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By Summer Banks May 20, 2017

I’m obsessed with finding diet products that work. Let’s see if my Ideal Protein is one of them. We took a deep look into ingredients, side effects, and clinical support. Afterward, we viewed hundreds of purchaser reviews online. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the facts you need.

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What is Ideal Protein?

Firstly, Ideal Protein products make up a ketogenic weight-loss plan using pre-packaged meals,[1] shakes, soups, snacks, and desserts. You follow a prescribed
ideal weight loss program based on your initial consultation. A benefit is that the meal replacements [2] are convenient to use when out and about.

Ideal Protein products were created more that 20 years ago and by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. You can only purchase them from local clinics. We like the favorable BBB rating and the use of natural ingredients but read on…

Price – “Too High?”

The first issue we have with Ideal Protein diet cost; similar to the issue we have with products like Super Beets. [3] “You have to consider the cost of supplements used with the program,” said our Research Editor. “But, that doesn’t account for the charges of the initial visits and subsequent appointments.”

“Not sure I can stick it out for all the 60 lbs I want to lose as it is very expensive,” one dieter using Ideal Protein products explained.

“Wow, expensive, I’ll say. My initial visit cost was around $259 included supplements. And food costs more,” reports a buyer.

We find it important to note there are users who don’t find the price offensive. One buyer says, “Yes, it costs up front but I’m saving money on eating out and junk food.”

Ideal Protein Products – “Limited & Boring!”

One of the more common complaints about Ideal Protein weight loss program products relates to the limited food choices. [4] You have to choose from the products available from your local center. Over time, dieters grow tired of the selections. “I started this diet last spring, and by week four, I was tired of salad veggies and Ideal Protein shakes,” one buyer reports.

“I’m tired of eating broccoli, [cauliflower], mushrooms and lettuce. I’ve tried eating the ‘allowed’ veggies but I’m tired of the restriction,” says a dieter.

Yet another follower of the Ideal Protein diet claims, “…after a while I grew tired of those silver packages of fake ‘food’.”

Boring for one may not be for another. We found one customer who liked the overall idea. He said, “You get your greens in and it is very filling!”

From our experience, it takes just one aspect of a program, like restriction, to deter long-term success. If the Ideal Protein diet offers only a small selection of foods, this could be unsettling.

The Science – “Research Support?”

Calorie restriction is a part of many weight-loss programs, but when this is taken to the extreme, dieters can grow tired of the plan quickly. Science does not support extremely restrictive diets [5] as they tend to fall short on nutritional needs. The Ideal Protein diet plan does not offer clinical studies proving this choice is better than a traditional “eat less, move more” idea. At DietSpotlight this lack of support leaves us with doubt. With no research into Ideal Protein weight loss program, we find issue with this option.

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The Bottom Line – Do Ideal Protein Products Work?

So, should you head over to the Ideal Protein diet plan website to make that purchase now? There are some dieters who report losing weight on the program, and the company has been around for quite some time, but we just don’t feel comfortable backing it without clinical support or with restrictive food choices.

If you want to melt away those pounds, we suggest going with a Ideal Protein alternative supplement that offers bang for your buck and ingredients backed by published clinical research.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The formula is composed of four ingredients, all with clinical support showing they help with fat loss and increased metabolism. Our review revealed no mention of detrimental side effects and discussions on the internet express great results.

Further, the producers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident about their product; they’re offering a Special Trial Offer.

Ideal Protein is a meal replacement program complete with shakes, bars, drinks and more. You cannot order products from the official website. You have to visit a center in your area. You can find ingredients if you dig deep, but none of the options are unique to the company.

Ideal Protein Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Classic Morning Selections**
Creamy Puddings**
Crunchy Bars**
Fruity Drinks**
Hearty Soups**
Meal Replacements**
Popular Desserts**
Ready-to-Serve Selections**

Other Ingredients: None

We researched and interpreted the Ideal Protein ingredients in order to give you what you want.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is the protein isolated from soybeans.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Soy protein has been a part of the commercial world for some time. Used as a protein source for many foods, this product is a good alternative to other proteins because it contains amino acids. Many vegetarians and vegans use soy protein.

Clinical Research

In a study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, researchers stated that, “Consumption of soy protein can favorably affect satiety and reduce excess body fat in obese animals and humans.” [1]

Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk protein concentrate is a concentrated product that contains up to 90% milk protein by weight. A single tablespoon of the concentrate contains five grams of protein.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Milk protein concentrate is important for the production of nutritional beverages, infant formulas, protein bars, yogurts, and more. It is very good for protein-fortified and low carb foods.

Clinical Research

In a study published by Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers concluded, “As well as through direct mechanisms, dairy protein may indirectly improve metabolic health by aiding loss of body weight and fat mass through enhanced satiety, whilst promoting skeletal muscle growth and function through anabolic effects of dairy protein-derived branch chain amino acids (BCAAs).” [2] The supplementation of milk protein concentrate was paired with a restrictive diet and rigorous exercise.

