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Eating Less by Gillian Riley is a diet book authored by addiction counselor Gillian Riley, who first gained fame for her revolutionary books focused on overcoming addictions. Her book is accoladed by several experts and celebrities, including celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and The Daily Telegraph, and has received astounding reviews from numerous UK-based magazines, making her book one of the most well-known books in the United Kingdom. Like her previous books, Gillian Riley focuses on the addiction aspect of overeating and claims to help dieters overcome these issues with tips and advice scattered throughout her book. Eating Less by Gillian Riley is not a diet book in purest terms — instead, general advice is given on how to overcome overeating addictions, which she says is the real problem, not senseless or ineffective dieting.

Eating Less by Gillian Riley is currently available in the United Kingdom, and is also available for purchase worldwide online or in bookstores for around $9.00. A revised version has also been released and offers updated information about new dietary findings. Although no diet is actually contained in her book, the tips provided have caused an overwhelming response from dieters due to her unique approach to dieting.


Gillian Riley’s book can be purchased online or in bookstores for around $9.00.

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Eating Less by Gillian Riley focuses solely on the issue of food addiction and overeating, and Riley proposes several methods for overcoming these issues, backed up solely by her expertise as an addiction counselor. Her book covers a variety of topics, including the issue behind overeating and methods for treating the source of overeating, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. From there several methods are offered for learning new ways to eat, including retraining the body to eat according to hunger cues and how to eat to boost one’s health instead of stimulating weight loss. The tips are very simple and do not involve adhering to any specific diet to complete. This seems to focus on eliminating disordered eating, and may not have any helpful ramifications for dieters, although dieters are saying there are numerous benefits from reading this book. Dieter response is huge — numerous testimonials applaud Riley for offering unique, simple tips for overcoming overeating issues. As with all diets, however, it may not provide the type of advice sought out by some dieters, especially those who want to try a diet instead of tackling eating issues.

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  • Offers information about how to overcome bad eating habits, and according to dieters, it does work.
  • Authored by an addiction counselor.


  • Is not an actual diet book, and does not offer any diet advice.
  • Focuses on healing underlying issues instead of tackling dieting.
  • Does not claim to help dieters lose weight.

Eating Less by Gillian Riley is a no-nonsense guide for overcoming eating addiction, which may not apply to all dieters. Dieters have given their support as a wonderful therapy tool, but there are few other benefits from reading this book.

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