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Lipodrops Review - Do These Diet Drops Work? Are short-term use and lack of effective ingredients deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Lipodrops Review

Don’t laugh, but well over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Lipodrops. We decided to complete a full-fledged review of the ingredients, side effects, customer service department and clinical support. User reviews were also taken into consideration. Then, we refined and summarized to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need to Know

To start, Lipodrops are a diet supplement that works in conjunction with reduced eating and exercise to speed up weight-loss. The drops contain l-methionine, inositol, choline chloride and l-carnitine. Each bottle has 30 servings and you take the product twice daily, so you only get two weeks out of the deal. You’ll pay $80 a month. You can use it on the go, which is one benefit.

We’ve no idea what company is behind Lipodrops. We know two doctors, Dr. M.J. Collier and Dr. J. Goldklang, formulated the product. We like the ease of use and that fact that physicians are behind it, but read on…

Short-Term Use – “Long-Term Results?”

Our first concern with Lipodrops ingredients were how long you take them. There are quite a few reviews on Lipodrops, but the majority only mention using the product for one week to a month. Longer use is not described by dieters. “It’s interesting that Lipodrops claims to be safe for long-term use, but no customers use the it for more than a short while,” says our Research Editor.

“I took it for one month March of 2013,” says one user.

Another dieter wonders about the lack of information, “Can someone PLEASE post results or respond to the dozens of inquiries post week 1??”

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Lack of Effective Ingredients – “Problem”

We looked through the ingredient list to see just what all the fuss was about with Lipodrops. L-methionine is found in foods with no connection to weight-loss. Inositol is a B vitamin that may help with anxiety or stress, but that’s about it. Choline is similar in structure and production. It’s made by the liver, but it won’t likely help you reduce the number on the scale. L-carnitine has been the subject of multiple clinical trials, but none show benefit in this area.

From our experience, all it takes is a small yet significant issue, like lackluster ingredients, to lessen the chances of long-term success. If Lipodrops are ineffective beyond the first week or so, this is a definite issue for buyers.

The Science – “Legitimized?”

There is no science to back up claims made by Lipodrops. We found it interesting that the supplement was once delivered via injection, before the current formula was created. The doctors aimed to offer the same effects with an oral product. Without clinical proof, DietSpotlight is not apt to support the drops.

The Bottom Line – Do Lipodrops Work?

Check it out, we found out some good things about this one. It’s all about the research and after we checked out Lipodrops we were easily convinced one of thing – we have reservations giving this one a thumb up. We’re worried that users only try out the product for a short time and the ingredients are not clinically proven. There’s also the issue that company information is not available to the consumer.

If you’re ready to lose weight right now, our suggestion is a product with effective ingredients and proven scientific support. It’s always helpful if you can find reviews from dieters who’ve used the formula for more than a few days.

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How Does Lipodrops Compare?

Previous Lipodrops Review (Updated September 26, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Lipodrops is a weight loss supplement in the form of drops. Most weight loss drops are HCG based, but this product is quick to let you know it is not a hormone supplement, and it will work more effectively. Read this review to learn more about the program and how it works to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

Lipodrops does not provide a list of ingredients for our review. It appears the formula is made up of: Inositol, Methionine, Choline, and L-Carnitine.

Product Features

Lipodrops are drops used on your tongue and in your drinks to help promote weight loss. It does this by using a combination for four main ingredients, all amino acids and B vitamins necessary for the body to facilitate weight loss on its own. Inositol helps to break down fat. Methionine is used to detoxify the liver. Choline is used to remove fats from the liver and bloodstream. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps move fat throughout the body and use it as energy, rather than storing it. There may be additional ingredients, but they are not listed on the product website. We also do not know how much of each ingredient you are expected to get per dose of the drops. Expect to spend $66 a month to keep yourself in supply with this supplement. The official website has information about how to work the drops into your plan no matter what your goals are, but the official website also lacks a great deal of information and looks much less professional than websites for many of the other products we review.