Palm Kernel Oil

Similar to coconut oil, palm kernel oil is high in saturated fats. It is derived from the kernel of an oil palm plant. One tablespoon contains 14 grams of fat.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Palm oil is used commercially because of its price and storage abilities. Additionally, it has been shown to raise blood cholesterol levels.

Clinical Research

There are no studies citing the connection between palm kernel oil and weight-loss.

Egg White

The egg white is another name for the clear liquid surrounding the yolk of the egg.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Egg whites are the most nutritious part of the egg, providing plenty of protein without the carbs.

Clinical Research

In a study published by the International Journal of Obesity, London, researchers studied the effect of an egg white breakfast to a bagel breakfast, concluding, “The egg breakfast enhances weight loss, when combined with an energy-deficit diet, but does not induce weight loss in a free-living condition.” However, this study did not test the benefits of egg white alone.

If you take a look at Dietspotlight Burn you’ll find four ingredients and all have been clinically researched. We like that they’ve been shown to help boost metabolism, spark fat loss and curb hunger.

Ideal Protein Side Effects:

When dealing with weight-loss supplements it’s important to realize that natural doesn’t always mean free of negative issues. With any formula there is a chance for a reaction. Although Ideal Protein side effects are few and far between, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist for some users.


Nausea is the unpleasant feeling of queasiness with the inclination to vomit. It can be described as an upset stomach, but typically refers to a sick or dizzy feeling.

What causes nausea?

Nausea can be triggered by certain medications or foods, most commonly food which are not prepared correctly, containing bacteria or parasites. Typically, nausea is the feeling that precedes vomiting, but doesn’t mean vomiting will occur. Food poisoning can cause an upset stomach, as well as certain viral infections.


A headache is a mild to severe pain in the head or neck area, causing discomfort. The trigeminal nerve sends information to the brain regarding pain, touch, temperature, and vibrations in the neck and head.

What causes a headache?

A headache occurs when nerve endings called nociceptors are triggered in response to any factor which may bring forth a headache. This could be odors, medications, specific foods, or stress. [1]


Constipation is the inability to have a bowel movement or pass stool for days at a time. This may be accompanied with abdominal pain and irritated bowels.

What causes constipation?

There are three main causes for constipation: obstructed defecation, colonic slow transit and dehydration. About 50% of individuals suffering from constipation report obstructed defecation, which has mechanical and functional causes. Colonic slow transit is caused by hormonal disorders, diet, and medication.

Sluggishness (Lethargy)

Lethargy is the act of moving slowly or lazily, feeling fatigued in body and mind. Those who suffer from lethargy may have changes in mood, low energy and inability to think or focus.

What causes lethargy?

There are many types of illness or factors that could make you feel sluggish and weak. Poor nutrition, sleep apnea, and dehydration are some of the more common causes. Lethargy could be part of a bigger cause such as depression or premenstrual syndrome (PMS). [2]

Ideal protein side effects are limited, but lethargy, constipation, and headaches are among a short list of reported issues. It should always be a priority to practice safety measures regarding supplements, so before you dive in, consult a doctor. This is even more the case if you are under 18, taking medications, have a pre-existing medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing.



Ideal Protien diet is a weight-loss plan that utilizes meal replacements and pre-packaged foods to improve your chances of losing more by eating fewer calories. No matter how many Ideal Protein diet reviews we read, mentions of side effects were a rarity.


“Eating less than 1,000 calories a day on the Ideal Protein plan would really be putting your body into the danger zone, you can get sick FAST when you cut your calories too low.” Sara


“I began this diet one week ago today. I felt sick for the first several days.”    Kimberly


“I have done it twice and got sick going off of it. If you can’t live on that regimen forever it messes up your metabolism.”    Lori


“I am bored, feel deprived, and sick all day…and my digestive system is not responding correctly to this diet.”    Karen


“Got really sick. Had to quit after 5 days.”    Phyllis


“The first week I too suffered nausea as I was withdrawing from all the sugars.”    Lynda


“I’m on day 12 – had headache and nausea day 2.”    Kathy


“I had all symptoms with hair loss, constipation, and bad taste in my mouth, not to mention when you deviate you get an upset stomach.”    Gloria


“I was on Ideal Protein Diet twice! Tried again, got so sick of the diet food I stopped.”    Nancy


“If you don’t mind constipation, severe headaches and expensive, highly processed foods, then this diet is for you.”    Steve


“It has permanently affected my stomach. There are certain foods I can no longer eat without stomach pain. “    Beth Ann

With years of researching behind us, we are all about minimizing the risk of side effects. That’s why we like products like Dietspotlight Burn.

Ideal Protein Questions & Answers:

We reviewed product information and Ideal Protein reviews to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Ideal Protein food?

Ideal Protein food side effects may include headache, nausea, bad breath, fatigue, low blood sugar, low blood pressure and constipation, according to user experiences.

What is in MyIdealProtein?

Ideal Protein ingredients depend on the product you choose. The line includes soups, shakes, desserts and snacks.

What is the active ingredient in Ideal Protein?

The active ingredient in Ideal Protein is a combination of carbohydrates, protein [1] and fats.

