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Paratrex is a cleansing supplement created by Global Healing Center. The supplement claims to cleanse the body with natural ingredients. After using Paratrex, the intestinal system will be free from “hostile” organisms. There are no known “hostile” organisms aside from worms and parasites and the number of people who suffer from intestinal parasites is very small. Paratrex is sold through the official Global Healing Center website for $32.95 plus shipping and handling. There are other cleansing products sold on the website as well and information is available about taking more than one cleanser at a time. Cleansers are not typically used in weight loss and stacking more than one together when the dieter has no issues with constipation could lead to dehydration.

List of Ingredients

Organic Fresh Water Food Grade USP Diatomaceous Earth, Organically Certified Black Walnut From Green Hull, Organically Certified Grapefruit Seed Extract, Organically Certified Wormwood, Wildcrafted Male Fern Root, Wildcrafted American Wormseed, Bromelain, Wildcrafted Kamala and Organically Certified Clove.

Product Features

The ingredients found in Paratrex are no different from other parasite cleansing ingredients. Wormwood is the natural solution to ridding parasites from the intestines, but so few people have problems with intestinal parasites that products like Paratrex fall into a specialty category. Weight loss supplements contain ingredients like green tea, caffeine and chromium to help the dieter burn more calories and reduce hunger. Paratrex will not help achieve any of those goals.

Global Healing Center also suggests using other cleansers in addition to Paratrex. With the natural laxative ingredients like Black Walnut in Paratrex, adding more cleansers would just mean adding more laxatives. Laxatives are not considered safe supplements to use long-term or for weight loss efforts.

The one unique ingredient in Paratrex is Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is commonly used in alternative therapies to rid the body of parasites, but can also be used for flea and tick prevention for animals.

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  • Occasional constipation could be relieved with Paratrex.
  • The price is lower than other weight loss supplements.


  • Paratrex is not created with weight loss in mind.
  • The ingredients may cause dehydration.
  • Diarrhea could be a side effect of taking Paratrex.
  • Dieters will not lose more weight taking the supplement.


Laxatives are not a safe alternative to fat burners and metabolism boosters. Rarely are any of the ingredients used in parasite cleansers tested on humans for long-term effects on the colon and intestinal tract. Parasite infections are rare enough that only a small fraction of the dieting population will see any benefit from taking Paratrex. The manufacturer also suggests taking additional cleansers with more laxative ingredients for a whole body cleanse. This will only lead to diarrhea and possibly dependence on laxatives.

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    Al Krieger

    It is a FALSE statement that: “there are no known ‘hostile’ organisms aside from worms and parasites and the number of people who suffer from intestinal parasites is very small.”

    The only so-called “laxative” recommended to be taken with ParaTrex is Oxypowder, which is actually a gentle colon cleanser [no senna or other herbs, either which can be irritating to the colon over time] NOT a pharmaceutical laxative. Am I to infer, from the list above, of several pharmaceutical drugs promoted
    for weight-loss, that you are either affiliated with a drug company or an advocate of these products or both? …

    Global Healing — whose products have always performed, in my experience, as expected — does not list ParaTrex for weight-loss whatsoever, so why are you putting it on this web site and in that category? … ParaTrex has nothing to do with weight-loss. Your “analysis” is non-sequitur. My observation: You are putting up a “straw man”