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By Summer Banks Jun 17, 2017

I’m obsessed with finding diet products that work. Let’s see if my Ideal Protein is one of them. We took a deep look into ingredients, side effects, and clinical support. Afterward, we viewed hundreds of purchaser reviews online. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the facts you need.

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What is Ideal Protein?

Firstly, Ideal Protein products make up a ketogenic weight-loss plan using pre-packaged meals,[1] shakes, soups, snacks, and desserts. You follow a prescribed
ideal weight loss program based on your initial consultation. A benefit is that the meal replacements [2] are convenient to use when out and about.

Ideal Protein products were created more that 20 years ago and by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. You can only purchase them from local clinics. We like the favorable BBB rating and the use of natural ingredients but read on…

Price – “Too High?”

The first issue we have with Ideal Protein diet cost; similar to the issue we have with products like Super Beets. [3] “You have to consider the cost of supplements used with the program,” said our Research Editor. “But, that doesn’t account for the charges of the initial visits and subsequent appointments.”

“Not sure I can stick it out for all the 60 lbs I want to lose as it is very expensive,” one dieter using Ideal Protein products explained.

“Wow, expensive, I’ll say. My initial visit cost was around $259 included supplements. And food costs more,” reports a buyer.

We find it important to note there are users who don’t find the price offensive. One buyer says, “Yes, it costs up front but I’m saving money on eating out and junk food.”

Ideal Protein Products – “Limited & Boring!”

One of the more common complaints about Ideal Protein weight loss program products relates to the limited food choices. [4] You have to choose from the products available from your local center. Over time, dieters grow tired of the selections. “I started this diet last spring, and by week four, I was tired of salad veggies and Ideal Protein shakes,” one buyer reports.

“I’m tired of eating broccoli, [cauliflower], mushrooms and lettuce. I’ve tried eating the ‘allowed’ veggies but I’m tired of the restriction,” says a dieter.

Yet another follower of the Ideal Protein diet claims, “…after a while I grew tired of those silver packages of fake ‘food’.”

Boring for one may not be for another. We found one customer who liked the overall idea. He said, “You get your greens in and it is very filling!”

From our experience, it takes just one aspect of a program, like restriction, to deter long-term success. If the Ideal Protein diet offers only a small selection of foods, this could be unsettling.

The Science – “Research Support?”

Calorie restriction is a part of many weight-loss programs, but when this is taken to the extreme, dieters can grow tired of the plan quickly. Science does not support extremely restrictive diets [5] as they tend to fall short on nutritional needs. The Ideal Protein diet plan does not offer clinical studies proving this choice is better than a traditional “eat less, move more” idea. At DietSpotlight this lack of support leaves us with doubt. With no research into Ideal Protein weight loss program, we find issue with this option.

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The Bottom Line – Do Ideal Protein Products Work?

So, should you head over to the Ideal Protein diet plan website to make that purchase now? There are some dieters who report losing weight on the program, and the company has been around for quite some time, but we just don’t feel comfortable backing it without clinical support or with restrictive food choices.

If you want to melt away those pounds, we suggest going with a Ideal Protein alternative supplement that offers bang for your buck and ingredients backed by published clinical research.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula is composed of four ingredients, all with clinical support showing they help with fat loss and increased metabolism. Our review revealed no mention of detrimental side effects and discussions on the internet express great results.

Further, the producers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident about their product; they’re offering a Special Trial Offer.

Previous Ideal Protein Review (Updated July 3, 2014):

Ideal Protein Diet Plan - What You Should Know

We've read various studies and weight loss program reviews; there are certainly numerous approaches to weight reduction. One of these methods is called Ideal Protein weight loss program. This is a weight loss approach that is supposed to help men and women burn off body fat, but retain lean muscle tissue at the same time. As stated on the official website, the Ideal Protein method involves a 4-phase protocol. This aims to stabilize the dieter’s blood sugar levels and pancreas, while burning away unwanted fat. Aside from the Ideal program, another recommended product for improving health is Haleo, which focuses on being a fat burner, pre-workout and mental stimulant. According to the founder of the Ideal Protien method, the human body cannot burn off or shed fat unless carbohydrates are eliminated. He states that the body stores about three days worth the carbs. Therefore it is necessary to restrict all sugars until the dieter reaches his/her goal. Apparently, if you are consuming carbohydrates or sugars, you are not going to shed unwanted body weight. This is where the nutrient-rich food products that Ideal Protein offers come into play. If a no-carb diet sounds too drastic, another option would be to go for a low-carb protein and combine it with other weight loss supplements like Epiburn Pro or a fat burner like PhenTabz.

List of Ingredients

Not provided on the official website.

Product Features

Ideal Protien is a company that specializes in health foods and products that aim to assist with weight loss. Although this company does offer a number of products, they additionally provide educational information regarding overall health. The categories of products found on the official Ideal Protein website are as follows; Drinks, Breakfasts, Entrées, Desserts, Puddings & Jelly, Soy Snacks, Bars, and Ready-to-Serve. Under the Bars section, you will find flavors like Peanut Butter, Caramel Crunch, Milk Chocolate, Choco-Banana, Cookies-n-Cream, and Cran-Granata. Products lines like these are common; shakes are also becoming a fast weight-loss meal replacement choice like IdealShape and Isalean. On the Ideal Protein's main website, it focuses on developing products that are both delicious and nutritious. These gourmet foods may be able to assist some men and women with healthy weight reduction. One Dr. Tran Tien appears to be the founder of the Ideal Protein weight loss method. Since many health issues and illnesses are directly related to obesity, Dr. Tran Tien decided to create foods that provide sufficient amounts of protein and nutrients, but without a lot of fat and other components that contribute to weight gain.

Advantages of My Ideal Protein

  • There are a variety of food categories and options through the Ideal Protein method.
  • This website emphasizes nutrition education for dieters.

Disadvantages of My Ideal Protein

  • There are no simple and convenient supplements involved with the Ideal Protein approach.
  • Full ingredient lists are not provided on the main website for these foods.
  • The cost of MyIdealProtein food products could certainly get pricey over time.
  • There does not appear to be any kind of money-back guarantee with this method of weight loss.


There are many brands and companies, like Muscle Milk and Body by Vi, that offer protein supplement foods. While the Ideal Perfect Protein diet certainly provides dieters with a variety of them, none of the ingredients are presented on the main website for review. In fact, no nutritional value charts or prices are provided either. It is nice to they have a favorable BBB rating. While the Ideal Protien diet approach to weight loss sounds okay in theory, incorporating workouts in your daily routine like P90X3 may be much easier.

Ideal Protein is a meal replacement program complete with shakes, bars, drinks and more. You cannot order products from the official website. You have to visit a center in your area. You can find ingredients if you dig deep, but none of the options are unique to the company.

Ideal Protein Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Classic Morning Selections**
Creamy Puddings**
Crunchy Bars**
Fruity Drinks**
Hearty Soups**
Meal Replacements**
Popular Desserts**
Ready-to-Serve Selections**

Other Ingredients: None

We researched and interpreted the Ideal Protein ingredients in order to give you what you want.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is the protein isolated from soybeans.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Soy protein has been a part of the commercial world for some time. Used as a protein source for many foods, this product is a good alternative to other proteins because it contains amino acids. Many vegetarians and vegans use soy protein.

Clinical Research

In a study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, researchers stated that, “Consumption of soy protein can favorably affect satiety and reduce excess body fat in obese animals and humans.” [1]

Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk protein concentrate is a concentrated product that contains up to 90% milk protein by weight. A single tablespoon of the concentrate contains five grams of protein.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Milk protein concentrate is important for the production of nutritional beverages, infant formulas, protein bars, yogurts, and more. It is very good for protein-fortified and low carb foods.

Clinical Research

In a study published by Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers concluded, “As well as through direct mechanisms, dairy protein may indirectly improve metabolic health by aiding loss of body weight and fat mass through enhanced satiety, whilst promoting skeletal muscle growth and function through anabolic effects of dairy protein-derived branch chain amino acids (BCAAs).” [2] The supplementation of milk protein concentrate was paired with a restrictive diet and rigorous exercise.

Palm Kernel Oil

Similar to coconut oil, palm kernel oil is high in saturated fats. It is derived from the kernel of an oil palm plant. One tablespoon contains 14 grams of fat.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Palm oil is used commercially because of its price and storage abilities. Additionally, it has been shown to raise blood cholesterol levels.

Clinical Research

There are no studies citing the connection between palm kernel oil and weight-loss.

Egg White

The egg white is another name for the clear liquid surrounding the yolk of the egg.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Egg whites are the most nutritious part of the egg, providing plenty of protein without the carbs.

Clinical Research

In a study published by the International Journal of Obesity, London, researchers studied the effect of an egg white breakfast to a bagel breakfast, concluding, “The egg breakfast enhances weight loss, when combined with an energy-deficit diet, but does not induce weight loss in a free-living condition.” However, this study did not test the benefits of egg white alone.

If you take a look at Dietspotlight Burn you’ll find four ingredients and all have been clinically researched. We like that they’ve been shown to help boost metabolism, spark fat loss and curb hunger.

Ideal Protein Side Effects:

When dealing with weight-loss supplements it’s important to realize that natural doesn’t always mean free of negative issues. With any formula there is a chance for a reaction. Although Ideal Protein side effects are few and far between, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist for some users.


Nausea is the unpleasant feeling of queasiness with the inclination to vomit. It can be described as an upset stomach, but typically refers to a sick or dizzy feeling.

What causes nausea?

Nausea can be triggered by certain medications or foods, most commonly food which are not prepared correctly, containing bacteria or parasites. Typically, nausea is the feeling that precedes vomiting, but doesn’t mean vomiting will occur. Food poisoning can cause an upset stomach, as well as certain viral infections.


A headache is a mild to severe pain in the head or neck area, causing discomfort. The trigeminal nerve sends information to the brain regarding pain, touch, temperature, and vibrations in the neck and head.

What causes a headache?

A headache occurs when nerve endings called nociceptors are triggered in response to any factor which may bring forth a headache. This could be odors, medications, specific foods, or stress. [1]


Constipation is the inability to have a bowel movement or pass stool for days at a time. This may be accompanied with abdominal pain and irritated bowels.

What causes constipation?

There are three main causes for constipation: obstructed defecation, colonic slow transit and dehydration. About 50% of individuals suffering from constipation report obstructed defecation, which has mechanical and functional causes. Colonic slow transit is caused by hormonal disorders, diet, and medication.

Sluggishness (Lethargy)

Lethargy is the act of moving slowly or lazily, feeling fatigued in body and mind. Those who suffer from lethargy may have changes in mood, low energy and inability to think or focus.

What causes lethargy?

There are many types of illness or factors that could make you feel sluggish and weak. Poor nutrition, sleep apnea, and dehydration are some of the more common causes. Lethargy could be part of a bigger cause such as depression or premenstrual syndrome (PMS). [2]

Ideal protein side effects are limited, but lethargy, constipation, and headaches are among a short list of reported issues. It should always be a priority to practice safety measures regarding supplements, so before you dive in, consult a doctor. This is even more the case if you are under 18, taking medications, have a pre-existing medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing.



Ideal Protien diet is a weight-loss plan that utilizes meal replacements and pre-packaged foods to improve your chances of losing more by eating fewer calories. No matter how many Ideal Protein diet reviews we read, mentions of side effects were a rarity.


“Eating less than 1,000 calories a day on the Ideal Protein plan would really be putting your body into the danger zone, you can get sick FAST when you cut your calories too low.” Sara


“I began this diet one week ago today. I felt sick for the first several days.”    Kimberly


“I have done it twice and got sick going off of it. If you can’t live on that regimen forever it messes up your metabolism.”    Lori


“I am bored, feel deprived, and sick all day…and my digestive system is not responding correctly to this diet.”    Karen


“Got really sick. Had to quit after 5 days.”    Phyllis


“The first week I too suffered nausea as I was withdrawing from all the sugars.”    Lynda


“I’m on day 12 – had headache and nausea day 2.”    Kathy


“I had all symptoms with hair loss, constipation, and bad taste in my mouth, not to mention when you deviate you get an upset stomach.”    Gloria


“I was on Ideal Protein Diet twice! Tried again, got so sick of the diet food I stopped.”    Nancy


“If you don’t mind constipation, severe headaches and expensive, highly processed foods, then this diet is for you.”    Steve


“It has permanently affected my stomach. There are certain foods I can no longer eat without stomach pain. “    Beth Ann

With years of researching behind us, we are all about minimizing the risk of side effects. That’s why we like products like Dietspotlight Burn.

Ideal Protein Questions & Answers:

We reviewed product information and Ideal Protein reviews to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Ideal Protein food?

Ideal Protein food side effects may include headache, nausea, bad breath, fatigue, low blood sugar, low blood pressure and constipation, according to user experiences.

What is in MyIdealProtein?

Ideal Protein ingredients depend on the product you choose. The line includes soups, shakes, desserts and snacks.

What is the active ingredient in Ideal Protein?

The active ingredient in Ideal Protein is a combination of carbohydrates, protein [1] and fats.

Does Ideal Protein work?

There’s evidence that a reduced-calorie diet will lead to weight-loss, but restricting foods to the point of boredom and difficulty sticking with it makes it hard. Following an extremely low-calorie plan could mean you’re not meeting nutritional goals.

How much does a bottle of the Ideal Protein diet cost?

Ideal Protein cost is about $100 a week and depends on the product or service selected. Some followers have reported spending in excess of $400 a week.

How do you follow the Ideal Protein weight loss method?

When you sign up for the Ideal Protein program, you get a personalized regime to meet your needs and preferences. Each plan is different for this reason.


What do users like about Ideal Protein?

Users like the prepackaged meals, desserts and snacks with Ideal perfect protein diet as it makes it easier to stick within calorie goals. [2] We also found a few who appreciated the face-to-face contact that’s part of the program.

What do users NOT like about Ideal Protein?

The price of the Ideal Protein program is one of the most common complaints. Some comments also mentioned potential ideal protein diet dangers, but we can’t find research to back up these concerns.

Who makes the IP diet?

Ideal Protein/Laboratories C.O.P. Inc makes the IP diet.


Are there special deals and discounts on MyIdealProtein?

There are no special deals or discounts on Ideal Protein listed on the official website. You may need to contact a local center or the customer service department for additional details. Protein is a critical part of weight-loss. It supports muscle growth and maintenance and it can curb hunger. We like the idea of adding Dietspotlight Burn to improve your chances of reaching your goal more quickly.

Ideal Protein Scientific Abstracts:

Soy Protein

Several animals, as well as human studies, have indicated that ingesting soy protein reduces body weight and fat mass. Also, soy protein lowers plasma cholesterol and triglycerides. In obese humans, soy protein was shown to reduce body weight and mass as well as lowering plasma lipids. It was concluded that long-term randomized trials with a lot of obese individuals are needed to confirm that soy protein provides benefits, as well as safety, in obese humans. [1]

Milk Protein Concentrate

Epidemiological evidence has demonstrated that consumption of dairy products correlates with decreased prevalence of metabolic-related disorders. Studies have also shown evidence pointing to dairy protein as a dietary element that may prevent type 2 diabetes. Dairy protein (DP) may indirectly improve metabolic health by assisting weight-loss and fat mass through enhanced satiety, all while aiding skeletal muscle function and growth due to anabolic effects of DP-derived BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). These branch chain amino acids are shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis, skeletal muscle metabolic function, and lean body mass. Dairy protein composition and processing have an impact on digestion, absorption, branch chain amino acids kinetics and function. Dairy protein through selection and composition as well as specific components in milk may aid in maximizing metabolic health. [2]

Palm Kernel Oil

Randomized Studies were performed measuring changes in serum cholesterol, apolipoprotein (apo) concentrations, and other serum lipids in hypercholesterolemic men who ingested caprenin (Cap)-heavy diets following either baseline diets rich in palm oil, palm-kernel oil, or butter. Participants on the Cap (containing 45% 22:0 and 50% 8:0-10:0)displayed significant reductions after 6 weeks in HDL cholesterol, HDL2 cholesterol, and HDL3 cholesterol, as well as great increases in the total ratio of cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, apa B-100, or apo A-I were noticed. In comparison to baseline values for week 3 in those on the butter diet, after six weeks the participants ingesting the Cap displayed no substantial changed in the apolipoprotein and lipid indexes analyzed. Data shows one or more of 8:0, 10:0, and 22:0 fatty acids can be a factor of hypercholesterolemia in men. [3]

Egg White

After an 8 week period of time, one group of participants showed a 61% greater reduction in body mass index (−0.95±0.82 versus −0.59±0.85, P<0.05), 65% more weight-loss (−2.63±2.33 versus −1.59±2.38 kg, P<0.05), 34% more decrease in waist circumference (P<0.06) and a 16% more of a decrease in body fat percentage (P=not significant). It was thus concluded that the egg breakfast enhanced weight-loss when in combination with an energy-deficit diet. It does not, however, induce weight-loss in a free-living condition. When included in a weight management program, the inclusion of eggs proves to be a nutritious supplement for enhancing weight-loss. [4]

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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IL agree with Molly,
but want to add you can change it up with a ton of different recipies you can make with some of their products, like zucchini muffins with the maple oatmeal.

  Ideal Protein makes sense.
Molly (Verified User)

Ideal Protein is the last Diet I will ever have to do thanks to the clinic and Doctor I go to for Ideal Protein. The products are NON GMO protein, Quality Standards out to Canada, and not HIGH protein. The design of the protocol is scientific and Medically endorsed. We have a coach and medical team available at all times. The weight comes off in Ketosis, and the protocol is supported with daily educational videos, online support, recipes, motivation, nutritional education and mostly lifestyle building and lifestyle maintenance. Support groups are offered and weekly workshops. I lost 30 pounds 6 years ago on IP, and have not gained or dieted again. My quality and longevity of life have improved, My Glucose and Cholesterol are within normal limits and life is good. I highly recommend the IP Protocol to anyone who seriously is motivated to improve their life. This is not about $ or vanity, it is all about health and having a deep emotional reason to get fit and healthy once and for all.

Laura (Verified User)

This is my first day. and how do you make this food more palatable?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Laura, the taste depends on the product you choose. The line includes soups, shakes, desserts and snacks…

  Is this safe for people with Diabetes?

I am wanting to do this but I have diabetes and am very concerned about the ketosis. Would someone please help me?


There is an alternative plan for people with diabetes so that you don’t diabetic ketoacidosis.


There is a program for people with diabetes, I am currently on it, so is my wife and know many people on it, some with diabetese, if you follow it, it works, the first week is the hardest, after that it is smooth sailing. I have to be on the road quite a bit for my job, and eating out has not been an issue, just need to be discipline and inquire of options sometime off the menu, but never had an issue, I have been down 25 on the program in 5 weeks so far.

Karen (Editor)

Hi, Rosalee. Since some Ideal Protein ingredients can affect blood sugar levels, its recommended to consult with your physician first to make sure you can take this product.


I have been on this diet for 2 months. I am diabetic. My blood sugar is now normal with no meds. Yes it is hard at first but after the first couple of weeks, your energy is better than ever. You have to make sure you are taking your vitamins and minerals but there are no “chemicals you are putting in your body to make you lose weight. Eating out has not been a problem, I ask the waiter and they are usually very helpful in helping you order something you can eat.

  Need information about food

Can you do this diet just by eliminating the foods they tell you not to eat and just eat protein and vegetables? I am concerned about the processed foods in the packets. Are the food packets necessary?


The answer is yes! Low carb, no sugar diets!! Keto diet they call it. U don’t need the packets or spend all that mo ey!!


Yes!! Look at low carb high fat. There is even a very supportive Facebook page full of recipes and testimonials. It uses real food. You are right to be concerned about chemicals; NOT good for you. I have been LCHF for 3 months: weight down, A1c down, cholesterol down, feel so much better!!! It is not difficult either, not a program. Buy, make and eat your own food. Best wishes to you.


12 weeks and down 44 pounds. Easiest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t buy the products, I drink Premier Protein drinks from Costco and eat fish, chicken and salads. No starving since there are no cravings.


How many time a day do you drink Premier Protein a day and do you use salad dressing on your salads
and how many calories do you intake daily. I buy my Premier Protein from Costco because its cheaper
then any other place.

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Angie. Unfortunately the program offers limited food options as these are the foods they suppose work best. Why not try Dietspotlight Burn – use in conjunction with a healthy diet of your choice.


Does anyone know if you can have two whole eggs as 2oz of Protien and then the additional 6oz as chicken or beef? Or is that considered more than 8oz?


it is a great thing for me , it is taking weight off and i have to be creative about food and with choices for now , it changes as you go , we eat too much and have way to many choices as it is ……yes you can mix eggs with the evening protein. Food should not be the focus , it is your health ….

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jen, yes. As long as you subtract the ounces from the other protein ration.

Marcia Shepard

Has anyone been on Medifast, if so can you do a comparison of the 2. Thank you


I’m into week 3 and am concerned over the amount of soy based protein and the amount of sucralose in the foods. Neither of these, I was told, should be consumed in excess. My daughter works for a national supplement store and sells protein supplements, bars, shakes, etc., and the products do not contain sucralose and protein is whey protein. Just wondering what everyone else thinks.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Patty. Everything in moderation should be fine and not give you any side effects, but please make sure to confirm with your doctor that this product is safe for you to take.