See Our Featured


  • Lipodrops are not HCG based drops.
  • These are easily incorporated into your diet.


  • Lipodrops does not provide a full list of ingredients, which indicates they are either hiding something, or do not use enough of any ingredient to produce an effective product.
  • This supplement is incredibly expensive at $66 for a single month’s supply!
  • There are no customer reviews to support this product.
  • There is no specific diet guidance for this product.
  • We are not sure if there is a money back guarantee for this product or not.


Lipodrops are likely not as effective as they want you to think. Without an actual label to see what other ingredients could be in the formula, and how much of each ingredient is included, we cannot really tell you how effective the product would be. Operating through PayPal indicates that you should be able to get your money back if you are not happy with the product, but it could take a while. We recommend diet, exercise, and a clinically proven safe and effective supplement.

Lipodrops Questions & Answers:

We condensed hundreds of user comments about Lipodrops into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Lipodrops?

Some potential side effects of Lipodrops include irregular heartbeat, nausea, irritability, light-headedness and agitation.

What are the ingredients in Lipodrops?

The ingredients in Lipodrops are l-methionine, inositol, choline chloride, l-carnitine, purified water, glycerin, artificial flavors, stevia extract, acesulfame potassium, polysorbate 2 sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

Do Lipodrops work?

There are no clinical studies proving Lipodrops work. There are studies suggesting l-carnitine could possibly help athletic performance, but that’s not the same as supporting this specific formula. You may want to turn things around and change out Lipodrops with a supplement like Leptigen, which has ingredients that are proven to work.

How much does Lipodrops cost?

Lipodrops cost $49.95 for a 30-day supply. You will pay $69.95 for a two-month serving.

How should I take Lipodrops?

You should take Lipodrops twice per day. Each bottle lasts 30 days.

Can I take Lipodrops if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, people with health conditions of any kind, those taking prescription medications or individuals under 18 years of age should consult their licensed physician prior to starting any weight-loss supplement, including Lipodrops.

What do users like about Lipodrops?

Some users liked that Lipodrops had a pleasant taste and that the bottle was small and portable.

What do users NOT like about Lipodrops?

We found that the diet restrictions while using Lipodrops were a bit harsh, according to some users and the customer service team was not helpful with resolving concerns.

How do I contact the Lipodrops customer service department?

You can contact the Lipodrops customer service department by calling 1-866-881-1714 or by emailing info@lipodrops.com. There’s no corporate address listed.

Do I need to exercise with Lipodrops?

You don’t need to exercise on Lipodrops, but the company recommends adding fitness to maximize results.

Will I lose my belly fat with Lipodrops?

You may lose belly fat on Lipodrops, but the supplement cannot target just one area.

Are Lipodrops the same as HCG?

No, because Lipodrops are considered a vitamin and HCG is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy.

Will Lipodrops suppress appetite?

No, Lipodrops will not suppress appetite. There are no ingredients that act to curb hunger.

Is there a guarantee?

If you have an unopened bottle of Lipodrops, you can return for a full refund within 30 days. Customers will receive a 50% refund for opened containers.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Lipodrops?

The only special deal on Lipodrops is free shipping on all orders. However, the past few months have been a bit wild with our readers taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give is a go.

Lipodrops Ingredients:

We researched and examined Lipodrops ingredients in order to give you the information you need.


L-methionine is an amino acid usually found in meat, fish, and dairy products. It is important for cell function and protein synthesis.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

L-methionine plays an important role in aiding in the treatment in liver damage and acetaminophen poisoning.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, “Sixteen weeks of dietary MR in subjects with metabolic syndrome produced a shift in fuel oxidation that was independent of the weight loss, decreased adiposity, and improved insulin sensitivity that was common to both diets.” Basically, any weight-loss seen in this study was not associated with the given supplement.

If you are looking for a supplement with clinically tested ingredients, you may want to try Leptigen.


