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Figure 8 Fitness is a chain of health clubs throughout Ireland that are committed to helping women get fit in a reasonable amount of time. The company appears to be responding to the number one reason that people do not exercise today – lack of time. The program is similar to others in the United States that provide 30-minute circuit training for primarily women with the goal of achieving better health and weight loss.

The Figure 8 Fitness program provides exercises for toning the body, increasing energy, controlling weight, improving posture and managing bone density. There are also programs available for pre and post pregnancy to strengthen abdominal muscles for delivery and get the body back in shape after the baby comes. However, the Figure 8 Fitness program does not seem to provide specific exercises for weight loss. They do offer a separate weight loss program, which can be followed up by the Figure 8 Fitness program. While exercise is an important component to any weight loss program, we believe it is most effective when it is combined with a low calorie diet and proven weight loss supplement. However, we will take a closer look at the Figure 8 Fitness program to see if it can provide positive results in meeting weight loss goals.


The Figure 8 Fitness programs combine a balance of physical, nutritional and motivational programs to bring you to a state of better health.

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We like the fact that the program encompasses a number of components; however, we do not see supplement recommendations on the website. Since weight loss is a major challenge for many, we believe a safe, effective supplement can provide the necessary edge that many dieters require to reach their weight loss goals.

To join the Figure 8 Fitness program, it appears that members must sign and pay for a contract of a specified time. The most common time frame seems to be 12 months, although the company website does mention that other terms are possible. We find that many dieters will join a fitness program with the best of intentions, only to pay for a number of months that do not get used. It is important for consumers to weigh the cost of a health club membership very carefully or they may end up paying a monthly fee for services that they do not use.

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  • Figure 8 Fitness appears to emphasize exercise with diet and motivational techniques to achieve weight loss goals.
  • Exercise is an excellent part of any weight loss program.


  • Locations for Figure 8 Fitness are very limited and appear to be restricted to residents of Ireland.
  • The program does not recommend any sort of supplementation for weight loss.
  • We were unable to find pricing information on the company website.


Since locations are restricted to Ireland, Figure 8 Fitness won’t be an option for most consumers. We also believe that the best weight loss program will combine exercise, diet and an effective weight loss supplement for best results.

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