My wife and have been on it for six months, and it costs us $300.00 – $400.00 a week on average. Very effective, but very expensive. I lost 100 Lbs., and my wife lost about 40 Lbs.


Hi everyone, I was just browsing and checking out the comments. I’m new to this program. Has anyone thought of roasting their veggies? I do it all the time and they are delicious – I then add them to the soups for lunch and have them for dinner. I’ve done: mushrooms, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, bok choy, zucchini, brussel sprouts, and previously – before the restriction, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Just toss in some olive oil and sea salt and pop in the oven. I’ve even made my own kale chips and toss them on my regular lettuce salad. Makes the food taste way better is more interesting in my opinion. Thanks!!

Julie McGrath

Sounds great Alicia! I’ve been seriously thinking of trying the ideal protein diet, but it is expensive but you end up spending about the same when food shopping anyway. From what I’ve read from others, is that it’s boring and fake food, which takes the interest and enthusiasm right out of wanting to do it. My problem is I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I try. I tell my Drs that my metabolism has been comatose since birth. Then when I had a hysterectomy back in ’08’, I’ve had an even harder time losing weight cause he messed me up, now I can’t get rid of the lower abs! I feel like I’m on a never ending merry go round and getting nowhere! So I’m hesitant in trying this diet. I was told you don’t work out on this diet, at least in the beginning. Is that true! I really need to do something and fast cause I’ve never been this huge in my life. I quit smoking October 3,2014, and gained over 💯 lbs st least! I really don’t want to go thru surgery, that’s my last option! Any advice or input you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Julie 😊


This diet may be one tough and “boring” diet but it works and the weight stays off. It doesnt creep back on if you come off it, like many others. I lost 74lbs in a 8 month period and I still havent put close to all of it back on. I just started it again recently and wow I love the feeling of NO SUGAR or PROCESSED FOODS. I eat their breakfast, and lunch. You provide your own dinner which the protein choice is many, and well yeah Im disappointedm on vegetable choice aswell but its because of the sugar and carb contents. This is a 4 step diet, they introduce things back to you slowly so that you can keep it off. I think its the best one out there. Their products are comparable to Atkins but Atkins made me sick, and I didnt save much more money because with Atkins you have to buy more. Anyway if you are determined to get healthy, and have patience to hit your goal weight before being introduced to fruits, carbs, dairy again then i suggest this diet. It will not fail you!


Yes I did ideal protein while in Louisiana in 2013 about 2 1/2 -3 months and lost 40+ pounds. I did not deviate from the diet. I’ve tried to get back strict again. That’s really the only area I’ve had problems with. I’ve put some weight back on but not all. I’m hopefully trying to get my husband and myself on it. But I need that weekly visit to help keep me motivated. When I moved back here there are no clinics nearby. HELP!!! But I LOVE Ideal Protien!!!! And if you stick to fish as much as possible for your social meal daily the weight will fall off.


Ideal Protein was very disappointing. The key to their program is no sugar and high protein. The foods are very poor in quality. ALL OF THEM ARE JUST CONDUITS FOR PROTEIN. Shakes are OK, everything else tastes like someone just sprinkled power on all the food. Some smell awful. Like I saw another reader, they try to infuse too much protein at a time, and most have strange tastes.



Quality of protein matters a lot to me as a scientist. undenatured whey is the best for the body. I personally researched the science behind many diets and discovered one and only true way. Lost 55 lbs, went from size 12 to size 2, year 3 now and still going strong!! I can share if anyone’s interested😊 My 10+ year of research and clinical studies review.
Thank you.


I would like to know what you used, Andrea.
Thank you.


What is the one you use?

Nancy Birthman

I was on ideal Protein diet, the food was not bad tasting but oh the price, so very expensive. I lost the weight but if you slipped they threaten you with barring you from the program. After done with all four phases and on my own the sugar craving was just horrendous gained all weight plus more, back within 6 months. Waste of $2,700 plus dollars. I would not recommend this to anyone!

Amber D

I started Ideal Protein 2 wks ago today and I couldn’t feel better. The first 3 days were a bit tough but once you get over that you start to feel like a new person. So far I am down 13 lbs in 2 wks! This is amazing! I have tried so many diets and nothing was working. Finally I have found a solution that doesn’t leave me hungry and is working in a way that you can maintain your weight loss. I am a chocolate fanatic and love a good drink or glass of wine but surprisingly I have not missed these things. If you put your mind to it, anything is possible!! 100% recommend this diet


My husband and I have been on this now for 8 weeks and we have both lost 30 pounds. We don’t use any of the drink powders and find that the variety of IP meals helps stave off the cravings for crunchy and/or sweet things. We find that we are learning to eat a lot of vegetables and drink lots of water everyday. We realize that we can NEVER eat bread, pasta, rice and junk food the way we used to!

As far as expense, it costs us (together) $184/week….. but I figure my grocery bill has been reduced by about $100/week AND we aren’t spending $200/week eating out AND buying beer and wine! (To be honest, we were having a couple of drinks EVERY NIGHT….. we still have the occasional glass of wine, but restrict it to once a week) I too know people who lost weight on this program, and gained it all back….. but every one of them did not complete the whole program and they all went back to their old bad habits. The ones who have successfully kept it off, completed the whole program and altered their diets – for life.


I agree with Diane!! I Started IP Jan. 24, 2016 and I have stuck to the program without cheating. I went from size 18/20 to Size 8/10 in 4 months. I like the food and I also like that fact that I can make my own protein meal every night.. I have save on groceries and going out eating junk..I have also been able to save on money for clothing because I don’t have to spend extra money on larger sizes…I can walk into Old Navy and get clothing on the rack, Macy’s the same. It feels so good to cross my legs and have space when I sit on the airplane…It works for me because I work the program correctly!!!


I’m on the program and loving it. But my hair was very thin and unhealthy before. now it’s great and doesn’t fill the drain anymore. I’ve lost 50 lbs so far and can’t wait to be done with this. but it really does work. I never imagined I would ever lose that miserable weight.

  This product works for me
Brett (Verified User)

I lost 60 pounds in 10 weeks, from 217 to 157 5’9″ 54 years old male. no cheating. I have kept it off for over two years. Awesome, carbs are the enemy.


This diet does work! I started the first time at 262 lbs, I was dedicated and didn’t cheat for 3 straight months and lost 30 healthy lbs. Was leaner, had more energy but most importantly was that my diabetes was under control!!! Went from taking 1000mg a day to taking 250mg every other day. My only problem is the price, gets expensive. The first week is hard, make no mistake about it, but it gets easier as the weeks go.

  Lost 35 lbs in 5 weeks!
chris (Verified User)

I have been on this life style change for 5 weeks and have lost 35lbs. I have not had 1 shake and the foods are not at all bad. This is just a plan that helps you eat clean.


Do you do anything to the foods. This is my first day. I had maple oatmeal and the mac and cheese. I didn’t not like them and I am not a picky eater. I will eat anything almost anything. But I had a really hard time getting these down.

Gillian Taylor

Not sure how you think this is “clean”. Have you read the ingredient list – full of chemicals – no wonder the first week is hard, your body is fighting it.


It’s hard first 3 days because your body is getting accustomed to no sugar and eating less.


Ideal Protein works. I have never felt better in my life. After losing 92 pounds in total, there is no other program that has worked for me. Please do not bash the program. It is a great lifestyle change that benefits everyone who is committed to it. Thank you.

LisaYour Name

Started my fourth week and $630 paid . I lost 1 pound. I was told i lost inches so I brought in my own measuring tape to show I did not lose inches. I followed the plan completely with no results


So sorry to hear you didn’t lose any weight Lisa.. It is very important to use the exact amount of protein and vegetables. I do very well when I stay true to the protocol. However, I do find that when I have beef steak in particular I do not lose anything. The seafood works best for me.


Maybe you should not have given up after just ONE week. I have a client who lost 0.1 pounds the first week. Of course, she was very disappointed but she did not give up. Today she lost 8.8 pounds, week 32 on the program with a TOTAL of 92.4 pounds lost !!

  This diet has made my metabolism slow!
Pauline (Verified User)

I can’t seem to come off the diet. Whenever I try to I gain weight back like crazy. I lost all my weight 30lbs and have gained back 5lbs per year. I can’t seem to lose the weight I’ve gained back. I go on it lose the 5 and proceed to gain it right back. I think my metabolism is so slow because of this diet.


I have the same issue!! I think it does something to the body…


Just wondering if you have information on this:. I just had a kidney specialist tell me that I have protein in my urine and read here people had kidney problems on Ideal protein. Has this been a problem with the diet or has it not been proven to be the diet. I just don’t want to make it worse. He told me it would be better on the kidney to get my weight down.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Sharon. Since Ideal Protein helps your body go into ketosis, it might be affecting your kidneys and/or pancreas. Please consult with your physician to make sure this product is safe for you to take.


I was wondering if doctors know about this diet and how it works, I’ve read here and from others that people have had kidney problem’s. Has it been proven to be the diet? I have protein in my urine and was on Ideal Protein when I found out so I quit, because I had already heard people having problems when I went on it. Never was told it was the diet. Love Ideal Protein lost 35lbs. Then gained it back since i was only on second level. That being said, now my Dr. wants me to get my weight down. I ask about going back on, he said yes. Just a little nerves that he has no idea about the diet.


Sharon – the IP programs in my area are all at Drs offices & you must have Drs approval. It is the only program that has worked for me because it relies on food to reset the pancreas & metabolism & does not use diet supplements. All the supplements are vitamin replacements for restricted foods in whatever phase of the plan that you’re in. Once you’re in phase 4, no more vitamins needed because you should get all nutrients from proper foods. I do not know anyone who has ever kept weight off using dietary supplements (like this article advertises) so food-based weight control is the key. The IP program teaches you how to eat for maximum muscle retention & fat burning. The program focuses on stable, permanent healthy eating. I lost 40 lbs 3 years ago & kept all but the expected 5ish pounds of collagen off. I learned what MY body needs for proper function. Hang in there. It’s easy & effective. And I do not share my 8 oz steak & double veggies when we eat out. Nor do I share my giant breakfast. People cannot believe how much food I eat now nor can they believe I don’t gain weight.

  Not more than 6 months !
glenn (Verified User)

This is Not a diet to be on for over 6 months…they tell you to take a few months of maintenance before going back on it…as with evetything, there are rules to follow…too much of anything is not good!

jennifer s.

When you loose lots of weight, you release hormones and toxins which results in hair loss. Its temporary. It can happen with any diet.

  Doctor recommended diet !

My doctor doesn’t recommend any diet except this one. I am diabetic (mild) and he said if you can afford the $120 per week for the food and supplements (Canadian $) then visit ideal protein center.


I only paid 325.00 for the first week and I will pay 105.00 for each week after so I don’t think it is really that expensive. I thought that at the beginning also.


It can be really expensive when you are living paycheck to paycheck! I did it for a while, had to stop due to lack of funds and I wasn’t going to make my kids eat the way I did on the diet, they needed real food! The only way I lost weight was by walking everywhere when my car broke down, lost 40lbs! It is a good diet though (I lost 15 lbs in the time I was there) if you can afford it. Good luck!


I started a low carb no sugar diet when 2 ladies in my office started IP because I can’t afford the IP costs. I only had about 50 # to lose, and 1 lady had about 160.
So far, in the same amount of time, she has lost 75 and I have lost 40. I think it is about how much percentage fat u need to lose, as her and I were tied in pounds lost until about the 4th month. At 4 months, i had lost 35 and she lost 48, After that, she kept losing drastically and I slowed down to about .5 per week. But, she is 4,000 dollars down and i am not out anything extra.
The point is, people can do this without IP, but it is harder because I come up with my own high protein low carb foods. She uses their packets and other foods. But, I feel I have more of a chance to keep it off because I have made the choices myself. Good luck!!!


Same here …300 first week…. 80 per week after … if I add up the junk food I would buy in the same time period … its not that expensive … easy diet …. loosing weight

La Vonne Dougall

I bought some of their product yesterday from my pharmacy. While at the store I checked caloric count as that was my priority. However when I arrived home my husband checked the sodium levels and went through the roof! The mushroom soup I bought contained 940mg sodium making that product 39% sodium for one serving! The two snacks I bought were 32% and 20% percent per serving! Not only that but the sea salt and vinegar crisps tasted so awful I couldn’t eat them even though I wanted to. Very disappointing since my pharmacist sold this product to me – a hard sell, btw – during a visit to refill my blood pressure medicine. No one with high blood pressure should consume that much sodium. Be careful of this product!

Pat Zumbrun

It works but I lost hair the first timed I did the diet. Trying it again since my hair did come back but I worry after reading some of the folks who did not get their hair back. Not using this product again.

  This is fool-proof.
Dee (Verified User)

On IP for 4 months (in two days) and have lost 33 lbs. 4 more lbs to my goal weight. Absolutely love this diet. I typically suck at dieting, but this one is fool-proof.

  Very good website
Stewart Plamondon

Very good site, thank you very much for your effort in writing this post.


Just starting my 5th day and I’m in so much misery. Very nauseous, super fatigued, even my breath is tasting terrible (probably smelling the same way)! If this doesn’t get better, I don’t think this is the diet for me. I need to speak with my doctor about this


i have just stated the program 6 days today.
I like that it is completely laid out for me.
However being someone who wasn’t a big eater or craved sweets and junk I am finding it a lot to eat. Lol maybe not once metabolism kicks in.

I was never a breakfast eater and yes ate supper later in day ( busy schedule ) but most days had to remind myself to eat, never feel hungry. Downfall bread.
Almost a week into it and have followed to a tee, i still am not feeling hungry and am finding it hard to get esp lunch into me. Not craving anything / too full. I can’t see how with the food plan a person would go up at all. So the last two days I have actually evened out to be the same as two days earlier. That was not satisfying. It seems strange that the guide is the same amounts for everyone.

Anyway i will be sticking to it 🙂

Wanda Stanley

I’ve been on this plan for 12 weeks now. I found it worked quite well. First week weight came off pretty fast, then slowed to 1 to 2 lbs a week. I’m down 14 pounds. Weight does go up and down daily if you don’t weigh at same time each day. I found weighing in 1st thing in the morning kept the scale steady. This diet is very expensive, not affordable to everyone. I stayed with their products up till now, but have found other shakes, almost identical nutrients far less expensive. The best thing about this diet is they do teach you how to eat and you can then find products to match in the stores. This diet has given me back my health. All my blood tests came back greatly improved after just 4 weeks. My skin has a more youthful appearance. If you try it and find you really can’t afford it, you will still come away with a great education on how to make a plan on your own. It just takes some research.


Would you mind sharing the shake alternatives you have found?


I found Premier Protein drinks at Sam’s Club. About $20 for 12 11 oz drinks. It is delicious and has 30g protein, 160 cals, 1 gram of sugar, 4 g of carbs in each drink. I have been on the Ideal diet for 4 weeks and have lost 9 lbs. My goal was to lose 14 at the onset. Almost there. I feel great and have a lot of energy.

  Able to lose weight but quite expensive
Anonymous (Verified User)

The products are sweetented with aspartame……ugh! I did the diet……it was expensive! My coach was unreliable. I lost weight but had difficulty to keep going on the next phases. Food was great at beginning…got boring and I didn’t want to keep eating chemicals.


You are completely wrong. Get another coach who will coach you the correct way. You have been totally misinformed. There is no aspartame in their foods. ideal protein does not want you to take aspartame in anything and are against it. They only promote that you have sucrolose or better like stivia. Try the drinks and look for all the awesome recipes out there to make the protein food better, like turning the potato puree into bread or adding 10 oz of water to the puddings to make a tasty shake… Lots of sites to help you on FB. Don’t give up.

  It worked for me 3 years ago !
Jeannine (Verified User)

Was on the program 3 years ago lost about 35 lbs. 3 years later , it’s all back but my fault as I went back to eating grains and fruit. My body is sensitive to them so i have to cut them out for life. What I find the most difficult is same 6 vegetables you can’t put butter on them nothing.it’s incredibly boring but it does work I am heading back on. You have to be 100%diligent.I’m not looking forward to it but gets easier after the first 2 weeks. Wish me luck again.

  Did not like this
Dee (Verified User)

It sucks they do not tell you about all the side affects Stay away


I am on this diet for 2nd time ,i did it year a go and lost 20 pound but because i did not do the manning program write after going 3 to 4 vacation and eat like i used eat i gain it back .now I am doing it this is my 3rd weeks lost only 2 and half pounds ,if you think about the price like $100 week I do understand it can be costly but it is worth it believe me it work the food not bad to I will definitely be back and will later you know how I am doing ☺

Ginger Cox

I told my couch that I had a sip of wine and was told that on this diet you cannot, it can affect your brain. also why cannot exercise on this plan.

A Sharp

I totally agree. I have been on the plan for 4 weeks and I’ve lost 16.4 pounds. I am very happy and excited. My blood pressure and cholesterol values were trending up, and I had to find a way to control it. I have already experienced a decrease in my blood pressure and am anticipating a decrease in my cholesterol. The diet is a sacrifice financially and socially when you can’t really enjoy a glass of wine. But I look at it as an investment in my health, and wine will always be there. So for now, I continue to follow the diet to the letter for a couple of reasons. I want to quickly get to phase 2 where I can cut down on the number of supplements I have to use (financial). Then I can move on to phase 3 where I can begin to enjoy some of the foods I always enjoy, but responsibly. I love this diet. It takes willpower and sacrifice, but to me it is well worth it, and I will be better off for it.


I have been on IP for 14 weeks and have lost 37 LBS. I have lost 3 inches in my chest, 5.75 Inches in my waist and 5 inches in my hips. I have lost 9% of my body fat and have gained 4.5 LBS of lean body mass. this is the easiest diet I have ever been on without cheating. before starting the plan I was drinking 2 large dunkin donuts Ice coffees a day with extra cream and 3 splenda each I hardly ever drank water. I decided to stop the coffee at the same time I started the diet plan. I had really bad head aches the first couple of days but it was a combo of no sugar and no caffeine.

My counselor is great I see her every week and my visits are free. I only pay for the supplies that I want each week. I am never hungry or feel like I am missing out. I now drink more than enough water each day. I love the web site and the daily emails with messages about staying on track. I have added coffee back too but I now order a large black Ice coffee and split it in half and add the vanilla drink mix to it and it tastes really great. You also have to understand that the longer you go without the sugar and other garbage that you were used to that your tastes will change.

I found that some to the things I tried in the first few weeks tasted really bad but now they taste fine. After the first 4 weeks I went to give blood for the 3 time. the first time(last year) I was not able to because my Iron count was too low. the second time I just made the scale. the 3rd time My Iron count had improved so much that I was able to give platelets. My cholesterol level had dropped 50 points. I go again later this month to give blood again and can’t wait to see how much I have improved.


I lost over 30 pounds and have kept the weight off from 2013. I visit the coach at least 2 times a month. I feel I am worth it and I feel great!

  It's 100% worth !
Tay (Verified User)

Food is great- the definitely did desserts right! They give you so many tools to succeed in weight loss, but also give you the tools to keep it off. Not only do I get plenty of information on what my body is doing, but I get information on what my body is going to do once I am off protocol. I have been on ideal protein for 9 weeks, and I am 29 lbs down (I had a total of 40 lbs to lose) So, for me.. this is 100% worth it.
My first week was $299- this includes your first week of food(21 meals), a shaker, food journal, all supplements, a bag, and your salt.. you are also pre paying for your coaches time. You will meet with your coach weekly, and then once you phase out- you will meet them monthly for 1 year after you are done to assure you are keeping the weight off. Weekly, I pay $90 for food- which is actually not bad… about 4.28 per meal, which is far less than what I normally spend on a meal!
This is worth it, quick results without losing muscle mass. They will check your fat percentage, visceral fat, BMI, weight, and measurements every week to assure you are only losing fat.

  Information found in their support material
Bonnie Ball (Verified User)

In their support material it does indicate that they are derived from non gmo sources.

  Proper Diet Plan to Follow
Lisa (Verified User)

If you stick to the IP plan you should lose 3 to 5 pounds a week!
if you cheat on this diet The weight you worked so hard to lose will come back quickly and with a vengeance:(
No carbs and no alcohol! These cheats will bounce you out of ketosis and it takes a few days to get weight loss working again…


I stick to the plan, but have slipped a few times. A beer once, A SMALL piece of cake another time. I’ve been on it 16 wks & lost 33 lbs. 211-178. I had a real plateau in the 180’s uugghhhh. So now I’ve only averaged 2.06lbs per week. I like that all the guess work is taken out of how much fat vs carbs vs protein combination should be eaten in a day. I was losing that battle over & over again on my own. I’ve had no side effects except when I drank about 3 oz of wine at a tasting. whew! like I was high as a kite. LOL My only problem is constipation. My counselor has tried to help with ideas but to no avail. I spend $80-$90 wkly depending if I’m out of a supplement.