Inositol is a substance similar to a vitamin. It can be synthetically made, but it is also found naturally in some plants and animals.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Inositol has been used for the treatment of many ailments, including pain, high cholesterol, psoriasis, and more.

Clinical Research

In a study published in Minerva Ginecologica, researchers concluded that inositol was effective in weight-loss, but only for overweight and obese women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In the conclusion, they stated, “Further investigation occurs to confirm Metformin and MYO rule on body composition improvement, especially regarding FFM that is likewise FM correlated to cardiovascular risk.”

Choline Chloride

Choline chloride is a chemical found in the organs in animals and plants. It comes in white crystals, but can also be made into a liquid.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Choline chloride is used in the industry for various production methods.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, “The lack of an effect on percent carcass fat indicates that choline plus myoinositol supplements do not reduce adipose tissue mass but can inhibit weight gain while decreasing liver fat.”


L-carnitine is an amino acid found naturally in the body. However, it is also present in many dietary supplements.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

L-carnitine apparently helps the body make energy.

Clinical Research

In a study published in Current Drug Metabolism, researchers highlighted the need for further study on l-carnitine and the effects it can have on the body, saying, “Further research is warranted in order to evaluate the biochemical, pharmacological, and physiological determinants of the response to carnitine supplementation, as well as to determine the potential benefits of carnitine supplements in selected categories of individuals who do not have fatty acid oxidation defects.”

Is There Anything Out There That TRULY Works?

Before you give up on weight-loss all together, we suggest you try Leptigen. Customers love the Special Trial Offer and the clinically tested ingredients, two things we look for in a good product. Click here to learn more.

62 User Reviews About Lipodrops

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  • 1

    Hello. I just started the Lipodrops today. The smell is horrible! And I almost threwup. When you get the package in the mail it gives you a drops. You take 5ml in the morning and 5ml before bed. Place it under your tounge for 30-60 seconds and if it is all not absoorbed you may spit it out. I only lasted about 49 seconds before I had to spit it out because it taste so bad. I will keep you all updated on my progress. Might I add that my appetite has been surpressed a little. 🙂 Will keep the site updated on progress.


  • 2

    I have a question, can you use this product with any workout supplements?


    Candace (Editor)

    Blaqueperry, we can’t that it is compatible with any; it is toted as a stand alone supplement. Your doctor would have to assess your risks with you.


  • 3
    Earl Wright

    Is this stuff good for diabetics


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hi, Earl. We looked around and didn’t find conflicts for those with diabetes but as always with a pre-existing condition you should ask your doctor BEFORE use!


  • 4

    Where can I buy it from



    it should be available on the main site


  • 5

    After doing research and reading comments I am going to order today and see the results for myself. Thank you for all the feedback


  • 6
    Dalia Tonzi

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. Thanks a lot for sharing here..I hope you will come up with more and more similar articles


  • 7

    would love to order but cant find phone number


    Stephen (Editor)

    Please refer to our Q&A section, Tammy.


  • 8

    I am beginning Lipodrops today and will update weekly. I work out 3-4 times per week for an hour in addition to beginning the drop. I also have researched additional methods to assist with my target area of belly fat reduction. Natural grapefruit juice, 1/2 of grapefruit with each meal, only water consumption, and integration of almonds, walnuts, and pine nuts. I will check back on 4/23/14 with an update…



    So far so good. The taste was not as bad as I thought. I have been in on the drops for one week and consistently for 5 days twice a day. I decided to ween myself on the drops to make sure they agreed with me. I definelty feel a different in my waistline with my pants. I also have noticed my body getting rid of “waste”. I make sure I drink at least 80oz of water a day and drink 2 cups of green tea. I will be doing my first weigh in this evening at the gym. I am starting with the weight 158 lbs.




    I would like to know your results thus far. I am contemplating on ordering the drops, but I would like to know if they actually work before I make the investment.

    Thank you for your time!


  • 9

    I have taking the LIPO Drops the new Mint flavor it Has been a week and watching my calorie intake and 30 Min of excersise every two days I have lost a total of 6lbs this week …..