Does Ideal Protein work?

There’s evidence that a reduced-calorie diet will lead to weight-loss, but restricting foods to the point of boredom and difficulty sticking with it makes it hard. Following an extremely low-calorie plan could mean you’re not meeting nutritional goals.

How much does a bottle of the Ideal Protein diet cost?

Ideal Protein cost is about $100 a week and depends on the product or service selected. Some followers have reported spending in excess of $400 a week.

How do you follow the Ideal Protein weight loss method?

When you sign up for the Ideal Protein program, you get a personalized regime to meet your needs and preferences. Each plan is different for this reason.

Can I follow the MyIdealProtein weight loss method if I have a health condition?

With any weight-loss program, including Ideal, it is important to seek the advice of a physician if you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, are taking prescription medications or are under 18 years of age.

What do users like about Ideal Protein?

Users like the prepackaged meals, desserts and snacks with Ideal perfect protein diet as it makes it easier to stick within calorie goals. [2] We also found a few who appreciated the face-to-face contact that’s part of the program.

What do users NOT like about Ideal Protein?

The price of the Ideal Protein program is one of the most common complaints. Some comments also mentioned potential ideal protein diet dangers, but we can’t find research to back up these concerns.

Who makes the IP diet?

Ideal Protein/Laboratories C.O.P. Inc makes the IP diet.

How do I contact Ideal Protein customer service?

Customer service is available by phone at 1-866-314-4447 or 1-819-772-4447. You can email cainfo@idealprotein.com for more information or use the contact form on the official website.

Can I contact Ideal Protein through social media?

Yes, you can contact Ideal Protein through Facebook and Twitter.

Are there special deals and discounts on MyIdealProtein?

There are no special deals or discounts on Ideal Protein listed on the official website. You may need to contact a local center or the customer service department for additional details. Protein is a critical part of weight-loss. It supports muscle growth and maintenance and it can curb hunger. We like the idea of adding Dietspotlight Burn to improve your chances of reaching your goal more quickly.

Previous Ideal Protein Review (Updated July 3, 2014):

Ideal Protein Diet Plan - What You Should Know

We've read various studies and weight loss program reviews; there are certainly numerous approaches to weight reduction. One of these methods is called Ideal Protein weight loss program. This is a weight loss approach that is supposed to help men and women burn off body fat, but retain lean muscle tissue at the same time. As stated on the official website, the Ideal Protein method involves a 4-phase protocol. This aims to stabilize the dieter’s blood sugar levels and pancreas, while burning away unwanted fat. Aside from the Ideal program, another recommended product for improving health is Haleo, which focuses on being a fat burner, pre-workout and mental stimulant. According to the founder of the Ideal Protien method, the human body cannot burn off or shed fat unless carbohydrates are eliminated. He states that the body stores about three days worth the carbs. Therefore it is necessary to restrict all sugars until the dieter reaches his/her goal. Apparently, if you are consuming carbohydrates or sugars, you are not going to shed unwanted body weight. This is where the nutrient-rich food products that Ideal Protein offers come into play. If a no-carb diet sounds too drastic, another option would be to go for a low-carb protein and combine it with other weight loss supplements like Epiburn Pro or a fat burner like PhenTabz.

List of Ingredients

Not provided on the official website.

Product Features

Ideal Protien is a company that specializes in health foods and products that aim to assist with weight loss. Although this company does offer a number of products, they additionally provide educational information regarding overall health. The categories of products found on the official Ideal Protein website are as follows; Drinks, Breakfasts, Entrées, Desserts, Puddings & Jelly, Soy Snacks, Bars, and Ready-to-Serve. Under the Bars section, you will find flavors like Peanut Butter, Caramel Crunch, Milk Chocolate, Choco-Banana, Cookies-n-Cream, and Cran-Granata. Products lines like these are common; shakes are also becoming a fast weight-loss meal replacement choice like IdealShape and Isalean. On the Ideal Protein's main website, it focuses on developing products that are both delicious and nutritious. These gourmet foods may be able to assist some men and women with healthy weight reduction. One Dr. Tran Tien appears to be the founder of the Ideal Protein weight loss method. Since many health issues and illnesses are directly related to obesity, Dr. Tran Tien decided to create foods that provide sufficient amounts of protein and nutrients, but without a lot of fat and other components that contribute to weight gain.

Advantages of My Ideal Protein

  • There are a variety of food categories and options through the Ideal Protein method.
  • This website emphasizes nutrition education for dieters.

Disadvantages of My Ideal Protein

  • There are no simple and convenient supplements involved with the Ideal Protein approach.
  • Full ingredient lists are not provided on the main website for these foods.
  • The cost of MyIdealProtein food products could certainly get pricey over time.
  • There does not appear to be any kind of money-back guarantee with this method of weight loss.


There are many brands and companies, like Muscle Milk and Body by Vi, that offer protein supplement foods. While the Ideal Perfect Protein diet certainly provides dieters with a variety of them, none of the ingredients are presented on the main website for review. In fact, no nutritional value charts or prices are provided either. It is nice to they have a favorable BBB rating. While the Ideal Protien diet approach to weight loss sounds okay in theory, incorporating workouts in your daily routine like P90X3 may be much easier.

