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Liva Detox is not marketed as a weight loss supplement, but not all products that support healthy weight loss are marketed as such. The liver is responsible, in part, for fat metabolism. If the liver is functioning properly, the body can metabolize fat better. Moreover, the liver is the main source of healthy, natural detox so why not support the health of one of the most important organs? Not all clinicians are sold on liver detox supplements, however, for good reason.

List of Ingredients


  • Beet Root
  • Beet Leaf
  • Bovine Liver Cytotropin
  • Bovine Spleen Cytotropin
  • Garlic
  • Milk Thistle

Product Features

The most common ingredient in liver detox supplements like Liva Detox is milk thistle. The ingredient has a long history of use for liver support and has even been used as an intravenous medication to treat certain forms of liver disease, but clinical studies do not support claims the ingredient supports healthy liver function or that it works as a detox for the organ. According to Cochrane Review, studies on milk thistle are of poor quality. Cochrane reviewed 13 clinical studies on milk thistle, alcoholic liver disease and hepatitis (B and C).

The two bovine ingredients are completely useless. Just like the body digests liver when eaten as part of a meal, it digests tissues used in bovine liver and spleen supplements as food. There is no associated with taking extracts or tissues of animals as a healthy, effective means of supporting organ function.

Garlic may help support liver function, but the best means of ingesting garlic is as a food product, not a supplement. This is the case with all supplements based on food products. Many require food intake in excess of what most people can consume, thus the use of supplements. But garlic is an exception. You can consume just four cloves of garlic per day to support overall health, including liver health.

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  • All ingredients in Liva Detox are listed online.
  • Garlic is a healthy addition to all diets.
  • Supporting liver function means supporting fat metabolism.


  • There is no proof milk thistle or the other ingredients in Liva Detox actually detox the liver.


Liva Detox may help support liver function by supplying garlic, but you can consume garlic in food and achieve the same results. As for milk thistle, the clinical research commonly associated with this ingredient focuses on alcoholism and hepatitis, not weight loss or supporting an otherwise healthy liver.

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