  Must Follow The Product plan
Lisa (Verified User)

If you stick to the plan it works if you cheat you will regret it and wait will come back quickly and with a vengeance

  Buy Product for the Second time
leslee garrard (Verified User)

hi i have paid the big membership fee and i believe it is a one time fee. if i decide to go back on the plan can i just buy the products ?


Leslee, it depends on your coach. Where I go it was a one time life time fee up front. After that just pay for food and supplements. After you reach your weight loss goal and stop using their foods they encourage you to still come in at least once a month to get weighed (for free). That way if you start to put weight back on you can go back on the plan for lees then a week to lose a couple pounds rather than waiting a year or more and having to do the whole plan over again. I have heard some other places will charge to come back. Good luck.

  Amazing Weight Loss
brenda (Verified User)

So I am 30 years old. my parents are 66 and the have lost 35/75 lbs in 4 months. They have done amazing. I am looking into doing this. I have tried nearly every other diet but nothing kept the weight off. I also have a 9 year old daughter and I’m concerned about sticking to the program but also making sure that she eats right. Any ideas would be helpful.☺


brenda, my wife and I have both been doing the Ideal Protein diet for 3 weeks and love it. We have both been losing 3-5 pounds a week. This is initially a tough diet and you cannot cheat. The first week was the hardest for me because I ate a ton of sweets and drank a lot of pop. By the second week I was in the zone. Doing this with someone else helps tremendously. We also have a daughter and she is 12. While she is not on the diet, she is eating much more healthy foods because we no longer go to fast food restaurants and are buying better foods for the house.

  Proper Menu of the Poduct
Anonymous (Verified User)

It would be pointless to join and not do the foods. They have ready. Made drinks and really good soy protein chips. I use cubed tofu for 2-3 of my meals a week and ground turkey or fish for the other days. The oatmeal is good, and looks like “real” oatmeal. You can mix it with 2 egg whites and 1/2 tsp baking powder and make mini muffins. They also have a pasta entree. Caramel pudding that is ready made. A mango yogurt drink that blends great with Spinich to add a veggie punch. A couple bars have no chocolate at all.

  i have some better Experience
Anonymous (Verified User)

I just took back today like 7 packages from my starter kit and the exchanged it no problem! I’m only on Day 4 but my friend has had amazing success. I don’t have much to drop only 20 lbs so I hope it should drop quickly based on many peoples post 🙂

  Consult With your Doctor Regarding Ketosis
Anonymous (Verified User)

Check with your doctor. My understanding is that it puts you in ketosis. Not keto-acidosis.

  Really Does Good Work
Anonymous (Verified User)

This is not really a diet you can try “halfway.” Either you are doing it, or you are not. You most certainly can do your non-processed food, but you do need to use theirs. They do have bbq soy nuts, which are not processed, but I can’t imagine the whole diet around that. Maybe it is not for you. If you can not follow the plan (3 of their packets, 4 cups of vegetables, and 8 oz of animal protein) then you may want to try something else. It really does work.

  Felt Much less Hunger With This Product
Anonymous (Verified User)

Obviously “Your Name” has never had a problem getting a high amount of weight off. Nor have they tried this plan. I have limited the white flour for many years, and done the “lifestyle changes” that I could not “live” with. The hunger would always overwhelm. Much less hunger on this diet. As for the price of the food–what do you think pays for the coaches? It has worked for me. I have lost about 40 pounds so far in the past three months.

  large Will Power to use This Product
Kimberly (Verified User)

I began this diet one week ago today. Although I felt sick for the first several days, I NEVER felt hungry. I don’t care for the taste of most of the soups, but have managed to eat them anyway. I’m having trouble getting in all 4 cups of veggies each day as I’m just not hungry.

However – in just 7 days, I have lost 11 pounds. ELEVEN!
I have the willpower needed to continue and I will do just that! I have a long way to go to reach my goal weight and I don’t expect “miracles”. I’m willing to put in the effort to make this diet work.

I even ate dinner with my boyfriend at the Outback Steakhouse this past weekend. I had a 6 ounce Sirloin, steamed broccoli and a lettuce, cucumber and onion salad with light olive oil. It was delicious! I was able to enjoy my meal and not even crave the bloomin’ onion, brown bread and baked potato with a full salad topped with croutons and ranch dressing he ate with his steak!

I’m so excited and looking forward to every day that I get closer to my weght loss goals!

  Contact me for My Product

I have done it all…every version of every diet for 20 years. If you are interested in clean eating and keeping it off contact me! And yes it’s guaranteed!


Tell me too please!


Come on now….MSG is a highly Concentrated salt, maltodextrose is a sugar. Talk to your doctor or coach so you are properly educated. You need to understand the method, ingredients and physiology for it to work.


Could you send me the info as well. I did IP and when I came back to normal life trying not to go back to bad habits I gained the lost weight and I think even more than before the diet!!


Julie, I am very interested! I did the IP diet and lost 30lbs. The diet was very restrictive, and very expensive. In one year off the diet I have gained 20lbs back. Want to lose it using food not packaged stuff. Email me with your info please.


I would like to know how as well


please tell me how….i wanna lose 30 lbs..


Me too?

Andrea Lawson

I have been on this diet for 4 1/2 weeks and have lost 35 pounds as of today. The first week was difficult but I couldn’t believe it when I lost 16 pounds! That really gave me the motivation to keep going and I’m so glad I have. Of course you can’t expect to lose that much every week, but other than when I messed up (unknowingly) and ate pre cooked bacon with dinner and stopped losing for a whole week, it has been a steady pound per day. I think that’s pretty tough to beat. My coaches have been GREAT! I would highly recommend this diet for someone who is really motivated to lose weight.
I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the cons though. For the first 2 weeks I felt I little weak off and on and for some reason I would sweat a lot. Also, I craved all the junk foods (pizza, pasta, chocolate) I had become so accustomed to. The third week was a little better and now I feel like they’re an after though. I personally have never cared for vegetables so that was very difficult for me. But I’m learning different ways to prepare them and it’s getting better.


I lost 10 pounds under my own steam and then my weight-loss stalled. I had my annual physical at that time, and mentioned I’d been dieting for a month and after the initial water loss – nada. So they put me on ideal protein. Yes, it’s pricey, but yes – its offset by the food I’m not buying. Some of the food is yucky, but I’ve been pro-active on social media and have been creative as far as I can with the meal packs, although be careful – some recipes are really only okay for maintenance. I have had some constipation, but I don’t drink nearly enough water so I guess that’s my own fault. When I eat out my friends know I need to go to restaurants that serve the food the diet allows. When I eat at friends I tell them my restrictions and if they’re not sure what to do – I carry a back-up shake. My friends know how much this means to me and are understanding. All in, I started at 250lbs and am down to 225lbs. Since starting Ideal Protein the loss has been a consistent 2 pounds per week, which I am told is normal. Do I want to toss it out the window and eat and drink all the wonderful things I used to? Absolutely. But I know where that leads – and I am loving how I look and feel (weight, hair, skin – all improved.) I wish you all luck on your journeys – kudos to everyone trying out there.out Ideal Protein.

  usage of this product
Anonymous (Verified User)

Do you really want to eliminated apples or berries from your so called diet . Think again. If you like convenience of pre packaged meals go buy weight watcher meals or lean cuisine at least they’ll list the so called secret ingredient which in All weight loss is PROTEIN .

Erin S

The purpose of restricting fruits from your diet during the first two phases of IP is not because fruit causes you to gain weight/ but fruit can prevent you from losing weight. The IP diet is a science and what you can and can’t have is based solely on what your body does to the food after you eat it and what your body burns to fuel itself.


I started the Ideal Protein diet in May 2015. I attended the free orientation prior to signing up. I do agree that it is a bit pricey but the results have been well worth it. The program is run through my Cardiologist’s office so my history was well known prior to beginning. I have been on blood pressure medicine for 23 years, runs on my Mothers side, additionally I am on Cholesterol medicine as my Triglycerides have always been erratic. As my weight had increased over time so had my A1C to the point where my Family Doctor declared me to be type 2 Diabetic and put me on medication. I also suffered chronic heartburn. After beginning the diet I noticed immediate results. My heartburn completely went away and I haven’t had an episode in over a year. My blood pressure dropped to where I was able to lower the dosage of my medication for the first time. My A1C dropped to where I was able to eliminate the Diabetic medication completely. But first and foremost I have lost 55 pounds, my energy level is higher, I sleep better as I think that I was probably borderline sleep apnea before. I can pass my mandatory physical and fitness test at work with ease now. For me this was a no brainer and I don’t miss any of the foods that I was eating before. I have no intention of ever returning to that condition again. My coaches have both been very supportive as they are also customers as well.

  Wonderful Coach for this Product
Jill (Verified User)

I started Ideal protein late September 2014 and have lost over 60 lbs! When you sign up at a clinic, you are also assigned a coach who weighs you every week, measures your body fat/water/lean mass, and goes over your food choices for the week. My coach is wonderful! It is expensive, but for me – having PCOS, high cholesterol and body fat – it was worth it. My numbers have since returned to normal and I am shopping in the “regular” clothes section (not plus!) for the first time in 20 years. And the IP food actually tastes good! Highly recommend this diet!

  Better Product
Anonymous (Verified User)

I just started, 3 girls at work did it and have lost 30 – 65 pounds, one gained some weight back, but she said, it’s cause she went back to eating junk, it’s a choice. I bought doubles of some products I didn’t like and they took back the second “unopened” packages.

  Ideal Protein

I heard of this from a patient where I work and called right away. The local coach is going to be away for a week which gives me over a week to read what I can about it. I have read this blog which has been helpful.


Love the food, and love that its not only Ideal Protein food that you are asked to eat. Love the fact that you slowly go off the program so you can learn to control your new weight before being thrown back into eating on your own. Expense is actually a lot less than the garbage usually bought.


My dad and I have been on Ideal Protein for 9 and 6 weeks. He is on the alternative plan as he is a Type 1 diabetic and is down 26. Also, they’ve decreased his insulin for his pump 3 times and halved his HTN medication as his blood sugars and blood pressures have been more stable. I’m down 27. We are learning how to cook healthier and make it a point to try a new veggie every week! If you put the effort in, you learn how to make the lifestyle changes needed to sustain success. I recommend the Protocol to everyone as it has helped me so much and helped me develop a better relationship with food. The protein packets are only short term until you reach your goal and there are so many ways to switch things up; for instance, I’ve made my own pita bread from the soup mixes to put veggies in. There are so many options with this program, it is hard to get “bored” of the restricted selections people keep mentioning. I love this program!!


i agree. It is expensive but i feel worth every penny. Plus I don’t eat out anymore. I don’t buy junk food. I used to purchase Isagenix products which I don’t anymore as I was having A reaction to them. I love the ideal protein foods I use. I look forward to my salads. Especially if you make the ‘hollyhock dressing’. I didn’t care for any of theirs. Recipe to follow. I love that I can have ‘ chips’ and ‘chocolate’. My fave unrestricted are the salt and vinegar and bbq. I love the rice crispie bar…usually have the mango protein drink with two cups spinach and ice for breakfast. Chocolate coconut bars rock for my treat! The maple oatmeal isn’t bad. And the vanilla protein drink inexpressible with ice makes my day mmmm. i feel amazing and have dropped 22 lbs in 6 weeks! I’m in for life. For once I don’t feel good controls me. I can have other food around and even bake and not be tempted. High five to all of you rocking it as well 🙂

Hollyhock dressing
1/3 c apple cider vinegar
1/3 c Braggs
1/3 c water
1/2 c nutritional yeast
1 1/2 c olive oil
3-5 garlic cloves pressed
Pepper to taste
Blend And enjoy

I store outside of fridge

Mary S

I’m wondering if the Hollyhock dressing is part of the Ideal Protein diet or if it is something Sue came up with. And also, what is Braggs?

  The plan is phenomenal
Anonymous (Verified User)

The plan is phenomenal-if its worked-like anything else in life. If you don’t want it-it won’t work. Simple as that.

  Usage of Other Supplements
E (Verified User)

Betty that is not true. It works and it works faster then any other dieet that I have been on. They are with you 100%. Did you ever think what they must do with the products that you want to bring back? It’s the same as taking your medication back to the pharmacy. Do you want to get second hand food? I don’t! Your body is actually getting rid of sugar and all the bad stuff that is not good for you. You must also use your supplements. I never felt better!!!!! And to top it off lost 40 pounds in 6 months. Try it you won’t regret.


Yes, the foods are restricted and expensive. Yes, the veggies get boring. Try roasting them with a little olive oil and I use an Asian spice and salt. But this diet does work. When I quit smoking 12 years ago, I gained 40 pounds at my worst. When I started this diet, I was 35 pounds over my quit smoking weight. I’ve lost 18 to 20 of those pounds in about 10 weeks. I’m not having the really fast weight loss some others have, but I add 2 snacks during the day because I can’t go with no food between meals. I have 1/2 a protein bar around 10AM and the other 1/2 around 2PM. I don’t always have the evening snack. So my weight loss has been slower, but steady. And I’m not weak on this, like I was on Medifast.
The expense is relative. $120 a week is high, but that’s 2 meals out a week for my husband and I. And you phase off. I’m going to France next week and didn’t phase off, but I have learned a lot about how to eat now. No pasta at dinner. No bread at dinner. No processed foods. Eat clean and green. It’s a lifestyle change, too, folks. We Americans eat horribly!!! Prepackaged foods, meats filled with hormones and antibiotics, bread three times a day. I can’t go back to eating that way and keep the weight off, and I think I have really learned because I see examples around me everyday of very heavy people with huge health issues. I’m 54 years old, and if I want to be healthy and active into my 80s, knock wood, I can’t be very heavy.
I love the dark chocolate drink mix for breakfast – I make it in the blender with some ice and it really tastes good! My favorite! Soy nuts or a peanut butter and chocolate protein bar, split between morning and afternoon snacks. The “potatoes” or soup and veggies for lunch – watch the veggie list, some are high in carbs. Dinner is lean and green – and I’m amazed at how much I’m enjoying eating lighter at dinner. It feels very healthy and I’m full. Snack at night.
It is a great kick-starter and the rest is up to me for the rest of my life. I’m going back to triathlon training when I’m finished with Phase One. The women I work with who gained a lot of weight back all drink quite a bit. I don’t, so I’m hopeful as long as I’m mindful of what I put in my mouth, I’ll maintain a healthy weight. (Healthy, not skinny, mind you.) And it really feels better to have salmon or chicken and veggies for dinner than a big bowl,of pasta and bread. If I want that when I’m done with this diet, I’ll eat that at breakfast or lunch.
This diet really does work. 🙂

  best product for weight Loss
Anonymous (Verified User)

It works, I have lost 33 lbs up to date and need to lose around 15 more. I have cheated, several times, which has made me weight loss a lot slower but i promise that it does work.


My husband and I have been on this diet for about 5 weeks. I’ve lost 10# & my husband lost 20#. He is off his HBP & cholesterol meds. This is more than a diet – it’s a new way to look at the food that’s marketed to us everyday – JUNK! We have done minimal exercising – walking, chores, etc. This is easy to manage with a busy schedule. All the restaurants we’ve been to have accommodated our requests. We highly recommend this diet.

  products taste so bad
Alex (Verified User)

products taste so bad, I was off the diet by noon.


You need to try a variety of products. Not all of the products are bad. There are enough choices. I believe that everyone can find products that will work. I lost 50 pounds a year ago and haven’t gained it back. It changed the way I eat and look at food. I still eat some of their products every day..

  I feel and look better
Felicia (Verified User)

I am on week 6 and down 23lbs. I feel and look better. I do not know what this membership fee is? All the services, minus the food, have been free!

  Proper Planning for this Product usage

It works as long as you stick to the plan. I lost 18 lbs on it and plan to go back again to loose another 16 lbs.


The diet does work if you follow it. I was skeptical when I tried it in 2012 it was rough the first week but getting off of sugar has the same affect as stopping drugs or alcohol does on your body. Day 3 was the worst. But I stuck with it and lost 110lbs in 4 and half months. Men do get rid of the weight faster.


It was the same for me; Day 2 and 3 were awful… I even got a terrible migraine.
I stick with it thought, and the symptoms passed.
I am in my week 5 now and have lost 19lbs!


I lost 27lbs in 4 weeks then I found my self cheating eating 3 or 4 ideal protean snacks a ice cream cone then some earl rite out the box 0 wight lost week 5 it works if you follow will power will power will power .ad you can lose 5lbs a week 20lds a moth 60lbs in 3 months my frend lost 160 put it all back and it won’t work for him a second time trying if your strong willed first week is very hard other than that it’s on you I say go forit.


Wondering why Wayne says the program won’t work for his friend a second time? Does your body become immune to it in some weird way?

  I lost 130 lbs !
Hank Daly (Verified User)

I have just read through all of the above. I chose this diet as an alternative to weight loss surgery because I just could not live with the restrictions that follows gastric bypass. I’m not saying that surgery is a bad thing, it just was not for me. I did Ideal protein and I have lost 130 lbs. since November 23rd 2015. I did find it extremely easy to follow, and I do NOT agree that the food choices are boring, to the contrary, it was the many options of soups, chili, drinks (and BTW this is not a “Protein Drink” diet!), snacks, puddings, jello’s, and beverages that kept me from cheating! For years I have tried to lose weight and failed miserably. Again, this was a very easy diet to follow, and I cannot believe some of the comments above! I do belive that I had reached the point that it was my “TIme” to deal with weight loss and maybe that’s why it was so simple. This diet saved my life! I also believe that most people trying to lose weight are looking for a quick fix! It took time to put the wiehgt on, and it will take time to get it off. Instant gratification takes too long for some! I read that people on this diet lived on 800 to 900 calories a day, and if that’s the case they were not following the diet correctly. People need to stop finding excuses for their failures!


love the diet. Lost 14 pounds, 15 inches in 2 months. I felt great. Slept better! Food tastes good.

  Interested to Take this Product

I haven’t tried it try i would like tokknow if it works


It does work and lost 16 lbs without cravings or troubles sticking with it.

  Lost 60lbs in 14 weeks !
Searra ATX (Verified User)

i am currently on ideal PROTIEN! On week 14! I’ve lost a total of 60lbs! My skin is getting loose but not to crazy! Enough to notice! In my first 4-6 weeks I had the worse nightsmare about cheating! It had me high in stress! I’ve never cheated! I feel it’s time for a break! But I’m scared to come out of ketosis! I’m ready to have my first drink in a looooonnngg time man! I am eating 4 ip meals a day! Looking for alternatives! I’m ready to eat but not crazy! But real food! Healthy food!


I am a very active over 50 year old woman who typically gains 5 pounds and then loses three… repeat. Over time, this led to about a 20 pound weight gain. I teach fitness classes and eat healthy so could not figure out what I could do to lose those extra pounds. Then a personal trainer friend of mine told me about Ideal Protein. Yes, the food is pricey, but it is like following a prescription for a time until you can see exactly how much “fuel” your body REALLY needs verses what it has been being fed. I will probably continue to purchase the “snack” products until I can find an alternative that has the same food value and is less expensive. Right now… there is no alternative!!

  I 'am having second thoughts !

i went to my ideal protein free first visit.. I talked to the dr. and the ideal protein coach .. It sounded good til they told me no excersise! I’m a powerlifter . They told me no excersise at all. Now I’m having second thoughts..


Per my coach: You can work out, but in moderation. If you do cardio and weights, pick one. Powerlifting is probably going to be too intense for this diet. They offer a branched chain amino acid powder you take 30 min before work out to help feed your muscles. Then you are allowed an extra one of the 0-1g of carb drinks to use as your protein shake after you work out. If you work out in the morning before your breakfast ideal, you can still have your breakfast ideal. It’s kind of a bonus that you get an extra ideal in there during the day. You can also have 1-2 eggs during the day. So you may not continue to build your muscles by powerlifting, but you may be able to at least keep them and your strength the same hile you are on this diet.


I lead a very active life and daily exercise is very much a part of it. When I was told that exercise wasn’t encouraged I thought this plan might not be for me. However my coach told me to just increase the number of unrestricted items if o felt hungry otherwise I was losing muscle mass. This has worked beautifully. I love this program!!! I’ve lost 22 lbs in 6 weeks. I don’t have cravings anymore. I feel amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone. I finally have control of food instead of it controlling me!


I did the whole Ideal Protein plan. Loved it. I also did exercise with it. Helped me lose my weight a lot faster. My doctor said great idea to exercise with it.


Joe; I am a runner so cutting that out was not easy for me, but they do allow you and in fact insist that you walk so I power walked 3 miles each day until I had lost the first 30 pounds then I started running again and lost 25 more pounds.

Your Nameduardonme

Hi joe. It’s not that you can’t exercise forever, just relax for a month then continue lifting. Just slow it down so you aren’t doing cardio by lifting. Think “power of 10”. You will love it

  Very Good Diet
Phyllis Ruchalski

Nutritional info on the products are available upon request and given to you when on the diet. It is extremely worth the cost of this diet. It is not expensive if broken down by day for the food supplements needed to have success in weight loss.the easiest and most effective diet in my forty years of dieting.