Ideal Protein Scientific Abstracts:

Soy Protein

Several animals, as well as human studies, have indicated that ingesting soy protein reduces body weight and fat mass. Also, soy protein lowers plasma cholesterol and triglycerides. In obese humans, soy protein was shown to reduce body weight and mass as well as lowering plasma lipids. It was concluded that long-term randomized trials with a lot of obese individuals are needed to confirm that soy protein provides benefits, as well as safety, in obese humans. [1]

Milk Protein Concentrate

Epidemiological evidence has demonstrated that consumption of dairy products correlates with decreased prevalence of metabolic-related disorders. Studies have also shown evidence pointing to dairy protein as a dietary element that may prevent type 2 diabetes. Dairy protein (DP) may indirectly improve metabolic health by assisting weight-loss and fat mass through enhanced satiety, all while aiding skeletal muscle function and growth due to anabolic effects of DP-derived BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). These branch chain amino acids are shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis, skeletal muscle metabolic function, and lean body mass. Dairy protein composition and processing have an impact on digestion, absorption, branch chain amino acids kinetics and function. Dairy protein through selection and composition as well as specific components in milk may aid in maximizing metabolic health. [2]

Palm Kernel Oil

Randomized Studies were performed measuring changes in serum cholesterol, apolipoprotein (apo) concentrations, and other serum lipids in hypercholesterolemic men who ingested caprenin (Cap)-heavy diets following either baseline diets rich in palm oil, palm-kernel oil, or butter. Participants on the Cap (containing 45% 22:0 and 50% 8:0-10:0)displayed significant reductions after 6 weeks in HDL cholesterol, HDL2 cholesterol, and HDL3 cholesterol, as well as great increases in the total ratio of cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, apa B-100, or apo A-I were noticed. In comparison to baseline values for week 3 in those on the butter diet, after six weeks the participants ingesting the Cap displayed no substantial changed in the apolipoprotein and lipid indexes analyzed. Data shows one or more of 8:0, 10:0, and 22:0 fatty acids can be a factor of hypercholesterolemia in men. [3]

Egg White

After an 8 week period of time, one group of participants showed a 61% greater reduction in body mass index (−0.95±0.82 versus −0.59±0.85, P<0.05), 65% more weight-loss (−2.63±2.33 versus −1.59±2.38 kg, P<0.05), 34% more decrease in waist circumference (P<0.06) and a 16% more of a decrease in body fat percentage (P=not significant). It was thus concluded that the egg breakfast enhanced weight-loss when in combination with an energy-deficit diet. It does not, however, induce weight-loss in a free-living condition. When included in a weight management program, the inclusion of eggs proves to be a nutritious supplement for enhancing weight-loss. [4]

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  Is this safe for people with Diabetes?

I am wanting to do this but I have diabetes and am very concerned about the ketosis. Would someone please help me?


There is an alternative plan for people with diabetes so that you don’t diabetic ketoacidosis.


There is a program for people with diabetes, I am currently on it, so is my wife and know many people on it, some with diabetese, if you follow it, it works, the first week is the hardest, after that it is smooth sailing. I have to be on the road quite a bit for my job, and eating out has not been an issue, just need to be discipline and inquire of options sometime off the menu, but never had an issue, I have been down 25 on the program in 5 weeks so far.

Karen (Editor)

Hi, Rosalee. we hope Ideal Protein wouldn’t be a bother to your body but to be certain please ask your doctor before taking this product.


I have been on this diet for 2 months. I am diabetic. My blood sugar is now normal with no meds. Yes it is hard at first but after the first couple of weeks, your energy is better than ever. You have to make sure you are taking your vitamins and minerals but there are no “chemicals you are putting in your body to make you lose weight. Eating out has not been a problem, I ask the waiter and they are usually very helpful in helping you order something you can eat.

  Need information about food

Can you do this diet just by eliminating the foods they tell you not to eat and just eat protein and vegetables? I am concerned about the processed foods in the packets. Are the food packets necessary?


The answer is yes! Low carb, no sugar diets!! Keto diet they call it. U don’t need the packets or spend all that mo ey!!


Yes!! Look at low carb high fat. There is even a very supportive Facebook page full of recipes and testimonials. It uses real food. You are right to be concerned about chemicals; NOT good for you. I have been LCHF for 3 months: weight down, A1c down, cholesterol down, feel so much better!!! It is not difficult either, not a program. Buy, make and eat your own food. Best wishes to you.


12 weeks and down 44 pounds. Easiest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t buy the products, I drink Premier Protein drinks from Costco and eat fish, chicken and salads. No starving since there are no cravings.


How many time a day do you drink Premier Protein a day and do you use salad dressing on your salads
and how many calories do you intake daily. I buy my Premier Protein from Costco because its cheaper
then any other place.

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Angie. Unfortunately the program offers limited food options as these are the foods they suppose work best. Why not try Dietspotlight Burn – use in conjunction with a healthy diet of your choice.


