. But the recommended intake of 4-5 servings provides you with whooping 2.5 grams of transfats just in your “healthy” spread, not even counting the (partially) hydrogenated oils in your other food. Read labels and add up! Benecol and Co. are just an excellent way of making money with cheap ingredients.


  • 15
    Sandy Gilson

    Can Benecol be used in recipes as the fat instead of shortening or butter?


  • 16
    Martin Davis

    We had been using Promise Activ but it was discontinued so we ran out and bought your Benecol spread but now learned it has Partially Hydrogenated Soybeab Oil in it. I thought this substance was banned fron use in foods. We really feel uncomfortable using this product now. I bought three containers of it. What should we do? Thanks Martin Davis


    Sandy Gilson

    Can Benecol be used as a replacement for butter or shortening in recipes?


  • 17

    We find Benecol to be delicious and it appears to have helped lower Cholesterol when used as suggested – 2 -3 Tablespoons per day. The only problem is that not all stores carry it and it is VERY expensive.