  Lost weight quick
Laura (Verified User)

I used it. Lost weight quick.,Do not drink alcohol on it…I blacked out…I think due to lack of carbs, effects of alcohol can be quite extreme


Laura, before drinking alcohol you should check with your coach. They suggest you Phase off the program at least 2 weeks before drinking alcohol. Then you can get back on Phase I after. But no, you cannot drink while on it.


I have lost 40 lbs on Ideal Protein in 4 months, this is the best diet I have ever tried. When I stuck with the protocol I felt good, very good energy in my body, absolutely no health issues, on the countrary my stomach problems cleared up after it. It is researched and well documented. I think there were more studies in Canada of this program. This is the best investment I have ever made. No feeling hungry either, which makes it different with other weight loss programs. The weight loss was FAST!. The variety of foods was good to my taste. I also cooked veggies and that made it work for me. Highly recommend.


Do you have to cook the veggies or can you have spinach salads with cucumber, bell pepper, onion, etc ?


Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Ideal Protein official website for more information.


I have been on the program for 9 weeks so far. I’m loving the program. I have lost a total of 21 lbs and 15 inches. This program works. You can find recipes online that use the packets, my favourite is muffins made with the oatmeal and an egg. They are so good. Some products I don’t prefer but I just don’t buy that product again, overall I love the products. I’m excited to reach my goal in a month and start to phase off and then maintain. My friend and husband did the program and they have kept their weight off for 9 months. I feel that I will be able to maintain with the help of my coach. Hope others are enjoying as much as I am.


1 cup of water per extra cup of coffee Tell us your thoughts about Ideal Protein.

Youbarbr Name

Been on this diet for 3 months. Have lost 40 lbs with no side affects. They are not pushy at the clinic and tell you when and with what you can substitute some of there products with store bought ones. I love this diet. Working great for me

   I followed the guidelines and lost weight quickly
Cherie (Verified User)

I followed the Ideal Protein and am very happy with the results. I lost 30# and now on Phase 3. Yes, I followed the guidelines and lost quickly. Available sites such as Ideal Protein, Facebook, Pinterest and others that offer great ideas on using the IP products and various ways to use so many vegetables, along with all the meat/chicken/fish. I am amazed by the creative ways to use cauliflower, such as “rice” and so much more. If you don’t like veggies, this program is not for you. I thought it was an easy program. Yes, a bit expensive but worth it.

  Ideal Protein

From what I understand in phase 1 you are restricted to 800 calories a day and have to eat prepackaged food. People, any time you restrict calorie intake that low you will lose weight. This isn’t a realistic lifestyle. What happens when friends invite you to dinner? Just say no because you won’t be able to order off the menu?? No way can this diet work long term

Your Nameduardonme

You don’t understand the diet if you think it is 800 calories, … Or ABOUT the calories. 3rd month, losing 4 lbs per week…


I love the program. You don’t count calories so that is a relief! I’ve been a dieter for over 30 years with no significant weight loss. I started the program 7.5 weeks ago at a weight of 204 pounds. Today I am at 180.5 pounds. I lost 23.5 pounds in less that 2 months! I don’t mind the packaged foods. I’m not a huge breakfast person and I like to snack at night, so I typically will eat about 3 hard boiled eggs (to get some protein in my system) and black coffee in the morning. Then for lunch I try to eat some veggies (salad or raw bell peppers/celery/radishes/cucumbers) with some lean meat. Oftentimes I will grab several slices of Black Forest Ham or Peppered Turkey (lunch meat). I will either eat a bag of the Ideal Protein BBQ chips with lunch or somewhere between lunch and dinner. They are very filling. Then I have about 6 ounces of lean protein for dinner (steak, grilled chicken, salmon, etc.) and at least 2 cups of veggies. I typically will have a small salad and some sort of cooked veggie with my dinner (steamed broccoli, garlic asparagus or zucchini fried with a little squirt of PAM spray oil and occassionally green beans or brussel sprouts). After dinner I will have some of the chocolate or peanut butter ‘soy puffs’ to snack on as I’m watching TV or as a dessert. Then before I go to bed, I have a vanilla crisp bar (similar to rice krispy treats). This has been working excellent for me. You can rearrange any of this to suit your eating habits. I do it this way because my weaknesses are in the evenings. My counselor said that when I get closer to my goal weight and if I’m not losing weight at a good pace, I may have to move my ‘snacks’ to earlier in the night because eating right before bed is of course not good. I’m just thrilled that I’m actually losing weight and it’s really simple for me to follow. If you eat all the veggies, proteins, water, plus the 3 packaged foods per day you definitely won’t be hungry. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program!

Debra Weiler

I eat out a couple of times a week following this program. I’ve been on it 9 weeks and have lost 50 pounds. I love the convenience of the packaged foods. Some of them are quite tasty. I also have a cookbook of over 200 recipes that are approved for the weight loss phase. I’m eating vegetables I never tried before. I believe this program, if I follow through on all 4 phases, will lead to long lasting and healthy weight loss. By the way, I was borderline diabetic 3 months ago. Not any more!


where do they do the lab work to see how your levels have changed?


I was on the diet and lost 50 pounds 20 and I can’t get motivated to start again how can I increase motivation?


It’s a realistic roadmap to follow in your eating after you’ve completed your weight loss on phase 1. You begin to phase off once you’ve lost the weight you want to lose by replacing your own protein meal (instead of the packets) with protein of choice and adding carbs (fruits and grains in moderation) back into your diet in a controlled simple way! It has worked for me!


Dinner is 8oz protein and 2 cups of veggies, not prepackaged food.

  Only Protein Works for Fat Loss
Rosemarie Bongers (Verified User)

Ideal Protein is the only treatment that works for fat loss… period. I’ve tried every diet known. This is the only one that burned my fat without burning my muscle with no exercise. In 2 Months I lost 40lbs of fat. My system was rebooted to only burn fat and not muscle after that so bring on the creme brulee. Of course you can’t have it every day but for my birthday I did have it 3 days in a row. I lost 2 more pounds. I kept my weight off since the Ideal Protein 5 years now. It is the most reasonably priced, the most effective, safe, experience I have ever had. I was 189lbs I am 135lbs now. It is the last diet you will ever be on. I’m sure bad habits come in to play. But the body will always go back to burning fat over muscle if you do it right. It’s fast, easy, no brain work, and no hunger for sugars or salts. I believe a person should lose fat before exercising easier on the system. So do it right. Get that coach working for you and take charge of your health and wellbeing.


Thank you for your inspiration. I’m skeptical myself as have tried herbal magic etc. I’m sick of being chunky or looking at food and gaining. Although I’m struggling with pushing myself to get going on this program. You know, I’m not as big as some!


It’s just not normal to stick to a harsh diet like this, for long term. I have found something else that works and is MORE idealistic.


Thank you so much for your post! I’m 52 and on Day 2 on IP. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat. It’s kept me feeling depressed and lonely for way too long…..THIS IS IT. And I have decided that failure is IMPOSSIBLE. However, I admit I’m suffering a bit of detox symptoms….just a bit of a headache and overall weirdness. But so far I’m following this program to a tee and I’m determined to regain the size 6 woman I know I am. I’m at 180.9 at the beginning of this journey……so heavy on my 5’4″ body. Words of inspiration like yours are a huge help. Thank you so much…..


I am 57. Had full hysterectomy in 2003. I had blood clot go thru my heart.I can’t have hormone replacement. I have gone from 128 to 180 in weight. I started the Ideal Protein the first week in Sept.2015 and have gone from 180 to 165 as of this morning. Yes it is tough but i did this because they tell you exactly what to eat and how much to eat. It is expensive but I work with 4 ladies who are on this and we support each other. I have had only slight headache and the bad breath issue. I have spent tons of money over the years on diet pills and never lost any weight. Yes this is expensive but i am sticking with it to loose this fat and get healthy.


This is my second time doing IP I’m 46 years old lost 27 lb the first time and 20 this Time I’m 5’4 and 129lbs now it works!!!… I always tell everyone give up 3 months of your life … That same sugar/carb food will always be there you won’t regret it!


Thank you for posting, I am also a 52 years old. And will be starting ip, meeting my coach on Wednesday. I am 60 lbs overweight and diabetic. Cannot wait to have energy!!!!


I’m on day 2 also this is my second time around and yes it does work I lost 22 lbs the first in 3 months. Now a year later back at it .Yes it hard to stop wanting to eat fruits and carbs but for you health you must try something and i have try outher diets before and they didnt show the results like this diet plan will trust me. Just give it time I am good luck to everyone .

Michael Reeder

This plan works. I am a 58 year old Power lifter and extreme mud runner (Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan, Frog run etc.). I started this plan at 279 lbs 10 weeks ago. I told my doctor , who is a weight lifter also, that I wanted to lose weight and retain muscle mass. He recommended Ideal Protein. I eat 4 times a day, Breakfast is a shake made with egg whites, spinach and water, a mid day snack of an Ideal bar and a couple or three boiled eggs maybe a couple of pickles, Lunch is 10 14 oz of lean meat ( steak, burger, chicken , turkey etc., an after noon snack and a shake at dinner. around 1500 calories a day +/-. I am spending a far less amount of money each week as I was spending eating out and at the grocery store. The key for these people complaining is working out, I think. You must cut out high intensity cardio. I know I didnt see how that would work. As a power lifter cardio is deadly. Cardio eats muscle.. So after 11 weeks and no cardio and heavy low rep power lifting one to one and half hours a day I have lost almost 19 inches of belly and chest fat and put almost an inch on my biceps and chest in lean muscle. My strength has increased and I am steroid free. It will work but as with all diet and training YOU have to put in the effort. My nutrisionist stressed that I must be ready to commit before I began…. I will never go back to eating like I was.

michael reeder

update to my original post. I forgot to say how much I lost I am down to 233 lbs .

  I get discouraged at times but have to keep going.
Lisa (Verified User)

My own doctor told me it’s a great diet plan and mentioned his wife loves it when I asked his advice about starting this diet 3 weeks ago. I have high blood pressure and take meds he prescribes for me and he told me go for it great diet! It’s the beginning of week 3 for me and I am following protocol exactly with no cheating and 64 oz jug of water a day and I only lost 8lbs so far myself. I get discouraged at times but have to keep going. Want to lose a total of 55lbs all together! Hoping week 3-4 I lose a lot more?


Don’t get discourage after 3 weeks, you start to lose fairly quickly after 3 or 4 weeks into the program with 100% commitment. I was on the program in 2014 and lost 32 pounds of the 35 pounds I needed to lose with a Jan 5 start date and a March 3 weigh date (about 8 weeks). I was, also, walking 3 times a week. I truly felt in the zone, in my real self. A little too happy, because I did gain the weight back…old habits are hard to die! I don’t recommend stopping the program before you complete it. It may get you right back where you started. Anyway, I’m back on the program now with a real intent of going the distance.


I just started the program and in my first week I lost 8lbs and 15 inches. Yes…it has been difficult to start but I am determined to continue. I have a great coach and suppory. As far as the cost of the food its about the same I would spend on groceries that arent healthy for me. Everybody is different in how their body reacts to a lifestyle change.


I have lost approx 43 since I started in March. This is a great diet plan and has pointed out to me that sugar and carbs I do not need in my diet. I am almost finished Phase 1 my total weight is to be 55 lbs. I feel great and health and I eat lean (8 0z) of meat, fish or dairy (eggs) for dinner with a green. It is easy to follow and I am telling you , I am 58 and my friends say I lost 10 years off my looks as well!!!

Christi e

i have been on it for 6 weeks and only lost 15 lbs. it is very restricting and expensive. I can loose that much weight in 6 weeks at Weight Watchers for a lot less money and no food restrictions, just count the points. Back to WW for me

BarbaraYour Name

Thank you for the encouragement! Week two

  I LOVE this program
Sierra Johnson (Verified User)

I LOVE this program!!!!

Vonnie — “….I did loose 30#. I was on this program for 10 1/2 months…that’s too long!”

I followed this program for 10 months (without ever cheating) and lost 101 pounds. You must not have followed the program correctly at all. I lost 30 pounds in the first 2 1/2 months. You weren’t doing Ideal Protein if it took you 10 1/2 months to lose 30 lbs.

Also, for those of you complaining about the cost, how else do you expect to lose weight if you’re not spending a ton of money on a diet or killing yourself at the gym twice a day??

I estimated that I spent around $4500 between the start up cost, the Ideal Protein food and supplements for 10 months, and the groceries you have to add to your diet. BUT, think about this, If you eat/drink out 2 times a week and spend $15 each time, you’re looking at $1200 in 10 months JUST FOR EATING OUT twice a week. ($15 for eating out is also a pretty low estimate unless you’re eating off the dollar menu at Wendy’s.) That $1200 doesn’t even include regular groceries, pricey dinners out, drinks with the guys or girls, impulse eating, specialty coffees, etc. When I weighed 250 pounds, if someone said to me, “I will take away 101 pounds from your body for $4500,” I would have found a way to collect $4500 within a week. No doubt about it.

Everyone with weight problems knows that losing weight is hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s 15 pounds or 100 pounds. It’s hard. If it wasn’t hard the world wouldn’t have overweight people. I guess what it boils down to is how bad you want it. Do you want it enough to eat boring meals, drink a ton of water, and stop drinking alcohol for an extended amount of time? Think about it……you need to (or should) abstain from alcohol for 9 months when you’re pregnant, and even longer if you’re nursing. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have to be very frugal with your money for the 4-10 years while you’re in college. You have to wake up and go to work every day in order to keep your job……NOTHING in life is easy. Weight loss/maintenance is no different. You just have to be dedicated….anything worth having takes dedication, motivation, and time.

Before you decide to bring negativity to this post, I need to mention that I was fat as a child, a young adult, and most of my adult life. My parents, grandparents, siblings, and pretty much the rest of my extended family are all overweight and have been my entire life. They have diabetes, heart problems, circulatory problems, are too big to fit in airplane seats…..we’re a family of eaters. Eating is what we do when we get together. I needed to break the cycle…..it hit me when I found out I was pre-diabetic. I was also diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder, Hypothyroidism, and depression. Thank GOD for modern medicine and therapy. These are all under control now.

I am 33 and have been able to keep my weight off for a year. The way I lost the weight was with Ideal Protein and then I have been able to maintain it by working out with a personal trainer 2x a week. I also see my Ideal Protein coach every 2 weeks to get weighed and measured so that I can stay on track. I KNOW that I will probably need to have a personal trainer and see my Ideal Protein coach consistently for the rest of my life. I know myself. I love to eat and I work 60-80 hours a week between 2 jobs. I KNOW that I can’t do this alone.

Take this diet for what it is. A diet. It’s just like any other diet. The difference with this diet is that you can lose the weight fast from being in ketosis without losing a ton of muscle mass. Does the dieting suck?? Of course!! Dieting with any program sucks….but this is the only program that has worked for me. I will NEVER go back to being obese. It’s just not worth it mentally, emotionally, or physically. I’d rather be bald (my hair actually grew faster and looked better than ever while I was on this diet), broke, and bored with my diet over being fat. Any day.

I’ll get off my soap box now, but hopefully this post will help someone. Ideal Protein definitely isn’t for everyone, but it worked for me and I know that it’s worked for others as well.


Sara J

Sierra, GREAT POST! – Your comments are exactly spot-ON. I come from a similar family history: I’m 100+ pounds overweight, all of my family, parents included are overweight (really – Obese), and have health problems driven by the weight. My Mom has had a knee replacement and hopes to have the other one done. Why – carrying too much weight for too many years. My knees have started making a “crunch-y sound” when I climb stairs and when I’m just bending my legs straight. I sooo do not want to have knee replacement surgery – I’m 30 years younger than my Mom. I just started Ideal Protein – on day 7 now. Day 3 was a challenge as I went on a 5.5 mile brisk walk with my husband and nearly passed out from the heat. I do not recommend too much exercise in the first 5 days. However, back to your post – YES, dieting sucks, YES its very hard, and yes, there is a cost. Anything you do that is worthwhile in life comes with challenges and sacrifices (otherwise its not appreciated). The IP plan keeps me from feeling hungry – in fact, I’m not hungry at all (even when I wake up each day). Drinking water and having veggies at meals are what help me stay full and not think about eating. The first couple days – figuring out the salad part and what to do to make it less dry was a challenge, but now that I’ve figured out what works for me, its GAME ON! I plan stick with this diet no matter what until at least 100 pounds are off (and hopefully more). At age 50, this is going to be a life changing plan for me. I don’t want to be Obese for the rest of my life! That’s not an adjective I want used to describe me ever again!

Ann K

Sierra, I love you girl. I am on day three and am looking forward to the rest of my healthy life. We have been sold down the river by our goverment and food manufacturers and have seen obesity rise at an alarming rate. Other countries refuse to by our food. Our bodies are totally confused by the non nutrients we subject it to and then we make things worse by taking posins.I mean medications. If we don’t get a handle on obesity the next generation doesn’t stand a chance.

  Boring Way to Eat this Medicine
Nancy dunlap (Verified User)

I was on this diet for 10 months. In
my opinion yes I lost weight but it is a diet that is NOT something you can sustain. The cost for one thing is ridiculous for the food but it is an extremely boring way to eat.


I lost weight on this diet too , but got very tired of the food!!! I need to get back on it since I have gained ten pounds, but it is expensive and boring!!!!

  This was EFFORTLESS !
CMN (Verified User)

This program was EFFORTLESS for me; lost 48 lbs in 90 days and have maintained it for 3 years. The initial cost may appear high, but it includes a one-time–LIFE-TIME–consult fee ($100-$150, depending on the center), a minimum of a month’s supply of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin and mineral supplements (approximately $70, but a MUST during the weight loss phase), and 10 days worth of food ($120-$150). Thereafter, the actual cost of food is $4-$5 per pack and supplements are approximately $1 per day. Three (3) packs per day are consumed in Phase 1–the weight loss phase–so cost is $12-$15 per day. I spent that much on takeout and/or junk food daily (any non medical-diagnosed overweight person who claims they don’t, is lying), so long term, I saved money. The doctor-driven center I chose, is amazing. Their coaches are well-trained and work closely with each patient to help them stay focused and encouraged through their weight loss journey. They publish new recipes each week that incorporate available IP packs, so mealtime is as exciting or boring as one chooses or their creativity allows. (For those who are unhappy with their center, I suggest they transfer to another.). Finally, three years later, they continue to check in with me to see how I’m doing (a great reminder that the one-time–LIFE-TIME–consult fee was money well spent)! 🙂

  Worked ggod for my huband but not for me !!
Maureen (Verified User)

My husband and I started this diet on Jan 5, it’s now Mar 29. He’s lost 30 pounds so far and is sticking to the diet completely. I, on the other hand, am whey and lactose intolerant. So I can only eat a few of the IP foods. There are about 6 things which I consider, chips, chocolate bars, nuts, jello and koolaid. That’s it. So my weight loss is very slow because I was put on the alternate plan which lets me have some carbs. (A small note, my thick luscious hair is starting to fall out? WTF!) We’ve spent approximately $3000 on food since we started. It’s very expensive. Oh, I also cannot stomach the IP vitamins or supplements given, so I’ve had to find my own, which are almost perfectly similar to theirs at half the price.

I have had a lot of troubles with constipation to the point where my Dr informed me to have more bran and raisins/plums in my diet. The calcium/magnesium doesn’t help with this it makes it worse. My coach told me that the chips are very hard to digest and tend to “bind people up”. So I’ve stopped eating those. My husband on the other hand hasn’t had any problems so far. So that being said, we are all different. I am going to stop this diet as it’s just not working for me. I am hungry all the time.

I didn’t have too much to lose to begin with but it’s coming off very slowly. At the start I had lost 8 pounds in one week but since then it’s 1.7 or less per week. Now even less per week and it just doesn’t seem like it’s working. Plus I have no energy. I do a walk of about 6-7 kms but find I’m less than halfway and feel like I’m going to pass out. I run out of energy very quickly. I have a lot of dizziness with this diet and feel nauseous often. Not being allowed to exercise is weird to understand with this diet. Isn’t a body suppose to move??? Even washing vehicles in the yard, which we usually do them all, we can only do one and that’s it!!

The thought of eating the same vegetables is hard to swallow as is the IP food now. Which a majority taste horrible and I don’t know how my husband can eat it.

I am meeting a friend in a couple days as she is on the 21 day fix diet. So we will see if I can do that. At least I should get my energy back and I hope that my hair stops falling out! Nobody mentioned this…side effect!!


Maureen – Fat stores hormones, so when you break down fat and lose it, the hormones that existed in your body before you lost the fat are released. If you stored male hormones (like me), you will get acne. If you stored female hormones (estrogen) you can experience hair loss and PMS symptoms. Not to worry. It will not last. Your hormones will eventually even out and your hair will stop falling out.

  best product follow with Protocol
Art Zacharczyk (Verified User)

Have been on the program for 9 weeks and lost 43 pounds. My blood pressure is much, much better. I will most certainly reach my goal weight then phase off. This program has made me much more aware of what I was putting into my mouth. It does work, if you follow the protocol.