Does anyone know if you can have two whole eggs as 2oz of Protien and then the additional 6oz as chicken or beef? Or is that considered more than 8oz?


I was told you can do this. I specifically asked if I could have two eggs, perhaps at lunch,and then less protein at dinner. They said I could as long as I subtract the ounces from my other protein ration.


it is a great thing for me , it is taking weight off and i have to be creative about food and with choices for now , it changes as you go , we eat too much and have way to many choices as it is ……yes you can mix eggs with the evening protein. Food should not be the focus , it is your health ….

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jen, for more information on combinations and portion instructions, please refer to the Ideal Protein website.

Marcia Shepard

Has anyone been on Medifast, if so can you do a comparison of the 2. Thank you


I’m into week 3 and am concerned over the amount of soy based protein and the amount of sucralose in the foods. Neither of these, I was told, should be consumed in excess. My daughter works for a national supplement store and sells protein supplements, bars, shakes, etc., and the products do not contain sucralose and protein is whey protein. Just wondering what everyone else thinks.


My wife and have been on it for six months, and it costs us $300.00 – $400.00 a week on average. Very effective, but very expensive. I lost 100 Lbs., and my wife lost about 40 Lbs.


Hi everyone, I was just browsing and checking out the comments. I’m new to this program. Has anyone thought of roasting their veggies? I do it all the time and they are delicious – I then add them to the soups for lunch and have them for dinner. I’ve done: mushrooms, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, bok choy, zucchini, brussel sprouts, and previously – before the restriction, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Just toss in some olive oil and sea salt and pop in the oven. I’ve even made my own kale chips and toss them on my regular lettuce salad. Makes the food taste way better is more interesting in my opinion. Thanks!!

Julie McGrath

Sounds great Alicia! I’ve been seriously thinking of trying the ideal protein diet, but it is expensive but you end up spending about the same when food shopping anyway. From what I’ve read from others, is that it’s boring and fake food, which takes the interest and enthusiasm right out of wanting to do it. My problem is I can’t seem to lose weight no matter what I try. I tell my Drs that my metabolism has been comatose since birth. Then when I had a hysterectomy back in ’08’, I’ve had an even harder time losing weight cause he messed me up, now I can’t get rid of the lower abs! I feel like I’m on a never ending merry go round and getting nowhere! So I’m hesitant in trying this diet. I was told you don’t work out on this diet, at least in the beginning. Is that true! I really need to do something and fast cause I’ve never been this huge in my life. I quit smoking October 3,2014, and gained over 💯 lbs st least! I really don’t want to go thru surgery, that’s my last option! Any advice or input you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Julie 😊


This diet may be one tough and “boring” diet but it works and the weight stays off. It doesnt creep back on if you come off it, like many others. I lost 74lbs in a 8 month period and I still havent put close to all of it back on. I just started it again recently and wow I love the feeling of NO SUGAR or PROCESSED FOODS. I eat their breakfast, and lunch. You provide your own dinner which the protein choice is many, and well yeah Im disappointedm on vegetable choice aswell but its because of the sugar and carb contents. This is a 4 step diet, they introduce things back to you slowly so that you can keep it off. I think its the best one out there. Their products are comparable to Atkins but Atkins made me sick, and I didnt save much more money because with Atkins you have to buy more. Anyway if you are determined to get healthy, and have patience to hit your goal weight before being introduced to fruits, carbs, dairy again then i suggest this diet. It will not fail you!


Yes I did ideal protein while in Louisiana in 2013 about 2 1/2 -3 months and lost 40+ pounds. I did not deviate from the diet. I’ve tried to get back strict again. That’s really the only area I’ve had problems with. I’ve put some weight back on but not all. I’m hopefully trying to get my husband and myself on it. But I need that weekly visit to help keep me motivated. When I moved back here there are no clinics nearby. HELP!!! But I LOVE Ideal Protien!!!! And if you stick to fish as much as possible for your social meal daily the weight will fall off.


Ideal Protein was very disappointing. The key to their program is no sugar and high protein. The foods are very poor in quality. ALL OF THEM ARE JUST CONDUITS FOR PROTEIN. Shakes are OK, everything else tastes like someone just sprinkled power on all the food. Some smell awful. Like I saw another reader, they try to infuse too much protein at a time, and most have strange tastes.



Quality of protein matters a lot to me as a scientist. undenatured whey is the best for the body. I personally researched the science behind many diets and discovered one and only true way. Lost 55 lbs, went from size 12 to size 2, year 3 now and still going strong!! I can share if anyone’s interested😊 My 10+ year of research and clinical studies review.
Thank you.


What is the one you use?


I’m interested in any suggestions, what is the best meal replacement shake to buy I think by doing this twice a day and protein and veggies for dinner and lots of water I can accomplish sams results and walking

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Amy. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results with protein shakes, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

Nancy Birthman

I was on ideal Protein diet, the food was not bad tasting but oh the price, so very expensive. I lost the weight but if you slipped they threaten you with barring you from the program. After done with all four phases and on my own the sugar craving was just horrendous gained all weight plus more, back within 6 months. Waste of $2,700 plus dollars. I would not recommend this to anyone!


