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Gastric Mind Band is a hypnotic experience that claims it takes only four days to change your mind for the better, in terms of weight loss. The official website lists treatment specialists who have undergone training and certification in the Gastric Mind Band procedure so dieters can choose a provider they can trust. You can also choose to order the book explaining the Gastric Mind Band process in print or on CD. There is just one clinician trained in Gastric Mind Band in the United States – Hazel Newsom in Seattle, Washington.

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  • Hypnosis for weight loss.

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The name Gastric Mind Band is unique, but the idea that hypnosis can evoke weight loss is not. There are tons of hypnotherapy programs designed to help dieters eat less and move more, but hypnosis is a personal experience. First, the dieter must believe hypnosis will work before embarking on a hypnotherapy plan. If the dieter is skeptical the program is less likely to be effective. Second, there is only one trained provider in the United States, so unless the dieter is willing to travel to Washington state to receive one-on-one treatment, they will have to read the book in an attempt to utilize the process at home.

The Gastric Mind Band is a non-surgical approach to weight loss that combines various psychological therapies to promote mental change. The therapies listed on the official website include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis and Pause Button Therapy. There is evidence that mental support during weight loss results in dieters staying on weight loss plans longer and achieving better results, but without one-on-one contact with the therapist this program is no better than a million other self-help books.

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  • The creators of the Gastric Mind Band system train clinicians in the processes.
  • The official website lists certified practitioners.
  • Cognitive therapy may help some dieters achieve results.


  • There is only one clinic in the United States.
  • Hypnosis and mental therapy will not help all dieters lose weight.


Gastric Mind Band may be a viable option for some dieters, but with only one clinic in the United States there are few dieters who can take advantage of the Washington office. The Gastric Mind Band book may provide insight into how dieters can achieve weight loss goals without one-on-one therapy, but the impact of the book will not measure up to physical contact with a Gastric Mind Band specialist.

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