  Ideal Protein
Anonymous (Verified User)

I was on Ideal Protein and felt the best I had ever felt. When you only put good in your body, you feel good. My hair did thin some. I feel like you could replicate part of the diet by cutting out what they tell you to and eating the proteins and veggies. I do feel like the supplements are important as you are taking dairy and other food groups out, so maybe take vitamins and/or eat yogurt for breakfast. The idea is to watch your carb intake. I had great luck with my weight loss counselor.

  Side Effects for Hair
Madeline garner (Verified User)

I started April of. 2013 and as of Sept. 2013 lost. 30lbs… And MY Hair!!!!!! I figured putting weight back on( 25 lbs ) would grow my hair back … Nope! So now I’m back to being fat and very Thin brittle hair.I had. Overly thick hair (5 heads worth) and now I’m looking at my hair and can see my scalp.


Did you take the supplements? I didn’t and have lost a lot of hair. My husband took the supplements and he had not lost any hair.


That is not due to Ideal Protein. No effect like that for me. Lost 50 lbs.


I am about to start this program tomorrow and really worried about losing my hair, What type of suplements were you on? The weight loss coach gave me several different suppliments take through out the day, is that what you were doing?

Ann michaels

I went on the program several years ago and lost 25 lb. am still at that weight. I did quit and have had a hard time keeping the weight off and eating foods that is adding fat, in spite of the weigh staying the same, my body shape has changed, there is so much more fat. I plan on going back on the programshortly. The big thing I noticed is after 3 days my mind cleared up fantastically and I had so much more energy. I am 73 so there was some loss of mental function. I am excited to go back on the diet to see if my mind will be better as it was 2 years ago. I have heard that so many foods will affect brain loss. My doctor gave a big speech, in our church, on why the protein diets are not good. I’m going back at least to lose 45 more pounds and to learn to eat sensibly. If anyone has a problem please respond.

  no energy and have not lost
Ginny (Verified User)

I’m on day 6. I am horribly hungry, dizzy, no energy and have not lost !, not !, inch anywhere. I weighed after day 3 and lost nothing. Called the coach and she said not to weigh and I’m worrying about nothing. Now, 6 days into it, still no inches lost. I am soooo close to cheating I can’t stand it! I’m out of breakfasts and had to resort to a drink, which did absolutely nothing for me. I feel like I’m starving, but I can’t eat. I’m fine after the dinner portion, but the rest of the day I’m starving. Help!!


There is a Facebook Ideal Protein support page for phase 1 and another for 2,3 & 4, it’s a lot of help and will give you lots of ideas on how to get through the difficult days. Good luck!

A. Montgomery

I was insanely miserable the ENTIRE time. I lost 30 pounds in about 3-4 month which was awesome. My metabolism and leptin levels are completely thrown off now. Now I am working with a licensed nutritionalist, I wish I would have started there first. This diet is as close to starvation as you can possibly get. people told me to stick with it gets better, no it does not. It doesn’t teach you anything about nutrition. I have no idea what crazy chemicals are in all those prepackaged “foods”. Do yourself a favour just lose weight slowly and healthy with REAL food. Make a life style change not an expensive chemical laden temporary diet. Processed foods make you gain and are unhealthy, don’t fight fire with fire.


Hi Ginny I am so sorry your feeling dizzy, and hungry. But it’s obvious to me that your coach didn’t properly educate you during your consultation. I’m a weight loss coach for ideal protein. I tell my customer on the third day after starting ideal protein your body will be going through detox, and more importantly craving sugars. Because your body is craving sugars you will get headaches.


If you haven’t met w a coach and learned how the program works probably not a good idea to comment? It a low calorie diet but it’s 100% healthy as you have vegetables protein. How much healthier can you get. You phase off and keen to eat properly. Hence the people who don’t care for the diet are the ones who don’t make it a lifestyle change just go back to their old way of eating! Tell us your thoughts about Ideal Protein.


Hello Stephanie, I’m in phase 3 now and down 35 pounds. Hit ketosis around day 4 and it was smooth sailing after that. I actually experienced having more energy as the weeks went on. 35 pounds lost over 9 weeks! My coach is out of Andover MA.


Karin, the amount of water per cup of coffee is 12 oz, not 64…I drink coffee daily, one cup in the am, and 1 cup in the pm… been on program since Jan. 24, 2016…lost 46 lbs..the program works…add Crystal light to your water and it goes down faster due to flavor..

  Never thought this could happen to me, so elated !
Gloria (Verified User)

Tell us your thouMy daughter talked about IP; but since she didn’t really need to lose that much weight I wasn’t convinced. However, when I was at a family gathering (summer of 2014) my husband nephew’s wife was looking thin (she was very heavy). A year later (2015) I saw her again, she looked amazing! I was in awe of her weight loss of 60+ pds. I asked her what she was doing and she mentioned IP. She’s a testimony and was convincing enough for me. In October, 2015 I started the weight loss program (my target date to reach my goal was supposed to be December 17, 2015). It was a good thing I did it then, although during the holidays I did maintain the 10 pounds and now have lost a total of 21 pounds (it’s May, 2016)– slow pace but I’m feeling better than EVER! Yes it’s a sacrifice; I had all symptoms with hair loss (not any more), constipation, and bad taste in my mouth, not to mention when you deviate you get an upset stomach. I wanted to lose 30 pounds but that was too much for my build. I have 4 more pounds to go. I do take long walks, I do light exercising. I did hit plateau but changed it up. I NEVER in a million years thought this can happen to me… I can wear a “medium” in tops (haven’t worn s/m since my 20’s)… I’m usually a large (top heavy). I lost 6 inches chest, 6.7 inches sternum, 8 inches waist and 6 inches hips … this program may not be for some but I know it’s working for me. I also love my nutritionist; she acknowledges my emails within reasonable time and is there for me when I’m feeling desperate. Yes I’ve been on this since October but is well worth the slow pace and in time for SUMMER!!!


This diet worked for me! 118 lbs and have kept if off for a year! Stick with it and it will work for you!


Did you lose your hair? I am going to start this program tomorrow, but have read some disturbing reviews on the loss of hair. Thanks for your input!


Christina, I am 55, been on this diet for 8 weeks. Have lost 27lbs, 19 inches and have NOT had any side effects. Have NOT lost my hair…lol. I have tons of energy already and I have 100lbs to go. It’s easy for me because I live alone and do not have the food I cant have in the house so in this way its easy. Good luck it does work.


I lost on the program but didn’t stick with it. I am now wanting to give it another try. Any suggestions on sticking with it. The biggest thing was getting bored of the food and on the weekends going out with my husband to eat.

Rosemarie Bongers

Have a protein pack before you go out with your husband. You won’t be hungry. Bring a pack of zippers order salad and put them in like croutons. Bring your own dressing or have apple cider vinegar and oil on the side. There are so many ways and different ways to make this product. Get a great coach.


10mths/90lbs……stick with it. I know it’s boring, but IT WILL PAY OFF! You cannot go out to eat, unless you’re going to have JUST lettuce with no dressing. (walden farms makes a zero calorie dressing) Follow it exactly, and, it will pay off! No pain, no gain. Remember, it didn’t take a week or two for us to “gain” the weight!

  Able to lose pounds
Anonymous (Verified User)

I did ideal protein but I didn’t pay for it. I bought similar products and followed it as outlined and lost 144 lbs in 9 months.


New at this please help located some items that are not as expensive as IP

  Any ideas to make this more effective?
Terri (Verified User)

I started program 6/8/2015. I have lost 20# and 19.5 inches. I had Restricted food taken to every other day. May be too carb sensitive so too pancake from me as well. I have had a UTI been on an antibiotic. I have not cheated one time. Ideas to get pounds moving?

Rich (Editor)

Terri maybe try increasing your exercise or combining this with a new product. If not maybe you should pursue alternatives.

  . I don't use their vitamins.

I first tried the diet 4 years ago. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Kept it off for over 3 years. During the past year gained about 15-20 pounds. Had alot of ‘stuff’ going on. Went back on the program a month ago. Lost 16 pounds and 16 inches in 32 days. One has to be true to the program for it to work. The cost can get high. I don’t use their vitamins. The first time I used their vitamins, saved the bottles and find similiar products on sale at the drug store. There are many products out there that are similiar to Ideal Protein restricted items. Pure Protein brand bars are very similiar to the ideal protein bars for calories, fats, carbs and protein. One can find soy nuts, just divide the packange into individual servings using snack size zip lock baggies so that you don’t eat more than one serving. One can also find ready to use protein drinks that are similiar the their products. Just make sure that you read the labels carefully and check the calories, carbs, fats and protein amounts. It is easy and cheaper to use these products for Phase 4 (maintenance). Everyone must remember that if we go back to our old habits, the odds are we will gain the weight back. Losing weight and keeping it off usually means changes to our daily eating habits. On phase 4, you have one day a week that you can eat whatever you want. Have a very low carb day the following day. I have a number of friends who saw me lose the weight and joined the program. They were pleased with the results also. Some were even able to reduce the amount of medication they took for pain, arthritis, diabetes, etc. A couple of them had problems with their stomach prior to the program that went away while on the program. Found out that certain foods agrivated their stomach. I recommend the program. Just be true to it. If not, you will take longer to lose the weight. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, they sell frozen vegies for $1. A cheap way to get in your vegies. There will be weeks when you don’t lose any weight, but you usually lose inches. Give it time. I had a great coach. I was one of the first ones to join the program at the office where I go. In the beginning, I was their biggest loser. Since then, others have lost more. The weight came of so fast that people thought I was sick, but I felt great. Good luck to everyone.


Way to go, Diane. You are an inspiration!


One has to be true to the program for it to work. This is so true. Lost 90lbs in 10 mths. I’m up 25 lbs, and, starting it a second time before it gets out of hand. I wanted to tell you, I really enjoyed reading your post. 16 lbs, and all those inches gone in 32 days – WTG. That’s what I’m talking about! It can get so darn boring, you almost want to just grab some bread and wolf it down (LOL) but, perservierence pays off with this diet. I needed to hear your encouraging words, I know I can do this again. Hello hard boiled eggs and chicken, goodbye “size larger jeans” Thank you and best of luck to you!


Wow! Great job- u rock!any suggestions or hints for my 40lb loss?


Congratulations Diane! A lady at my office told me about Ideal Protein about a year ago, she said she and her husband were on it and he had lost about 60lbs. in 7 months. I figured I could just start eating right and loose weight. After a year I couldn’t so I figured I would try Ideal Protein. It’s been 60 days and I’ve lost 35lbs. Like you, people at work are simply amazed. My regular Doctor was so impressed, he said that he prescribes those stomack bands to people who don’t loose as much weight. My blood pressure is down, and my joints don’t hurt like they used to. More importantly, I am in the habit of planning my meals, cooking, and being more conscious of what I am eating and drinking(too many beers in the past!). I go to Costco to get Pure Protein Drinks(they’re cheaper) and if you have a Vitamin Shoppe near you, they have Quest Bars, that are high in protein, high in fiber, and no sugar. I wish you all the best! Thanks:-)


I have celiac disease and cannot have any gluten (wheat, rye,barley). Please let me know. Thanks, Becky Wilson

  cheaper someplace else

I am thinking of the IP program but was wondering what kind of supplements do coaches have you guys on? Do you buy them through their office or have you found them cheaper someplace else?

Devon (Editor)

Hello, If you would like more information on other products this company offers, we’ve listed their conatct information in this review’s Q&A section.

   I ate one of the snack bars

My tongue was numb after I ate one of the snack bars

  They tell me it will come back,
Sherry Schulte

Love, love, love the way I feel. Healthier than I have been in 30 years. Hate the way my hair continues to fall out. They tell me it will come back, I would like to hear from someone who has had their hair fall out and actually grow back! I am going to be bald if this continues! Very stressed!


Sherry, Several years ago I went on a strict carb restricted, high protein and veggie detox diet. I lost all my fat, relatively quickly, but like you I also lost about 2/3 of my hair. I think it happens as a result of your system going into detox shock. However, be encouraged, it will grow back in. I started taking biotin supplements and my hair grew back in, thicker and wavier than before. I now have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever had in my life and I’m 60 years old!


I was on IP a couple of years ago and dropped 60lbs in about 5 months, soon after I literally lost half of my hair. I somehow got pregnant very quickly and since had the baby, 10 months later I am back on IP and I’m wondering if I will lose hair again


Several years ago I was on Ideal Protein, and yes I lost alot of hair. It has grown back, but so has my back side… but it isn’t the program, it is me going back to my old habits. Considering going back to Ideal Protein and phasing out like the program recommends. That was a step I missed.


might be your thyroid it happened to my neice

   It's not a diet.. It's a life style!
J wi (Verified User)

Started at 351.3 lbs on May 20th 2013. Stuck to the program to the letter. Not ONE. cheat. By September 25th I weighed in at 238 lbs.
the program works. I lost over 90 total inches from my body. With the right coach and clinic you will succeed!
Best part is. Did not work out at all. (Well, 30 min. One week on a treadmill!) worst week results of the summer. Your body cannot burn both ends of the stick. I am a perfect stranger to you all…I PROMISE.. If you stick to the plan you will reach your goal. God bless and welcome to your new life!
And for anyone wondering.. I DO NOT work for ideal protein. I am a husband and father with a great future due to this life style! It’s not a diet.. It’s a life style!


90 lbs/10 mths. I’m inching back up again, starting a second time. I just wanted to say Congrats to you! I know what goes into it, getting there noshing on lettuce, green beans, and shakes. Going to bed early, thinking of really good food and beating yourself up. But you know what? You forget all those times when you can zip your jeans, room to spare, and people actually tell you you look younger. Not to mention feeling like a million bucks and could walk to China and back. Thank you for sharing your story. This diet is truely a miracle. To lose all the weight and not have as much sagging skin, all the celulose…….GONE! I’ll be checking back here…..your posts give me support! Good Luck and Thanks again!

   I just needed a break.

I did IP 3 years ago for 9 months and lost 45 lbs. After about 4 months it was very difficult to stay on it because of how restrictive it is. If you have alcohol it takes a while to get your body back into it. I quit before phase 4 because I just needed a break. Over the last 3 years I’ve been off and on the diet finally gaining all the weight back. :/ Now I need to get back on because I know it works. However having trouble getting through the first days and giving into cravings. If you do it, stick it out through all the phases and don’t fall back into old habits! Good luck.


kathy – this diet puts your body into “Ketosis” when you cheat (go eat pizza for dinner for example) it takes 3 days to get your body back into ketosis. Not good to toggle back and forth…..strict diet, but, when your body is in ketosis, remember, you are buring ONLY fat, not muscle! 😉 I believe you are either on it, or you’re not. no gray, no happy medium. Good Luck to you~

   portion control is not my strong point.
Gail (Verified User)

Week 1 – just started and in 4 days, I have lost 8 lbs. My goal is 75 by year-end. I know the weight loss will slow some. I have friends that have lost as much as 65 lbs and have kept it off for 2 years. I think with any nutrition program – it’s about how you change your eating habits. To think you can lose the weight and go back to the same old way of eating – is going to pack those pounds back on and add them as fat. I’ve tried Weight Watchers a bunch of times and kept 50 lbs off for a couple of years – but ending up gaining it back when I stopped paying attention. For me, WW offers too many options and I fool myself into thinking I can eat anything – portion control is not my strong point. IP is expensive however you need to consider where you aren’t spending money (Dunkin Donuts coffee $14 per week, Lunch at work $50) and then I ate out a bunch during the week. In this case – it’s the IP foods $95 and then my veggies and nightly cooked protein. Maybe a little more expensive than break even – BUT I AM WORTH IT and so is my health. There are options for buying the vitamins / supplements elsewhere and I will do so. The office I go to is run by a cardiologist (full medical office). The initial cost was $300 for 28 IP food packets/ready made products, all of the supplements and all of the office health coach visits – other than new IP products – there are no additional office visit costs.

lee zim1

I am thinking of going on this diet the 2nd week of November, I have about 50-60 lbs. to lose…any advice. I have tried many diets, weight watchers being the last, I feel like the “Oprah Winfrey” of diets, been on them all. Want this to work, but really need the kickstart to keep me going…any advice would be welcome.


I have been on IP for 7 weeks and have lost 23.8lbs, and lots of inches. I have never dieted before, but after hitting 30, stress, kids, and eating on the run packed on the weight. I had to do something, something simple, and quick. I love this diet. I find its easy to stick to, and have had incredible results. I average over a 3lb weight loss per week by stickging to the diet. I personally don’t make fancy recipes with the packets. For a mom on the go, I find its easier to have premade shakes, and the snacks to keep me on point. It is somewhat pricey to sign up, but for what you get, its well worth it. Sticking to a strict diet is hard, but feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, tearing up when I tried to buy new clothes, and worrying about my weight was harder. I love my results and intend to keep going until I reach my goal weight. I have another 30lbs to lose. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who is serious about getting healthy!

   nice article.
Mary Smith

Hey, I thought this was a nice article. Apreciate you posting.


Has anyone had LONG TERM success (like years) on this program?

  No doubt it works !
TINAL (Verified User)

About 2 years ago I heard from a few different friends about Ideal Protein. They were successful on the diet however they warned me that the food was horrible. The cost is not an easy thing to swallow, especially if you are still needing to buy food for a family. I lost 48 lbs in 16week. The diet works, there is no doubt about that, I know lots of people it has worked for. What I don’t know is anyone who has kept the weight off, and this includes the owner of the clinic who constantly yo-yos up and down, and not by a little. She gets the food for free, so no big deal for her. Sad story short, here I am 2 years later at least as big as I was and maybe a little bigger. You can say I went back to eating the same way, but honestly my clinic did not do a great job of phasing me off the diet, I was given the golden rule of never eat fats and carbs in the same meal. By the end of year one, I had gained back 20 lbs. Ironically, I am considering trying it again, as I know it does work, and although I missed GOOD food, I wasn’t hungry during my 16 weeks. Just missed the social aspect of food and drink

  I lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks !
Doreen (Verified User)

I have lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks. I am happy with the program except in the last week I only lost 1 pound. I had some orange cranberry tea. Could that have taken me out of ketosis. Also had 1/2 ounce of cheese,

Cameron (Editor)

That alone won’t cause you to slow down. Naturally after five full weeks your body could be getting used to your regimen and it may start to plateau. Find ways to swtich it up with your work out or diet.


Are there any ideal protein coaches in Harrisburg pa area?


I have been on this diet for 2 week lost 8 pounds first week and 5 second week. But haven’t lost any weight the last couple of days and haven’t cheated. is this normal?


Yes it can be, depending on how close you get to your goal weight (within 10 lbs) it seems to get a little harder. Also, keep an eye on your carbs. If you are having items like the chocolate shake that are higher in carbs (not resticted) and a restricted item in the same day you may want your third pack to be relatively lower in carbs to compensate. ie blueberry/ pom grenada




Terri – I have been on this diet for a little less than one month – total weight loss so far 14 lbs. The 3rd week – last week – I stayed the same for 4 days – I switched around the veges and ate fish for two days and am back losing again.

  Ideal Protein
Gena (Verified User)

Not only was I a client I am now a counselor as my part time job. Because I see what the program does and with the right clinic you DO learn all information. The clinic I go to is very imformative, and we actually discharge people who are not following the program properly. We are not interested in being a grocery store but want people to see results and learn how to incorporate healthy choices into their lives going forward.

  I am amazed
Toni (Verified User)

I have been on Ideal Protein for four weeks. I have lost 15 pound and 14 inches. I find that if people find it boring, that is your own fault. With each video comes a recipe and with the soups and vegetables, a person can get very creative. The weight lose had been gradual and that is good. I am amazed at how the inches come off. Time to start getting rid of “fat” clothes.


I agree Toni, if people are finding the program boring they need to spice it up. Put some effort into finding recipes. If you have joined the program through a clinic you will be provided with the needed tools. You can also look on line – Pintrest I have found a lot of recipes. I am going to try to make the muffins for breakfast as I’m going camping. Want to keep things simple. A little planning can go a long way. I have only been on program a week and have lost 4.6lbs and 4 inches.

  I love this program
Connie (Verified User)

Tell us your thoughts about Ideal Protein. I joined Ideal Protein April 25, 2015 still working towards my goal in the last 10 months I have lost 110 lbs. I love this program and the variety of foods and enjoying my new ways of cooking. My family has all lost some extra weight just with eating the same dinners as me. My husband has also decided to follow the program with me. He has witnessed first hand the different in my health in so many ways, I haven’t even had a cold or the flu in the past 10 months. I am 51 and this summer I still won’t be wearing a bikini but I will be smaller than I was in my teens. The first few weeks was hard, then every day started getting better and easier by the time I hit my six months the struggles subsided and I have been able to replace my old bad eating habits with new food prep and health cooking hobbies. Loving Ideal Protein from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

  Has anyone else experienced an elevation in blood pressure?

Has anyone else experienced an elevation in blood pressure?