They also mention that similar kinds of protein were imported from China, and that they contained contaminated dairy which was added to baby formula. It contained high levels of melamine, which is known to cause liver damage and other side effects.

Amber D

I started Ideal Protein 2 wks ago today and I couldn’t feel better. The first 3 days were a bit tough but once you get over that you start to feel like a new person. So far I am down 13 lbs in 2 wks! This is amazing! I have tried so many diets and nothing was working. Finally I have found a solution that doesn’t leave me hungry and is working in a way that you can maintain your weight loss. I am a chocolate fanatic and love a good drink or glass of wine but surprisingly I have not missed these things. If you put your mind to it, anything is possible!! 100% recommend this diet

  We both lost 30 pounds !
Diane (Verified User)

My husband and I have been on this now for 8 weeks and we have both lost 30 pounds. We don’t use any of the drink powders and find that the variety of IP meals helps stave off the cravings for crunchy and/or sweet things. We find that we are learning to eat a lot of vegetables and drink lots of water everyday. We realize that we can NEVER eat bread, pasta, rice and junk food the way we used to! As far as expense, it costs us (together) $184/week….. but I figure my grocery bill has been reduced by about $100/week AND we aren’t spending $200/week eating out AND buying beer and wine! (To be honest, we were having a couple of drinks EVERY NIGHT….. we still have the occasional glass of wine, but restrict it to once a week) I too know people who lost weight on this program, and gained it all back….. but every one of them did not complete the whole program and they all went back to their old bad habits. The ones who have successfully kept it off, completed the whole program and altered their diets – for life.


I agree with Diane!! I Started IP Jan. 24, 2016 and I have stuck to the program without cheating. I went from size 18/20 to Size 8/10 in 4 months. I like the food and I also like that fact that I can make my own protein meal every night.. I have save on groceries and going out eating junk..I have also been able to save on money for clothing because I don’t have to spend extra money on larger sizes…I can walk into Old Navy and get clothing on the rack, Macy’s the same. It feels so good to cross my legs and have space when I sit on the airplane…It works for me because I work the program correctly!!!

  The program worked for me
Anonymous (Verified User)

I’m on the program and loving it. But my hair was very thin and unhealthy before. now it’s great and doesn’t fill the drain anymore. So I’m wondering if something else caused your problem. I’ve lost 50 lbs so far and can’t wait to be done with this. but it really does work. I never imagined I would ever lose that miserable weight.

  This product works for me
Brett (Verified User)

I lost 60 pounds in 10 weeks, from 217 to 157 5’9″ 54 years old male. no cheating. I have kept it off for over two years. Awesome, carbs are the enemy.


This diet does work! I started the first time at 262 lbs, I was dedicated and didn’t cheat for 3 straight months and lost 30 healthy lbs. Was leaner, had more energy but most importantly was that my diabetes was under control!!! Went from taking 1000mg a day to taking 250mg every other day. My only problem is the price, gets expensive. The first week is hard, make no mistake about it, but it gets easier as the weeks go.

  Lost 35 lbs in 5 weeks!
chris (Verified User)

I have been on this life style change for 5 weeks and have lost 35lbs. I have not had 1 shake and the foods are not at all bad. This is just a plan that helps you eat clean.

Gillian Taylor

Not sure how you think this is “clean”. Have you read the ingredient list – full of chemicals – no wonder the first week is hard, your body is fighting it.


It’s hard first 3 days because your body is getting accustomed to no sugar and eating less.


Ideal Protein works. I have never felt better in my life. After losing 92 pounds in total, there is no other program that has worked for me. Please do not bash the program. It is a great lifestyle change that benefits everyone who is committed to it. Thank you.

LisaYour Name

Started my fourth week and $630 paid . I lost 1 pound. I was told i lost inches so I brought in my own measuring tape to show I did not lose inches. I followed the plan completely with no results


So sorry to hear you didn’t lose any weight Lisa.. It is very important to use the exact amount of protein and vegetables. I do very well when I stay true to the protocol. However, I do find that when I have beef steak in particular I do not lose anything. The seafood works best for me.


Maybe you should not have given up after just ONE week. I have a client who lost 0.1 pounds the first week. Of course, she was very disappointed but she did not give up. Today she lost 8.8 pounds, week 32 on the program with a TOTAL of 92.4 pounds lost !!

  This diet has made my metabolism slow!
Pauline (Verified User)

I can’t seem to come off the diet. Whenever I try to I gain weight back like crazy. I lost all my weight 30lbs and have gained back 5lbs per year. I can’t seem to lose the weight I’ve gained back. I go on it lose the 5 and proceed to gain it right back. I think my metabolism is so slow because of this diet.


I have the same issue!! I think it does something to the body…


Just wondering if you have information on this:. I just had a kidney specialist tell me that I have protein in my urine and read here people had kidney problems on Ideal protein. Has this been a problem with the diet or has it not been proven to be the diet. I just don’t want to make it worse. He told me it would be better on the kidney to get my weight down.