  • 10

    Damn, has anyone had any results? I mean everyon’s comments stop after day one? Are they hospitalised, ill, dead space since day one. Can someone PLEASE post results or respond to the dozens of inquiries post week 1??


    Sexy S

    I agree FreddyFatFat!! I want to know if it’s worth spending my money on.



    LOL omg too funny



    Hello! I have been using lipo drops for 11 months now. My end results are amazing I have lost 42 lbs within the first 6 months. Following the diet plan becomes a life changing routine. It works do as the instructions say and exercise.


    Erin Kane

    I actually used them with exercise and followed the diet they recommend and had excellent results a lot of inches lost…thinking about doing again right now…just kind of expensive to follow meal plan and to buy drops.


  • 11

    I took it for one month March of 2013, in conjunction with a 1250 cal diet I lost 11 pounds that month. The diet help me with about 2 pounds per week so I would say the additional 3 pounds were probably from the drop. Hope you guys find this helpful.


  • 12

    what age range can take this product.


    Cameron (Editor)

    18 years or older.


  • 13

    I want to consider this product but I am on meds to control my high blood pressure and there is just NOT enough info on this product to feel confident and be clear that it won’t cause issues later in life like creating a bacteria ground now that could develop into a form of cancer later down the road all in the name of trying to lose weight the quick way. And if I do get cancer years later, will I remember that in 2014 I took Lipodrops and it could have been a contributing factor??????


  • 14

    I want to try this but, I don’t want to take something for the rest of my life to stay trim. Everything has side effect and I’m scared of what this may be. So, I will continue to read your updates.


  • 15

    I have a bottle but how do I use it ,please explain


    Cameron (Editor)

    You should take Lipodrops twice per day as drops used on your tongue and in your drinks to help promote weight loss.


  • 16

    I orderd Lipo Drops today & I’ll update in a few weeks or a month.



    How is the drops working?


  • 17

    keep me updating. i want to know more about this product


  • 18

    I have been taking the drops about a week now and I already feel lighter. The taste is still discusting though makes me think of poison. Whatever it takes to get these pounds off of me is worth it though. I am almost too energized and wondering if there may be a un natural component in the drops. I couldn’t sleep last night at all and I haven’t been tired today. Kind of like I’m on a un natural all day high. I am trying to research them now, because that worries me a bit. It may be due to the extra vitamins I take along with the drops. I take a one a day and a single b12 vitamin so it’s probably just the combination. I will update you guys in a month.


    Your Name

    What’s your update ma on this ma?


  • 19

    I am back with my two week review and I am pleased to say the taste doesn’t bother me anymore. As far as the effectiveness of the drops I do feel a lightness in my weight and my light appetite is even lighter, I would often snack before bed and after taking the drops I just don’t crave snacks as much. There is not much of a change in my belly, BUT it’s only been two weeks, I am confident that with exercise and proper diet I will see a change in about a month or so.



    Shells, are you still taking the drops? Any new updates? I’m debating giving the LipoDrops.



    Shells, did you have any further progress with the lipodrps?


  • 20

    This is day one for me with the lipodrops. The taste leaves much to be desired, I am sure I will get used to it though. I do not recall seeing on the instruction sheet to take the drops twice a day, it is a good thing I found these reviews and the facebook page. I plan to exercise 3-4 times a week and try to do 30 minutes of walking once a week. My appetite is normally light so following the meal plan should not be difficult. My target area is my belly, it seems that no matter what I do it just wont go away, I have tried numerous products. I have set a reminder to return after two weeks with the most honest review EVER. Wish me luck!!!


  • 21

    Is their another place to purchase the drops besides online, like herbal shops


    Cynthia Wright

    Where can I purchase drops?



    Walmart have then


  • 22

    I have been taking lipo drops for a week now, they give me energy and suppress my appetite I lost 4 lbs so far and see shrinkage in my stomach but I work out about 3 days a week. The smell is kind of bed it reminds me of a mixture with peppermint oil, but so far it works.