Anytime I stop eating junk and start eating properly my blood pressure goes down but about four weeks into the program my blood pressure went up quite a bit. Don’t know why. Also by week 5 I cant have a bowel movement without dulcolax. I’m in constant discomfort. Anybody else having this problem?

Your mom

Yes, severe constipation, second or 3rd time in 3 month. I’m trying Premiere Protein and quest bars (much more protein, and my own evening meal. Can’t stand this food, and constipation. I saw somewhere the chips bind people up, After 6 packs out of 7, I can attest to that. Not healthy to be like this w/packaged food with little fiber.

  Has anyone ever had a soy reaction or any other side effect?
Ginger Nickel (Verified User)

Has anyone ever had a soy reaction? Rash starting on legs, then up on forehead, and checks. Fever blisters on it for 2 weeks.

  Where can I buy the products Ideal Protein and the supplements online?

Where can I buy the products Ideal Protein and the supplements, online

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Elena you could simple find information regarding all your inquiry in our Q&A.

I was told the brand Peelu at Health food stores. It is sweetened with xylitol.

I was told the brand Peelu at Health food stores. It is sweetened with xylitol.

  I have done it twice and got sick going off of it.
Lori Mack (Verified User)

This is a very expensive diet! I have done it twice and got sick going off of it. If you can’t live on that regimen forever it messes up your metabolism and when you gain it back it is in the belly and the inches go on very quickly when you go off of the program.
There is a protein drink, Protein Power, and they have bars that are good as well, they have them at Sam’s and Costco and they are much cheaper. We now do those for breakfast and good old Weight Watchers. Really, you are what you eat, eating right and exercise are the only healthy way to lose and keep it off. 🙂 have a great one!


That is the sugars messing with your digestive system making you bloated again…


what are the bars you get?


I agree

Anne Ragusa

I began to research internet for the exact reason that has been stated by another ideal protein dieter. I agree with Lori Mack. I went on the IP diet too and lost approximately 20 lbs. once I stopped the diet it seriously messed up my metabolism and all the weight plus more came back…. All the weight ended up in my belly area making my belly look so big that I look like I’m 8 months pregnant. I did not look like this at all prior to starting IP diet. Beware!


Prior to Ideal Protein I lost 10 pounds under my own steam and then my weight-loss stalled. I had my annual physical at that time, and mentioned I’d been dieting for a month and after the initial water loss – nada. So they put me on ideal protein. Yes, it’s pricey, but yes – its offset by the food I’m not buying. Some of the food is yucky, but I’ve been pro-active on social media and have been creative as far as I can with the meal packs, although be careful – some recipes are really only okay for maintenance. I have had some constipation, but I don’t drink nearly enough water so I guess that’s my own fault. When I eat out my friends know I need to go to restaurants that serve the food the diet allows. When I eat at friends I tell them my restrictions and if they’re not sure what to do – I carry a back-up shake. My friends know how much this means to me and are understanding. All in, I started at 250lbs and am down to 225lbs. Since starting Ideal Protein the loss has been a consistent 2 pounds per week, which I am told is normal. Do I want to toss it out the window and eat and drink all the wonderful things I used to? Absolutely. But I know where that leads – and I am loving how I look and feel (weight, hair, skin – all improved.) I wish you all luck on your journeys – kudos to everyone trying out there.

  I love the products, some more than others.
Debbie (Verified User)

While I love the products, some more than others, I find it to be very expensive with the new price hike. Most of the products are now $4.00 a serving/$28.00 a box. This food has made it very easy to stick with the plan, but as weight loss slows the financial burden becomes an issue. Happy dieting!


Really?? $4 a meal is expensive. Last time I check, a salad bowl at Chipolte is $12 with a bottle of water. Thats three IP meals. I would discover the true reason for not reaching your goals instead of blamming the tool.


I was using Ideal protein and in the first week I lost about 5 pounds in the first. It really works well and it helps to lower your sugar levels if you are diabetic. Overall, I lost a total of 20 pounds. I went from wearing a size 8 to a 6 and a 4. Once I got to the size 4 I stop myself. I did not want to be that thin. This product really works and yes it is really expensive. I will be staring it again really soon.

   I feel amazing
Dinkydee718 (Verified User)

I started this diet on Dec 1, and as of today, I am down almost 13 pounds! Just about halfway to my goal. I feel amazing and have not been hungry at all. The only negative I have found on this diet is that you really need to plan ahead. If you are going out for a spontaneous meal and already ate your ‘regular food’ meal for the day, you could be stuck eating nothing but salad! I should add that I hate salad and have been able to stick with the diet without eating lettuce even once!

  Are there any Ideal protein stores near Carlisle, PA?
Linda Smith

Are there any Ideal protein stores near Carlisle, PA?


I am on the IDP program, in my second week..lost 12.4 lbs in the first week. I don’t think you can buy the products at a store, you have to be monitored through a Doctors office. I have an IDP program Coach at my Doc’s office.


There is one in Hanover Pa on Fredrick street

  it's difficult in the beginning but worth the suffering!
Bbrouge (Verified User)

Have seen numerous comments concerning low energy levels and nausea at the beginning of phase I, your body is in ketosis. Simply it is the natural process to convert body fat into energy; these negative feelings end after the first week.
If you must eat extra because you are hungry eat an IP product,…..lettuce or vegetable. Yes….it’s difficult in the beginning but worth the suffering!!!! Cheers and good luck!!!!

  I lost 60 pounds and also my half hairs too.
Onmyway (Verified User)

I have lost 60 pounds on Ideal Protein and my hair has recently been falling out like crazy. In about a month, I have lost about half of my hair and it is very see through to my scalp. I have been told to add antioxidants and also to move to phase two incorporating more real food nutrients before reaching my goal weight. I have 20 more I would like to loose. I am loving my new body, but, have had to resort to adding hair pieces and extensions to cover up my hair loss. Very very upsetting and stressful. Congrats on your weight loss as well!


I lost hair doing the Medifast diet and it didn’t grow back. I also developed leg cramps with it.


were you taking all the supplements that they require?


I lost 30 pounds and a lot of hair. I went off the diet!!!!!


Did your hair regrow after going off the diet?


Walmart has hair skin nail pill. It work for me. I am on phase 1.

  Could someone tell me the best place to go in the Austin, Texas, area for IP? Also, do some cost more at different sites?

Could someone tell me the best place to go in the Austin, Texas, area
for IP? Also, do some cost more at different sites?


Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology. One in Austin and Roundrock


I go to Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology in Round Rock


I don’t live in the Austin, Texas area but my IP location in Idaho charged $70 for the first consultation then we had to buy the food and vitamins. Seems like some locations are taking advantage by charging so much!


I’m getting my products from Austin Thyroid and Endocrinology on Park Street near Mopac and Parmer.


There’s a website nashuanutrition.com they have nutri thin products with all the ingredients and everything listed. It’s the same as ideal protein but taste better and is 12 dollars a box of seven meals. Pancakes are delicious compared to ideal protein they are awful.


The fact that they do not even list the ingredient list on any of their products is huge red flag.


This is not true. The ingredients are on the IP boxes

  it off 22lbs but Im without energy.
Cherrie Tuttle (Verified User)

C.Tuttle I started 4 wks ago and it 22lbs off but Im without energy

Barb Whiteside

Yes, it can be pricey but how much is YOUR life worthI have been on IP for 14 weeks and am down 60 lbs. I have more energy than I have had in 10 years. Incidently I am 65 years old this week.

  It worked great for my husband and myself.
EStidston (Verified User)

It worked great for my husband and myself. We are 57 and 58 yrs of age. He lost 32lbs in 7 weeks and I lost 20lbs in 7 weeks. We have never felt better or healthier. As a matter of fact my arthritis has improved, hair, skin, nails and more energy.


I have been on it since May 1st and have list 86 lbs.
Find it good , still at times skittle hungry or craving things I can’t eat but have definitely kept it under control . Funny but I miss fruit !!!

  The IP program worked well for me.
whitehpe (Verified User)

The IP program worked well for me. I am 61. I lost 28 pounds and have been in phase 4 for six months.

  Does this program has any office in my area Contra Costs County?
Selam Zaid

I want to join the program around my area contra costs county


I am doing the poor man’s way on this ideal protein diet. I used EAS drinks in place of the cost for Ideal Protein foods and don’t use the program. Lost 13 lbs so far and been only 3 weeks into it. 3 protein shakes a day: one at breakfast (8:30), one for lunch with 2 cups veggies (noonish) that are approved on the ideal protein list, another one at break (3:30pm), then eat 8 oz lean meat cooked ideal protein way and 2 cups veggies on ideal protein diet list. (eat before 8pm)


what are esa products


I started a week ago on the alternative plan because of diabetes. Just switched to regular plan yesterday. Am down 4 lbs. & have some difficulty knowing what to cook. Sometimes hard to eat that many veggies. Not sure I can stick it out for all the 60 lbs I want to lose as it is very expensive. Am looking for similar alternative costing less. Am in the groove, but some of the food I don’t like & although it seems easy. Just so costly. Plus we travel sometimes & not sure how easy it will be to carry fresh veggies.


I lost 30 lbs on this a year ago and was good until xmas this year. Gained 10 lbs back. Went on it a week and went back down to where I was. I am going to try the skinny fiber for a month to see what it does. Supposed to be really good. Google it

  I am excited to get started with this.

Went to an informational meeting tonight. A local chiro and his massage therapist are going to be facilitating. A friend of mine I hadn’t seen in many years recently told me about losing 85# in 7 months 2 years ago and keeping it off. I am excited to get started with this – love all the encouraging posts here!

  Any one else had this issue with the start up fees?
Cofy (Verified User)

I started the program 6 weeks ago the start up fee was 1050.00 I was given a discount so my coach claims. Fees included a 300.00 consultant fee..300.00 for the body scan…112.00 for 4 boxes of food. 55.00 for the bag/shaker/folder/…120.00 for supplements. 25.00 B12 shot. $10 per month for videos. I feel like I was railroaded/taken advantage of. I was expecting somewhere around 400+- not almost $800!!. I received 15min of what the company was about in a cozy suite at the mall. granted this is my fault for not walking out and doing more cost effective research but this coach makes the whole program/company look bad. I changed coaches and they could not believe what I had been charged. they were nice enough not to charge me a consultant fee. My original coach continues to charge me 15.00 for missed appointments even though I voiced my concerns abt the charges and informed that I wished to quit the problem. Any one else had this issue with the start up fees.


Sounds like every place does it differently. I paid $300 up front which included the supplements, 10 days of food, and a LIFETIME of weekly weigh-ins/meetings with consultant. The only thing I pay for now is the IP food. The consultant even provides his cell phone number so I could text him with questions in between meetings. Find a better IP consultant.


Oh no! You were so taken advantage of……I’m so sorry to hear this. I had a groupon for $100 that took care of the initial consultation, body fat analysis and weekly fat analysis and weigh-ins for 3 months. All I pay for is food which runs about $100 per week. You should turn that “person” in by filing a formal complaint with Ideal Protein.


how would they get paid ? Im so confused… What are we supposed to pay initial. My goal was $484 total includes consultation fee of $250 for weekly meetings and weigh ins, and about 10 days worth of food. Am I getting ripped off?


That is crazy and definitely I felt ripped just paying the 519 to start but I did and in phase one week one my hubs lost 12 lbs 4 inches me 5 lbs 2 inches. I would write them a letter pleading your case and ask for some money back. My research shows 500 should be for 2 people a mos of vitamins 2 weeks of food a cup mixer and once a week check ins


Wow, expensive, I’ll say. my initial visit cost was around $258 included supplements (1 bottle each of: CalMag 120 count, Multi-Vita 60 count, Omega 3, 60 count and Potassium 60 count & also included 7 days work of IP foods (3 for each day). Weighed in every Friday, at that point IP foods for the next 7 days is $101.85. They took advantage of you, I’d be contact the Better Business Bureau, and plaster it all over social media!


I did the program last year (started in June) and only paid $150 which included a week of foods. My neighbor and I did it and we did not pay by the week either. I couldn’t have afforded what you paid.


Paid $275 start-up fee. Then they were hoping I’d spend $80 per week on “food” packets. Every week I ordered fewer. They became annoyed. Told me I was unmotivated. Screw that! I’m motivated in several ways…


I just started last week and paid 184 to start which was the cost of all my food and supplements, this week i just payed for the food which was about 84, and no consultan fee at all


OMG! the program I am on was 250.00 up front and 90 each wk.

Randy Wolters

You were ripped off by, find someone else.


Naila may I ask what state you are and where did you go, that’s the cheapest I’ve seen yet for this program.


I just started a couple of weeks ago. My initial fee was 130 that included supplements! I now go once a week and pay for food only. I have his number if I need to ask questions and videos that I didn’t pay extra for!! I’m in Louisiana.


You need to check around. One facility was charging 250 up front and 200 more after 12 weeks in addition to the cost of food. ANother was just charging the original 250 with no additional charges other than the food. The third place was charging 175 and the cost of food. I finally found a facility that only charges for the food. No additional costs and the people are so nice!They said they really want to help people lose weight and not in their pocketbooks.


my start up fee for all visits for ever was $250 which included supplements and food. I went through my nature pathic dr.yours seems really high.


i havent started yet, but our cost is 280 ish for startup, then 85.05 per week after. startup includes supplements, body scan, a week of food plus a bit extra and an hour of consult. if there is a place to report this individual, report him/her. you can quit whenever you like. if they have your credit card, cancel it and dispute all charges.

  What is the jello thing you do every other day?
brenda (Verified User)

what is the jello thing you do every other day. I have flabby arms and legs
now too since loosing weight. (I have lost 24 lbs and 20 inches, but skin is
getting flabby. Maybe the jello will work. Thanks


What about jello

  Do they have any programs for people in rural areas or are you required to go the the Dr every week?

I am very interested in the program but the nearest clinic is about 100 miles away. Do they have any programs for people in rural areas or are you required to go the the Dr every week?


Brani, I live about 80 miles away from my clinic and I went once a week for two months and then after that I go once a month, and they mail my food to me. Maybe you could call and ask for some options.

  Are there any other Type 1's out there that have tried the program with any success?

Am a insulin dependent type 1 diabetic and thinking about starting the IP diet. Are there any other Type 1’s out there that have tried the program with any success???


I am a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. I have been a diabetic for 33 years now. While on this diet I had the best blood sugar readings in my life as well as my blood pressure went into the normal range. The advice I would give you is to insure your Basal rate is correct. I have been on the diet for about 3 weeks now and I am just getting them correct. My wife is on the plan and she lost 20 lbs and 17 inches in 4 weeks.


I am a type 1 and have been on the Ideal Protein Alternate Phase 1 now for a month. I as well wear an insulin pump. I am still struggling to adjust my basals. I am finding I am requiring more insulin and my sugars have been elevated. I am also discouraged by my minimal weight loss – I have lost 4.5 pounds in a month. I do not have any hunger and the food program keeps me satisfied. I am hoping the results in the future improve and my blood sugars can be brought down and maintained at a better level.


Were you able to get rid of your pump? How are you blood sugars now?

  Is that program available in Laredo, Texas?

i live in Laredo, Texas. Is that program available here ?

Devon (Editor)

Hello Maryann, This product is available online. You can find more information on ordering from this company in this review’s Q&A section.

  I've sharp pain in my left temple with it, any ideas what is causing this?
Judy (Verified User)

I have been on IP for 2 months and have lost 20 lbs. I have started having problems with a sharp pain in my left temple when I get up from sitting or bend over? Any ideas what is causing this?

Devon (Editor)

Hello Judy, I would recommend you stop using the product, and consult your physician before continually using IP.

  Does it works for 65 age people having some health issues?
Brenda (Verified User)

I’ve talked to my gyn and he has a reg dietician in clinic they do ideal protein.My question are there any of you at least 65 with some health issues? I can walk very slowly on a treadmill.I am a heart patient & its very necessary that I drop this weight.I hate it & don’t like myself for letting it get this way. I smoked 40 yrs.Quit & gained 60lbs. I’m to see about the program just hope its not too expensive.thanks for any help.


I have been on the program for 6 weeks and have only lost 3 pounds. I have muscular dystrophy and the chiropractor who put me on the program thinks this is why I am not losing the weight. I know I am following the program right as my husband has lost 23 lbs. The doctor agrees with me. I am following up with my neurologist to see if she can figure this out. My advice to anyone with health issues is to check with your doctor first before trying this. Brenda and Beth good luck. I hope it works out okay for you. Also, is there anyone else out there who has neuromuscular issues and have tried this program. Thanks.


I just went to a seminar last night. They mentioned they did not want you to exercise at all. Some light walking is OK but because of how the diet works and the associated nutrient intake, no exercise is their recommendation. Also, while they do recommend it for folks with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, they indicated there was a strict protocol to determine if those with heart conditions could participate. Initial fees were $430 ($190 administrative fee after a $100 discount and the rest was for a starter box of 30 food packets and a couple other things I can’t remember) and $29-35 per box of food and you’d need three boxes each week. They didn’t say anything about consultant fees and fees for scans, office visits, etc. so the information here about that is enlightening.


Brenda, I thought I was reading myself writing! I have the same issues. It would be nice to have someone that has tried the Ideal diet let us know how they did and the cost. Good luck to you.


Nancy, If the coach runs and hides it is the coach that has a problem. You are not an embarrassment. A good coach would try to help you out. See if there is somewhere else you can go for this program if you continue. You did great.


Went through the program also. Gained all the weight back. It came back all around the waist and abdomen area. I work with four other people and the same thing happened to them. Very expensive and really would not do it again. Good old fashion exercise and eating right would be the best.

  Does anyone know if its okay to just do the premade shakes.alone and not any of the soups?

Does anyone know if its okay to just do the premade shakes.alone and not any of the soups?


You do not need to include soups; they are simply a product option. I personally ‘drink’ all my Ideal Protein. I have an intolerance to dairy and wheat/gluten, so I’m limited to the drink products that contain whey protein isolate or hydrolyzed collagen protein.


I also have a dairy and gluten allergy and am struggling to find products I can eat. I just started IP today. Any recommendations would be appreciated! 🙂


My body easily tolerated the following IP drink products: Pink Lemonade, Blueberry-Cranberry-Pomegranate, Pineapple-Banana, Orange, Peach-Mango, Iced Tea, etc. Your center has an ingredient list for all products and should be able to help you decide which products are more suitable for you. Please note, most of these drinks contain whey protein isolate vs. whey protein concentrate. Most individuals with a dairy intolerance can tolerate the isolate, but you’ll need to test for yourself to see how your body responds.

  I lost 5 lbs the first week and 3 lbs the second week
crystal (Verified User)

I am on my third week. I lost 5 lbs the first week and 3 lbs the second week. I have lost several inches and feel much better. I have much more energy and don’t feel exausted after work anymore. My goal is to lose 50lbs. I would love tips, recipes, ideas, and even just a “you can do it” kind of support. I am 5’9 and 241 at my first weigh in. Good luck to all.


8 days in. We returned ALL THE FOOD and stick w drinks and bars. If I never see another salad or cucumber if be a happy girl! In the process of making an online recipe book and will share shortly! Just a few tips… Red pepper purée makes great pizza sauce for cauliflower pizza! Great over chicken or even as a soup! I have trouble il eating 4 cups of veggies a day so I eat my Protien and snack on my veggies as my snack or later after lunch! I am down 5 lb 2 inches but even that has changed my outlook and energy! My hubs is down 12 lbs 4 inches! Expensive yes… Worth it … Yes. Even eating cucumbers at our ha reunion was okay!!! Of coarse if u go off a diet you’ll gain weight back. The point is a lifestyle change not a change until… So put down those chips pour out a cup or two and limit yourself! If I could eat a bag of Cheetos right now I’d sit in my closet and do just that! With a cold diet coke to boot . 8 days 8 days and I’m alive I’m excited I’m not drinking soda and I haven’t keeled over yet!


Hi Crystal — job well down so far! I’ve been on the IP diet for a while and I love the Ready-Made drinks. They’re a bit more expensive but totally worth with a busy schedule. All you have to do is keep them in the fridge, shake, stick a straw in and you’re ready to go.

Another tip for a busy schedule is to get your meals for the next day ready the night before.

Also, if you’re a snacker and find you get hungry in between lunch and dinner, you can always spilt your veggies up so you have 1 cup with your lunch and another with your snack (or in between).

A huge breakthrough I made was not eating while watching TV and I no longer make eating a production. I think of it as: this is going in my mouth once and I won’t taste it again. I might as well eat 2 cups of celery I won’t taste again and lose the weight instead of eating a piece of cake I’ll never taste again and gain weight!

Eat to live, don’t live to eat!

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!


six days in and not much energy, how do you get your veggies in ? Im going to try steam bags like birds eye. I am trying to lose 70 lbs.


I make smoothies out of my drinks by adding 2 cups of frozen chopped spinach. The texture changes but not the flavor of the drink. I find them to be quite good and an easy way to get veggies in.


I have a busy schedule so steamed bags works best for me. I fell off the wagon the past week but determined to get back on!

jo ann

Hi Crystal It looks like we are about in the same situation I just started today
Have you found out if there is an appetite suppressant in the formulations?
Are the soups considered like the drinks?

