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If you are struggling with meeting your weight loss goals, you might be considering a dietary supplement of some sort. This is certainly to be expected. After all, in this day and age, considering the fast-paced lifestyles of people, it can be difficult to lose weight. While there are prescription diet pills to consider, there are also plenty of supplements for weight loss, which are available over-the-counter. However, you need to know what is used in a product before you actually spend any of your money on it. This is why we are going to address Black Beauty Diet Pills in this review.


  • Biphetamine
  • Dextroamphetamine

Product Features

Black Beauty Diet Pills were once available to aid with weight loss. However, at this point, these pills have been discontinued. They were actually banned back in 1998. If you check out some of the reviews posted online by dieters that tried this product, you will notice that some people compared Black Beauty Diet Pills to speed, and illegal drug. Even though this formula has been banned in the United States, there are some dealers who still offer this product online.

One company that used to market Black Beauty Diet Pills is Strasenburgh Labs. It was based in Rochester. The purpose of this supplement formula is to increase the metabolism, which helps you burn off more calories. The key ingredients found in this pill are Dextroamphetamine and Biphetamine, which are both amphetamines. They boost the metabolism and may decrease hunger. However, some side effects may be experienced when taking Black Beauty Diet Pills. These include headache, heart palpitations, insomnia, and even stroke.

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  • There are online dealers who offer this weight loss supplement, which is convenient.


  • Black Beauty Diet Pills can lead to side effects like headache, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, and stroke.
  • This weight loss formula has been banned for over a decade now.
  • There are safer diet products available over-the-counter.
  • No regular exercise or healthy diet is addressed with this product.
  • There is no mention of a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The main factor to notice regarding Black Beauty Diet Pills is that this product has been banned. Therefore it is not safe to take for weight loss. Clearly this formula contains amphetamines, which can lead to serious side effects, and even death. You would never take a product like this without consulting a real doctor beforehand. However, he or she would tell you that Black Beauty Diet Pills are not safe. On the bright side, there are safe and effective weight loss supplements out there. It just takes a little time and patience to pinpoint the right product for you.

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  • 1

    Where can I purchase them now,or the other weight loss medicines like pink footballs,christmas trees etc.. I have tried the stuff they have out now. The crap is a waste of money. Thankyou in advance for anyones help.


  • 2

    Work well, can I order thm through your company


  • 3

    where can I buy them



    Were can I buy them


  • 4

    They work great.i need web site to buy them


  • 5

    I use to take this pill before it was banned and never had any problems. It really worked very well.


  • 6
    bobby duffy

    black beautys ,, desoxyn,, brown and clears,,, quaaludes,, truenal,,seconal,,,nembutal,,, and last but not least DESBUTAL,, that was a pill that the pharmaceutical companies made that was a legal speed ball that only lasted a year it was made with 15 mg.desoxyn for speed for weight loss 10 mg. nembutal. for sleep when needed and 5mg. of valum for nerves it was awsome i miss the 70s and 80s sooooo much… no tease i have a friend LETS PARTY


    Your Name



  • 7
    lisa benson

    I used to take them back in the 80’s. Loved them. If they still have them those that mean their still producing them or are they in boxes in a storage someplace. Who those produce them and what are the full ingredients? Just a thought.


  • 8

    I remember them as black mollies too. ..Where can I find them? I use to love those things and they worked,I lost so much weight.


  • 9

    I took those pills a long time ago, I just found an empty bottle how & where can I get them ?


  • 10
    Roslyn Shillingford

    Well I took these back in 1999-2000 I did lose weight but also had unexplainable blood coming from my bowels now I know what from!!!!!! I was unaware of the danger*


  • 11

    I took them long time ago and with diet I lost over fifty lbs. Wanted to get them again. I think back then I only took one a day.


  • 12

    My question is how can I get the black be auty. where can I get them, nothing that I have every taken works as well as they do. Another country where? doesn’t matter….


  • 13
    Millicent Robinson

    Back when I was. In my twenties I took something similar to black beauty it was pi s I was very alert I found out that if you don’t Eat properly it will make you sick and jiddery when I took it I was in control weight loss eat whatever I want because I took it every other day


  • 14
    gregory harris

    How can I purchase black beauty diet pills



    I want to know where to get them too


  • 15

    how can i get some


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