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Metabolic Research Center has locations throughout the United States. The program requires office visits and purchase of supplements suggested during the program. Each Metabolic Research Center is owned and operated independently, like a franchise. All programs offered by Metabolic Research Center are overseen by a medical advisory board of physicians.

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Weight loss programs.

Product Features

Metabolic Research Center includes seven programs from which the dieter can choose. These programs are the Meta-HCG Weight Loss Program, MetaKidz Weight Loss Program, Menus Made Easy Weight Loss Program, Body in Balance Weight Loss Program, Meta-Balance Weight Loss Program, Meta-Slim Weight Loss Program and the standard Weight Loss Program. The average weight loss the dieter can expect, according to program claims, is two to five pounds per week.

Medical literature supports an average weight loss of two pounds per week, at most. Losing five pounds per week could cause rebound weight gain or yo-yo dieting. Many of the weight loss plans offered by Metabolic Research Centers require no calorie counting while others allow the dieter to eat only certain foods or meals. The Meta-HCG even claims to support up to one pound of weight loss per day, medically.

There is mention of a High Nutrient Supplement(s) that are part of the program. The only supplement we could find is the Glucose Formula which includes Vitamin D3, Trans-Resveratrol, L-Arginine, R-Lipoic Acid, Curcumin, Chromium, Holy Basil, Gymnema Sylvestre and Betaine. None of these ingredients will support weight loss.

All participants must go through a consultation before choosing a program. No pricing information is made available on the official website. In the FAQs section, dieters are told each program is priced based on the needs of the dieter, which could mean each individual center is open to charge prices witin a given range as they feel necessary.

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  • The official website offers information on the Metabolic Research Center programs.


  • Consultations are needed for dieters to find out the cost of the program.
  • There are no weight loss supplements listed though they are referred to in the description.
  • The program could cost more than weight loss supplements.
  • Weight loss of five pounds per week or one pound per day could be dangerous or cause rebound weight gain.


Metabolic Research Center offers a variety of weight loss programs for everyone from children to older adults. The testimonials on the website show before and after photos of significant weight loss, but pricing for the program is not listed. The fact that a dieter must go into an office and talk about weight loss before being given a price is a huge negative. Once in the consultation, the expert could make huge claims and then slam a huge price tag on the dieter.

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    What is the metabolic corporate contact number?


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    What are all the ingredients in the Metabolic Research protein bars you are required to buy? What are the names of the preservatver? What is the name of the appetite depressent in them? And what kind of artifical sweetner is in them?
    Thank you so much.


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    It cost $300 to start,drinks are $13 for a box of 7 or $100 for 10 boxes of 7..You are required to drink 3 drinks per day…They have a lot of Diet pills,diet bars etc.



    I began the Metabolic weight loss program in 2009 and lost 47 pounds in 17 weeks. I actually dropped 10 pounds lower than my goal but when I began the stabilization portion of the program (where different foods are re-introduced) I began to gain weight. After 5 weeks of stabilization I had gained back that extra 10 pounds I’d lost. I then started the maintenance portion of the program (that goes for one year) but by the time I had been on it for 3 months I had gained more than 10 pounds and was told that if I wanted to continue with the program I would have to purchase another program (and basically start over). I decided not to restart the program. With the suppliments and program cost I spent $4,100. and by 2013 I had gained back all the weight I lost. I still continue to take the vitamin D3, multi-vitamin and MSM because it helps me. I am 67 years old and am now 60 pounds overweight (I was 47 pounds overweight when I started the program).


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