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It Works! is a program that provides the customer with multiple resources and products that may be helpful with helping them to lose weight. It also seems as if It Works! may have a money making opportunity available for people if they want to join. In this review, the points of this program will be examined so there may be a better understanding of how the program is designed to work.


It Works! is a program that is made up several products. These products are Body Applicator 2.0, Defining Body Gel, Fat Fighter, So Regular, It’s Vital, New You, The Answer 2.0 Weight Loss Formula, and It’s Greens. Now a brief description of each product will be provided.

Product Features

Body Applicator 2.0 is described by the website as a body wrap that can help you to lose inches, tighten loose skin from dieting, and diminish the look of cellulite in as little as 45 minutes, but get better with continued use. Defining Body Gel was designed to moisturize and tighten skin to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin. Fat Fighter is a product that is supposed to block fat and carbohydrates before they are absorbed into the body, minimizing the effect that they may have on the body. So Regular is a product that is supposed to clean your colon gently by slowing removing the toxins from the walls of the digestive system daily so that it is not as invasive as other cleansing products. It’s Vital is a vitamin supplement that is fortified will all of the body’s daily needs so that it may provide support for the immune system and daily needs. It is said to have a high absorption rate and totally complete. New You 2.0 was designed to boost the growth hormone that controls weight gain and weight loss, and supports mental clarity. This hormone gradually diminishes with age. The Answer 2.0 is a weight loss supplement that is promoted to be able to increase metabolism and induce thermo genesis. It’s Greens! was developed for people who simply do not have enough green vegetables in their daily diets. It is an orange flavored drink mix that can be added to water to ingest.

The products that are available at It Works! appear to be based on the theory of Homeopathic Synergy. These products work best when use in conjunction with one another. There is also a business opportunity here that involves fees. The fees can be either inexpensive or expensive, depending on which package is wanted to begin the at-home-business with.

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  • There may be clinical proof that confirms that the products work.
  • May provide a legitimate moneymaking opportunity.


  • Using all of the products at once can be expensive.
  • A good start up package for the at-home-business is $299.


It is apparent that these products may actually work. It does recommend that all of the products should be used in conjunction with one another, which may prove to be expensive. A good start up package may also be expensive if the consumer wants to join in the money making opportunity. However, some people may find it worth the money if the products are able to deliver what they promise.

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  • 1

    can Greens cause diarrhea


  • 2

    Are your vitamins oil or water based?


  • 3
    Kathrin chavez

    I became a distributor because the products work…I became so motivated and feel great :) lost about 7lb already. Taking greens and thermofit.


    Sarah Lowe

    I have used 2 wraps so far, and for 3 days after it’s off my skin is red and itchy. Like, really itchy. What is that about, do you think? I’m planning on seeing it through for the next 2 times to finish out the whole treatment, because I’ve noticed a difference, (and my friend is giving them to me for free) but do you think I should stop?



    Sarah, email me and I can get into some detail. Theres not enough room here to comment.


  • 4

    I want to purchase it works but I’m still not sure if I should spend the money!! Can anyone that has used it tell me if it’s good! ?? Please not distributors, because I know you want to sell it..



    I used the bod wrap one tine so far at a party and i can say i did see a sifference in just the first 45 minutes my tummy was smoother and m stomach pouch had got smaller i was satisfied. Just became a loyal custimer and i cant wait to get my box of wraps you can go on to my site and get a box of 4 for just 59 dollars the link is good luck


  • 5

    I have started taking Greens since I am terrible about eating my vegetables. However I notice the days I have been taking it I have been getting bad headaches. Any ideas why?


  • 6
    Kay Pryal

    I am concerned with the greens having walnut hulls? with my nut allergy-peanuts,tree nuts ect.


  • 7

    It Works wraps are pretty much the same thing as using a cream or lotion for cellulite. It will help diminish the appearance of cellulite, but the wrap is NOT helping you lose weight! I hate to inform all of you, but the only way to lose weight and tone your body is to work out and change your diet. If you actually learned the process the body has to go through in order to burn calories, I can assure you that you would see these It Works products are capable of that.



    Youpeople, perhaps you need to research more just a wee bit. I have researched all brands of creams. You are right, its not the cloth!! Its the botanical organic formulated infused cream that is the one that actually causes lipolysis..the fancy name for breaking fat molecules. SOOO, The research that I conducted with 10 people in my control group, documented in my portfolio..

    **Wrap with eating junkfood and not following recommended guidelines** After 4 wraps, no exercise = 1 treatment==average loss was 1 inch.**

    Doing it the right way.. 4 wraps, walking or some gym related exercises* quite honestly who can afford a gym membership. just walked once a day..for 20min. eat no junk food..greens to help with veggie detoxification* Green Chews works=1 treatment average loss was 3 inches.

    So regardless of following or not following, there is a result.

    Everyone has to take ownership for there accountability, if your going to spend the money on the wraps, why not do it the right way? its only for your good..And there are not only weightloss effects you can gain..people forget that your skin is an organ, and it not only nourishes your skin, it feeds your skin with nutrients that are absorbed into your body for optimal health.

    email me for more info:) or call me, I d love to tell you all the positives. The only negative is if you think unhappy thoughts.


  • 8

    I was an It Works Distributor, and while you may tighten up some lose and sagging skin, you will not lose weight, get skinny, or get healthy. It is a joke. If you want to lose weight, and get truly healthy try a real program like Take Shape for Life.



    You must not have been a successful distributor. If you dont believe in the product your selling why would someone buy from you. No need to be negative! No matter what business you pursue being negative will never get you to the next level!!


    Your Name

    i have lost 26 pounds on my second wrap feel great everyone is different i thank it works for being there i can’t work out like i used to and it works has me feeling great and healthy


    Your Name

    I’m sure that you weight loss is a combination of dieting, exercise and tbe use of It Works products, not from applying a wrap!


    I just started using the body wraps and defining cream. Within the last 3 weeks, I have lose 2 1/2 inches off my waist! I do exercise about 3 times a weeks between 30 mins to an hours and I am on a gluten free diet. The distributors do say that this is NOT a replacement for exercise and healthy eating, So I think it works for what it’s meant to do.

    Penny Railsback

    I used It Works wraps on my legs and they now look great. Yes the wraps works. I have photos to prove it. When I started on the greens I lost 10lbs in about 2 months. Being skeptical and negative cause stress and stress will only get negative results.


    Thanks for the info about the greens and raps.


    IT Works Wraps are so much more than that..Every body is different and what my results were would be different than another..but there are results..and it all depends on how you go into this..If you go with it in a negative way, you ll only get what you sow..

    Having a distributor like memyselfni, is purely shameful. I hope you know you have robbed your future customers of there wellbeing..Shame on you. You prob never got trained properly. I am a NP in career, and when I signed up for wasn’t for the $$ it was to empower people to take responsibility for there health..IT Works has been there. like no other product I have seen.

    I have helped so many patients, diabetics, obesity, and ailing immune sufferers. Not everyone reacts the same to the products..But they do work. they are all organic..and you have to wonder how a company can make 500million in profits and pay there distributors 10-80K in bonuses..It isn’t because they were pink.

    Think about it..Your loss my friend. and I am happy your not in the business, because having shameful distributors is just down right disgusting.