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What You Should Know

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Freeze Fat is a procedure that uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze fat cells. The results are similar to liposuction, according to information found online. The procedure must be completely in a clinical setting and multiple sessions may be required for optimal effect. There is no link between Freeze Fat and long-term weight loss. If the dieter does not change their overall approach to weight loss, diet and exercise, the effects of the procedure will be short-term. The remaining fat cells will expand to hold excess fat.

List of Ingredients

Gel patch used to kill fat cells.

Product Features

Freeze Fat is a simple, non-invasive procedure. The dieter goes to a clinic offering Freeze Fat. While there, a gel patch is applied to the skin. The patch is cooled to the point where fat cells freeze. According to the procedure description, fat cells release fat causing a slimming effect. Research has found that released fat is quickly taken up by surrounding fat cells so the dieter does not really lose any fat, it is just redistributed to other fat cells.

The before and after photos of people having the Freeze Fat procedure are quite amazing. There is a clear slimming effect, but the procedure is not designed for extreme weight loss. Dieters having lost weight already may have stubborn areas that will not respond to diet and exercise. It is these areas that are best affected by Freeze Fat.

The procedure costs more than diet, exercise or natural supplements. Freeze Fat is FDA-approved and should be performed by a licensed physician or clinician. The procedure costs about $1,500 per session. Sessions will last up to two hours and the results take several weeks or months for full effect. More than one session may be needed if there are multiple body parts that need the Freeze Fat procedure.

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  • FDA-approved.
  • Safely removes fat cells.
  • May cause slimming of problem areas.


  • Does work if the dieter does not reduce calorie intake and exercise.
  • Not designed for extreme weight loss.
  • Patients should be at a normal weight for the procedure to work best.
  • Costs much more than other weight loss procedures.
  • The effect is not drastic.
  • May take two months or more for slimming to occur.


Freeze Fat is one solution for losing stubborn fat stores, but this solution is far more expensive than diet and exercise. Most patients will respond to exercise and diet changes, but simply have no idea how to best lose those last few pounds. The price of the procedure leaves most dieters waiting for a cheaper alternative to Freeze Fat.

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  • 1
    Vicky cuevas

    How does it work


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hi, Vicky. It works by non-invasively freezing fat cells in your body, however it is expensive and take a considerable time to see any results


  • 2

    Want to try fat freezer,where do are find the doctor


  • 3

    What is the difference between home fat freezer and clinical fat freezer? Do they work the same or which one works faster/better?


  • 4

    .I have a small freezer burn from the fat freezer, will it heal or do I need to see the doctor


    maryna smit

    I do have the igla fat freezer from verimark. I am afraid to use the machine. Your comments please.


  • 5

    Effective one


  • 6

    Reduced fat fastly.


  • 7

    Good product


  • 8
    Naheed Solanki

    I bought it 2weeks ago and used once on my tommy and I felt good after one I used on my upper thighs and hope it will work.i am happy so far


  • 9

    I read from the research that the fat cells are eliminated by the liver and urine. You say that fat is taken up in other fat cells. Can you explain ,thank you.


  • 10

    I had it done. It did not work. They lied and said it was pain free. Ha! It was the worse pain I have ever felt! The stick if butter gets massaged! Nothing can explain the pain!! They did not give am a thing for pain! Said it took 3 months to start to see results. A year later still nothing. I would never ever tell anyone to do this!! Waste if time and A LOT IF MONEY!!



    I did it and it is amazing. Really works. The session was done 10 days ago and i already can see the difference.


  • 11
    Michael crain

    How does fat freeze compare to tru scupt


  • 12

    do they do this procedure, in bakersfield ca


  • 13
    kimberly h

    how much does it cost


  • 14

    In you research did you find any info about how freezing kills the cells and as an adult you don’t make any new… Therefore killing fat cells in that area they wont come back… You review sounds bias toward exercise and dieting.



    Go on Jezza!



    My friend did it and lost fat.when she stopped dieting she gained even more weight than before


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