  Has anyone lose 10-12 lbs using Ideal Protein?

Question. Has anyone done IP with only 10-12 lbs to lose? Did you lose slower or only need to do it for a few weeks before moving to the next phase? Thanks for your feedback!


I only need to lose 12. I’m almost there and will stop and I’m actually switching to paleo/primal with some phasing. I did DIY IDP (no coach/no products from IDP) with my husband. Cheaper and extremely effective.


How did you DIY? What did you eat, just protein and veggies??

  How to use it?

What is the rule on the 8oz of protein per day, can it be split up? I’ve heard both yes and no? Thanks! Lisa


Yes. It can be split up. Don’t over think the program. In Phase 1, the majority of us need to consume 3 Ideal Protein packages, 4 cups of select vegetables, unlimited lettuce, a minimum of 64 ounces of water, and 8 ounces of a ‘dinner’ protein from the time we wake up until 8pm; how and when we consume these items can vary.


I was just at my consultation yesterday, according to the specialist, yes you can break it up.

Denise Paranich

You can split up your protein. I can’t eat mor than 3 oz of meat at one tome. If I do I get nauseous. So far I’ve lost over 40 lbs in 15 weeks.

  Can drink vegetables with it?

On IP, can you drink your vegetables, a la Nutriblast emulsion?


Yes. I often blended up spinach in my shakes. Can’t even taste it

  Do diet and exercise with it.
Axel Mahlke (Verified User)

There is no magic in this diet. The American diet contains overall too much suger..everybody knows that. This diet regiments food intake in quality and quantity. People with success have subjectively more energy but measurable less energy in regards of strength and endurance (VO2max and sbasic strength endurance tests).Unless you exercise muscle mass disappears, it’s called sarcopenia and happens to all sedentary people. Diet has little impact on this. It costs a lot of money and pushes supplements which is the the real focus of this program which originated in professional athletes. I find it works intially for most people but as with most diets I notice a significant amount of people failing once they reach the maintenance phase. Many of the participants admit cheating. Conclusion: The diet works but equally spectacular results can be achieved for free. The compliance with the program is higher because the financial commitment is significant. In 10 years from now we will look at that diet with similar judgement then other diets in the past which were equally popular through testimonials.
I work as a medical exercise professional and dance the diet dance with members and participants since 1994.


What kind of products do you use to replace the IP PRODUCTS. I just shelled out 400 bucks on initial consult plus one week of food and the supplements. Can’t afford $86 per week. Gotta find some alternatives


Try nashuanutrition.com. The Protidiet products are very close to the IP products and they are even developed in Canada. I did IP with a coach for one year and lost 50lbs. Have regained a few after holidays and being really lazy with my eating in general so back on Phase 1 but this time DIY. Paleo seems like a great maintenance eating plan once weight is off.


Your yourself a food counter guide and research what has no carbs in it and go from there. I’m doing a IP-like diet with no prepackaged foods just fresh protein and veggies. I have a store bought Protein Shake that I drink cold or freeze and eat like I’ve cream. So far in almost 2weeks I’ve lost 11pounds

  Asking for price list.

would like to order your ideal protein products, where can i find them on the internet or could you send me a list and the prices. thank you mary riffe


so far this is awesome, never been on a diet before, 49 years old did not want to be 50 and 300 lbs, stayed true to the rules, lost 14 lbs in 6 days! I am 6’6″ and 293 lbs, down to 279, goal, 245lbs seen others lose 80 lbs in 4 months and keep it off, just got to maintain a healthy diet afterward, yes had headaches, dizzy, for 4 days, 5th day was better, day 10, feeling great , more alert and lots more energy, don’t feel like a pile of mush already, cant wait to get to my goal, it will be well worth it. have to also take into account the coast of all the pizza and crap food you buy, compare the price of that to the program food, im sure you will find you actually save money, nothing for nothing in life, you want it, earn it.

  Loved the product.
Karen (Verified User)

I’m sorry you threw in the towel on Ideal, it works for men and women even though men ALWAYS lose weight faster – they don’t have the hormone issues that women do – women DO lose weight on Ideal. I’ve lost 20 pounds, but more importantly to me, I’ve lost 25 inches! Yes, I’ve been on Ideal for several months but I also took a trip to Greece during this time and I’ve had several medication changes that have de-railed my efforts, my choices. If you aren’t getting good information from the doctor who supervises the program, you need to find a better doctor to supervise you. My supervising doc is AMAZING with the program and my health issues and has great answers to all my questions.


Ideal protein does work….but not for a lifetime….I lost 20 lbs. on a 4 day cruise on their spa causine…I gained 6 lbs…..a few slices of fruit, half of a sandwich for lunch a salad with vinegret. Maybe it works for men with great metabolisms?????? Not a long term solution for most women.


I also plan to stick to my daily workouts so will be burning!

  Facing side effects.
Laurakms (Verified User)

I’m on 8th day of ip. Have not cheated at all until tonight. 🙁 Lost 7 lbs first week,. Instead of getting easier, this diet gets harder and harder every day!!! I felt like I was going to faint today. No energy. Terrible mood! 🙁 Thats why I cheated and ate 5 whole grain crackers and about 8 pieces on bacon!! I felt soooo much better! Much more alert and able to cope. Feel bad I cheated but didn’t know what to do! Have two kids and husband to care for. Need energy! I tried drinking more water and distracting myself but to no avail. Bah humbug. Where is this vibrant energy I’m supposed to be feeling? Also, my consultant will not let me have any restricted items the first phase….3 weeks!!!!:(. I’m going under!!! I so badly wanted to lose 30 lbs. Discouraged and weak, Laura


I agree. I changed counselors and it makes a world of difference. Also, did they tell you to make sure you get 1/2 tsp of REAL SALT a day? I found out that when I feel a little light headed that if I put a sprinkle of salt in my mouth and sort of swirl it around it actually reduces my hunger for a while and my headache. I think the salt is important. Hang in there. It does work.


The diet does get easier. Be patient. I am unsure why you are not being allowed restricted. They are very important in the beginning to keep you from feeling like you are starving and weak. Maybe have an extra nonrestricted IP if you are having a hard time. Just do one that is lower carbs. A ready made vanilla or chocolate maybe. You may want to change counselors………..


OMG!! My daughter has started this diet and I am starting tomorrow. She has lost 22 lbs. in 5 wks. She is now a consultant and they are offering the program throught the Drs. office she works for. Your consultant is doing it all wrong . you are allowed a restricted a day. This could be the ideal bars, pickles,strawberry wafers. I could fax the Phase I list to you if you would like me to. Please don’t give up. It has worked for her and will for you and I!!!!


email the phase 1 to me please


Can you email me the diet please

  Asking for price information.
Bonnie Kramer

Please email me price information about this weight loss program.

Stephen (Editor)

Hey Bonnie, You can find more information on ordering from this company in this review’s Q&A section.

  Taste of it is horrible.
JJ (Verified User)

Does anyone else have a hard time drinking the 1/2tsp salt water in morning??? Gag reflex is terrible!! Not keeping me motivated knowing I gotta wake up and choke that down each morning. I have a very sensitive gag reflex. Any tips??


I always do an IP soup with lunch and add the 1-2 tsp of olive oil plus the 1/2 tsp of olive oil. Down 25 lbs on ideal protein so far


I have the sheet on using 1/2 tsp Sea Salt (1/4tsp for lunch, on your soup or salad, not water) and 1/4tsp for dinner on your meat or veggies. I have been on IP for 3 months and have lost 27 lbs and I am 70 years old, I have tried weight watchers and Atkins, this is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I took me a year to lose 25lbs on WW. It is so nice to have someone check your journal each week and helps to have input from them Keep at it, it is worth it. PS I went from size 16 (being very tight) to 12’s and I am thrilled.!!!


Hi you mentioned you were on ip for 3 months, what phase are you in? During htye 3 months did you move out of phase 1?

virgie T

Why are you drinking 1/2 tsp salt in the am? I am directed to only use (in my case) 1/4 salt for the whole day on my food. After six full days (24hour time periods) I realized a 6 lbs loss and 5.5 inches overall lost. This is on the Ideal Protien diet….


Add the salt to your veggies at lunch and meat or veggies at supper. Ive never been told I have to drink it in the am..


My IP office only suggested drinking it if you noticed leg cramps and it would help right away – other wise on food is the only way I do it. I lost 9.8 lbs the first week – Everyone I know has lost +++lbs on this new way of living – I feel a million times better than I did eating cookies and carbs LOL


I just completed 4th day, I feel like the worst part for me is craving the sweets, breakfast is super easy but the vegetables are very hard to get in the 2 cups…can you use crystal light?

  Loved the product.
kathy (Verified User)

I’m on day 12 – had headache and nausea day 2, then got better. Sometimes I get tired but I follow the suggestions they tell you about fatigue. Husband is on day 4. He had a headache the 1st day and a little fatigue now. Everyone is different. Expect to feel some affects from detoxing off of carbs. So far 1 have lost 10 and and hubby 4 – I know, we’re not supposed to use home scales. We both only want to lose about 20 each. Just don’t try to go out and do too much. Be prepared for some side affects but you can mitigate that. Best!


Hey Kathy! How did things go for you two? Did you lost the weight and stick to the diet? I am on week 4 and am losing my motivation. My husband is starting up with me in about two weeks and I thought him and I could do it for another 3 weeks together and then wean off. Just want to see how you did and what you think about the diet. Any meal suggestions? I am tired of all of this protein.

  Does everyone face side effects?
karley (Verified User)

Hi all, I am starting IP tomorrow and am worried about the first few days side effects of possibly feeling dizzy, light headed. Does almost everyone experience these types of symptoms?


Hi, this is 7th day on IP and I had some headaches, which was gone with some tylenol and I was very tired, at times hungry, but hot liquids such as tea helps, lot of water and I have snacks thorugh the day with pieces of broccoli or cucumber or lettuce. They help a lot. I never felt dizzy or cranky, etc. I think you have to have a positive mental attitud, that you are going to be not only skinnier but healthier and happy. Today I feel great!! Lost 5 lbs in one week and that’s ok.


Most everyone experiences these effects, its your body detoxing from the carbs and sugars


This program works. I am in week four and have lost 18 lbs. I am also 47 years old. Any cheat that is done sets you back 2-4 days of hard work, according to my coach. I plan on loosing alot more. For creative vegetable cooking, saute’ vegs in coconut oil, then sprinkle with sea salt. Yum! Also, add spinich and/or kale to a blender with ice and 1 cup of water with a drink packet and 1-2 stevia packets. You get your greens in and it is very filling!

  Loved the product.
Gail (Verified User)

I have been on IP over a year now, started in April of 2012, went on maintenance in August, loosing total of 50 lbs. I recently back on phase 1 since i gained 7 lbs back. No sugarless gum is allowed, eventho the package says 0 sugars, it can have .999 gms of sugar, and the rules say if it’s less than 1 gram you can list 0 on the ingredients.

   Facing side effects.
Deborah Pyle (Verified User)

Today is my 13th day on IP. I was extremely dizzy and light headed this am. Could my BP have dropped already? I am on a dose of 320mg Diovan. Should I go see my Dr. for a BP reading?




If you are on BP meds and on Ideal, you should check with your doc frequently. Your BP meds will need to be reduced pretty rapidly…tough side effect in that you will get dizzy but great because you will soon be off bp meds!


Hi Deborah Pyle, you are asking if you should go see your Dr. for a BP check?
Since you are in BP medication and doing this diet IP, I strongly suggest you to inform your Dr about this diet, follow your doctor’s instructions about the type and amoung of liquids you shoud drink. In some cases drinking too much can be unsafe as not drinking. Also do not forget to ask your Dr. about ussing potassium suplement or salt substitus (which is inclued in this IP diet)while you are taking this medication. I hope I help!

margaret poole

I just started ip and had my first weigh in lost 4.1 pounds enjoyed all the food. i have not had and reaction to product. My Doctor referred me to IP and I also have high blood pressure, He has me monitor my blood pressure through out the day because as you drop weight your blood pressure will drop also, suggestion let your doctor know the diet that you are on and changes that will need to be made through out your weight loss program. I am very happy with this easiest diet that I have ever tried

  Try to avoid sugar.
Kate (Verified User)

If your weight loss has slowed down examine where you might have some hidden sugar. I was eating rotisserie chicken once a week until I discovered it was injected with sugar.

  Very expensive compare to the result.
dianne (Verified User)

I am 56 and about 60 lbs over wt. I have been on this diet for 2 weeks tomorrow and have only lost 6.5 lbs. SO SLOW!!! I am following it to the letter and very frustrated. I am having ONE piece of sugar free gum a day and drink 100 ozs of water. Some coaches say that is ok and others say it is not. I think it is very expensive for this slow of wt loss.


My coach says no gum at all… I cant even have carbonated water. I have lost 29 lbs in 9 weeks and have been 100% protocol. Make sure you weigh your food before cooking and do not skip veggies!


6.5 lbs in 2 weeks, that’s 3.25 lbs a week; that’s awesome, not slow!


There is nothing wrong with losing 6.5 pounds in two weeks. Some weeks will be more and some less. I was on IP for six months (with a few breaks for vacations when I would follow specific diet changes given by my coach). Even in weeks when my weight loss was minimal, I lost inches (=fat). I lost a total of 28 pounds and 35 inches. Six months later, I am still down in weight. I have noticed that some fat has returned to my waist (1.5″). I am 61 years old, 5’5″, and 157#. I had stopped the diet before reaching the weight goal as I had lost so much fat, I was worried about looking like an “old” gym rat. I hate that look! I am now considering going back on the diet to lose another 10 pounds now that my body has redistributed the fat.
I did not experience headaches or fatigue. I continued moderate exercise and strength training while on IP and returned to regular exercise after starting phase 4.


Our consultant was very clear that any kind of sugarless anything – mints, gum – can set you back. You may want to omit these and see if that helps you.


Almost every Ideal Protein product has artificial sweeteners in it. So you really have no choice but to have them on this protocol.


Hi Dianne, Do not feel frustrated, you just started and your body needs to adjust to this diet and do not eat eny sugar free gum. etc.
Let’s talk about HOW MUCH WATER DO WE NEED?
Every day you loose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages and foods that contains water. The adecuate intake for women is 2.2 liters a day (about 9 cups a day) and for men is rougly 3 liters of total beverages a day. Do your math–>1 small bottle of water is = 16.9 oz. Hope I helped!


dianne, 100 oz of water is plenty, it is at least 12 cups of water. that’s great! stop the gum..use mouthwash instead…I was using sugar free mints and they slowed down my weight loss. your body might take a couple of weeks to get used to the diet then you will shed alot good luck


Diane,100 oz of water is not enough. You need a 10 times that much. and stay strictly on the diet

  Any cheaper price anywhere?

live I live Louisiana need to know were to go for cheaper price than the one I called it was 300.00 to start and 100 a week can anyone help me out and want to do this diet does it really work

Stephen (Editor)

More dieting options are available on the main site which we provide in the Q&A section.


The starting price is about right but it includes food for a week – then you have
89.00 a week for 2 IP meals a day and a snack for 7 days. I’m in MA and our office gave out $50.00 off if you referred a friend

  Loved the product.
LuvBuns (Verified User)

This program works! I lost about 57lbs in five months. You have to really stick to the plan and do not cheat. It can be a big battle at first since you literally go through sugar withdrawals like an addict getting off crack! However, if you are dedicated and highly motivated it will happen. I have tried to diet and exercise with little results. I also tried to implement other protein shakes and bars to mimic this program to save money, it was not effective. The products have very good absorbable protein and once you are off sugar and carbs you don’t crave it as much if not at all. You feel hunger of course but it is nice to fill myself with good foods instead of crap. Also you have to figure out your body rythm on when it starts to feel hunger so you don’t slip into starvation mode. Sticking to veggies and protein-plus drinking lots of water is just so key. It does work as long as you discipline yourself, work hard and take the time to research on creative ways to mix up the diet to keep you from getting bored or burned out. Nothing comes without some form of work.


Can you give us your ideas on how to shake things up because if is terribly boring. Would love to hear suggestions.Ps I agree with everything you said.


This is my first week on the IP and I find it to be very convenient and simple. It helps take your mind of all the food prep.
I feel the differenct already in my cloths and according to my scale I have already lost 9 LBS. I hope the rest of the weeks are as easy as the first one.

  Not good for woman.
Amanda (Verified User)

I am currently doing the Ideal Protein diet with my husband and have been on it for 58 days and have only lost 24lbs following this diet. My husband on the other hand has lost about 55-60lbs in the same amount of time.The excuse I keep getting is that men lose more weight. I don’t understand how men and women, if thats the case, would eat the same amount of food then? Also, it states “medically supervised” but what it means is a doctor is paid a lot of money to come in and sign your chart at the end of the week or they can’t stay open. I had a problem with going to the restroom so when I went and weighed in the rep called the doctor and he told me what I could do to have that happen. But then the rep emails me the next day telling me not to listen to the doctor cause he called his corporate office and they know more about what I should do then the doctor would. My last weigh in was 2lbs down in 2 weeks but my husband was at 13lbs. The Ideal Protein diet is abslutely not worth it for women in my opinion, this is a diet made for a man. Eventhough I have been assured it was “designed” for a women. I paid $500 to sign up and $100-$150 a week for the shakes not including the money I was paying for the meat and veggies I needed at home. If you have money to burn I say go for it otherwise I would try something else to start with since the info they give is not correct. I have talked with other ladies on the diet and they are having the same complaint, not a diet for women.


I understand you’re unhappy with your weight loss but everyone is different. Some people lose more, or faster than other. However, it is a fact that men lose more than women no matter what diet you’re on. Even if you eat the same things and do the same exercises, the man will always lose more/faster than the woman. If you find a diet that does the opposite I will be very surprised.

  Loved the product.
Ana (Verified User)

I started at the hardest time last Thanksgiving and ten holiday season . I saw my sister in law loose weight and her sister as well so I tried it LOST 5.8 lb first week and 1-2 lb after that … One week 3.2 lb not only that you loose inches and since I m not a cook it was super easy to mix the packs and make owlets, pancakes, drinks etc .big variety of foods sooty, sweet what ever you like
I jaut couldn’t wait for day 3 to start using my own fat as energy . I lost 20 lb and 5 of my friends started and theyAll lost more then me one is over 40 lbs , it simple and if you don’t cheat you a guaranteed to loose it. It also changes the way you eat I discovered so many veggies I like and enjoy salads with salmon chicken or meat, soups are great and tasty , puddings are awesome …. If you are thinking about it DO IT it really works.best thing you DON’T exercise …:)))))))

ideal prootein

i cant take it anymore… what IS IT with you people not knowing how to spell LOSE… with one ‘o’, not two. every damn post it’s the same moronic spelling, ‘loose’. you retards can spell lost correctly, with one ‘o’, but not lose.


Wow! Irritable is right! This diet must really suck. I am looking at it as someone thinking about trying it and I see someone with the name “ideal protein”. I automatically think you are representing the company…


Wow talk about irritability. Lighten up!
It’s just a misspelt word.


So I guess it’s okay for you to spell ‘protein’ with two ‘o’s.




Hahahahaha funny!


Hi Ana,
I started this 2 weeks ago and am about 60 lbs from where I should be. I thought the wt would come off so fast but I am only down 6.5 lbs. I am 56 and work at a desk all day. The food is good but this slow of wt loss is not good. Did they tell you not to chew sugarless gum? I have ONE a day and I wonder if that is the problem

  Loved the product.
Mary (Verified User)

Hi, Christine I dropped 30 lbs from Sept to Dec. and it is hard work to keep it off for sure. I do have my cheat days but it is so easy to get off track. It is a long time commitment

  Loved the product.
Christine (Verified User)

I am in my 5th week of ideal protein. I have lost 15 pounds and many inches all around. Truth…nothing else has helped me lose weight and it truly works. However, it is very strict. You cannot slip up even once or your body will throw itself out of kitosis and getting back into that state is not pleasant. It is very epensive. $300 to start includes vitamins and food for one week. I personally do not like the packets. If it doesn’t taste like cardboard, it is made too sweet with splenda. I live on very few packets that I can stand. I am very tired of having four cups of veggies a day, water, my precious 8 oz of protein at night. I am miserable and wondering if it is all worth it.


It’s not worth it, get a licensed dietitian and start eating real foods and make a life style change. I realized I was making dieting way too complicated and it’s really not that complicated just have to eat healthy and eat the right amounts of food.

  Ideal Protein
Your NameJack (Verified User)

I’m a 40 y.o. male and I was on this diet for 4 months and lost 50 lbs. You have to be strict with yourself on this diet otherwise you won’t be successful and it’ll be a waste of money. It’s on the expensive as i was spending close to $100 a week just to be on it after the initial $300 startup cost. Always consult a physician before starting any diet. Some doctors will even refer you to a ideal protein clinic.
I was told they don’t want you to drink any adult beverages because of the diet, your body enters ketosis and the ingrediets that are in adult beverages will throw the body out of ketosis.
Also I was warned not to exercise for at least the first 2 to 4 weeks of the diet because you are getting very low Carbs. After the initial part of the first phase you can start to exercise but have to follow the exercises on the website that they give you.