IP is all about the pancreas and kidneys.. search ketosis, that is what this diet does. People with kidney issues need to be careful about this, as a big complication is called ketoacidosis. Look it up.


Hi, Just would like to ask you, since I read you’re a nurse and coach. I was wondering if doctors know about this diet and how it works, I’ve read here and from others that people have had kidney problem’s. Has it been proven to be the diet? I have protein in my urine and was on Ideal Protein when I found out so I quit, because I had already heard people having problems when I went on it. Never was told it was the diet. Love Ideal Protein lost 35lbs. Then gained it back since i was only on second level. That being said, now my Dr. wants me to get my weight down. I ask about going back on, he said yes. Just a little nerves that he has no idea about the diet.


Sharon – the IP programs in my area are all at Drs offices & you must have Drs approval. It is the only program that has worked for me because it relies on food to reset the pancreas & metabolism & does not use diet supplements. All the supplements are vitamin replacements for restricted foods in whatever phase of the plan that you’re in. Once you’re in phase 4, no more vitamins needed because you should get all nutrients from proper foods. I do not know anyone who has ever kept weight off using dietary supplements (like this article advertises) so food-based weight control is the key. The IP program teaches you how to eat for maximum muscle retention & fat burning. The program focuses on stable, permanent healthy eating. I lost 40 lbs 3 years ago & kept all but the expected 5ish pounds of collagen off. I learned what MY body needs for proper function. Hang in there. It’s easy & effective. And I do not share my 8 oz steak & double veggies when we eat out. Nor do I share my giant breakfast. People cannot believe how much food I eat now nor can they believe I don’t gain weight.

  Not more than 6 months !
glenn (Verified User)

This is Not a diet to be on for over 6 months…they tell you to take a few months of maintenance before going back on it…as with evetything, there are rules to follow…too much of anything is not good!

jennifer s.

When you loose lots of weight, you release hormones and toxins which results in hair loss. Its temporary. It can happen with any diet.


Jennifer, you have/had bad coach, that is not how the IP coaches work, the coaches are responsive.

jennifer s. (a dif. canadian jennifer)

my name is jen too, live in Canada and mild diabetic and my doctor only recommends this diet. He receives no $ for his recommendation. This diet is actually ideal for diabetics as it gives your pancreas a reboot. My blood work is in normal range and no meds. needed because of this diet. the 40 pound weight lose was an added bonus.


I’m a coach. I have had two diabetes come off their insulin. I was one the program to. I like the food and have lost over 50lbs.

  Doctor recommended diet !

My doctor doesn’t recommend any diet except this one. I am diabetic (mild) and he said if you can afford the $120 per week for the food and supplements (Canadian $) then visit ideal protein center.


I only paid 325.00 for the first week and I will pay 105.00 for each week after so I don’t think it is really that expensive. I thought that at the beginning also.


It can be really expensive when you are living paycheck to paycheck! I did it for a while, had to stop due to lack of funds and I wasn’t going to make my kids eat the way I did on the diet, they needed real food! The only way I lost weight was by walking everywhere when my car broke down, lost 40lbs! It is a good diet though (I lost 15 lbs in the time I was there) if you can afford it. Good luck!


I started a low carb no sugar diet when 2 ladies in my office started IP because I can’t afford the IP costs. I only had about 50 # to lose, and 1 lady had about 160.
So far, in the same amount of time, she has lost 75 and I have lost 40. I think it is about how much percentage fat u need to lose, as her and I were tied in pounds lost until about the 4th month. At 4 months, i had lost 35 and she lost 48, After that, she kept losing drastically and I slowed down to about .5 per week. But, she is 4,000 dollars down and i am not out anything extra.
The point is, people can do this without IP, but it is harder because I come up with my own high protein low carb foods. She uses their packets and other foods. But, I feel I have more of a chance to keep it off because I have made the choices myself. Good luck!!!


Same here …300 first week…. 80 per week after … if I add up the junk food I would buy in the same time period … its not that expensive … easy diet …. loosing weight

La Vonne Dougall

I bought some of their product yesterday from my pharmacy. While at the store I checked caloric count as that was my priority. However when I arrived home my husband checked the sodium levels and went through the roof! The mushroom soup I bought contained 940mg sodium making that product 39% sodium for one serving! The two snacks I bought were 32% and 20% percent per serving! Not only that but the sea salt and vinegar crisps tasted so awful I couldn’t eat them even though I wanted to. Very disappointing since my pharmacist sold this product to me – a hard sell, btw – during a visit to refill my blood pressure medicine. No one with high blood pressure should consume that much sodium. Be careful of this product!

  Side Effects of This Product
Pat Zumbrun (Verified User)

It works but I lost hair the first timed I did the diet. Trying it again since my hair did come back but I worry after reading some of the folks who did not get their hair back. How common is that? What is the percentage of hair loss among participants? It seems to affect only some people but why I wonder?

  This is fool-proof.
Dee (Verified User)

On IP for 4 months (in two days) and have lost 33 lbs. 4 more lbs to my goal weight. Absolutely love this diet. I typically suck at dieting, but this one is fool-proof.