  • 23

    So far so good, I started my drop on 3/25/13, the smell is sweet but the taste reminds me of milder cough syrup. To be exact it taste like a mixture of cornsyrup with a hint of salt, lol. I went in for an office visit I didn’t want the suppresants because they dehydrate and gve me headaches. So I’m trying the drops with a 1250 cal diet, which can be easier than some believe. I do more protiens and veggie than small amounts of carbs fruit.www.myfitnesspal.com helps me keep track of food and exercise for free. I’m not as hungry as I used to be it seems like I can go 2-3 hours longer fuller.


  • 24

    I just started Friday and I feel diff so we shall see how these go… I also got the stomach wrap coming soon in the mail so I should be stomach free soon ….I hope lmao



    What kinda stomach wrap..& does wraps really wrk



    I have just place my order for lipo drop.Is the meal plan hard to follow.What is a stomach wrap.



    Hi this is for Crystal…I see you started the product bout a year ago…have you had any luck with it? How many pounds have you lost and are you still taking the product?


  • 25

    Today is Day1 for me & Lipodrops. I can deal w/the smell and the taste..
    was able to leave it under my Tongue the entire time. I am following the meal plan as well. It’s 11:50 am and I am not hungry (I’d normally be looking for a snack at this time) I’ll check in w/you guys after 2 weeks to give an update


  • 26

    If u guys is really unsure about this product mayb u should consult ur doctor before use. Just because someone else results is good doesn’t mean ur results will be good!


  • 27

    I just started using lipo drops a few days ago. I will come back after I finish the bottle to let you know if I notice any results. I also started the “Insanity” workout about 3 weeks ago so it may be a tough call to tell which provided the results.


  • 28

    I just want to lose belly fat and not wt overall. I also heard about this on the Rickey smiley show. My question is “does this really help and how long do you have to use it before you start to see results?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Results are different for everyone but often time it takes about a moth to start seeing results from a diet.


  • 29
    shekera holmes

    Is lipodrops something I will have to take forever?


    Cameron (Editor)

    You can stop if/when you see your desired results.


  • 30

    I agree with the overwhelming taste and smell. I’ve been taking this for two weeks now, and have had excessive horible gas…



    But have you lost weight?


  • 31

    I just started using this product so I haven’t seen any results yet, but what I can say is that the taste and smell is just overwhelming. It is such a strong sweet smell and taste that it almost makes you want to puke. I can’t even stand the smell of fresh baked cake anymore.



    I agree with Dee. It smells and taste disgusting. Has anyone seen any results yet?



    The have the new Mint flavor much better


  • 32

    I am not looking for a quick fix. I am looking for a healthy way of dropping the lbs. I am a D.A.V. that gained weight after the military and in part to the meds I have to take for pain and Inflammation.
    I did PT 6 days a week for 11 years and now can’t run. Just looking for help. The V.A. M.O.V.E. program is a joke.


  • 33

    Please let me know if lipo drops safe to take w/a person having highbloodpressure,diabetes, and thyroid which surgery was perform to remove cancer nodules



    Hi Alice, I was listening to the Ricky Smiley morning show and the doctor that was on the show promoting the product said you may use it with any kind of medication that you may take because of the ingredients.



    I called in to the rickey smiley show and ask dr mj about taking meds for different health problems and he said it was safe



    I started the drops Monday (3 days ago) and IMMEDIATELY I noticed no desire for coffee. I always enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning – been doing it for years. I took the drops Monday morning went to prepare my pot of coffee and absolutely did not want any. Not sure what this means but it was an immediate response. I feel clear-headed and my appetite is practically non-existent. Can’t believe this is what I’m seeing with just 3 days use. I’m sure if I’d hit the pavement or gym the results would be amazing! Still just too cold to get out. I’ll update in a week.


Have a comment or question about Lipodrops?