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Fill Up, Not Out is a book written by Franceen and Claire Friefeld, two sisters who are also registered dieticians. The book deals with weight loss and maintenance primarily from the perspective of food, teaching readers how to eat the right foods for maximum fullness and minimal calorie content. The book lays out portion sizes quite clearly, helping readers visualize the palm of their hand or heir fist when determining how much food to eat in a single sitting. The authors also recommend maintaining a schedule of three square meals a day with up to four snacks interspersed throughout.

Franceen and Claire Friefeld clearly have the experience necessary to share such information with an audience, especially Franceen, who spent many years working for companies that tried to promote good health habits both to consumers and employees. Fill Up, Not Out is available through a few online retailers; however, there is not a specific website devoted to the book or to the authors. We do prefer diet products of any type that provide a website to consumers, since this is the best way to research and purchase the product directly.


Fill Up, Not Out seems to be specifically geared toward individuals who want to lose weight but have trouble getting past the hunger issues of many diets.

Product Features

This book will show dieters what to eat to fill up their stomachs without adding an exorbitant amount of calories. The book includes shopping lists to make dieting more convenient and pictures of portion sizes so consumers can visualize how much food should go on their plate at each meal.

While we like the type of information that is shared in Fill Up, Not Out, we realize that there is a big difference between reading a book about dieting and actually succeeding at the diet. For some, discipline is a huge issue that will keep them from making the jump from learning about dieting to seeing success. This is why we prefer programs that incorporate diet, exercise and an effective weight loss supplement that will give dieters the edge they need to reach their weight loss goals.

At the time of this review, a new copy of Fill Up, Not Out is available through some online retailers for about $20. This is a rather high price for a book that is only about 100 pages long. The brevity of the book makes us wonder just how much detail about diet could really be covered as well.

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  • The book is written by professionals in the nutrition field.
  • The information is practical and helpful to dieters.


  • Reading a book is not always sufficient motivation to help dieters reach weight loss goals.
  • The book is short in length.
  • There is no exercise program or weight loss supplement recommended.


While dieters may find some valuable information in Fill Up, Not Out, this may not be a sufficient tool for helping consumers reach their weight loss goals. We believe the best diet results will be achieved through a combination of diet, exercise and an effective weight loss supplement.

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