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  Probably smelling the same way
teresa (Verified User)

Oh my gosh Carol…me too!! Just starting my 5th day and I’m in so much misery. Very nauseous, super fatigued, even my breath is tasting terrible (probably smelling the same way)! If this doesn’t get better, I don’t think this is the diet for me.

Kathy B

It is funny how this is mentioned more often. Different people have different reactions when there body starts to detox, and eat better. I too am like you, and go through the “Ketone Flu”….google it, as it is a real thing, and suffer more than my husband when we start to do our 2X a year cleanse as we call it. I believe it is probably because I love my sweets, and have a lot worse acclimatizing to do when starting a new program. The Bad breath is a good sign (Unfortunately), but lets you know that you are burning ketones which is essentially burning fat. I only recently started the Ideal Protein program, and am impressed with the food, ease of use, and how quickly I got into Ketosis and losing weight. Just dealing with the Brain fog (another common problem :)) We have tried, Isagenix, and Bernstein, in past years, and have had good results, but am trying this as variety is the spice of life, and there are a lot of great programs out there to try. Good luck, and stick to it, the short term pain is worth the long term gain….or should I say loss. LOL


The first week i too suffered nausea as i was withdrawing from all the sugars i previously had in my diet. Since then i feel great and look like a new person. So far 40 lbs lighter in 3.5 months. Off blood pressure meds and cholesteral normal. Its all about learning how the foods we eat affect our health. No, this is not a forever diet, but i will continue to eat healthy and limit sugars i consume.

  Is this normal?
Darlene (Verified User)

i have just stated the program 6 days today.
I like that it is completely laid out for me. I have quite a bit to loae.
However being someone who wasn’t a big eater or craved sweets and junk I am finding it a lot to eat. Lol maybe not once metabilism kicks in.

I was never a breakfast eater and yes ate supper later in day ( busy schedule ) but most days had to remind myself to eat, never feel hungry. Downfall bread.
Almost a week into it and have followed to a tee, i still am niot feeling hungry and am finding it hard to get esp lunch into me. Not craving anything / too full.
First day -5 lbs is that normal? then lost each day (just weighing to journal and for intetest sake)
But I had two days AM’s where I actually went up a bit.
I can’t see how with the food plan a person would go up at all. I mean i will still have a good loss at weeks end but
Is it normal to actually go up some. ( i am talking AM weigh ins before haveing anything, durning the day yes weight gies up quite a but, I know that)
So the last two days I have actually evened out to be the same as two days earlier. That was not satisfying.

Now is it possiable that i don’t need all that the plan says? It seems strange that the guide is the same amounts for everyone.

Anyway i will be sticking to it 🙂

Wanda Stanley

I’ve been on this plan for 12 weeks now. I found it worked quite well. First week weight came off pretty fast, then slowed to 1 to 2 lbs a week. I’m down 14 pounds. Weight does go up and down daily if you don’t weigh at same time each day. I found weighing in 1st thing in the morning kept the scale steady. This diet is very expensive, not affordable to everyone. I stayed with their products up till now, but have found other shakes, almost identical nutrients far less expensive. The best thing about this diet is they do teach you how to eat and you can then find products to match in the stores. This diet has given me back my health. All my blood tests came back greatly improved after just 4 weeks. My skin has a more youthful appearance. If you try it and find you really can’t afford it, you will still come away with a great education on how to make a plan on your own. It just takes some research.


Would you mind sharing the shake alternatives you have found?


I found Premier Protein drinks at Sam’s Club. About $20 for 12 11 oz drinks. It is delicious and has 30g protein, 160 cals, 1 gram of sugar, 4 g of carbs in each drink. I have been on the Ideal diet for 4 weeks and have lost 9 lbs. My goal was to lose 14 at the onset. Almost there. I feel great and have a lot of energy.

  Able to lose weight but quite expensive
Anonymous (Verified User)

The products are sweetented with aspartame……ugh! I did the diet……it was expensive! My coach was unreliable. I lost weight but had difficulty to keep going on the next phases. Food was great at beginning…got boring and I didn’t want to keep eating chemicals.


You are completely wrong. Get another coach who will coach you the correct way. You have been totally misinformed. There is no aspartame in their foods. ideal protein does not want you to take aspartame in anything and are against it. They only promote that you have sucrolose or better like stivia. Try the drinks and look for all the awesome recipes out there to make the protein food better, like turning the potato puree into bread or adding 10 oz of water to the puddings to make a tasty shake… Lots of sites to help you on FB. Don’t give up.

  It worked for me 3 years ago !
Jeannine (Verified User)

Was on the program 3 years ago lost about 35 lbs. 3 years later , it’s all back but my fault as I went back to eating grains and fruit. My body is sensitive to them so i have to cut them out for life. What I find the most difficult is same 6 vegetables you can’t put butter on them nothing.it’s incredibly boring but it does work I am heading back on. You have to be 100%diligent.I’m not looking forward to it but gets easier after the first 2 weeks. Wish me luck again.

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