  Loved the product.
skinny (Verified User)

I went on ideal protein diet in fresno county and have lost 29 lbs in 3 months. It has been worth every penny. Meals turn out to be $90/week however this replaces majority of your groceries because it includes at least 21 meals each week. They also meet with you once a week for weigh in and measurments. I had tried everything and nothing had worked as best as this diet. The Fresno/clovis office that provides ideal protein is the best. They have kept me on track even when I wasnt doing my best. Give it a try


Where in Fresno can you get the Ideal Diet Plan Im looking….THanks

  Why do you loose hair on this diet?
Dixie (Verified User)

Why do you loose hair on this diet? How much will you loose and will it grow back? Concerned.

An IP Dieter

When you’re in ketosis you are burning fat and old hormones that get trapped in the fat can be released. It (hair loss)didn’t last long for me.


How do you know when you are in Ketoisis?

Devon (Editor)

You can use a ketone pee tester or sometimes when people are in Ketosis their breath changes to either a “fruit” or “metallic” one.


The ketone pee test do not work. I’ve been on the diet for 6 months and I love it. Its a lifestyle change. I have lost 60 pounds and 27 inches, bmi 46 to 36 and body fat 10.6. You have to have a mind set you want to change. I had 3 people join and love the program.


You shouldn’t be loosing hair. You know there’s alot of soy in this food which will mess with your hormones. You may need to see if you have allergies to soy or the dairy in the food. They both can cause hair lose.

  How much gelatin need to eat each day?

How much gelatin did you eat each day to ward off the flabby skin? Thanks!


I never was told about the jello and that it reduces flabby skin? Could someone comment?

Hank Daly

This seems to be the problem with people on the diet, they don’t pay attention to the benefits that come to them every day! I have received an e-mail video each day from Ideal Protein with important and usefull information and one of the videos addressed the problem of loose skin. It specifically said that the jello and the Blueberry drink had collagen that improves skin elsticity.


I lost 40lbs as did my husband. We have maintained that weight or over a year and have not felt deprived. This diet is like any other in the way that it is a “lifestyle” change. If you plan to go to your old eating habits you can expect to regain. IP just helps you get to the desired weight in really a no nonsense way. Best diet plan I have ever been on!


The Blueberry, Cranberry, Pomegranate drink is also a collagen protein source.

An IP Dieter

The jello has collagen in it to help tighten the skin as you loose weight.

Rich from Richland

Collagen in the jello helps your skin spring back. Reading various sources on the internet you should give your body 6 months to take care of loose skin before even considering surgery.

Stephen (Editor)

New to us too. Tell us more.


I was told only the raspberry jello helps with sagging skin. You should only have two packets a week, but you can have cherry jello the rest of the week because it doesn’t contain collagen.

  Suggested to discuss with doctor.
Shery (Verified User)

Check with your Dr. and ask about more potassium supplements. I had the same debilitating problem – it was just a shortage of potassium. When I get weak and nauseous, I take 9 (95 mg) tablets every 20 min. until I feel better. Don’t do it longer (which is even worse for your health!)

  I loved it enough
Teresa (Verified User)

This is my second round with Ideal Protein. I had huge life changes that required I get off the program before I was done. I loved it enough to go back. The review makes me giggle. Restricted diet; check! Limited food sources; check. Restricted amount of food: check. That’s what it’s about! I am overwieght because of my food choices and quantities. My first time I was so successful that I am back………my goal is 100lbs and I am confident I will reach that goal. Bonus, while I eat this way my body feels clean, I think more clearly, I have greater amounts of energy and I am positive. I love it.
Cost: $100 a week for meals replacements and then your protein and veggies. I really don’t think this is expensive. I have seen other much more. I challenge any overwieght person to demonstrate they spend less than $600 a month on unhealthy food. AND $200 for veggies and protein (beef, chicken, pork) is eating really good, organic, grass fed beef/chicken and pork. Not budget shopping.
So, I respectfully disagree. You want to lose weight? This works.

  Loved the product
Ruth (Verified User)

I am 55yo, weighed 193lbs started IP in July 2012 and lost 50lbs by Nov. Absolutely love this diet, tell everyone i can but it is difficult to get food or a health coach in certain areas. Would like to be the distributor and health coach as I have it down to a science. I feel the water part if this diet is crucial, I bought a 32oz container and drink one by 12 noon, one by 6pm and one by bedtime. It makes a huge difference. I also chop all my veggies(love it) and make the most awesome salads…This was life saving for me, high cholesterol, high bp, beginning diabetes and now am healthy as a 25yo and look it. No flabby skin(use the jello every other day) and no excercise…I did the gym for 2 straight years and didnt loose 2 inches. I have lost 8inches in my legs and went from size 16 to a size 7….Dont cheat and you will see the results you want easily! The cost is worth the lifetime of health!!!


Hi Ruth, just started ID and doing well but getting bored with my food. Noticed you said you made some awesome salads. Would you be willing to share some salad recipes with me. Might make life easier for me on the plan. Cheers


Ruth, if you can drink so much water, you do not need to diet! Save 1000 a month!!!


This diet not only teaches you how to eat right, it is healthy! Just because you did not have self control does not mean it wont work for others. If you eat the wrong foods but cut the calories and lose weight the fat lose is minimal.

  Seeking suggestion how to take it.

Today was my first day – Since I love vegetables, it’s not hard for me to eat them all. Wondering what sugar-free chewing gum any of you chew on this program. I know xylitol is not allowed. Suggestions? Thank you!


Pur gum is sugar free and aspartame free


Orbit was the suggested chewing gum at my clinic. Good luck~


Thank you, Anon! I did end up chewing Dentyne Spicy (cinnamon), which I love!( I was told chiclette type gum is good.)

  Where to start the product?

I want to get start on ideal protein where do I start

Devon (Editor)

Hello Dorothy, please refer to this review’s Q&A section for more information on contacting the company.

  Suggested how to take it.
Shanon (Verified User)

Drink your water with a straw.

Add lemon slices or mint.

I started drinking my water at room temp. and find that had helped me.

Good luck.

  Need information about taking this

So what are the mg’s in the protein we are supose to drink?

Devon (Editor)

Hello Karen, please refer to this review’s Q&A section for more information on contacting the company.

  I feel so awesome
Anne (Verified User)

I was on Ideal Protein the first time and lost over 50 lbs easily. I then phased off for the summer and gained some back and went back on it to lose what I had gained and about 10 lbs more. I again phased off of the diet and have gained back 30 pounds 🙁 However, I am back on tomorrow and plan to stick to Phase 4. My sister actually runs the program locally, so we have about 10 family members and friends who have done it and the ones who have kept it off have stuck to Phase 4. You just can’t mix carbs and fats everyday! But I am excited to get back on, you feel SO AWESOME and have so much energy and my hair, nails and skin just glow! Good luck everyone!

  This keeps me on track
Susan (Verified User)

I am a 53 yo female, I weighed 213.8 pounds when I started this program on November 30, 2012. Today is December 26, 2012 – almost 4 weeks later, and I have lost 25 pounds and almost 20 inches.
The most difficult thing about this program is getting the vegetables in. There is a very limited number of vegetables you are allowed to eat, and you must eat 4 cups a day. There is also a very limited supply of ingredients to cook the veggies. I end up eating most of mine raw.
But I can stick with it for the next 3 or 4 months – to lose the 70 – 80 pounds I need to. Yes, the program is expensive, but if I keep in mind how expensive it is to eat poorly and all the health risks and discomfort my weigh causes, it’s worth it. And the cost definitely keeps me on track, I don’t want to have to pay more then necessary.


Just started IP 4 days ago, and need to lose 70 lbs. I’m a little confused about how much protein to eat at the dinner meal- is it 8oz or 5-8 oz (range)? There is a conflict in two of the info sheets provided, and am wondering if you are doing 8oz or less. Your success is inspiring- appreciate any tips.


Phase 1 calls for 225g (8 oz.) of one dinner protein…weighed before cooking.


We were told 8 oz. of approved protein at dinner. That’s a lot of food and you can split it between meals. We have seen significant weight loss and inch loss eating this amount.


I lost 30 lbs in 2 1/2 months and since I am not a meat eater I ate 4 to 5 oz of meat at dinner. Mostly chicken. I am not good with red meat

  Can I eat ham?
karen (Verified User)

can you eat ham on the ideal protein diet?



  Questions about drinking

what do you do when you want to have a drink on the program

Cameron (Editor)

The diet regimen for the program is fabricated to provide maximum results. It is always important that you consult with your physician to ensure that you are capable of proceeding with the diet program.

  Where can we find this?
Mary Kay Richardso

Provider/doctor in the Phoenix, Arizona

margaret poole

have a son that lives in scottsdale az.
do you know of a provider in that area? If you have gout is this diet good for you?

  Need information about food preparation
Sandy (Verified User)

Do you weigh the food before or after cooking it on this diet?


You weigh your meat before cooking and also measure out your veggies before cooking.


Almost all diets use pre-cooked weights…

  Expensive but it works
tom (Verified User)

I was on the program for 7 months i have lost 101 pounds i went on boot camp. in the program im 5’10” male 39 years old i love the program . it is exspencive but it works no exersise to this point. there is aplace in walla walla washinton.

  So much happier now
Cher (Verified User)

I started Ideal Protein in the first week of October 2012, as of today I am down 36 lbs, my goal is to hit 50 by the end of the year! I am a little tired of salads and like a small amount the veggies. I am doing it though and I am not going to whine about anything. I have quite a bit to lose and it is so worth it. Stick to it, it works and I am so much happier than I was!

  See huge difference!
Erin (Verified User)

I started this program 2 years ago and gave up after a week, I did however lose 9 pounds. I started again November 15 and have now lost 11 pounds. I find the diet is easier once you look up fun recipes! The diet is pricey but it cuts the cost of the gym (you don’t work out on this diet). Everyones coach is different, mine saying I can cut out 1 IP pack every other day and substitute for egg whites. Which brings the cost down! Just remember it’s all mind over matter, stick to the diet and don’t cheat, you’ll see a huge difference! 🙂


Where did you find the fun recipes?


where do i find recipes?

  Deed Divine Intervetion
Christina (Verified User)

Hi, I am struggling with my weight loss which is very slow. I am hungry all the time. I have asked the Lord for help each day but am failing at this. Please pray for me.I need diven intervention too. Blessings.


All you need is strong will power. Just do one day at a time. The results will be amazing.

  Good post care diet
dixie chick (Verified User)

this diet is pricey but does work very fast… I lost 70lbs in 4 mths…the problem was the maintenance – I went back to bad habits and gained it all back!!! I did not have good post diet care – anyone else have better luck?

  Questions about the vitamins

getting ready to start ip diet what are the vitamins they talk about you have to take and what are they for


Calcium, potassium, multi-vitamin and Omega 3s. The suppliments help to make up for the nutrients found in the foods you WON’T be eating during the first phase of the protocol, and they’re essential for good health.


How much is one bottle of cal/potassium and the cost of one container of real salt?


The IP salt is a pretty large container and would last quite a while. It was $4. The Cal/Mag is 120 pills for $21, and the Potassium is 60 pills for $9.

  Try it, it works!

I just started IP yesterday and so far I have lost 3 pounds. Today I feel like I want to snack but I’m fighting through it. I’m afraid of the cost but I know I need to get my health in check. I plan on going for three weeks and then looking on amazon to get some of the food I like. Great thing about my coach is that she has everything in her office and u can mix and match your food to try everything. Try it it works!

  Why did it slow down?
robin (Verified User)

i am starting my 3ed week on the ip diet, my first week i lost 7.4 lbs the 2nd week i only lost 2lbs, why did the weight loss slow down?


The first week will always be a larger number. You are losing all your water and bloating. Do not get discouraged with the pounds lost, mark the inches lost! 3 pounds average, that’s what you should be losing. you are doing awesome!

  What product is it?

Is this Isagenix you are talking about?

  Make sure to follow instructions
nancy (Verified User)

They tell you right at the first meeting that you can not cheat and if you are not losing on this diet then you are cheating and they don’t want to let you waste there time or your money if you are not going to follow the directions.

  Is this good for people with Diabetes?

…How is the weight loss going? Went to a talk tonight…..am 58 years old, on the edge of diabetes… thinking about doing this program…Thanks for your thoughts!Richard

  Lost weight without exercise
NICOLE LUZ (Verified User)


  Worked for my daughter and son-in-law
Victoria (Verified User)

My daughter and son-in-law have been on the IP for 2 weeks . They love this program…my daughter lost 25lbs in 3 weeks..feels this is the perfect diet for her and her husband ..her husband lost 70lbs…as well….I am so happy she has found the right plan…to everyone doing this IP, it works !!!!! Best to you all who are on this plan….very wonderful support team “!!!!!

  Where can I get this diet plan?
Sandy owens

who in san diego can I go to for this diet plan


i know another fantatsic diet plan ! the number 1 weight loss and fitness platform !


Can you share you exiting 90 day challenge

  Diet is easy and it really works
cc (Verified User)

I’m 56 yr old female. Been on IP for 11 weeks – lost 35 lbs and approx 35 inches. so 3-4 lbs/week avg Started 256 – now 221 – i’m 5’11”. Goal is 200 lbs. Diet is fairly easy for me as I’m on the go and work late – grab the packets and mix/nuke. I do cook a meat/veggie dinner – use frozen fish, shrimp etc which is easy to throw in a pan and saute – sometimes make double meals for next night to limit dishes. I have to go off BP meds now and I feel so much better – was pre-diabetic. This is better than lap-band which I had 6 yrs ago. However, very strict – no cheating, get the water in to keep losing. ON slow weeks I find I didn’t get the water in or ate 2 restricted products my mistake. Cost is reasonable given results – less expensive than keeping ice cream and cookies in the house. Go to Physicians for Women in Valparaiso, IN. Have a sweet tooth so I do miss cheesecake – this is temporary. SHould be done by Thanksgiving.

  Happy to answer all questions
Kacie (Verified User)

I am an ideal protein weight loss coach here in Belton Texas. I love all your comments and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about idp products or the weight loss plan it’s self and yes the cost is about 84.00 a week.


Do you have a vegetable juice recipe. I really have a hard time getting in the vegetables.

Maggie Casey

Are there any tricks to boost your metabolism if your stuck at the same weight for a few days.


Do I weigh the protein before or after cooking it?



  Questions about food in the diet
Mary (Verified User)

I love popcorn. Am wondering if anyone is incorporating it in their diet. And how about tuna or salmon in a can


Popcorn is not on the list…pop corn is not allowed on the protocol.

  Best way to drink it
Mary (Verified User)

I fin if I use a straw to drink it
goes down in no time

Erma Leydecker

nice job dietspotlight.com!

  Suggestions to make this easier
Anonymous (Verified User)

I just started this plan a few days ago. The toughest part for me is consuming 64oz of water a day, seems impossible! Suggestions?


I buy the quart-size bottles of Smart Water and drink 2 per day. You should be able to drink at least one, just taking all the supplements. I have lost 65 lbs.


I liked Diet Pop so I substitute ICE drinks and MIO in water to get in the water. Try OrangeMango ICE and Blueberry/Lemonad MIO. YUM

  So far, so good
Bruce (Verified User)

I am an extremely sceptical person. When I buy a cell phome I ask the salesperson which one heor she uses and if it is not the one he or she is trying to sell then I won’t buy it. That being said when I asked my Doctor about the ideal Protien diet he said he was on it as was his nurse practisioner as well as half o his staff. That alone sold me on it. This is my first week I go in today to get weighed (my scale says I have lost 14 pounds). Wish me luck and God willing I will lose the 60 pounds


Bruce I am a nurse I have currently lost 60lbs on IP, I feel great and I would recommend it to anyone as a viable prgram for weight loss…Good luck you can do it!!

  Need information about the ingredients

I’m interested in the plan for myself and husband but it sounds way too pricey. Does anyone out there on IP have a list of ingredients with their amounts or % so I can see if it compares to a soy isolate protein powdered drink supplement from Walmart? I’d love to see how much protein, carbs, etc. per protein supplement packet that IP uses.

  Help in recipes
Mary (Verified User)

Is iceberg (head lettuce) ok to use for salads


I ate iceberg lettuce while on IP with no problem. I even use to buy the bag salad mixes that had small amount of shredded carrot in them. I lost 68 pounds to goal and never had a single week without a loss doing this.



  Is this still effective?

cant you still loose even if your not in ketosis and u exercise on this low carb diet

  This is not a long term solution.

I was told about this diet and after reading about it I can’t imagine people paying that much for what they can do on their own. I lost 30 pounds by eating healthy…i.e. clean eating…and working out. If you can not sustain this diet for a year or more by buying the food–then it is NOT a long term solution. Portion control, healthy eating and MOVEMENT are what people need. I have hypothyroidism an have found the above three combination the longest lasting remedy to being fat. I much prefer a healthy lifestyle change than another unsustainable “diet” plan. There is a reason it is sold through a “doctor” only…its called PROFIT. Seriously, check out a few good books on healthy eating and save your money.


I have been on the IP diet for about a month and have lost 8 lbs. I am concerned about a problem that I am having, and would like to know if anyone else on the diet has experienced the same problem. My problem is extreme flatulence or gas. I am lactose intolerant and believe that may be the reason. I am noticing that many IP products contain milk. I am also constipated, even though I am drinking about seven 10 OZ bottles of water each day. In addition, I am concerned about staying on this diet long term. There are so many restrictions that one would need to stay on the diet forever. Even on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutra-system, you can eat fruit, which is healthy. Even though this diet works for most people, its main objective is for making money.


I think it is wonderful that you can eat right, exercise and lose weight. I wish everyone could.

I think this diet is particularly good for people who cannot do that, and people like me who have special health issues: I am hypothyroid, insulin resistant, and extremely hypoglycemic. I could not lose anything just cutting calories and exercising, and I will become a type II diabetic like my dad and two sisters according to my endocrinologist if I do not lose my excess weight and learn to curb my sugar and unhealthy carb cravings. This diet is working for me, and it may not be the right answer for everyone. Just be sure you are following the plan exactly and get help if you have questions. Good luck.


Marion, I couldn’t agree with you more. Most of the IP food has artificial aweeteners. How healthy is eating processed food filled with chemicals? Most of it was tasteless at best. I was looking for a fast weight loss (of course!)but the continual headaches and fatigue just weren’t worth it. I found myself skipping meals simply because the food was so unpalatable. My only regret is that my husband and I wasted $600. to start this “ideal” program. Glad to be back to the good old tried and true eat less, exercise more method. I will admit that the meals are simple to prepare (except for chopping 8 cups of vegetables daily in my case). IP may work for people who hate to cook and don’t mind the taste.


It’s true you could ‘save your money and do it yourself’, unfortunately few of us have the patience and ability to stay motivated while losing excess pounds that way (kudos to you for doing it!).

The great thing with this program is you rapidly lose the fat, getting yourself to healthier state very quickly. Once you’ve reached your goal weight/size/body fat percentage, you start replacing the bought meals with normal food. So the closer you stick to the diet, the faster you lose weight, and the faster you are no longer paying them.

Your 3 points for healthy eating (portions, quality, excercise) are the final phase of the diet, and hopefully become a new lifestyle so we never get that soul sucking weight back.

  Is this necessary?
dj (Verified User)

what is the purpose of the 4 cups of vegetables per day. i for one could not eat it all, i feel over-fed. would i not loose faster if i cut my veggies down?




The veggies not only have nutrients of their own, they are also necessary to help ‘flush’ your system and keep you regular 😉

I also found it difficult to eat all those veggies along with my IP meal, my coach said it was OK if I ate the veggies separately as an extra ‘snack’. Now I just nibble on them throughout the day.

Some of the protocals seem baffling, but whenever I ignore them my weight loss suffers. Currently 36lbs down & 48″ smaller after 3months. Feel great and think of food in a whole new way (I actually prefer prepping my meals now instead of buying frozen or take out).

  Can you gain weight again?



no because in phase 3 it resets your pancreas

  Questions about after the program

All of your comments sound thuthful, sincere and very helpful! I am anxious to set up an appointment and try this program. My question is, if there is anyone viewing this format that has tried the program, successfully made the transition back to normal foods AND has kept the weight off for the year later kept it off two years later after successfully completing the program? And if you truly have never had to diet again. Because that is what I am looking for. To learn so I never have to diet again!


I gained back 12lbs of the 46 I lost. I was up only 5lbs after a few months, but maintained that. Unfortunately, month 7 was when I put on the other 7lbs on. I’m going back to lose the 12lbs again. I don’t think it is difficult to maintain at all. I just let my weekend foods (my cheat days) go into the weekdays. I also did not phase off completely. I lost the 46lbs from June 2012 until November 2012. It was a easy diet, and very educational. Good luck to you all.


I kept the weight off for a year plus. Eating whatever I wanted and that was wrong. You need to maintain the weight and I didn’t learn that. I’m starting again with the weight gain only being 25-27 pounds. This time I am going to learn the maintain my weight! Good Luck!